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'How do I tell him?' She kept thinking over and over in her head.

Three Hours Earlier:
"Nell, do you mind bringing me to the, you know where?" Kensi asked Nell.

"Sure thing. Lemme just get my bag." Nell ran up to the bullpen, grabbed her bag, and went back downstairs. Kensi followed Nell out to her car.

"You drive." Kensi said throwing Nell her keys. Nell almost didn't catch them.

"Is there a problem, Kensi?" Nell questioned.

"I don't know, but I can't say anything before I know for a fact." Kensi replied. Nell dropped Kensi off at the door.

"You want me to come in or call Deeks?" Nell asked as Kensi closed the door.

"No! Please don't call him. And you can go back to work. Tell Hetty I had to leave." Kensi said through the window.

"Mm-kay. See you later. And update me on any news." Nell said. She waved goodbye, rolled up the window and left.

"Kensi Deeks?" The doctor said.

"Right here." Kensi said walking up to him.

"Take a seat in room 3, please." The doctor said. "I'll be in in a moment." Kensi did as asked. She was nervous, but what could go wrong.

"Hello, Mrs. Deeks. I'm Dr. Gilmore. I understand we think you may be pregnant. Am I correct?" He asked.

"Yeah, I woke up about two days ago and felt nauseous ever since." Kensi explained.

"Well, I'm just going to do an ultrasound. This will feel cold." He says rubbing the white gel on Kensi's stomach. "Okay, ready?"

"Yeah." Kensi answers as the doctor uses the wand on her stomach.

"Well your suspicions are correct," He mentioned. "You are indeed pregnant." He paused.

"When can I tell the sex of it?" Kensi asked excitedly.

"You'll be able to tell the sexes of them in approximately 12 weeks." The doctor said. Kensi gave him a weird look. "Is there something wrong?"

"Them?" Kensi questioned.

"Yeah, you're having twins!" The doctor exclaimed. Kensi couldn't tell is she was excited or scared. She finished up in the office, said goodbye to Dr. Gilmore, and left. She called Nell again.

"Can you pick me up?" Kensi asked.

"Yeah, I'll be there in about 10 minutes." Nell responded. While waiting, she kept asking herself, 'How do I tell him?' When Nell came, Kensi got in the car. "The details, please?"

"Nope, can't tell you. Have to tell Deeks, first." Kensi said smiling and holding back her happiness.

"Oh my, you're pregnant, aren't you?" Nell asked happily.

"Not saying a word." Kensi said. She stuck with that the ride back to OPS. Can't say Nell didn't bug her, but she didn't speak. She ran into OPS to only face Deeks.

"Kensi, where have you been?" Deeks asked. He kissed his wife and held her hands.

"Deeks, I've been – I was at the doctors." Kensi said. She smiled and Deeks knew something was up.

"What's going on here, Kens? Is there something wrong?" Deeks asked.

"Deeks, you're going to be a dad." Kensi said.

"You've got to be kidding?" Deeks said. "Are you serious?" He asked.

"Yeah, and that's not all." Kensi said. Deeks was more anxious than ever.

"It's twins." She said. Deeks picked her up and spun her around. Yeah, the team was used to it by now. After two years of Deeks and Kensi's bickering and a year and a half of them dating, yet still bickering, Deeks popped the question about eight months ago, making them official two months later. Now they were going to have kids together.

"Okay, enough with the shared spit." Callen said. Kensi and Deeks parted. "Congrats, man." He said shaking Deeks' hand and giving him a little hug. "Congrats, sis." He said to Kensi.

"I might start to get worried now." Sam commented.

"Why is that?" Deeks retorted.

"One Deeks' is a lot, two Deeks' is a little much, but three Deeks', I might as well say bye. No, I'm playing, Deeks. Congrats." Sam said as they all laughed.

"I do like my hair, but I hope they have her looks." Deeks joked.