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The stupid fucking crow! If Akito wasn't completely infatuated with him he would have ripped off the fuckers head long ago, after an hour of carving his 'Road' into him that is.

"Don't be that way Agito, Ikki is going to take us up incredibly high!" Akito chirped out from his corner of their brain.

"Yea I can imagine how high, please keep our body a virgin for as long as you can Akito." I grumbled back before turning my attention back to the problem at hand. Ikki had stolen Ume's money again and now was being tossed between Rika and Mikan and colliding with the walls of the kitchen.

"Help me Agito…" The crow had the nerve to whimper to me. I just leaned against the wall watching the mighty storm king being ripped to shreds.

"Fuck no." "We should help him he might get hurt!" I just sighed and turned to look at him "He is getting hurt, that is what is so enjoyable."

Akito just glared at me before going over and trying to wake up Lind. "Lind! Agito is letting Ikki get killed!" Lind just turned over and grumbled and I tried not to snicker as Mikan landed a great uppercut to Ikki's chin.

Rika tossed him over towards me and I moved to the side as the crow crashed into the wall where I had been standing with a resounding smack. Little cracks appeared in the wall and Ikki slid down the wall landing on his head. "Yeah give it too him! Lets curse him to the depths of hell my minion." Ume's voice floated in from the top of the stairs. That girl is just... wierd sometimes i dont know why I live with this family.

"Agito isn't it time for you to go see Yayoi about your regalia?" Ringo's question startled me out of my chuckling. I looked at the time, 9:30 I was supposed to be there in ten minutes.

I nodded and rolled out of the house with my ATs on, quickly building up speed. I jumped over someone;s car getting honked at, before wall riding up to the rooftops and using them as a path to Nakayama's house.

Some storm riders saw me and tried to swarm me but one well placed fang quickly sent them running with their tales between their legs. The leader quickly yelled a retreat as he threw his bat at me in one final attempt to wound me, I caught it and threw it back at him clocking him on the head. "I'm the fucking FANG KING! You motherfuckers should come back in a thousand years" I roared at them as their shouts of fear faded into the night.

Stupid Fuckers.

I kept riding tell I saw Yayoi's house, the lights were on in her room and the balcony door was open. I jumped up onto the railing and swung my legs over and took my AT's off before entering.

Yayoi came out of the bathroom with a tee shirt on and shorts, her hair was down so I decided to annoy her.

"Who the fuck are you?!" I shouted Yayoi looked annoyed before pulling her hair into two braids. "It's me Yayoi Nakayama I'm you're tuner for god's sake, you should be able to recognize me by now!"

I just glared at her and offered her my ATs. She took them and looked them over before looking up at me accusingly. "You used a fang recently didn't you?" I just shrugged "None of your fucking business. Just some idiot E Class team, I taught them what a Kings strength is like."

"You probably scared them too much for them to ever do AT again!"

She brought my ATs over and put them on her bed. "Close the doors will you? MY dad doesnt like the fact that im a tuner and if he sees me tuning you he will attempt to murder you, then me. I'm going to change into my SC." Tch Parents, stopping people from getting ATs and trying to put limiters on them, I'm almost glad i was raised by Kaito. Almost.

Yayoi turned away from me and went into the bathroom to change. This was our third tuning but she would still act all scared and go change away from me and come back with a robe on.

"So you like Yayoi huh! I remember her, she is the one who kissed me during the battle with orca!" Lind exclaimed from his corner but was effectively shut up from a fang I sent towards him.

"You fucking ready yet? I dont have all fucking night." Paceing outside the door to the bathroom. "Yeah im coming wait a sec will you?" She shouted back, maybe a little too loud.

"Yayoi! I heard voices is someone there?" A mans voice shouted from the stairwell.

"Oh shit its my dad! Hide!" She quickly opened the door to the bathroom and shoved the AT's into my hand, I couldn't help but notice that she had already changed into her SC and only had her shorts on as she attempted to dress.

I jumped into her closet and she finished putting clothes over her SC when the door banged open.

"Yayoi? What was that noise earlier?" Her father asked looking around the room. I noticed that on the underside of the bed opposite of them one of my ATs was laying there in plain sight. Her father seemed preoccupied at the moment but if he moved just a couple of steps… He might be Yayoi's father but if he touched my regalia he would be taught a lesson. But that would mean I would reveal my presence here.

Fuck, if he see's me than that would mean a whole lot of trouble. Shit.

"Nothing dad I just tripped that's all." Yayoi said smiling slightly. Her dad hummed before turning out of her room and closing the door. Yayoi let out a sigh of relief flopping back onto the bed.

"You can come out now Agito-kun." She said before sitting up and taking her clothes off. I also prepared for the tuning and got onto the bed with her covers covering me.

Yayoi quickly hooked the SC up before turning towards me. "Lets get started." Were the only words exchanged before I closed my eyes.

"Agito has grown up!" Lind exclaimed from his corner. "Fuck off." I snarled back. Agito was in control of the body this morning saying it was because he wanted to go too school but all he did was hug Ikki. Repeatedly.

"It's okay Agito-kun you may be the late bloomer of the family in the relationship area but im sure you will get it soon enough." Late bloomer? We have the same fucking body only difference was that I didn't chase after the bitchy crow!

"Agito and Yayoi sitting in a tree F-U-C agh!" I rolled over linds hands with my ATs and watched as he ran around in pain. His singing was horribleat the best of times.

"Technically you are our mother Lind and yet you're incuraging this? I thought parents were supposed too be more nervous and scared when it came to these things you shitty personality."

Lind just grinned and continued his little song.

We were in third peroid right now and i just wanted to run over this fucking test. It didnt helo that there was a slight whirring sound that was becoming louder and louder. "Oy Fuckers who's using their ATs?" I grumbled to the rest of kogarasumaru. They all shook their heads but the whirring kept growing. The door suddenly opened and the smell of ozone filled the room.

The thunder king stepped into the class. His appearance was greeted with lots of comments about his hair and regalia, Ton-sensei was yelling "Please dont rape me!"

Ikki jumped in front of Nue. "Oho! So you wanted more of my power thunder brat?!" Nue just staired blankly while I kicked Ikki in the head. "What do you want Nue?" Kazu asked standing behind me. Nue blinked and shifted before answering.

"All Kings are bieng summoned Toul Tool To has ben attacked, injuries are high and tuners are missing." I autamatically thought of my own tuner. "Who is missing?" I asked.

"Kana and Yayoi Nakayama."