Q was board now that his human companion was gone. The entity decided that it would torment some humans in the 21st century. Renee signed and waited for her PC to load the Cardassian page she was trying to look at. 'Slow piece of shit' she thought it was stuck on some other page that she didn't want. Her computer flashed she jerked her hands away. A window popped up asking a singular question Do you want your hearts desire? She was a bit confused 'of course she would want her hearts desire, what kind of question was that?'

Yes she typed into the text bar. The PC beeped and then shut off. Renee was so mad she just lost all her work. She turned it back on it shocked her then the the letter Q keep running across the screen she put her hands on the screen and the base it send a surge of electricity into her knocking her back and on to the floor.

Later Renee sat up she rubbed the back of her head she began to look around and realized that she was in unfamiliar place. It looked vaguely familiar but she couldn't place it. Just then Q appeared

"Q, you despicable entity put me back in my world right now." Renee demanded

"Why would I do that you won't get your hearts desire." he said with a smirk.

"How do you know what my hearts desire is?"

"This." He handed her a mirror Renee took it eying him suspiciously, Her eyes widened and she grasped letting out a small scream

"You turned me in to a Cardassian?" Renee said shocked

"Not just any Cardassian."

"What what are you..." She grasped and held her breath, she could hear some voices outside the door.

"Q, I don't know how to be a Cardassian." Renee hissed quietly he popped out when the door opened, she tensed.