Title: BFFs.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Feelings get in the way of everything. Especially when you're BFFs, or Best Fuck Friends. And when Kaijou is subject to damage after a thunderstorm one night, things begin to heat up as Kise transfers to Touou. AoKise. YAOI

Note: Okay, this might be boring since there is no smut—But I needed to get the plot moving a long, so bear with it and tell me what'cha think? C: Sorry for any mistakes!

Chapter 4 – Basketball Try-Outs.

"Eh? Senpai, why didn't you tell me you were going to Touou when I told you I was?" Kise asked curiously, seated comfortably against the safety bars around the roof of the school.

They were having lunch together. Or, at least Kasamatsu was having lunch. His bento box was filled to the brim with more food than he was capable of eating by himself. It had been tradition since they first became friends that he made and brought extra to feed the both of them. Kise was always so forgetful. Rarely did he ever remember to bring a lunch as he seemed to always be in a hurry in the morning. Kasamatsu didn't mind, though. While he would never openly admit it, he took lots of pride in the fact that someone like Kise, who ate out at fancy restaurants on a regular basis, liked his cooking.

Swallowing a piece of broccoli, he said, "I thought I would surprise you."

"You're so mean!" Kise whined, bringing his hands up to shake the other teen by his shoulder frantically. "I was so worried I wouldn't get to see senpai anymore!"

Kasamatsu was not fazed at all by Kise as he brought a piece of stir-fried broccoli to the blonde's lips as if to silence him. If he had a choice, he would have loved to have lunch without the boy's whining. "Well, we get to see each other now that we're at Touou together. Now, say 'ah.'"

Kise shot what he would call a 'glare'. His amber honey-colored eyes were squinted and his lips were forced downwards into a tight frown. It was obvious that he was trying to refrain from laughter as it would disrupt the seriousness he tried to hold himself in. He refused to give in, but the scent of Kasamatsu's food was much too tempting to resist.

Under his breath, Kise mumbled petulantly. "Fine." And then he parted his lips to take the offered food. Kise was never one to stay mad, or even be angry with anyone, really. Lunch went by fast and in their usual manner.

Kise babbled on about how he understood his school work better than he'd expected; thinking Touou's academic program would be much tougher than that of Kaijou's when in reality, it was the same. It felt a little freer than at Kaijou, but it was still all the same.

Kise spoke about his classmates as well, and the various people he met. Most of them appeared to be girls. Kasamatsu had heard Kise's two cents about fans before many times in the past, but he listened carefully regardless. Kasamatsu nodded every now and then, and threw a few comments at whatever he found interesting, creepy, and more or less questionable. It made him glad he didn't have any 'fangirls.' He couldn't help but wonder how Kise could be so casual about it. Just hearing about it made Kasamatsu shift a little on the spot.

The sun behind them was hot, seated in a clear blue sky. The deep cerulean over head was endless and so far out of their reach, it looked just a little within reach as Kasamatsu leaned his head against the metal rails. It was surprising to see that they were the only two on the roof; what with the incredibly enticing weather. But he was glad. It felt as if he hadn't had time alone with Kise for a while. Kasamatsu missed the sincere warmth he could not find in anyone else.

Pursing his lips, he pressed on the lid of his now empty bento box thoughtfully. A breeze picked up from behind them. It was rather hot out. The soft wind was cool and refreshing. To his right, Kise grabbed the collar of his shirt and fanned himself as he spoke.

"That was Aomine, right?" Asked Kasamatsu.

"Huh?" Kise had just been in the middle of explaining a few lines in English he had learned that morning. He waited a second for the question to sink in before nodding. "Yepp, that was Aominecchi!" His eyes began to shine and his lips quirked upward into a wide grin.

Kasamatsu was taken aback by the sudden burst of enthusiasm. "Why were you two in the nurse's office? Something happen?"

He noted the way Kise's eyes widen. "Why were we in there?"

"Yeah." Kasamatsu worried over him more than he would have ever liked to confess. He wasn't comfortable or used to being as straight-forward as Kise when it came to his feelings. After all, the senpai always had to look out for the kouhai, right? Or, at least the leader in him told him so. And the way Kise seemed to squirm uncomfortably wasn't helping Kasamatsu's growing concern.

"Well, that's because—"

"Sheesh, did you go and hurt yourself already?" Chimed in Kasamatsu insincerely and suspiciously. He decided to let it go. He was probably assuming the worse over nothing. This made Kise seem to relax a little, his stiff shoulders loosening just a smidgen.

