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I finished packing and sat my bag by the door. I should have asked how long we were going to be there. oh well.

The next day on the ship I had never been into space. I mean as of the time on earth there was no space fairing craft not like this anyway. I sat back for takeoff once airborne it was rather nice. Dukat was at the main controls. I got an idea I got up and I walked over by him

"Show me how to fly this thing?" I asked and proceeded to sit on his lap I felt his arms around me showing me the controls I wasn't really interested in the controls but I paid attention. I put my arms around his. His armor hurt my back some but I didn't care. I leaned back on him to the side I could see him smiling. I smiled and leaned over and kiss him on the cheek. He smirked at me it was nearly my undoing.

"What is with you this week?" He asked

"What?" She asked

"Staring at me as if you have never seen me before, wanting to come on this trip. It's almost as if you're not Rakhi but someone else." He said

"Would it be so bad if I was someone else?" She said looking directly at him.

"Not if you keep acting this way." He said with a smile, she smiled.

Bajor was a beautiful planet it looked so much like earth blue and green from what she could see before they landed. The surface was just as beautiful, the city they headed into was just the same it seemed rather ancient the buildings looked old but yet not falling down. The building they went to stay in looked very Roman or could have even been Greek, columns stood on the outside Like the pantheon on earth. The inside was just as massive. Rakhi jaw hung open tall vaulted ceilings greeted her as she looked up.

"We get to stay here?" she asked

"Yes, beautiful isn't it?" he said

"Yes, very much." She said

"This way." She followed him to the room they were going to be staying in. It was just as beautiful as the rest of the place it was more like a suite had a dining room, living room and giant bathroom and a huge bedroom with these tall windows that looked out over a garden. Rakhi looked out the windows.


"Hum." She said looking at Dukat.

"I have to attend a meeting, I'll be back later." He said she smiled

"Yes of course." She said and watched him go. She wondered around the place looking at everything. It was a shame what the cardassians were doing to such a beautiful place. But then again she could see why they would this place was spectacular. There was a buzz at the door Rakhi headed over to open the door. A pretty young girl was there with a bunch of clothes on her arm.


"I am Rei my lady I have brought you some clothes for the reception tonight."

"Oh, do come in." Rakhi said Rei entered and carried the clothes over to the bed and spread them all out. Rakhi looked at them they were pretty hideous

"Don't you have anything prettier?" Rakhi asked Rei she was at a loss for words. "It's ok how about something Bajoran."

"But but..My lady Cardassians never wear Bajoran clothes." Rei stated.

"Well if they are prettier than this I will, now go." Rakhi said shooing her out the door.

A few minutes later Rei was back, she headed in and laid out the clothes she had this time.

"Much better." Rakhi said as she looked at the dresses they were so much prettier. She had brought three for her to look at one was Purple with a green overlay another was black with a silver overlay and the other was red with a black overlay. Rakhi decided on the black one with silver.

"Now maybe we can do something with this mess." Rakhi said pointing to her hair. She started pulling out the stuff holding it all up. "How much time before the reception?"

"About three hours." Rei said watching her.

"Good." Rakhi said finishing up taking down her hair. Whoa who would have guessed that Rakhi would have such long hair she picked it up in her fingers and couldn't even stretch her arm long enough to hold the ends.

"Can you fix my hair in some pretty way?" she asked Rei.

"Yes, my lady I can do that." Rei said and started on her hair

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Rakhi asked

"What my lady?"


"Just showing you respect you are after all the Perfects wife are you not." Rei asked Rakhi couldn't help but smile

"I guess I am aren't I ." She said with a laugh.

"And his lover soon enough." Q hissed in her ear. She would kill him later. Rei was finished with Rakhi's hair

"Much better." Rakhi said admiring it in the mirror, a soft wave swept across her brow covering some of her scales on her forehead then soft curls hung down her back and framed her face. She smiled it was just fabulous. She headed in the other room to put on her dress. She loved the dress a long split went all the way up to her hip. She noticed some scales that ran up her legs they were like the neck ridges but did not stand out that much. Rakhi pointed her toe looking at how the scales moved. She felt so sexy in this dress. She came out to see Rei with a box of some sort. She opened it for Rakhi to see what was in it. It was jewelry, Rakhi picked out some stuff to wear a necklace and a bracelet.

"Where did you get this?" Rakhi asked Rei as she hooked the necklace Rei started to answer

"Nevermind, I don't want to know." Rakhi thought back to being in her time and watching, she knew but did not really want to hear it. Then her com was going off.

"Yes." Rakhi answered

"Rakhi, I will meet you at the Reception."

"Alright." She said. Not too much longer it was time for her to leave. Rei had a dark purple cloak for her to wear and told her how to get to the building that the reception was being held in.

"Thank You Rei you were very helpful." Rei smiled

"You're Welcome." She said and Rakhi put her hood up and headed out. She made it to the building without incident. She walked into the building and handed her cloak to the girl taking them. She saw a set of doors. They opened briefly she saw in. she chewed on her lip she was nervous. She pushed on the door to enter there was a Bajoran standing there.

"Name." he asked

"Rakhi." She said he just stood there looking at her. "Oh Rakhi Dukat." She said duh she thought.

"Rakhi Dukat." He said louder. Rakhi took the rail of the stair case as soon as she took one step a flash went off nearly in her face. She was monetarily blinded she took another step and did not fall down the stairs thank god. Her sight was coming back.

"Gul Dukat your wife has arrived."

"So she has." He said not looking at her at first, and then looked at her.

Rakhi smiled when she realized that Dukat was looking at her the look he gave her, made her want to run, he looked as if he wanted to make a meal of her. She got down to the bottom of the stairs. A few reporters that were covering the reception came over to the bottom of the stairs.

"Rakhi are you wearing a Bajoran dress." One asked

"Yes." She said with a smile they took several pictures of her, they started to ask her a little more personal questions. She smiled but did not answer. She hoped someone would save her soon.

"That's enough." She looked over and saw Dukat had ordered the reporters away they backed off and let her pass he held out his hand for her, she took it.

"Seems you are causing quite a stir with this dress of yours." He said pulling her closer.

"Am I, well all that matters is that you like it." She said he smirked at her again, she felt weak in the knees.

"I do." He said she smiled.