Title: BFFs.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Feelings get in the way of everything. Especially when you're BFFs, or Best Fuck Friends. And when Kaijou is subject to damage after a thunderstorm one night, things begin to heat up as Kise transfers to Touou. AoKise. YAOI

Note: Thanks to cherripetalz for messaging me on Bakaomine (my RP/derp tumblr) about updating and showing interest in the fic. Oh and aominecchisdick to. This chapter is for you bbys. Also, I read this through, and I am thoroughly pleased with the way the ending ties in something small in the first half of the chapter. Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think in a review?

Chapter 6 – Dirty Little Secret.

Momoi and Wakamatsu worked the new boys harder than they've ever actually made the team to see how well they and efficiently they could take orders, and for the sheer amusement of shouting new drills while they are already in the middle of doing a completely different one. One moment, they were running laps back and forth from one end of the gym to the other, to doing man-makers, to dribbling around the gym. It came as no surprise that it was Imayoshi's idea. The bastard. Though, Aomine couldn't help but snort at the way some of the boys fumbled trying to get into their new exercise.

As expected, Kise did exceptionally well in all they did, his skills much more refined since the last time Aomine had the chance to watch him play in middle school; with speed doubled, ball-handling much more controlled, and imitation as horrifyingly flawless as Aomine remembered. Sitting with a slouch against the cold wall behind him, Aomine watched Kise come out on top for each drill, and went about each task without breaking so much as a sweat until they were split into opposing teams to play against each other in a mock-game.

Kise was a natural. It was so painfully obvious. Anyone could have seen it for themselves; the way he speedily maneuvered around his opponents gracefully, his passes, shots, and fierce dunks second to none of the other boy trying out.

Admittedly, Aomine took a tiny ounce of enjoyment in watching his former—and, by the looks of it, soon-to-be—teammate tear apart the other team, leaving them in the dust and powerless against his prowess. It was amusing to watch Kise completely stun his old teammates; the secret weapon that is Kise Ryouta turning against his own beloved Kaijou boys. This sort of thing appealed to the sadist that dwelled within Aomine's mind.

There was the shrill ringing of Momoi's whistle, and the sound of shoes squeaking against the shiny wooden floor as Kise earned yet another point for his team and a string of praise for himself. Luckily for him, his precious senpai was on his team, and, after receiving a small 'good job' and a pat on the back, Kise turned to grin proudly at Aomine; glad to be able to shine in front of the person most important to him, like a little boy looking to his parents for their much-needed approval.

"You're really trying today," Kasamatsu commented. Kise shrugged modestly. "You're going to make the team without a doubt."

"Eh? Does senpai think so?"

Kise's teamwork with Kasamatsu was duly noted by Aomine throughout the next half of the game. The pair relied on each other heavily, and feed of each other's energy. The duo was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Back on the bench, Sakurai flinched as Imayoshi said to Aomine over his head, "Oi, Aomine, that blonde's doing really well." Aomine said nothing, his eyes refusing to glance over to him. Imayoshi continued. "You played on the same team as him in middle school, correct?"

Aomine nodded silently.

"Oh?" Imayoshi feigned interest. "Why won't you speak to me?"

"Because I don't want to," Aomine answered easily.

"That hurts, you know." Replied Imayoshi sarcastically


Try-outs came to an end a little past when practice normally would have. Aomine was almost as tired and sore from sitting around as the Kaijou boys were from all the running and energy they had exerted. He rolled his head from shoulder to shoulder restlessly and Sakurai and Imayoshi got up to leave as well.

Quickly, awkwardly, and with an apology, Sakurai bid the two goodbye before scrambling his way to the door as Imayoshi closed in on Aomine. The brunette could feel something awful about to happen, the tension he was forced to sit between a clear warning telling him to leave while he still could, his school bag slung over his trembling shoulder. Imayoshi was second to leave, stepping out with a soft breeze in his face as he walked against the gentle, warm flow of spring air, his hands in his pockets with a thoughtful expression, feeling as though he had been missing something, with Aomine just a few steps away from the wide exit.

While the Kaijou boys stood a few feet away congratulating themselves for all their hard work and wishing the best for each other, their little family as close and loving as they were in their original school, Kise slipped away to run over and talk to Aomine, who stopped in place at the sound of his name and watched him glide across the gym floor speedily, with a warm wave, from his spot in the door way. Kise's eyes were fired up and energized despite having pushed himself to his limits. He called the power forward's name a second time just a tad breathless, but with a powerful smile.

"Ne, ne, so what does Aominecchi think?" He asked excitedly, anxious to hear what Aomine thought about try-outs.


"Me." He replied instantly, expectantly.

