Title: BFFs.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Feelings get in the way of everything. Especially when you're BFFs, or Best Fuck Friends. And when Kaijou is subject to damage after a thunderstorm one night, things begin to heat up as Kise transfers to Touou. AoKise. YAOI.

I have no idea what Kise calls Kasamatsu so if it isn't Kasamacchi my bad I kind of just guessed. Orz. Also, I have no idea as to what Momoi and Aomine call each other so I apologize for that too.

Note: I adore this ship and there isn't enough of this pairing on here. Though smut has never been a strong point of mine, the whole 'fuck buddies' prompt was too good to pass up on the moment it came to mind. Since I have other fics to focus on as well, I'll have to update if this one if it's received even remotely well orz. So, uh, here you go.~

Chapter 1 – Dark Spots.

"So… Glad you called…" Grunted Aomine lowly. As sweat left his dark hair sticking to his temples, his fingers ran and tugged roughly at blonde locks demandingly. Seated on the floor on his knees, Kise pumped at the needy length slowly. Opening his heavy eyes just enough to peak down at Kise, he made sure to take in the appearance of the boy's flushed appearance, and the way his eyes were completely glazed over in overwhelming lust.

Placing the tip of Aomine's erection to his lips, Kise licked at the pearly residue that flowed from the thin slit in excitement and anticipation. It sent a long groan floating from Aomine's lips. Giving the sensitive skin a little kiss, he give the head a harsh suck and hardened at the sound of the low groans that emitted from deep within Aomine's throat, that familiar bass sending small tremble's down his own body. With one hand to keep the blue haired teen's swollen length in place, Kise stroked himself slowly. His fingers danced across his shaft teasingly, and he couldn't repress a soft moan as he carefully pushed forwards to take in more of the ace.

Kise made sure to pump whatever he was not able to take roughly, just like how he knew Aomine liked it. He sucked roughly as he pumped in time to the rhythm he jerked himself at. He used his position on his knees to spread his legs and reach a hand in between his supple thighs to his entrance, abandoning his teasing strokes to prepare himself for something much, much better. Using his precum as lube, Kise slowly pushed in one finger. He searched desperately for that special little spot that shot earthquake like shivers down his spine before greedily sleeping in a second finger. Sure, it hurt just a little, but he knew it would get better. It always did.

As he fingered himself impatiently, he released Aomine's length with a noisy 'pop' to lick up and down the shaft. He put on a show as he licked and moaned wantonly against the ace's length. "Ahh… Aominecchi…"

Pulling out his fingers slowly, he placed his palms against the insides of Aomine's thighs and groped and massaged slowly with his thumbs as he bobbed his head up and down. As he felt the head brush against the back of his throat, Kise moaned around the hot flesh, effectively sending pleasurable vibrations through the other boy's build.

At the small stream of precum that Kise swallowed, he pulled the hard flesh from between his mouth and asked, with a little smirk tugging at the side of his mouth as he chuckled, lips brushing against the other boy's cock in an unintentionally teasing manner, "Huh? Is Aominecchi done already?"

Aomine shot an aroused scowl down to the other boy.

There was something about that overly mirthful laugh that came off as almost condescending to the boy, that it made him tug on Kise's soft locks roughly in a display of dominance. Bringing Kise up until they were at eye-level, a pained expression resting upon his otherwise happy face as he gripped at Aomine's wrist, willing the boy to release him, Aomine leaned forward to press his lips to Kise's. He licked at the corner of his mouth, collecting the white cum with his tongue, before forcing the boy's lips apart with a not so gentle bite on the blonde's lower lip. Kise took Aomine's tongue welcomingly as he moved to straddle the latter's waist. They groaned in unison as their erections brushed against one another and they settled for a slow rocking motion, bodies moving in a heated rush as tongues clashed wantonly and greedily.

Aomine left no part of Kise's mouth untouched as the boy moaned and arched his body against him. He could feel Kise rub his arse against his member, signalling that he was waiting and more than ready for him. But, instead of reaching down with his hand to insert himself, he pulled Kise off and threw him onto the bed beside him. The blonde fell with a surprised yelp, and Aomine was on him like that the moment Kise's back connected with the broken in mattress.

