Title: BFFs.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Feelings get in the way of everything. Especially when you're BFFs, or Best Fuck Friends. And when Kaijou is subject to damage after a thunderstorm one night, things begin to heat up as Kise transfers to Touou. AoKise. YAOI.

Note: Sorry for slow updates and here's a late Canada Day greetings to my fellow Canadians! I wrote this chapter over the past week or two, so it's kind of eh. I'll make a note in the next chapter if I edit this one or make any changes! UNBETA'D.

Chapter 8 – Player 3 Enters the Game

It was hurting him. Gripping the sheets tightly, teeth gritted as Aomine pounded into him, his body shivering with delight at the way stars danced in his vision and exploded like fireworks, pleasure coiled like a venomous snake, twisting, uncontrolled, instinctive, illuminating the darkness in which they connected under, Kise threw his head back and his heart away.

He had never needed it to begin with, not when the other boy's lust overpowered his love.

Tightening around Aomine sinfully, Kise's knees shook from under him, his arms quivering as he willed his limbs to keep him standing. Behind him, Kise could hear Aomine's gasping and ragged breathing and feel the hardness of his cock with his every fierce move and the pleasure that coursed through him as his tan fingers dug into Kise's hips, pulling the blonde back on his length as he thrust in. It was rough, though Kise, even in his inebriated state, did not expect anything less from Aomine, his Aomine. As he was on the court, Aomine did things in bed only thinking of himself, and roughly and swiftly.

"Ahh… A-Aominecchi…" Groaned Kise as he dropped his face into a circular pillow on the guest bed, breathing the scent of laundry and what he vaguely remembered to be Aomine's. The boy had slept over at Momoi's house so much, the guest room was practically his own. "A-Aominecchi… Mmm…"

Alcohol affected his vision presently, and, even with the way Aomine made his back arch and throat rumble loudly as moans continuously spilled from his kiss-swollen lips, it hurt. Sitting in the center of all his lustful pleasure was a pain that stung with every beat of his neglected heart—a pain Kise could not rid himself of, not matter how much he loosened himself and his sense of right and wrong.

Positions soon shifted, and Kise found himself lying on his back against the tossed and dirty bed sheets. He stared up at Aomine's face through his half-lidded eyes, his lips parted as he panted, watching the way his broad chest inhaled and exhaled harshly carefully, admiring the muscles that moved beneath his sweat-slicked skin as he positioned himself between Kise's pale thighs, and felt his stomach performing back flips as Aomine re-entered him slowly. Kise, whose face flared a crimson red, could see the boy's cock slowly disappear as he forced himself in further, and let out a loud moan. His voice would travel to unknowing ears as they echoed down the hall, down the stairs, and into the living room, only to drown in the loud noise of music blasting from the DJ's speakers.

Aomine snickered, loving the way Kise's face would contort into sensual expressions, and each and every sinful noise he could make, would make. Thrusting slowly, his movements picked up speed quickly, and let himself be carried in the harmony of the bed creaking, slapping of his skin against Kise's, and raw scream as they neared their climax. Pummeling into him relentlessly, Aomine felt himself orgasm, and, by the sound of Kise's boisterous moaning, he could only assume he had already reached his, or was just feeling his. As Kise rode out his orgasm while Aomine arrived at his end, he moaned hotly, unable to contain himself at the unrestrained and powerful thrusting, moaning three sweet words he'd never fully remember when he awoke as the world faded and all he saw was black and Aomine fall atop of him, breathless.

One moment they were having sex in Momoi's dark guest room, and the next Kise found himself waking up and exhausted. He must have passed out after his orgasm, for when he shifted his legs, the blonde felt a small shiver run down his spine. Kise was still incredulously sensitive, and he lied there on his side, briefly wondering how long he had been unconscious until his attention scurried over to the boy behind him. The mattress creaked under Aomine's movements.

Rolling over, Kise smiled up at the man he loved from ear to ear, but something was off. Why wasn't he looking at him? There was a swift look of disgust that flashed in Aomine's dull face, or was his mind simply playing tricks on him?

Aomine was quiet, and it bothered Kise to no end the way Aomine went out of his way to look anywhere—the cold floor, dull-colored paint of the walls and its bland paintings, round clock hung beside the empty closet—but him, for a reason out of the drunk teen's current understanding.

Worriedly, Kise asked, the drinks slowly wearing off as he began to sober up, "Ne, Aominecchi, is somethin' wrong?" Kise then giggled for a reason even unknown to him, snuggling childishly against a pillow, "Why so quiet, ne, Aominecchi?" He asked inquisitively yet all knowingly. "I can't remember if this happened, or if I'm imaging it, but was it because I said I love you?"

