A woman with dyed blonde hair entered the café; she was dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a simple button up shirt and flats with a cardigan in her hand. She was carrying a bad that looked somewhat heavy. The café was quite full and she quickly went and sat at the only empty table. She was a young woman in her early twenties.
Jang Chin-sun. That was her name.
Chin-sun had had a tiring day at work and so she had stopped for a coffee. Her apartment seemed so bare to her and so she just went there to sleep. Being a photographer was exhausting.
The waitress came to her to take her order.
"A hot chocolate and one cheese cake," she said and smiled politely at the waitress.
She took out her phone and started browsing through it at random as she waited for her order to arrive.

"Oppa! This is the only place open right now. Don't be like that."
Chin-sun heard a voice say, she turned to see a couple, perhaps? The girl had medium length hair and the guy looked like she had seen him somewhere.
The guy turned and caught her looking at them and he glared at her, his eyes questioning her fiercely. It was then she recognized him, he was the lead singer of the idol group, A. ; the band in which he was too.
She turned to the girl, she seemed familiar too. Somehow she seemed more familiar than the guy although he was famous. Chin-sun looked at her face carefully…she had seen her somewhere..The answer startled her. It was her… She'd always remember her face.

"Go Mi Nyu-ssi!" she called nervously; there was no way she could've been mistaken.
It was confirmed that she wasn't mistaken when the girl looked at her, a confused look on her face. She had just embarrassed herself, hadn't she? Chin-sun was sure she had; Mi Nyu didn't seem to recognize her. She raised her hand and waved, hoping that she would recognize her.

"Unnie! Jang Chin-sun-unnie?" Mi Nyu waved enthusiastically, smiling a bright smile.
Chin-sun breathed a sigh of relief.
She could see the guy raise an eyebrow but couldn't glare at her since his 'girlfriend' was already pulling him towards her table.
"Chin-sun-unnie, is that really you?" Mi Nyu asked, standing in front of her.

"You can sit you know? There aren't any other empty tables," Chin-sun said with a smile. She wasn't much older than her, a few months but Mi Nyu had always looked at Chin-sun as an older sister.

Mi Nyu nodded and sat down across from Chin-sun but her 'oppa' just stood there. Chin-sun looked at him and told him to sit down with her eyes. He seemed to be the kind of person who used his eyes to talk so she found it only appropriate to communicate with her eyes.
He rolled his eyes and sat down beside Mi Nyu.
"It's such a surprise to see you, unnie! Almost five years!" Mi Nyu was jumping in her seat.

"Mi Nyu? Won't you introduce us?" the guy demanded.

"Oh! Sorry! This is Jang Chin-sun-unnie! We were in high school together but she was in my Oppa's class, actually it was them who were friends but we became friends too. And Unnie! This is my ummm…" a blush was making its way onto Mi Nyu's face as she continued, "…boyfriend...Hwang Tae Kyung, but you've heard of him, right?"

"Nice to meet you, Tae Kyung-ssi," Chin-sun then turned to Mi Nyu, "Of course, I've heard of him. Same band as Mi Nam."
Mi Nyu nodded enthusiastically.
Just then Chin-sun's order arrived she smiled at the waitress and thanked her.

"The two of you won't place your orders?" the blonde girl asked.

"Ahhh…one cupcake for me and…" Mi Nyu looked expectantly at Tae Kyung.

"Water," he just said.
The waitress noted it down and left.

"Want some?" Chin-sun asked Mi Nyu digging into her cake.

"No…you should have your share, unnie," she said.

"Come on! It was Mi Nam who was lactose intolerant, not you!" Chin-sun laughed, while Mi Nyu shyly opened her mouth for a bite.
Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung's order arrived a lot quicker than Chin-sun's had. Mi Nyu ate her cupcake quickly, while Chin-sun sipped in her hot chocolate and Tae Kyung on his water.

"Speaking of Oppa, how long has it been since you've met him?" Mi Nyu looked at Chin-sun.

"A few years."
The smile had vanished from Chin-sun's face and Mi Nyu didn't fail to notice it.

"You miss him," it wasn't a question.

"No...I mean yes but he must be busy with the band and all," Chin-sun said, shaking her head.
He was famous now; she didn't think he'd had time for her. It saddened her a bit but she had done without him for years.

"Not at all, unnie. He's at home now, he's free. Would you like to come with us?" Mi Nyu asked, hoping that Chin-sun would say yes.

"That would be troublesome. I'll meet him someday, Mi Nyu-ssi," Chin-sun looked at her now empty cup of hot chocolate.

"Come on, unnie! I'm sure he misses you too," Mi Nyu urged on.

"He said that?" Chin-sun asked, out of curiousness (or so she told herself).

"I know he does," Mi Nyu pouted.

"Just come along, woman. That brat will drop you off later," Tae Kyung spoke properly for the first time that evening.
He was getting annoyed by their discussion. Mi Nyu was a stubborn one and the other girl seemed stubborn too.
Chin-sun and Mi Nyu both looked at Tae Kyung.

"Yeah, Oppa will drop you home. Come with us? Please?" Mi Nyu begged, she might as well have been on her knees.
Chin-sun sighed.
Mi Nyu took that as her victory and got up, "Let's go!"
All three of them stood up, after a small argument that Tae Kyung won (about paying the bill) they all filed out of the café and into a rather quite road.
A blue car was parked at a small distance from the café, Tae Kyung and Mi Nyu both started walking towards it, so Chin-sun supposed that it was Tae Kyung's car.
Tae Kyung got into the driver's seat and Mi Nyu rode shot-gun, which left Chin-sun sitting in the back seat.
A smile crept up on her face without her knowledge.
Go Mi Nam.
Had fame changed him? Or was he the same troublesome yet caring person?
She'd just have to wait and find out.

The ride to the dorm was fairly long as Chin-sun had learnt that Tae Kyung was on his way to recovering from night-blindness, so driving at night for him was difficult.
"We're here!" Mi Nyu cheered as the car came to a halt outside a large house, which looked…expensive to say the least.
All three got out of the car; Chin-sun followed behind Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung up some stairs that led to a front yard…veranda sort of thing.

"Where were you?" a voice enquired, sounding rather cross.
That voice Chin-sun could recognize anywhere.
Mi Nam.
But she didn't look up…now that she knew he was there…she felt kinda nervous. She knew it was stupid, they'd known each other for years. There wasn't anything to feel nervous about!

"There's someone to visit you, Oppa," Mi Nyu said excitedly.


Mi Nyu nodded, she poked Tae Kyung in the ribs with her elbow, so that he would move away.
"Tada!" she cheered as she moved away too.
Chin-sun looked up and Mi Nam just stood there, eyes wide in surprise.

"Ch—Ch—Chin-sun," he finally managed to utter her name.

"Mi Nam," Chin-sun said and smiled at him, "It's been a long time."
Mi Nam could just stare in disbelief.
Almost five years…and now there she was standing right in front of him.
One of the reasons he'd wanted to become a musician.