"Hmm…" Aomine brought a hand to his chin in a thoughtful, yet sarcastic manner. Kise didn't seem to mind or notice until he spoke. "Well, you're surprisingly flexible, so that's really useful. You make the best noises and faces, and that little thing you know how to do with your tongue when you—"

Kise leaped forward to press his hot palms to Aomine's lips, his already flushed expression darkening into a crimson blush, shushing him with tensed shoulders as he sputtered, "A-Aominecchi, that's not what I meant!"

Aomine pulled Kise's hands away by his pale wrists. "Then what do you mean?"

"How I played?" He was waiting for something. For what, he wasn't sure exactly. Maybe to be praised? To feel as if he'd done something to please Aomine—lately, everything Kise seemed to do was for the sake of satisfying the power forward—that didn't involve a bed or being on his knees. His priorities seemed to have slowly grown to center around what would grab Aomine's fleeting attention the most, even if it meant compromising himself and a few of his duties. "How does Aominecchi think I did during try-outs?"

Not only was Aomine immune to Kise's copycat skills, but also to his air of contagious jubilance. Honey irises shone brightly, waiting. Flatly, the power forward said, "Oh. You did well."

Eagerly, Kise leaned in just a little, "And…?"

"You did well." He released Kise's wrist. "What else do you want me to say?"

Kise tried to answer, but could find no words to say. He was speechless, and incredibly disappointed, failing to impress Aomine after all that hard work; Kise's shoulders dropped as he willed his lips to stay curled into a smile. Kise had to keep smiling, it was what he did the best. Though forcing his smile, Aomine didn't seem to notice anything wrong with the Kise.

"So, are you busy now? Any modelling things you need to attend to?" Aomine inquired, shifting a little on the spot with a promising smirk. "Maybe you could come over for a few rounds?"

Kise pursed his lips, conflicted and uncertain but nodded regardless; there was something in the way Aomine's voice dropped and expression on his face that Kise couldn't possibly reject—he couldn't possibly turn down the chance to be with him. He told Aomine to wait while he ran into the locker room to gather his things, and rushed back, pass Kasamatsu and his old team without giving them so much as a second glance. Kasamatsu watched him push the heavy door, clearly in a hurry, and reappear as quickly as he disappeared, his bag hiked on one shoulder and his school jacket in his arms.

Kasamatsu furrowed his brows, where was he off to so quickly? He watched through the corner of his eyes. Kasamatsu frowned as Kise ran to Aomine's side; standing and walking a little too close to each other upon leaving and turning towards the left.

The moment they were out of the door way and Kasamatsu's line of sight, Aomine lifted a hand to trail down Kise's spine, receiving a shiver and ticklish giggle, slipping the tips of his fingers into the blonde's shorts teasingly.

"Aominecchi, not here!" There was a snort in response from Aomine as Kise tried to protest. He yelped as he was shoved against the wall. "Aominecchi, stop, there's a time and place for everything!" Kise said. He always said that.

"But I want you now."

"What if someone sees us!? I thought you said you didn't want anyone to know about this."

"I'm fucking you the moment we get to my house, but that doesn't mean I can't touch you a little. Besides, no one's around to see."

Pinned between Aomine's arms, he brought his arms to the other's chest as if to keep him at bay until they get to his house. Kise knew how Aomine is about the thought of anyone finding out about them, so he tried to resist giving into his heat and the lips that pressed against his jaw, peppering harsh kisses as they make their way to his ear. Aomine's lips came around the lobe of his ear to give it a gentle nip, whispering dirty little nothings in that low tone that made the blonde tremble uncontrollably each and every time. Kise whimpered softly, Aomine's hands suddenly finding their place on his hips and pulling him close. Kise hated when Aomine would do things like this in public; while there is the thrill of getting caught, what would Aomine do if they do get caught?


Kise and Kasamatsu had made it onto the team (as well as a few other boys). From the start, there had been absolutely no doubt as the decision was unanimous and without question when Momoi and Wakamatsu talked it over with the other boys on the team. Though aloof as ever with his ear buds playing loud music that would tune out whatever any of the boys had to say with every monstrous crescendo of the bass, he noticed the way some of the boys perked up at the mention of Kaijou's blonde beauty and copycat. Even Imayoshi showed interest, leaving a bitter taste in Aomine mouth and a sneer to curl upon his lips in disdain.

Like a petulant little boy unwilling to let others play with his favorite action figure, Aomine did not want anyone else laying a dirty finger upon his play thing, his toy, and he made it clear with a sharp look and stern clearing of his throat. Mastering the ways of using his intimidating disposition to his advantage, he watched as the lewd whispering and joking around come to a halt. Aomine was known to turn violent on occasion, and he was the type very much unafraid of speaking through his fists until he point got across, no matter the consequences. If they knew what was good for them, they were to keep their hands to themselves and eyes averted.