With tightly pursed lips, Aomine sat naked on the edge of Momoi's guest bed unfeelingly. There was no verbal response, just the sight of Aomine's muscles tensing beneath his tan skin as he shifted his position, as if to sit more comfortably, but could not find one as he stood and began to dress himself. The quiet was all the answer Kise needed.

"So I did say it… You're being like this 'cause of what I said, huh?" For some odd reason, Kise was amused, and, if the bright, inebriated smile was not enough of a hint, the giggle and hiccup that followed was enough to have Aomine turn to look at him in confusion and furrowed brows. So much for sobering up, for his slur was still noticeable, though on and off now, "Why're you being so quiet about it? I hope y'know that I don't plan on taking any of it back—I really do love you—"

"Shut up already," Said Aomine, who was gathering and holding Kise's clothes with tightly clenched fists. The hushed venom spat at Kise was enough to silence the teen for a brief second, giving Aomine some time to forget it ever happened. However, Kise was not having any of that. He opened his mouth to continue, but Aomine caught it and spoke up first, "Stop saying stupid things, you're drunk and it's obvious that you don't know what you're saying. We're never doing it again when you're drunk. It might be even better than when you're sober, but this is a pain, and I don't want you saying such weird things."

"But I do!" Kise was angry now too.

"I said shut up!" Roared Aomine angrily.

"No, not until you understand how much I love you."

"Don't say that! Stop talking like this! You're drunk, I don't need to understand a thing you're trying to tell me." Aomine returned the sharp glare he received with extra fire. The anger that fueled both boys was different, but with the intensity flaring and rising, it was sure to cause a fire, and, sooner or later, they were only bound to get burned. The two stared at each other, eyes cold as Kise glared Aomine down, who did nothing to back down. "God, you're an even better fuck when you're drunk, but you're being so annoying. It's giving me a headache."

How dare Aomine be so dismissive of his feelings like that! "Hurry up and get dressed, pretty boy—before I get any more annoyed or angry," Aomine tossed Kise his clothes roughly onto the mattress beside his naked frame, and, for some odd reason, that was the model's tipping point.

"What're you so annoyed and angry about? All I said was that—" Came Kise's voice loudly. He paused to take a deep breath, "—I love you."

Aomine kept silent and shook his head, his shoulders tensing as Kise's fury surged like fire through his veins dangerously. The power forward glanced towards the door, which jolted Kise off the bed and change into his clothes. He was still a little drunk, but he knew better than to risk having Aomine leave when things were getting this serious. With his clothes on, at least the blonde could run after him instead of lying in Momoi's spare bed uselessly. He'd been doing that too much—letting Aomine walk off without so much as a word; it drove Kise insane, his feelings finally too much for the poor boy to handle quietly. Panting slowly turning into harsh inhaling and exhaling as Kise shook in silent rage in moonlit darkness, he felt the alcohol wearing itself off as he came to his senses. He'd told Aomine how he felt for the very first time, and he was going to make the teen listen, no matter what. "I love you. I'll say it as much as I have to, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Aomine ran a hand through his short hair with a snort and condescending smirk, "Stop confusing your lust with love. You don't love me, you love the way we fuck."

"But I do love Aominecchi!" Kise exclaimed as he shimmied into his boxers and skinny jeans. Aomine could see that Kise was starting to sober up; that slur that had his ever word strung together messily starting to disappear, and it brought to his attention the reality of the boy's intense feelings. "I really, really do love Aominecchi! I love you a lot!"

Another snort. Aomine was done with being mad. "Have fun with that."

"But I do—"

"And now what?"

The question caught Kise off guard as he threw on his shirt. "Huh?"

"What do you expect to do about it? What do you expect me to do now that you've said it?" He groaned. He was being such a pain. "Are you expecting me to say I love you back or something, huh?"

"I-I don't…" Kise was speechless, "Aominecchi—"

"That's what I thought."

The words caught in Kise's throat.

"You're crazy to even dream of that," Continued Aomine. Silently, Kise saw the power forward fully dressed and heading out the door through his fallen bangs. "You're pretty, I'll admit that, and I love the way we fuck, but I don't love you."


Aomine shook his head as he spoke with a long yawn. "You brought this upon yourself. Don't you remember? You could have backed out a long time ago, but you didn't. It's no one's fault but yours. We fuck and that's it. I don't love you at all, and that's how it should be. Understood, pretty boy?"