"Spread your legs." Instructed Aomine. Kise complied without so much as a complaint as he pulled his knees as far away from each other as possible. He looked up with anticipation circling his deep honey irises. The flush darkening Kise's pale skin, lack of coverage, vulgar position, and lewd expression on his face drove Aomine mad. He gripped his erection and stroked gently, afraid he might blow before the fun even started. With both his index and middle finger, he perched them upon Kise's lips.

"Suck." He commanded, and Kise complied obediently once more.

Sometimes Aomine wished he would be a little less submissive and refuse a little more. You know, put up a little fight or something. He did like challenges and the thrill of the chase, but that didn't seem to matter as he pulled his slicked fingers out and pressed into Kise's entrance swiftly and roughly, a cry filling his ears.

He couldn't quite tell whether that moan was in satisfaction or discomfort, but he didn't have much time to weigh the possibilities as Kise whined. "What are you doing, Aominecchi? I already did thaaat…"

Shoving his fingers into Kise's opening, he pushed his way through until he hit Kise's favorite little spot that sent stars flying across his vision and left his body shaking in pleasure. A surprisingly loud moan fell from Kise's parted lips as Aomine stretched him. Though he knew very well Kise was capable of handling all of him, where was the fun in that if he couldn't tease him a little? Ramming his fingers particularly sharply, he found himself almost unable to contain himself and his rapidly growing desire at the noises and face Kise was making.

As he slowly added a third finger, Aomine reached up to play with Kise's neglected erection. He gripped the engorged flesh gently, and thumbed the head, moving in small circles before pressing down on the sensitive slit harshly. The stimulation from both areas was too much for the blonde to handle, that he bucked his hips and came with a piercing cry. A deep, long moan tore from his lips and Aomine pressed his this to Kise's to capture him in a kiss, his hand now pumping the blonde fast and dry. his fingers working their magic as they moved in and out and scissor'd in intense, rough movements.

Removing his fingers and releasing his cock, digits now covered in Kise's cum, Aomine pulled away from the teen's lips to shove his dirtied fingers in place of his tongue. Their eyes suddenly locked, and Kise made sure to suck thoroughly, dipping his tongue in between his tanned digits to collect his seed as he moaned around them softly.

"We better not be done here." Growled Aomine, a feral expression marring his otherwise blank face as he pulled his fingers out of the boys mouth to position his pulsing tip to Kise's opening.


The following morning, Kise woke up as rays of light streamed through the dusty white blinds beside Aomine's bed. With a yawn, he stretched his arms above his head. Back arching in a feline like manner, he heard a string of cracks from his stiff joints and grunted throatily. Waking up in the morning was one of the best feelings in the world for people like Kise, who was naturally full of life and bursting at the seams with energy.

As light fell upon Aomine's closed eyes, Kise watched as the boy's face contorted before he rolled over and away from the sun's reach. Kise ran his eyes over the muscular expanse of Aomine's arms as they tugged for his bed sheets, wondering how it felt like to have them wrap around his body the way the soft blankets wrapped around the both of them; protective and warm.

"Mm… I should probably leave before he wakes up." Kise mumbled to himself, and got up with a small ache in his bottom. There was a burning sensation in his thighs as he went around the small bedroom to retrieve his scattered clothes. He pulled his brightly colored briefs on quickly, and dressed in a hurry as he had school that morning and he was sure the train he took from Tokyo to Kanagawa was bound to leave without him if he didn't hurry.

And if he missed that train, Kasamatsu would have his head for being late for school, too. Knowing him, Kise could imagine being scolded the way he always was and forced to do an extra thirty laps around Kaijou's outdoor track, and with the sore feeling in his thighs as he left the house, he was sure he would die after the first one or two laps. He probably wouldn't even make it to half a lap now that he thought about it as the rest of his body began to cramp up halfway to the station.

