Chin-sun entered the large, rather lavish office cautiously.
"Chin-sun-yang," the woman sitting behind the large desk nods in acknowledgement.
"Please take a seat."
Chin-sun walked up and sat on one of the chairs in front of the desk.

"You said you have an assignment for me?" she looked at the older woman.

"Yes, it's a big assignment, I must say," The woman replied, "It's your first major assignment so, do your best, okay?"

"Uhhh...but what is the assignment, President?" Chin-sun asked.

"Oh! How silly of me!" said President put her head in her hands, "It's a photo-shoot! Ah! You're a photographer, this is a photography agency! Of course it'll be a photo-shoot!"
It must be quite apparent by now that the President was quite forgetful, if that was the word.

"Whose photo-shoot, Prez? Where?" Chin-sun asked awkwardly.

"An idol group. It will be in Busan, one of the beaches. They're quite young so I thought you'd be able to capture them and their personalities."
Chin-sun nodded.
"We've got the tickets for all of you guys and I recommend you start packing, you'll be leaving day after. Have fun!"
The Prez smiled a huge smiled and handed her the tickets.

"We'll do our best! Thank you for trusting me, Prez!" Chin-sun got up, bowed and left the room.

As soon as she exited the room, she jumped and squealed.
Her first big assignment!
In Busan!
With an idol group!

When she walked out of the building, she was smiling from ear to ear.
Her phone started to play a familiar tune as she took it out of her pocket. It was Mi Nyu. Her brother had given Chin-sun's number to her. Mi Nyu called more often that Mi Nam, but she didn't mind it. Mi Nam was busy and Mi Nyu was a fun person to talk to.
"Mi Nyu?" Chin-sun answered the call.

"Chin-sun-unnie! Guess what?" Mi Nyu squealed from the other side.
Both girls seemed to be in great moods.

"What?!" Chin-sun asked.

"We're going to Busan!" Mi Nyu cheered.

"Me too!"

"The band is going for a photo-shoot but Hyu- I mean, Oppa wanted me to come along, it's been a while since we actually had fun together so...I'm quite happy."
Chin-sun's heart skipped a beat, could it be?
"Why are you going to Busan, unnie?"

"Pho-to-shoot," Chin-sun answered slowly.

"Could it be?" Mi Nyu asked, innocently.

"Could be," Chin-sun said, "it would be awesome if it was."

"When are you leaving?"

"Day after."

"Then it is! Us too!"
The girls could have hugged each other if it wasn't for the fact that miles separated them.

"Yay! I'm gonna tell Oppa! He'll call you, I think." Chin-sun could feel the excitement in Mi Nyu's voice. It was as strong as hers.
"Uhhh...Bye unnie! Talk to you later. I'll make sure Oppa calls."
Chin-sun hung up with a happy sigh. Co-incidence perhaps but she knew that luck was on her side.
She climbed onto one of the buses quickly; she had to get packing after all.

. . .

Meanwhile in the Dorm, there seemed to be chaos as the news of the shoot had just arrived.
And Mi Nyu had the additional news of Chin-sun probably being the photographer.
"The pretty lady?" Jeremy asked Mi Nam excitedly.
Mi Nam looked at him questioningly.
"Mi Nam! You said that there was nothing between the two of you so...can you..."

"No," Mi Nam replied before Jeremy finished.

"Oh come on! Ask her at least," Jeremy whined.

"She isn't the type of girl," Mi Nam said.
Mi Nam himself didn't know what he meant by that. She wasn't the type to be in relationships?
That wasn't quite true. But the idea of Chin-sun dating Jeremy irked him somehow.

"But Oppa! She blushed while speaking to Jeremy...isn't that something," Mi Nyu urged.
What kind of a sister was she...not siding with him?

"Yeah she does that a lot...doesn't mean anything, does it?" Mi Nam glared.
Mi Nyu backed off, silently.

"Arguing here won't do anyone any good," Shin-woo said from the other side of the room.
"If she is the photographer for the shoot then you can try talking to her there, Jeremy."

"'re right, Hyung! Since this meanie is being so mean, I'll talk to her myself," Jeremy smiled, looking accomplished.
Mi Nam grumbled something that sounded like 'try if you want to' and walked out the room.

"He likes her doesn't he?" Tae Kyung, who had remained silent until now, asked.

"Could be..." Jeremy said, "...I wonder if this brat can like someone genuinely. Didn't go that well with Yo He Yi, remember?"
All but Mi Nyu nodded.
She was thinking...if her Oppa really liked Chin-sun...wouldn't something have happened long ago?

"Nothing can go well with that Devil Fairy though," Tae Kyung said.
This time every single one of them nodded.

. . .

The whole crew was there when Chin-sun got to the air port. They greeted each other politely; all of them were older than Chin-sun so she had great respect for them.
They didn't have much time to board so they quickly went through all the security checks and headed towards their gate.
A huge smile stayed intact on Chin-sun's face throughout the flight. She spoke cheerfully with the others and...Maybe it looked a bit creepy because the stewardess kept looking at her weirdly.
The flight felt short, it could've been her excitement.
"Welcome to Busan," the stewardess announced, "we have arrived at the Busan Airport."
Chin-sun always found it funny.
Everyone on the flight arrived together at a destination, so why did the stewardesses 'Welcome' them there?
They all arrived together, didn't they?
It was probably one of those things no one thought about but Chin-sun did and she found it weird.

After all the overly irritating formalities at the airport, the finally got their luggage and got into a taxi and the whole crew made their way towards their hotel.
Chin-sun was just taking in the whole feeling of Busan. It was warm but not so hot and it just felt pleasant. The air had a salty smell to it and she just felt so much happier. Busan was great but it was nothing compared to Seoul, she thought.
The rest of the crew seemed to be in the same mood she was in. They were an enthusiastic crowd, the crew and Chin-sun hoped that she would get the same crew for all her future assignments. She knew it was next to impossible but a girl could dream, right?
They were being so supportive and Jan Kyung-unnie kept giving her tips and assuring her that the shoot would be a success and even if something went wrong, the rest of the crew would back her up.

When they reached their hotel, all that Chin-sun could do was gape. It turned out that the Prez had sent them to one of the best resorts in the city, one that was situated on the beach in which the shoot was to take place. The Prez did seem to be quite...well...excited about the trip (if she remembered where she had sent them).
Everyone got out their respective taxis and got their luggage.
The whole crew seemed more excited after seeing the hotel.
When they finally reached the entrance of the hotel, they saw a large mob screaming their lungs out.
Chin-sun was sure by now that the idol group they were doing the photo shoot for was A. N. Jell, she could see the girls wearing small angel wings.
She couldn't help but smile.
Luck? Co-incidence? Whatever it was it was, it was in her favour.
Some days with the famous idol group...some more days with Mi Nam.
How would it turn out to be?

. . .

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