Digimon universe

Chapter DOS!

Tuesday may 23... 5:00 PM ***Akara's POV***

Akara looked around.

"What the?!" she exclaimed. "Where in the crap am I?"

She noticed the arid environment around her.

"Hello?!" she yelled. "Is anyone else here?"

"I'm here! Hehe!" A small female voice said behind her.

Akara turned around to see a small catlike/lion cub like creature that was silver with a tail that ended with a fin type thing. Its ears were blue, and so were the tip of its tail and its paws. Its nose was bright green as was the inside of its ears.

She jumped back.

"Wha..what are you?!?!" Akara shrieked.

"I'm Coryomon!" she said, smiling and walking back to Akara.

"Don't you want to be my friend Akara?" Coryomon sniffled.

"How...do you know my name?"

***Ishoku's POV***

Ishoku sat up. He looked around to see the same barren wasteland that Akara had seen. He stood and dusted off.

"Ooookaaay....this makes a load of sense..."

He looked down at his clothes. They were different than what he was wearing before.

"Oh cooool! Cross-terrain shoes!" (I'm a girl; I dun know what kind of things cross terrain shoes are or if they even exist.)

Beside him was his green device. It was beeping.

"Oh...NOW it works..."

He looked at the screen to show a sort of radar with something coming toward him fast.


Just then when he looked up a small dark blue creature pounced on him, knocking him back down.


"Hello there Ishoku! My name is Bakuremon!"

Bakuremon was about the size of Coryomon, but she was deep blue, with long ears that stood up when she was mad or excited. These ears had pink diamonds on them, and on the tip of her ears, it was green. Her tail was the same looking as her ears.

(A/N: You always see guys with guy digimon, and girls with guy digimon, so I decided to give the only boy a GIRL digimon.)

"You know who I am?!" Ishoku panicked, looking on his shirt and other clothing to see if his name was in clear view.

"Duh, silly! I am your digimon now!"


***Musouka's POV***

"This is not my house."

Behind her a male voice said, "Naw, ya think?"

She turned around, and fearlessly picked up the purple and white winged digimon.

"Awww you're cute!" Musouka said as she cuddled the digimon.

"Uhm...my name is Kochimon. I'd really appreciate it if you would quit squishing my vital organs..."

"Aha! Okay." Musouka put down Kochimon and he began to tell her about digimon.

***Mikomi's POV***


Mikomi stopped yelling and opened her eyes.

"...Taikou? Mushi? Hisaki? Hello? Where am I?!"

Behind her she heard giggling and talking. She turned around to see Musouka and Kochimon talking. She started to walk over to them when a creature jumped in front of her.


"Yo chica dun be scared of me! It's just your friend Mowrimon!"

"Friend?! I dun even know you!!!"

"Oh, but I know YOU all too well..." Mowrimon said, smiling. His ears were blue and orange, and his tail was blue as was his body, but his paws and the tuft of his tail was orange.

Mikomi sped by him to Musouka.


"Miko, calm down!!! It's just your partner digimon. He's here to help you!" Musouka said as she cuddled Kochimon. He had long ears that stuck out and he had yellow/orange wings that looked like a butterfly's.

Mowrimon came back to Mikomi.

"You forgot this," he said, sitting and holding out her device.

"This thingy?" she said, taking it.

"Hey Mikomi, Kochimon was telling me there are 2 more kids here and that we know them..."

"Oh yeah!" said Mowrimon. "A girl and a boy."

Mikomi thought. "Could it be Ishoku? No, knowing my luck it'll be some little ugly kid.."

"Okay, so lets go lookin for them!" Musouka said cheerfully.

She put her arm under Mikomi's and started to frolic. Mikomi walked along beside her. Mowrimon looked up at Mikomi.

"How come you don't wanna frolic with us?"

"I thought you said you knew me..."

***Akara's POV***

"So Coryomon, how many people are here?"

"3 more. 2 girls and a boy."