"He was giving me a little tour. And when we just took me to the nurse's office, I decided to go in a take a band-aid." He said. "You see, I pricked my finger on a stack of paper while I was passing it to the girl behind me."

"You don't say? That's just like you." Kasamatsu glanced over to Kise's fingers. There was no band-aid. He averted his eyes immediately. He knew Kise was a horrible liar, but just what was he hiding? Kasamatsu couldn't help but wonder.

"Yeah… Haha." Raising a hand, Kise chuckled uncomfortably as he rubbed the back of his neck with a nod.

"I should've expected something like that out of you."

"What can I say? I can't help it." He continued to chuckle, trying to hide a lie with a charming grin.


"Isn't that funny, ne, Dai-chain?" Momoi giggled uncontrollably, her cheeks reddening. "I swear I heard Kise in there with you and you two were doing… err… you know."

She lifted her hands to cover her flustered cheeks. It was silly, but Aomine wasn't reacting at all. In fact, with the way he stood there silently, she could've sworn it was true. She shook her head. If he were up to something, surely she would have been told. She trusted him enough to believe that he would tell her everything that went on in his life the same way she shared things with him, and he never seemed to fail her.

She teased him a little, but he silenced her immediately with a firm, "Shut up."

School had ended, and it appeared that they were on their way to basketball practice. Momoi wasn't exactly sure why, but Aomine appeared to be set on attending practice today. Her eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly, skeptical and just a tad doubtful. Normally, he would skip out and leave school before anyone could remind or tell him to stay. Furthermore, for some odd reason, he seemed to be in a good mood, and his harsh expression was softened with some sort of satisfaction.

She didn't question him, though. As someone who cared deeply for Aomine, Momoi was too glad to see him so well and coming to practice for once, that any earlier suspicion had been dismissed immediately, slipping out of her mind without a second thought. Momoi hiked her bag over her shoulder higher as Aomine slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants. It was when they made their way outside towards the gym that she realized she had forgotten to tell him, "Oh, by the way, Harasawa-san, Imayoshi-kun and I have decided that we will be holding try-outs for any new students from Kaijou who want to join."

There was a high and girlish jump to her graceful, long steps, and a joyous grin on her sweet, pale features. She was excited to see and meet any new additions to the team, both as Touou's manager and a naturally extroverted person. The way the tips of her long hair swayed from side to side and movement of her skirt from her peppy movements exuded energy.

Aomine didn't reply. For all he cared, the entire team had might as well have been him alone. However, the thought of watching a few wannabes gave him a good chuckle. Maybe try-outs weren't that bad of an idea—Aomine did always welcome a good comedy act. In an optimistic tone, Momoi continued in a sing-song expression, "I wonder if Kise-kun will come to try out."

"Are try-outs today?" Asked Aomine, suddenly interested in their conversation.

Momoi pursed her lips for a moment to think it over and shook her head. "I don't think so. I believe we've decided on Wednesday."

"Why then?"

"Harasawa-san says that we should let the word get around first. We figured that we'd make a few announcements tomorrow in advance." Aomine nodded and she continued. "Ne, ne, wouldn't it be fun having Kise-kun on the team? It'll almost be like when we were in middle school all over again! If only Tetsu-kun were here."

There was a feeling of growing nostalgia at the thought. Aomine had already forgotten what it was like to play alongside Kise. He was never as reliant on him as he had been on Kuroko, but just the thought was warm and inviting just like the boy himself. It was funny how memories had that effect, even on people like Aomine; giving him some strange sense of security neither needed nor sought. However, Aomine Daiki was incapable of missing someone or something on an emotional level. It wasn't in his nature.

When they arrived at the gym, they found the other boys already shooting hoops and playing around. To one corner, Sakurai was making a few free throws while Imayoshi watched from his spot on the stage a few feet away. As usual, Wakamatsu was acting as more of a captain than Imayoshi as he watched his teammates warm up from the sidelines, sometimes stepping in to make corrections when there was too much horsing around or give some tips when things could be better. Though it did not concern him too much, Aomine wondered why Wakamatsu wasn't captain. He seemed to care more about the guys on the team and possessed more of a matured leadership quality to him than Imayoshi.

Speaking of which, the mischievous grin Imayoshi directed towards Aomine the moment he shifted his gaze from Wakamatsu to Imayoshi only told him something unfortunate was amidst. Their eyes met, but they both turned to break away casually. He didn't like Imayoshi very much.

