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Thor's Masquerade

"Brother Tony, I must ask you a question." Thor spoke into the quiet living room. Tony, who had been working on his tablet, looked up in surprise as the demi-god broke the silence. The two friends had been sitting and enjoying the silence after their latest battle with Obi.

"What's up, Point Break?" Tony asked setting his tablet down.

Thor paused for a moment as he gathered his thoughts to pose his questions. "I was watching the feed from the last battle and I heard the comment you made to Master Archer."

"Well, I made a lot of comments to Francis, you gotta be more specific." Tony responded, his interest peaked.

"You called…" Thor started.

"Call him Clint, something besides Master Archer. It makes his ego swell." Tony interrupted. Thor laughed in agreement, used to his friend's abrupt randomness.

"Very well, you called Clint by a woman's name, Kimberly and he exclaimed that you called him a Pink Power Ranger. What is a Power Ranger?"

Tony stared at Thor in pure wonderment. Already his mind was alit with ideas and pranks. He could barely contain his gleeful laughter as he felt it bubble up inside of him. Thor waited patiently with all due course of seriousness. When Tony could answer him without laughing to give the game away, he smiled and answered.

"Well, Thor, let's see. The Power Rangers have been around since the early 90's. They are team of teenagers that have certain skills and abilities."

"Like us." Thor stated.

"Sorta, we are much less cheesy. There have been many different teams that have taken up the Power Rangers cause, but the best and most influential team is the very first one. They made recordings of their battles so future generations could watch and make notes." Tony said without cracking a smile.

"I understand this; do we not do the same thing?" Thor questioned.

"Yea, with reports and I'm pretty sure S.H.E.I.L.D. and Jarvis records all of our missions." Tony replied.

Thor waited for a moment before asking his next question. "Do you have access to their battle feeds? I would greatly enjoy watching past Midgardian Warriors."

"Sure, big guy, give me a second. I'll send you the feed to your private room." Thor nodded his agreement and didn't ask why Tony just didn't put it on the living room screen. He was used to the Iron Man's quirks. "Jarvis, send our resident Thunder God the entire series of the first Power Rangers."

"Of course Sir, would you like me to keep you posted on his progress?" Jarvis questioned.

"Smart idea, Jarvis. I'm so glad I made you." Tony smiled at the ceiling.

"Indeed, so am I, Sir." Jarvis responded.

~A Few Days Later~

"Hey, Robocop, what's been up with Thor? He's been holed up in his room and every time we do see him, he is always mumbling about how he never knew that Midgard had these different foes." Clint asked, swinging down from the air vents onto the couch next to Tony.

"Can't you use regular entry ways like a normal person, Legolas?" Tony asked, not even looking up from his tablet that was actually showing him footage of Thor. Tony smoothly transferred on to another screen so as not to alert Eagle Eye to anything.

"If I was normal, I wouldn't be part of the Avengers. So, give. What's up with Thor?" Clint shrugged.

"Last time we talked, he was mumbling something or another about a project of his own." Tony replied, now on a screen with the stock market scores. One thing he knew that Clint tried to ignore. "He said we needed to have more team bonding time. He's been hanging with Cap too much."

Clint laughed in agreement, "I just hope this team project goes better than his last one of him trying to cook us an Asgardian feast. I have gone through tortures that have given me less nightmares."

Tony shuddered in agreement, "I thought everyone agreed to never speak of that horrible, forsaken night." Just then Thor walked into the living room and spotted Tony and Clint.

"Friends, I have been inspired." He said staring intently at both of them.

Clint muttered under his breath to Tony, "This can't be good." Tony nodded with him in agreement. He struggled to contain his laughter since he already pretty much knew what Thor's idea was. "What actually have you been inspired about, Thor?" Clint asked.

"I have heard of this tradition of Midgard, you practice it on what we call All Hallows Eve. I believe you call it Halloween. I believe we should throw a grand masquerade ball."

"You know, Goldilocks, I couldn't agree with you more." Tony replied.

"You couldn't?!" Clint asked out of the corner of his mouth. Thor smiled at Tony, glad to know his friends agreed with him.

"You know, Thor, I think that it is such a great idea and that you should plan everything." Tony continued.

"No, you don't!" Clint all but shouted before lowering his voice to mutter at Tony, "That is a horrible idea."

"I do, I even think that Thor should pick out everyone's costumes, you know, to show that we trust him." Tony said before Clint could stop him.

"Brother Tony, I will not let you down!" Thor declared, as Clint glared suspiciously at the billionaire.

"No problem, Scruffy, just make sure that I get a good costume." Tony replied walking off to his room to burst out laughing at Clint's gaping face.

~Night of the Masquerade~

After Thor announced his idea of a masquerade everyone pestered both Thor and Tony. They pestered Thor to find out what costumes they would have to be wearing, but they didn't protest too much because they didn't want the demi-god to think they didn't trust him. Natasha has already planned certain revenge tricks for Tony because she was certain, without a doubt, that this was somehow his fault.