"Do I know them?"

"I think so," replied Coryomon. "I guess we could go look for them, this part of the Digi-world isn't too big. I'm nearly positive that some of them are already together."

"Umm, k!" Right as she said that and they began to walk, they saw a silhouette of a person about 150 yards away. Behind that person was a digimon.

"There's one of them now!!! Hey...that's Bakuremon! She's been wanting a partner for a long time!" Coryomon explained to her happily. Akara took off running towards the person. Obviously the other person saw her so they were running toward her too.

"Hey! Is that you Akara?" said a familiar voice.

"Ishoku!" Akara panted once they met.

"Oh yeah um, this is Bakuremon."

"Yeah I know. This is Coryomon!" she said, petting her like a cat.

"Well lets go look for the other girlies!" giggled Bakuremon.

***Back with Musouka and Mikomi***

"So, I wonder who the others are." Musouka thought aloud.

"I hope Bakuremon finally got a partner this time. Personally I don't want to hear her complain anymore!" laughed Kochimon.

"Aww come on, lay off!" said Musouka. "I'm sure she's not that bad!"

"Ahem...I beg to differ." replied Mowrimon.

"So she IS?" Mikomi laughed.

They heard shouts from behind them.

"Hey you guys! Over here!" yelled Ishoku and Akara.

Mikomi, startled at the voice of Ishoku, turned around immediately. Her and Musouka began to run, while Kochimon picked up Mowrimon and flew alongside them.


They all gasped in shock, and were amused at the fact they were all the same age and knew each other.

"Hey you guys, check out your clothes!!!" Ishoku said, laughing. "I'll bet you didn't even notice!"

"OMG! I look like a total prep! AIIIII!" screeched Mikomi as she looked down at herself. She was wearing a one sleeved green top with denim baggyish jeans that faded from blue to silver. Her shoes were running Nike shoes.

Akara snickered.

"Akara! You look like you're from somethin' like Star Trek!" Mikomi cackled at her.

"Whoa...but they're so COOOOL!" She said. Her top was a turtleneck with sleeves that went to her elbows, and made a V around her belly button. Her shorts were rolled on the bottoms and the waistline drooped a little to complete the diamond shape. Her shoes were black canvas sandals.

Musouka was SO in love with her new clothing. She was wearing a purple beret sideways like, and she had a white shirt that had princess-type sleeves (i dun know how to describe this...) and was outlined in a pinkish orange color. She also had on a short purple athletic tennis-y type skirt with a pink-orange stripe down the left side (Musouka's left, not yours! harhar). Her shoes were running sandals (yes, they make these, in fact I own some =\)that were pink/orange with purple dots on them.

"Aaaah! Kochimon I just luuuuuuuuuuuuv my new threadz!" Musouka said, giggling and jumping up and down.

Ishoku's were baggy olive green cargo pants, with a black T-shirt. His shoes were....cross terrain! =\

"So, do you guys do anything special?" asked Ishoku.

"*gasp* BAKUREMON DIDN'T TELL YOU?!??!" said a shocked Coryomon.

"Mowrimon told me that they can Digivolve." said Mikomi matter-of-factly.

"Um, I hate to ask, but it's dinner time back home...so someone pinch me so I can wake up." said Akara.

"This is for real, Akara. And you shouldn't worry about time, because 2 years could pass here and it would only be 2 weeks in the real world." explained Coryomon.

"Yep...I'm asleep!" said Akara.

Coryomon got irritated.

"Look, there were reasons that we appointed you guys to come here. There's a major problem here. The dark side is at war with the good side and the dark side is winning. In fact, it probably has won. And there's nothing puny digimon like us can do about it! We need partners to help us digivolve! And you 4 were chosen!" Coryomon spat.

The four chosen kids looked at each other. They were teenagers and led completely harassing lives, how would they deal with another problem?

"Isn't it weird how this happened right as summer began?" stated Musouka.


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