There was a sort of secretive malice to Imayoshi no one ever seemed to notice. Aomine wondered if he was the only one to really pick up on it. He reckoned it was because of the manner in which he held himself in. Imayoshi had that way of speaking with a smile and cheerful tone that made every which thing he said sugar-coated, and sound substantially nicer. Maybe it was because he and Aomine weren't very different in their speech that he was able to notice, the only difference between them being the unsweetened tone to his voice against Imayoshi's; the captain's insults and rude words were sweeter than any sincere compliment Aomine could ever dish out with his aloof disposition and gruff voice.

Momoi parted ways with Aomine to go sit on the bench near Wakamatsu. Along with Aomine, a few others trailed in after them and went into the locker room to change. Aomine slammed his locker a little rougher than he had intended, and pushed his way out of the door into the gym where his teammates were huddled around Harasawa, Imayoshi and Momoi. They announced future recruitment amongst the new students, and to be open and welcome to any new talent that would improve their standing and reputation as a strong team.

No one seemed to object, and practice commenced. As usual, Aomine lazed about during their laps outside around the track. He never pulled his weight during practice. It was almost as if he was saving all of that energy and fire for games. Momoi made attempts to pump him up by root him on from her spot on the warm grass beside Harasawa. Aomine did nothing more but glance and ignore her. This did not stop her as she grew louder and more persistent. With a huff and a pout, she gave up soon after. It was so hard trying to cheer for someone like him.

As he walked around the track listening to some music on his iPod, amused at the way Sakurai would apologies every time he passed someone, he noticed the glances and condescending smirks Imayoshi would shoot him. There was a knowing expression on his face as he trotted down and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Aomine didn't like it.

After they completed their laps, the team entered the gym. Aomine sat out, refusing to do anything more than listen to music. He knew he was good. To him, this meant practice would be nothing more than a waste of his time. He let it be known that the moment someone surpassed him, he would actually attempt to put in a little effort. But, until then, he settled for sitting beside Momoi, his head on her thighs as he lied on the hard bench.

When practice ended for the day, Aomine didn't bother to change. Instead, he stuffed his uniform into his bag the moment he entered the locker room and left in his sweats. He was going to sleep when he arrived home anyway. He hadn't done much, so he skipped out on showering with the guys. The thing that had made him sweat was the sun, and even then it wasn't much.

"See you at try-outs, Aomine-kun." Said Imayoshi as Aomine pushed the heavy wooden door. He looked over his shoulder, but didn't reply. The boy was starting to pay more and more attention to Aomine than he found necessary or usual, but couldn't find any reason as to why. It was probably all in his head, but Aomine's instincts never proved him wrong. Something was up, that was for sure.

He left the gym without Momoi. The girl had disappeared somewhere. But, knowing her, she was probably switching from her school sneakers into her street shoes. Aomine decided not to wait for her as he walked out of the gates and down the abandoned sidewalk.

His bag was heavy on one shoulder as it swung from every motion of his long strides. For the most part, he felt that going to school today was a waste of time as he thought about his day, the only interesting part being the little moment in the nurse's office with Kise. The thought of that pale skin reddening under his touch and the breathy moans in his ears, the encouraging feel of nails clawing at his back saying 'more, more'—It left his stomach in slowly growing aroused knots. The boy never ceased to turn him on. Just the thought—

"Ne, Aominecchi, do you want to meet up later?"

"Oh? Did you want more?"

"No, not like that! I mean, you know, hang out. Catch a movie at the mall or something?"

"This sounds like a date."

"Maybe it could be a date? You know, if that's what you want—"

"Oh, funny. You know what I want.All I want is physical. So, unless you plan on fucking in whatever movie theatre you have in mind, then I'm going to have to say no."

Aomine shook his head with a snort and crossed the street. Okay, maybe he was a little vulgar and harsh, but that's just how it goes, and he hoped that little talk wouldn't affect any future meetings.


Wednesday arrived, and Aomine didn't go to school. With his parents always away, there was no one but Momoi to badger him to go to school. She was sometimes the friend that doubled as a parent figure. He had expected a call or two reminding him to go, but he'd gone to school yesterday, and the day before that, so she probably assumed he would attend today. Aomine swore she knew him better than that.