Luckily for him, he made it just in time, squeezing in between the slowly closing automatic doors, and falling into the closest seat beside him. He slouched against the cushioned bench, running his hand through his hair with a sigh.

The train was rather empty. Other than Kise, there were about seven other passengers. There was a couple sitting at the very end holding hands and talking to one another quietly. Kise frowned slightly, jealousy floating around like a heavy weight that pulled and tugged at his mood. He was never the type to ever be not in the mood, so he bit his lip and smiled when the boy and girl looked over to him. They smiled in return, and then went back to whatever they had been talking about.

Kise found himself constantly having to avert his wandering eyes from looking in the direction of those two for the duration of the ride. He tried playing around with his phone, he tried listening to some music, he tried pretending he was looking through his school bag, and he even tried pretending to text. In the end, it seemed useless as he found himself looking once more through the corner of his eye.

He wondered silently how it felt to hold hands and kiss on the cheek the way they did, and how different the sensation was compared to being held down and kissed everywhere but the lips or cheek. Did it feel better? Did it feel strange? He wouldn't know, and didn't have much time to try to figure it out as Kasamatsu stepped into the train. As usual, he looked serious, and greeted Kise with a surprisingly straight-faced, "You look horrible."

"Do I really?" Was Kise's insecure response as he checked his reflection using his cellphone's tiny screen.

He shifted his bangs a little, and checked for any other imperfections the way women did when they applied make up. He rotated his head to the left to scan one side of his face before doing the same with his other, and then reaching for his blonde hair and fixing it a second time.

Kasamatsu poked him harshly in the stomach as he sat down on the bench beside him and said, "Stop it, that's annoying."

Kise chuckled as he set his phone down in his pocket, "My bad, my bad."

"But, did you wake up late or something? Your hair's kind of messy." Stated Kasamatsu as he looked over the other boy. His clothes were a little crumpled up, too, but nothing too bad or noticeable unless focused on and his blonde locks were bedridden and a little oily. He eyed the copycat from head to toe, and stopped as he noticed the boy's tie done up incorrectly. "Here, let me get that for you."

"Thanks, Kasamacchi!"

Kise may have had the looks of a model and even did photoshoots like a serious Hollywood big shot, but he wasn't at all serious. He was more carefree to the point where his immaturity and childish personality almost became a nuisance to others. Kasamatasu had learned that for someone who wore such expensive, fashionable clothes outside of school, Kise was horrible at ties. There were those occasional days where the boy would somehow manage by himself, but for the most part, Kasamatsu would have to tie it up for him on the train to school. One would think someone working in the industry Kise landed himself would have been capable of properly fixing a tie by himself.

Just as he was about to do the last little tug, he noticed a dark bruise marring his friend's skin just below his collarbone. Kasamatsu had to blink a few times to make sure he wasn't just seeing things.

"Is something the matter, Kasamacchi?"

He shook his head and pulled.


"Where were you today during basketball practice?" Screeched Momoi. Aomine jerked the phone away from his ear and scowled at it as if the girl would somehow be able to see him and feel his wrath.

Sitting up and taking a good look around, he realized he'd been sleeping in the nurse's office the whole time. He wondered how he ended up there, but figured he went to take a nap during class when the nurse left for the day. He had found himself waking up like that more often than one would assume. Turning over to kick his feet off the side of the bed, he pulled on his sneakers all the while listening to the peach haired girl scold him. Her voice rang in his ears like high-pitched chimes, and he wondered if she was capable of realizing how annoying she was sometimes.

"You better not skip practice tomorrow!"

"Yeah, yeah." Aomine cracked his back as he stretched, arching his body ever so slightly as he yawned. He picked up his school bag off the floor and exited the room tiredly. He nodded at the janitor he passed down the hall, and walked down the flight of stairs towards the front entrance. He replaced his school shoes with his own preferred sneakers, and slammed his cubby door shut. "You know I'm already good, so why go to practice?"

"Because, you are a part of a team and a team is as strong as their weakest link—"

"But I'm not at all a weak player, you know that."

"Just come to practice tomorrow, for me, okay?" Asked Momoi in the tone of voice she knew left Aomine powerless against her.

