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Of all the times John's let Randy borrow his things, why does this have to be the time it goes horribly wrong? He doubles, the triple checks his pockets again for his credit card but can't seem to find it even though he could have sworn Randy gave it back to him. Then again, this was Randy he was dealing with. You could hardly call the man reliable.

John glanced up when he heard his name being said. Layla was looking at him and she was obviously confused, "Everything alright?"


"Yeah, I just misplaced something." He smiled a little and she smiled back. He was screwed. He needed to think of something and think of it fast. And if he did get out of this mess, he was going to kill Randy.

Randy! He could just text Randy and have him come give him the credit card. Maybe this would get resolved quicker than he originally thought. He slid his hand into his pocket and that's when he remembered something else.

Randy had also borrowed his cell phone tonight.

John sighed. He was so screwed, beyond screwed. He finally was able to hang out alone with Layla without any issue of a conflicting schedule, and this happens. He just couldn't win could he? "John, are you sure everything is alright?" Layla asked again. "You seem...frustrated."

"Do you trust me?" He blurted out.

"What?" Layla was taken off guard. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you trust me?"

She nodded, "Yes I do. John, what's going on?"

"On the count of five we're going to casually get up and walk out that back door." He nodded his head in the direction of the door. Honestly he didn't really know where he was going with this plan. He was just kind of making it up as he went along.


"One." He said steadily, talking right over her. In the back of his mind he was wondering if he really was about to do this. Just walk out of a restaurant - well, some small diner, actually - and not pay?

"Are you serious?"


Maybe this was a bad idea. He's always been a goody-two-shoes. He was about to call the whole thing off when he saw a brief smile flash across Layla's face. Maybe she didn't think he was crazy. "Three." He said with more confidence.

"Four." She said in a somewhat devious tone, perhaps even winking at him a bit.

"Five." John said and they slid out of the booth inconspicuously. All was well until they heard a waiter shouting at them. John's eyes widened as he turned to Layla and mouthed one word. Run.

So, quickly weaving in between people and tables they ran finally making it to the back door and running to John's car. Almost frantically, they climbed into the car and John drove off.

"Why did we do that?" Layla couldn't help but giggle once catching her breath.

John turned a corner, not really going anywhere in particular. "I uh...Randy had my wallet and I didn't want you to pay."

Suddenly he felt very stupid. No, not stupid, he felt like a dork. The biggest dork on the face of the planet. Who just runs out of a restaurant because they don't want the girl to pay? Apparently John Cena did. Then again, he really shouldn't be surprised. For some reason, being around Layla doesn't allow him to think straight. "We should go back shouldn't we."

Layla shook her head, "Technically this is Randy's fault so I think he should pay out of his own pocket." Now that sounded like a good idea. "Besides, in a strange way...it was cute."

Maybe he should thank Randy for taking his wallet. Well, after he makes the idiot pay for their meal