"Gamzee, lithen. I don't want to go." Sollux protested as Gamzee and Karkat stood in his living room.

"Aw come on man. You'll have a lot of fun." Gamzee begged again before Karkat added, "Come on Captor. Even I wanna check out this place. It's been open for months and we havent had time to go."

Oh, Sollux knew the place they wanted to go to. Its a club their friend, Equius, owned called 'STRONG HOOVES'. Sollux accually works there every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, though not as what you think. Tonight was one of his nights off and though he'll sometimes go in to check up with the boss and the other friends he made there, but he was told not to come in on his off days any more, especially tonight.

"KK, I jutht don't. Okay?" Sollux sat back on his couch and continued to watch his syfy movie.

"No. Its not. Youre coming." Karkat grabbed the remote and turned off the tv while him and Gamzee lifted Sollux up and dragged him out the door.

When they arrived at the club, Sollux was pulled aside by Equius who whispered to him, "I thought I told you not to come in tonight."

"You did but Karkat and Gamzee dragged me here. Why dont you want me here anymore anyway?"

Equius sighed before answering. "We got a new 'Dancer' in tonight. They dont want you, Highblood, Karkat, or any of us to know."

"You know you could've told me that and I would've made thure it thayed that way." Sollux said before he walked over and slumped in a booth beside Gamzee and Karkat, who looked at each other and nodded before they grabbed him by the arms again and took him to a room he knew all too well. It was the room that people (or trolls) came into to watch a dancer on a pole. The room was specifically made dark and with thick glass, the watcher could watch but the dancer could not see who it was that paid for that dance.

There was a specific entertainer for a specific song, and each time that song was played that would be the dancer that came out. Sollux sighed and watched Gamzee and Karkat leave. He wasnt going to get out, which he didnt like. Karkat had chosen the song for him without giving him a word in edgewise. When the music started Sollux knew and closed his eyes. The song was 'Pornstar Dancing' by My Darkest Days. It was the song he himself would normally go out to dance to.

He opened his eyes right as the dancer came out. When he saw the face, he knew it was the new dancer and he knew exactly why Equius didnt want him here tonight. He watched the entertainer with unblinking eyes. It wasnt the fact that he knew this person, it was how well they moved. All too soon the song ended.

Sollux walked out of the room to be meeted by the trolls who dragged him here. "I'll be right back. I gotta go talk to thomeone." He said as he walked past them and to a door that was for 'employees' only. He walked until he saw some of his friends that where some of the other dancers. They were croweded around someone that they were yelling at.

"We told you that you couldn't do it that well! We told you and you didnt listen! That song and dance only works well for one person and that is-" One was saying before she got cut off by Sollux.

"Ladieth." He said with a smirk as he started walking towards them and they came running to him. He put his arms around two of them and smiled as the others crowed around him, blocking his view of who was silently crying in the floor. "Tho what are yall up to?"

"Well we were trying to tell the newbie that they can't do that song. They cant make those moves!" The one from before was saying. Sollux unwrapped his arms from the two and was walking over to the new entertainer and kneeled beside them.

"Well I couldnt take my eyeth off of you. Dont lithten to her. You did extrodinary." Sollux said to the one on the floor. The others behind him couldn't believe what they just heard. The new entertainer look at him with wide eyes.