Also as expected, Kasamatsu was unable to keep his spot as captain. But that didn't seem to matter to him, for he looked happy about being on the team regardless. Aomine learned of the boy's good nature, and the strong sense of leadership he still held over the Kaijou boys whenever they would get too rowdy or lose their focus. It was to be expected that they would have a hard time adjusting to a new captain and school, the Touou dynamic already changing just after a few practices; rather than thinking for themselves and their individual power, Aomine and the rest of the boys were taken aback at the frequent passing and teamwork their new teammates contributed.

Kise was the main event at every practice, but none of the guys dared to make any moves or inappropriate passes at him with Aomine around. To avoid any misunderstandings about their ambiguous relationship, Kise was instructed to keep his lips shut about the two of them as Aomine played the role of the old-teammate looking after him. Making sure no one touched Kise was the main reason Aomine started attending practices more than once a week, but he would do no more than observe on the bench beside Momoi.

Sometimes she would try to convince him to get in a play, but he would refuse. Only when guys were starting to get a little too close and touchy did Aomine get off his lazy butt to steal the ball and dunk it with such ferocity, they all steered clear of Kise, leaving the power forward able to rest once more. He did numerous things into proving his masculinity in front of the other boys as his way of saying 'you can look (for too long), but you can't touch.'

As two weeks quickly slipped by, Aomine found himself meeting up with Kise frequently every one or two days, with the blonde as willing and naughty as ever. If Kise had been upset, it was neither noticed nor acknowledged; he appeared as normal and wanton as he always had in the past, the warm orifice that sat hidden between soft, sealed lips engulfing him in sinuous, wet heat; his milky complexion reddened with every touch, clawing of his fingers, kiss, and rough thrust, shivers rolling down Aomine's long spinal cord, tensing his fingers and thighs as their hips bucked in sweet bliss; his whimpers, expressions, and reactions steamy and arousing—That raspy, breathlessness to his voice when he would call his name, oh, how it set Aomine aflame in overwhelming desire.

Currently seated in class with his legs stretched out and his feet resting under the seat of the thin girl in the seat in front of him, Aomine pondered mentally as to whether or not Kise was to be busy later that evening as he stared at the back of his head just a few rows ahead. The only incidences in which they hadn't been able to see each other after school hours were because of his strict and inconsistent model schedule as things would be canceled, rebooked, or with new events popping up here and there without warning.

Aomine paused for a brief second to wonder what it would be like as a model. The idea of getting paid to do no more than stand around and stare at a camera was almost as appealing as the large salary and crowd of fan girls wanting a piece of him for themselves that fluttered into his imagination. Kise ways always complaining about that—his mindless fan girls that crowded him every which way—to which Aomine would ignore ignorantly; just what kind of boy wouldn't love having girls all over him?

In the dull background of his irrelevant musings, Katsuhara went about his normal routine, doing attendance and then going through his lessons as bored as the students listening. As usual, Aomine's attention was nowhere to be found, his dark eyes staring vacantly at the chalkboard as if he cared. When he grew sleepy, Aomine would fold his arms on the desk and go to sleep atop of them. It became routine, and Katsuhara had given up on trying to wake him or make a big deal out of it; neither he nor Aomine's peers could understand how someone who was asleep more than he ever was awake during class was passing with average grades.

With his head down and eyes shut, he slowed his breathing ever so slightly, drowning out the mindless droning of his teacher and 'click' the chalk made as it came in contact with the dusty blackboard. When Aomine awoke, class was over, and it was lunch. He rubbed his lazy eyes with the back of his hand, yawning. Nothing could have ruined his day more than the realization that there was still the entire afternoon to go before school would be over.

Pulling his hand away, he found himself looking at a skirt. Aomine followed it North, past the familiar, large bust, long pink hair, to look up at Momoi's round face, his left shoulder sore as he rolled it backwards and forwards. A smile graced her lip-gloss covered lips, her aura abnormally happy. But that wasn't anything new to him.

"Ne, Dai-chan, want to eat together?" She inquired cheerfully, her hands behind her back. Aomine quirked a brow in suspicion.

"I'm not eating anything you've made."

Her smile dropped, and she began to whine, bringing her hands forward to reveal to pink containers of God knows what. "Eh!? How rude! I've improved, you know! I'm a much better cook now!"

"You made me cookies without baking powder or milk once."

She pouted. "It was an honest mistake!"

"Even I know you need baking powder when baking," Aomine replied flatly, standing up and rolling his neck.

Here was the problem with sleeping in class. There would always be a little kink in his neck from having his head turned for the entire morning against his desk. Then again, at least he wasn't anywhere as tired as he was before? Looking past her, he watched Kise yawn and slowly get up from his chair, walking a little stiffly in obvious discomfort. It looked like he wasn't the only person feeling a little drained from last night, and he found something satisfying in the way he limped sorely.

