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Stephanie lay on her bed in her thinking position, reflecting on the last 6 months of her life.

A lot had happened. Some things had changed. Some things had stayed the same.

Change; She was now working full time at Rangeman, no longer a BEA for Vinnie. Of course there no longer was a Plum Bails Bond, having been closed down after Harry the Hammer made a surprised stop to have a look at the book for tax reasons, Connie had tried to cover but the animal noises had been too loud. No one was really sure if there was a Vinnie anymore either.

Same; her mum still hated her job and often notified her of other 'acceptable' employment that were being offered.

Change; She was fit, toned and could defend herself well enough in most situations. The guys at Rangeman had spent the first month of her employment torturing, I mean, training her. For 8 hours a day she was either in the gym, the gun range or the 'play room'. In the gym Bobby helped her with her fitness levels and muscle tone, and then Lester taught her about defence and martial arts. The gun range was Zero's domain. His nick name coming from the amount of miss target he has shot at. He taught her about everything gun related. She had always been a good shot, scared of her gun more because of the death she had cause due to it, but he had slowly stripped that fear away. Then came Tank, in the 'play' room. Here they worked on a lot of different things. It was set up like a warehouse and good for learning about how to take cover, stealth, how to use your environment to escape or fight and how to set up (and disable) surveillance equipment and the Rangeman alarm systems. He also showed her how to pick locks, including the one she had been holding out for, handcuffs. She learnt stealth and how to take cover quickly, paintballs hurt like a b!tch.

Same; she still ate at least two doughnuts a day and was still Pino's most loyal customer, thou Shorty's was growing on her.

Change; Her and Joe were done. So done their relationship should be classified as a fossil. He had told her that he was on assignment for the week. She had left a pair of jeans in his closet a while ago and when she ripped a whole in the back of her last good pair she decided to used her spare key to get them. He wasn't on assignment. He was banging Terry, or maybe she was banging him seeing as Terry had him handcuffed to the bed when she innocently walked in. Neither girl was happy that he had lied to them. Steph grabbed her jeans, and everything else she had in his house, all the while a naked, angry Joe streamed and struggles in the cuffs Terry had yet to release him from. As Steph was leaving she crossed paths with the Mob princess carrying a rather large cucumber and olive oil going back into the bed room, she left with a smile on her face.

Same; Ranger. He was just as frustrating as he had been when she was with Joe. For a few weeks they had gotten closer than he asked her to work for him again and she accepted. They spent time together outside of work. She had dinner on 7 with him 3 times a week for close to a month, with heated kisses and touching and twice they had slept together. Those morning afters hadn't been as bad as the first one. It almost seemed like they were in a proper, yet undefined, relationship. Then the dinners, kissing and flirting all stopped. That was four months ago. He barely spoke to her and then 3 months and 2 weeks ago he went 'in the wind'. She worried for him.

Change; Her relationships with the Merry Men. She had gotten closer to them, viewing them in an almost brotherly sense. She was partnered with Lester and he had become her best friend and as of last night, her one time lover.

Same; It seemed no matter what Stephanie Plum's love life was a mess and she had no idea what to make of it. Which is why she was laying on her bed in her thinking position, recanting last night and trying to figure out just what the hell to do now?

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