The door slammed behind Aomine.


Kagami stared at his digital watch with a sigh and dull expression, the numbers on the tiny screen mocking him for what had to be the umpteenth time that night. Parties, especially ones thrown by teenagers with underage drinking, were never his thing, and this one was no exception. While social gatherings like this fell more towards his disdain than in his favor, he had to pause to wonder why he still came. And that's when he decided to appear. Sitting at the foot of the staircase with him, Kuroko took a sip of his drink, the red cup in the boy's pale hand attracting Kagami's attention immediately.

Jumping up in surprise, Kagami said, "Oi, Kuroko, since when did you drink—"

"Kagami-kun, I'm leaving to get some more water, would you like some?" Asked Kuroko, who stood up with a blank expression. Water? Now that was more believable than someone like Kuroko taking in a little alcohol, even if it were a miniscule amount.

"No, I'm okay for now," He said, watched as the teen disappeared into the crowd. Mumbling to himself, he said, "I can't believe he suckered me into coming all the way here with him. I just want to go home and use the bathroom."

Alone on the wooden steps, Kagami had to wonder how a sweet, innocent looking girl like Momoi could throw such a chaotic party. Then again, her best friend did not seem like the best influence or morally right person to be surrounded by for such a long period of her young life. Speaking of which, where could the boy be? Though Kagami hadn't been anywhere near hopeful of running into Aomine, the redhead had to wonder where he was, especially on a night as important as Momoi's birthday, even if things were a little out of control—If anything, this sort of thing seemed to be more Aomine's liking than any tame dinner or get-together Momoi looked to be more suited for. Kagami heard a moan come from the upstairs hallway from his spot on the stares, his head quickly turning as if the source of the noise would be standing at the top looking down. How odd. It was probably his mind playing tricks on him.

Minutes began to pile one atop another before Kagami decided he had had enough of waiting for Kuroko to return, and that finding Momoi's bathroom be at the top of his priorities. He knew of the bathroom on the main floor, and began to work his way through the girl's drunken guests, flinching when he felt a hand slide down the lower half of his back and grope at his behind, a light train of feminine giggles quickly following the sudden touch as if on cue.

The girls were drunk and clearly not in the right mind to be able to think properly. Kagami saw it in their reddened faces and light convulsions as they hiccupped as he spared the trio a glance over his shoulder. It was best not to say a thing, especially when he, Kuroko, and a couple others at the party were not part of Momoi's Touou circle of friends. If he were to provoke any boys around them, Kagami knew there would be trouble—trouble he was not looking for, or ever in the mood to deal with.

Hurrying off, he entered the darkened hallway, stumbling a little over the step up and the slippery woodened floor unceremoniously. Thankfully no one was around to see him fumble around in such a mindless and blind way, though, if any eyes were to fall on him, the large of alcohol consumed was sure to wipe out any and all traces of his existence, and the sight of the tall red head who had fallen on his rear.

"Ouch!" He groaned as an ache shot through his body from his buttocks, wincing as he got to his feet and dusted himself. "How the hell did I fall—" Under his sock covered foot, he saw a pink cardigan, too small and girlish to have belonged to anyone who was not an adolescent girl. Maybe it was Momoi's?

With a squint to his ruby eyes, there could be seen a trail of clothes; a girl's shirt followed by that of a boy's, a dark mini skirt followed by a pair of navy jeans—two full blown outfits forgotten about on the cold floor leading up to the closed bathroom door at the end of the hallway. Kagami saw the orange-ish light that seeped through the bottom of the white door and heard the faint giggle and moaning of God knew what. Kagami swallowed, and backed out of the hallway quietly, slowly, unsure of how to react to such a thing, quickly deciding to use the upstairs bathroom instead. Momoi had banned the second floor and all the bedrooms there, and for good reason, he knew, but could not resist the way his feet carried him from the hallway, the noisy living room, and up the stairs, swearing he heard something on the journey up.

Silently, he wondered which door could possibly lead to his destination. He had no intention of stepping into the birthday girl's bedroom, but had a hard time choosing which to open first. With one door at the end of the hall and three on the right, he shrugged, and took a wild guess, walking past two, and standing between the third on the right, and single door on the left before entering the bathroom on the left, noticing a scarf lying by itself on the floor. Picking it up, he pulled it into the bathroom with him, deciding then and there to return it to its owner once he went back down.