As usual, Aomine slept through the entire morning and into the early afternoon. It was around the start of last period that he began to stir. Rolling over onto the opposite side of his bed that pressed against the wall beside his window, he mumbled hushed words into his pillow. His bare arms hugged it to his chest in a firm hold, almost as though he were afraid someone would appear and take it from him.

When he awoke, he didn't bother putting on his uniform as school was already over. Instead, he slipped into some sweats and made his way to school. Try-outs were today, and he felt like amusing himself by stopping by to watch. More or less to watch Kise, but to see what other talent Kaijou held and maybe get a few laughs here and there. There was that senpai of his Kise always talked about, whose skill was still up for debate. Watching him play would be a sight to see. With the way he talked about him, Aomine could have sworn the boy was better than him. But Aomine decided that he'd be the judge of that.

The trip to Touou was uneventful, and he spared no time in making his way into the gym. Try-outs were about to start, and the boys were warming up. The gym was filled with new faces and a few familiar ones sitting on the bench against the wall to his left. Of course, Imayoshi, Harasawa, and Momoi were there. Momoi and Harasawa were seated the closest to the entrance while a foot or two away sat a good fourth of the team. Sakurai was looking as nervous as ever, his knees pressed together and his hands folded on his lap. Beside him, Imayoshi sat with his back hunched over with his elbows resting in his thighs.

There was always something about Imayoshi that never sat right with Aomine; even with the boy just sitting there, pushing up his glasses as he scanned the Kaijou boys, keeping to himself silently, innocently.

"Oi, Aominecchi!" Aomine turned his head to the right. Standing in a plain shirt and basketball shorts, Kise waved over to him, beaming. Aomine had seen it coming. Both he and Momoi had expected Kise to be at try-outs. Beside him, a shorter boy with dark hair and sharp eyes stood with a frown. He fixed Aomine with a distrustful stare. Aomine felt as though he had seen him before, but he didn't bother to search through his memory for his face. If the boy was worth remembering, Aomine surely would've have remembered him instantly.

Kise continued to wave as Aomine turned away to sit beside Momoi, who welcomed him with a warm smile as she lifted up her bag off the bench beside her to accommodate him. "So, here to watch try-outs?"

He flopped down to the wooden bench and leaned against the cold gym wall behind him. "Why else would I be here?"

"You seem grumpy." Commented Momoi. She lifted her pen to poke the side of his cheek. "And where were you today? You skipped class today, didn't you?"

"Yeah, yeah, sorry about that, mom." Replied Aomine sarcastically. Momoi scrunched up her nose at him with a huff.

Meanwhile, Kise watched disappointedly as Aomine ignored him. He watched as the teen turned; the way those familiar broad shoulders were slumped ever so slightly in Aomine's perpetual state of laziness, dark skin he'd seen every inch of peek from under his shorts and the short sleeves of white shirt, and the navy sheen to his dark hair. The sort of swagger in his steps was familiar to Kise, whose lips curled into a frown.

Kasamatsu turned his back to Aomine the moment the boy made his way to sit on the bench. He'd never had the opportunity to really meet the boy, but he already didn't like him; that look on Kise's face giving him all the reason he needed.

Suddenly, Momoi and Wakamatsu get up from their seats and make their way towards the middle of the gym. Wakamatsu called for everybody's attention, a thunderous shout that stopped every conversation and turning every head, leaving Momoi to speak. In that sweet, bubbly way of hers, she greeted the boys nicely, and with a bright smile. When she began to speak, Aomine tuned out.

Kise seemed to be more interested in getting Aomine's attention than paying any mind to Momoi as he looked over his shoulder to smile at him. Aomine merely stared at him, blinking slowly and watching as his dark-haired friend slepped him in the arm, telling him to listen. Aomine snorted.

"He's a cute one, ne, Aomine?" He glanced over Sakurai's head to see Imayoshi looking at him. There was a smug tone in his voice and facial expression; that shit-eating grin an eye-sore. Aomine shrugged and he continued. "He seems to like you a lot."


"You shouldn't be so cold."

"And why's that?" Aomine replied as indifferently as possible. He assumed that the more disengaged he appeared, the easier it would be for Imayoshi to see that he was not interested in conversing with him.

On the court, Kasamatsu shifted closer towards Kise, who didn't seem to notice as he stared over the other boys in front to look at Momoi. And Imayoshi said, a threatening shine of his glasses, "You never know when someone else will show up and steal him away."

Aomine snorted. "Oh?"

Sakurai twitched uncomfortably between the two boys, a strange sort of tension arising.