"Come on, Dai-chan! At least try a little!" Momoi's face went red. He often teased her about her poor cooking (and baking) more or less at her expense. Momoi was a persistent one; Aomine had to give her that at least. But, even so, giving her best never did give the best of results.

"That's like saying try a little rat poison; a little is still enough to kill."

A friendly banter ensued as Kasamatsu arrived to see Kise. Similar to the days prior to their switching schools, Kasamatsu would come by during lunch to eat with Kise. Kise limped towards the door to meet the boy, going completely unnoticed by Aomine, who at this point was listening more than arguing with Momoi, who is vehemently defending whatever 'skills' in the kitchen she claimed to have. She pulled up a seat at his desk, the sound of its sturdy legs scraping against the dull colored tile floor, an excited twinkle in her eyes as she came to an abrupt stop, a new train of thought apparent as she said, "Oh! Oh! Dai-chan, guess what! I've almost forgotten to tell you!"

Momoi waited for Aomine to respond, to show any sort of interest in whatever got her practically shaking in her seat. Truthfully, he was rather interested, his curiosity piqued and prodded by the way Momoi looked as if about to burst. "What is it?"

"I'm throwing a birthday party in a few weeks and I'm going to invite some friends and the whole team and I'm going to invite Tetsu-kun!" Momoi stood on the tips of her toes in excited delight, blushing ever so slightly with a dreamy smile. The prospect of a gathering was much more bothersome than having to eat the girl's horrendous attempts at creating anything remotely edible, especially with Kasamatsu there to stare Aomine down as if he were vermin and Imayoshi with that ever so smug look on his face. He didn't like the idea, and soon found himself in the midst of finding a reasonable cause to excuse himself. Maybe he would fake a checkup at his family doctor, or a dentist checkup? "It'll be great, Dai-chan!"

But he couldn't. She was his best friend, and, though he was never one to show his feelings, he wouldn't feel right leaving her on such a special day. Momoi meant more to him than he would ever have liked to admit.

"I see you're awake, Aomine-kun," said Katsuhara, who came by with a stack of papers.

Aomine shrugged. "Barely."

"Well, I need you to do something," Aomine looked at him silently, and the elderly man took it as he cue to continue, "I need you to deliver these to class 3-B."

"Could you get someone else to do it?"

"I thought you could do this to compensate with the fact you sleep throughout the entire morning."

He sighed and took the papers held out to him. "Whatever. I'll be back in a bit, Satsuki."

Aomine walked down the halls with a yawn, not fully recovered from his nap. He walked by familiar faces with unfamiliar names, and before he knew it, he finally made it to class 3-B on the next floor. Stepping through the opened door, he locked eyes with Imayoshi, who was sitting in the back of the class at his desk with a few boys. He grinned at him, but Aomine did no more than narrow his eyes and frown. Aomine was instructed to leave the papers in one of the drawers of the desk for the teacher, so he shoved it into the top one before heading out as quickly as possible.

However, it appeared he wouldn't get to make it out without some sort of unwanted exchange of words as he found Imayoshi leaning against the wall outside of the door in the hallway. Aomine couldn't remember when or how Imayoshi passed by him while he was at the teacher's desk to exit the classroom, but he didn't care. Wordlessly, he turned in the other direction to head towards the stairs.

"Oi, Aomine, could I have a word with you?"

Aomine looked over his shoulder with a snort, "No."

Imayoshi sighed and watch him disappear down the stairs with a shake of his head, "If you say so. I guess telling you what I saw outside the gym doors the other day after try-outs isn't important to you."

He returned to class, remembering the way he made it to the school gates before remembering he left his sweater underneath the bench back in the gym. Returning to the back of the school where the gym was, he turned the corner to find Aomine and Kise leaving in the opposite direction together. At first he didn't do anything, even when he saw Aomine's hand come to Kise's back. He recalled the moment Aomine's hand drifted into Kise's shorts being the moment he jumped behind the wall, peeking his head around to look. That's when it all started.

"Aominecchi, not here!" Kise had protested before being shoved against the wall, "Aominecchi, stop, there's a time and place for everything!"

"But I want you now."

"What if someone sees us!? I thought you said you didn't want anyone to know about this."

"I'm fucking you the moment we get to my house, but that doesn't mean I can't touch you a little. Besides, no one's around to see." But Imayoshi was.

It was only when they moved away from the wall and left in a hurry to do things Imayoshi could only assume with each other that he finally came out of hiding to retrieve his black sweater with the white zipper and strings at the hood. He remembered the way he entered through the metal doors, and coming up empty handed. While he didn't find it, like they say, when a person loses something, they always find something better. And this priceless, dirty little secret was much better than a cheap hoodie any day.