Turning on the light, he shut the door behind him. As he took a moment to look over his face in the mirror, Kagami heard yelling coming from one of the rooms. The voice, low and rumbling, belonging to a boy, was loud, but not loud enough for the teen to understand what they were saying clearly, though, the emotion was obvious. The boy was mad, but Kagami was more focused on figuring out why that voice sounded so familiar. A second voice joined in, but, in place of the first voice's anger, there lacked a sort of fury, instead there stood desperation, misery, a pain in their heart.

Maybe two people were breaking up? It was Kagami's best guess. Even when Kagami finished his bathroom business, he stood with his ear against the bathroom door, his curiosity getting the best of him. Even when he flushed and washed his hands, the noise he was making was little to no distraction, the battle in the next room going on with no interruption. The yelling was starting to get louder and more aggressive—almost to the point where the words and voices were coherent and identifiable. Almost.

He hated himself for eavesdropping, normally never the type to butt into business that was none of his concern—especially if it was a break up. But this was different, and he reassured himself he was doing a good thing. He reassured himself that, by listening, he would be able to jump in and mediate in case things turned violent, which was starting to look like the direction the couple was headed in as there was more and more poison in each person's voice. One voice was starting to sound a little odd, though. Could it have been that the two were both boys?

Kagami did not have time to place his guess, for the door slammed open. He wasn't sure who it was, but there was the sound of heavy footsteps making their way towards the stairs before disappearing on the way down completely. There was a pause, and then the sound of the door reopening and closing softly.

Who could that have been, and did Momoi know about it? Grabbing the scarf he had let lay on the sink counter, he stepped into the dark hallway, turning off the bathroom light behind him. For some reason his heart was pounding in his ears—thump, thump, thump—the noise loud as if in competition against Momoi's loud music.

"At least it sounds like no one was hurt." He muttered to himself with a sigh.

On his way down the stairs, he saw a boy sitting towards the middle steps by himself. There was something lonely in the way his body seemed to collapse upon itself, shrinking silently, holding himself with one arm as the other fiddled with his phone. Maybe he was upstairs with him? He gave Kagami a sad aura, who thought it best to ignore him on his way to return the scarf to its owner. Though, Kagami paused, briefly scanning the familiar blonde hair with a shrug. Stuffing the thing cloth into his back pocket, he hurried down, awkwardly trying to make his way around the boy. Kagami hit the boy's shoulder with his knee as he passed, and turned to apologize.

"Sorry about that." Kagami stared at Kise, who looked up at him from under his long lashes, head hung low. His pale face was lackluster, like a flower blooming in the shadows; beautiful and elegant, but possessing a sort of fragility, not completely withered, but not quite grown, unable to bloom in such poor conditions. Instinctively, he asked, "Hey, aren't you—"

"It's no problem!" Kise smiled brightly so suddenly, Kagami swore he could have gone blind at the sight. There was a fantastic glow to his face; he couldn't understand how Kise could shift expressions so easily and quickly like that. It must have been something he learned, something he picked up as a model. Kise looked so happy, Kagami highly doubted he was one of the two people upstairs arguing. "Huh? Aren't you Kurokocchi's friend, Kagamicchi, right?"

Kagami nodded; suddenly entranced with the way Kise's lips formed around the syllables in his name, creating unintentional music to his ears. "What are you doing here alone? You don't seem like the type to sit by yourself at a party."

"So I seem like the type to be like those people there?" He joked, chuckling as he motioned towards the inebriated group of teens grinding against each other to the loud music, their movements off beat and sloppy.

Kagami shook his head. "I didn't mean it like that. You just seem like you would be with Kuroko and Momoi right now having a good time—oh, and Aomine." He didn't quite catch Kise's flinch at the mention of the other boy.

"So, what were you doing upstairs?" Asked Kise abruptly, nervously, but Kagami didn't notice. Kagami was too busy admiring the blonde up close, his every tilt of his head and shift in his gold eyes picture perfect.

"I had to use the bathroom; the one downstairs was… occupied." He replied awkwardly.

"Oh, I see."

"It was kind of weird up there, though. I swore I heard someone in the room across the hall. It was a guy yelling—he sounded like he was really mad." The redhead said thoughtfully, dropping to the spot on the step beside Kise, who offered the empty seat with a gentle pat on the wood to the left of his thigh. "Actually, I think it was two guys yelling, I'm not completely sure."

"What were they yelling about? D-Do you remember?"

"No, the music was and still it too loud. I couldn't understand a thing. One of them sounded really upset, and the other sounded really irritated." Kagami shrugged, "Hopefully whatever they had going on gets solved, though. It sounded pretty intense."