There was a long pause, and Aomine sighed heavily. "Fine, I'll go tomorrow, but you owe me."

"How about we meet at Maji's? My treat."

"Sounds good. See you." He hung up before she had the chance to say bye, and pushed open the front doors harshly.

With the school year just starting, spring left flowers in bloom and sprouting beautifully in an array of cheerful colors all around him in the school yard. He passed through the large gates and, as he sauntered down the street a few minutes away from Touou, noted the way the cherry blossoms looked as they swayed in the breeze and the almost cliché anime appearance they gave off. He had to admit, spring was a very pretty season. The light colored petals that floated in the air reminded him a little of Momoi—Pink and gentle.

As Aomine passed by a small garden, he noted the vibrant yellow of marigolds in his peripheral. He spared the flowers a quick glance, scared as if such a thing were forbidden. The plants reminded him of Kise—Lively and so happy and bright colored, Aomine swore they were smiling at him as they danced delicately in the gentle wind. With the weight of his messenger bag slowly growing more of a nuisance on his sore shoulder, he shifted it onto his other one, eyes still locked onto the flowers, mesmerized by the sight of them. It was only when he turned the corner that he was able to tear his focus away.

He wondered silently what Kise was doing at the moment, knowing he was probably getting himself into trouble with that over the top personality of his. He did never seem to keep himself under control very well. Back in Teikou he'd been yelled at so much for his constant hyperactive little quirks Aomine swore the boy got off at getting yelled—which was semi-true, but that was irrelevant.

He thought about how different Kise was in and out of the sack—the disobedient child of a trouble maker becoming silently and surprisingly compliant the moment the jerseys were off and replaced the each other's skin against theirs. With Kise occupying all of the attention he was capable of giving, Aomine continued absentmindedly to Maji's, his feet moving on their own until he found his hands raise themselves to push the heavy glass door and step into the brightly lit interior of the restaurant. The scent of freshly cooked French fries flooded his keen senses, and he began to search his pockets for some money. Maji's always had the ability of making him feel hungry.

"Psst, over here!" His gaze shot towards the far corner. Sitting in a little booth with her cellphone out on the table, Momoi waved at him and motioned with both her hands to come over quickly. To her chagrin, blatant as her perfectly plucked brows furrowed together in annoyance, Aomine walked over to her as lazily as he had on the way to Maji's. She told him to hurry, but he ignored her easily.

Dumping his bag into the seat in the booth across from Momoi, who crossed one leg over the other in that girlish way of hers, he sat down and leaned forwards to rest his head in his hand. He yawned openly, not caring enough to cover his mouth. It was just Momoi, after all.

She didn't seem to care much, though, as she grabbed her pink mobile to return it to its safe place in her purse. Momoi hadn't ordered anything yet. She told him she wanted to wait for him before attempting to order something remotely healthy, and he told her how stupid it was of her, saying if he were waiting for her, he surely would have ordered something without any waiting at all. Momoi shrugged. She did offer to treat him, so it only made sense to order him his food along with hers. Or at least that's what she tried to explain to him.

After they grabbed their plastic trays of food with small thank you's, they returned to their seat and began to eat. It was when Momoi left to use the girls' room after spilling a little ketch up on her skirt that Aomine pulled out his mobile to text a certain blonde. He was so focused on reaching him that he didn't even notice Momoi return, slipping into her seat across from him and scanning the little mark high on his jawline near his ear.

The dark mark on his tanned skin screamed at her as she slowly took a bite of the long fry she held between her thin finger and thumb. She had known him long enough to notice little changes in his appearance; even something as hard to notice as a tiny hickey on his skin, the bruise nearly undetectable against his complexion. Surely such a thing would have been the talk of the school if his skin were considerably lighter. Aomine seemed to doubt her eyes as he hadn't even attempted to cover it up with a bandage or some make up.

Momoi dropped her chin into her hand with a sigh as the other fed herself fries in a robotic manner, eyes focused on Aomine, who pressed send as quickly as he typed out his message.

you down to meet later?