They pestered Tony to find out if he had any idea what Thor was planning, because let's face it; Tony was always at the bottom of any prank. They all learned to love him for it, and to doubly make sure to always get him back.

Thor left instructions that their costumes would be waiting for them in their rooms when it was time for the party. Each member of the Avengers apprehensively made their way to their rooms, dread building in their stomachs with each step.

When Tony saw his costume he laughed out right, he agreed wholeheartedly with what Thor picked out for him.

Steve grimaced as he held up his outfit with serious misgivings. "This timeline just keeps getting weirder and weirder." He muttered.

Bruce sighed as he stared at his costume. He didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. He decided to laugh and slipped on the suit. "Well, at least it isn't green."

Tasha glared at her suit, fingering her knife as she fought the urge to murder the offensive sight before her eyes.

Clint Barton stared in disbelief. There was no way in fucking hell he was ever going to put that offending piece of garment on. Thor's trust be damned. He kept staring at it and planned multiple accidents for one Tony Stark.

Jane laughed as she saw Thor's signal and moved to the platform to introduce them to the small gathering of the Avengers closet friends; which mainly meant their dates and Coulson, oh and Rhodey and his wife.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know and love our Avengers as the world calls them. It is interesting to see how they perceive themselves. Thor has decided to show us how he perceives his fellow teammates and friends." She paused to fight back a laugh. "I present to you the Avengers!"

She called out, giving in to her laugh as Thor walked proudly into the room. He was followed by a laughing Tony and the rest of the team who were giving murderous glares to the other two men in front of them.

The guests all stared in disbelief as the team lined up and showcased their outfits. "My friends," Thor stated, "I have chosen each of these outfits for you because they resemble you in some form. Each of these past heroes reminds me of you, my friends, in some way."

"Please, Thor, explain your reasoning." Coulson smiled, as the glares were redirected his way.

"Just because he is alive again doesn't excuse him for adding to our misery." Clint muttered to Natasha.

"Plans have been reformed to include him. He will not escape and he will wish he had really died on the carrier." Natasha responded with grim certainty.

Thor beamed at Coulson, "Dear Phil, I will be glad to. I believe that Tony would be the Red Ranger, simply because he is a leader and the fact that suits match. And friend, forgive me, but you resemble some of the dear Jason's rashness as well." Tony laughed in agreement.

"Not a problem, Thor. I agree. I believe it is a fine choice for one such as me." Tony replied.

"Of course he would," Clint growled, "He isn't wearing…this." He waved his hands indicated to his costume.

Thor continued, "I have chosen Steve to be the Green Ranger because he is our leader and a fine one he is."

Steve blushed as he pulled at his uniform. "Uh, thanks buddy."

"You are welcome. I have chosen our dear Doctor Banner to be the Blue Ranger. He is like the hero Billy in every sense of the form."

Tony and Clint snorted as Bruce grimaced. Thor did not realize that the guy who actually played Billy was really friendly with the guys, if you know what I mean.

Thor continued as if nothing happened, "Dr. Banner is intelligent and honest like Billy and is always there for his teammates. As for our own Natasha, the clear choice would be for her to be the Yellow Ranger. Her looks are deceiving. At first, you think she would be someone you would have to protect, and she is, but she is also a woman, a grand warrior like that of Trini."

"Uh, Thanks Thor." Bruce and Natasha said together. Truth be told, everyone could accept their outfits and the people they were dressed up as. They all, except Tony, felt bad for Clint though.

"And for you, my friend Clint, after I have watched the past battles of the warriors, I agree with Tony's sentiment. You are the Pink Ranger."

Clint grimaced as the crowd chuckled at his expense. "I don't say that only because of your choice of weapons. I say this also, because, you are the calm one in battle. You see things and watch our backs."

Clint relented his glare long enough to mutter out, "Thanks." He then went back to glaring at Tony who just smiled at him.

"I have made myself into the Black Ranger. I believe that the young Zach reminds me of myself. He is always eager for battle and to celebrate with his fellow comrades." Everyone smiled because that was Thor in a nutshell.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new Power Rangers, The Avenging Rangers." Darcy hooted and hollered, causing everyone to laugh, even Clint. "I have a question though. If you all are the power rangers, who is Zordon and Alpha?" She asked.

There was a pause for a moment before Pepper surprised everyone by bursting out in laughter. "I have it. Jarvis is, of course, Alpha and Coulson is Zordon." Everyone busted out in laughter at Coulson's face of shocked acceptance.

"Thank You, Miss Potts. I will take that as a compliment." Jarvis responded to the party goers.

"You should, Jarvis, at least you aren't the Pink Ranger." Tony laughed out, and ran as Clint chased him, causing Coulson to groan in annoyance and the rest of the gathering to double over in laughter.

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