I jumped down the trapdoor leading into my basement, slowly I crawled around with my hands on the wall trying desperately not to drop The Book of Belial. Then a gust of wind blew and I saw a small robot... fetus? "What in Satan's name is that?" I slowly walked towards it in case it was dangerous then its eyes glowed red and I jumped back. "Don't try anything!" I screamed about to activate The Book of Belial. But it floated towards me and in a whirring voice said, " I shall never hurt you master Judas" Ok I thought, thats cool... I guess I mean it IS a robot fetus.
I visited the treasure room and found the Pentagram Robobaby whirred, "Oooh the pentagram that's a great pick up now we are much more powerful together." We made our way to the boss of the room and found Famine. "This will be easy" I said aloud Robobaby nodded his agreement. I activated The Book of Belial and tore through Famine very quickly, even the grandfather flies couldn't stand up to the power of the Son of Satan himself. As Famine life slowly drained away he said in a raspy voice, "Go ahead o Son of Satan" Sad to admit I was scared I quickly picked up the Cube of Meat and spirit hearts then jumped down to the next floor.
"What a strange character Famine was," Whirred Robobaby.