"Ne, K-Kagamicchi, did you hear anything before they started yelling?"

"Nope, it was quiet for a little while, and then they went straight into shouting at one another. I really do hope they solve things, even if they're complete strangers; couples quarrels sound like the worst. I think they were an arguing couple, at least. They were both guys." Kagami said casually. He was never one to place any sort of judgement upon others, so the thought of two boys dating did not both him, but it did not completely please him.

The two fell into a silence surrounded by the roaring boom of the music and laughter of Momoi's guests, a wordlessness Kagami did not understand. Why had the conversation died? He was suddenly reminded at the sight of a young girl with a scarf around her shoulders walking by that he had something to return, and stood up rolling his own shoulders restlessly.

"Where is Kagamicchi going?" Asked Kise curiously.

"I just gotta return his scarf to someone, I found it upstairs." Answered Kagami, "This probably belonged to one of the people who were upstairs with me, now that I think about it… I'll be back in a bit."

Kise looked down at himself, and then at the scarf, "W-Wait, Kagamicchi—" He gulped. "—T-That's my s-scarf."

Kagami could believe the scarf belonged to Kise, the branded cloth matching the boy's outfit, fitting the boy's expensive taste, but he was unable to believe Kise had been one of the two boys arguing upstairs. Suddenly Kise broke into tears, and Kagami rushed back to the model's side, panic rising in his stomach as water filled the corners of the his large honey eyes, rolling down his fair skin, rolling past his trembling lips and down his chin, and things began to fall into place. There was beauty in the teen's sorrow, Kagami couldn't help but be lured in by Kise's natural charm, dazzling the redhead as he looked up with teary eyes. It couldn't have been—

"O-Oi, Kise, what's the matter?" Asked Kagami. He was bad when it came to people crying, and he was clueless as to how to make the other boy's waterworks come to a halt. "C-Come now."

Between sniffles, Kise asked, "N-Ne, Kagamicchi, is it okay if I talk to you about something?"

Kagami nodded, unable to take his eyes off of that pretty face, stop the tightening in his chest, or the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of his stomach, even as Kise cried and told him his story and the reason he was upstairs. For the remainder of the night, Kagami did not see Kuroko, staying by Kise's side like a puppy, and helping the boy back to his apartment, even when going as far as to try and stop him from over-indulging in drinks to sooth his broken heart. He arrived with Kuroko, but he figured the boy could make it back on his own. With an arm around Kise's waist as they stumbled the dark streets on his way to drop the model home, Kagami felt his face light up, a blush creeping upon his flustered features as Kise stumbled and rubbed against him.

"Where're you takin' me, Kagamicchi?" Asked Kise, who turned to run back to Momoi's house, not having had enough to drink. But, before Kagami could catch up to him, he watched as the blonde stumbled over his feet and take a hard tumble against the cement. Kagami rushed to his Kise's side for what felt like the hundredth time in the past two or three hours, growing aware of how late it was. He stuck his hand out for Kise, who reached upward and fell against Kagami's chest. The redhead's face lit up for what also felt the hundredth time because of him. "Kagamicchi, m'ankle hurts…" He mumbled. He must've sprained it.

Before Kise could really focus on anything, he was propped on Kagami's back, his arms coming to wrap around the latter's broad shoulders, hugging the warm body, secretly loving the affection and sweetness. "Sorry if this is uncomfortable, but I need to get you home some way without hurting your ankle anymore."

Kise opened his mouth and then closed it, biting his lip. Kagami was really sweet—The wouldn't have expected his night to end up like, being taken home and taken care of by him. In a show of drunken gratitude, Kise leaned his head forward to kiss him on the side of his face, his soft lips pressing against Kagami's temple before resting his head. "Thank you, Kagamicchi—" Hiccup "—You're s'much nicer than him."

With his face getting redder by the second, Kagami remained silent, listening intently to Kise's rambling, hoping to catch the name of who could have possibly done all of this to him, for when they had spoken on the stairs, the blonde was very particular at concealing his 'lover's' identity. Though, it was for the best, Kagami guessed, for a possessiveness had taken over him, and he made the decision to make sure they never hurt him again.

Meanwhile, walking a while behind the duo, Imayoshi smirked to himself, pushing his glasses up before pocketing his hands, staring at the pair knowingly on his way home from the party. "Silly, silly Aomine, I told you someone will show up and steal him away if you don't stop being so cold."


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