The was written as a... well, whatever it is. Inspired by the album Sunshinyness by Orba Squara and a little thing I had been thinking for a while. It may work better if you listen to the album.

The Hunger Games to do belong to me.


She had picked Gannon immediately when she saw the bright curls of blond hair matted atop his tiny head when they pulled him out of her and placed him in her arms. She chose Gannon knowing full well that there would always be a possibility, as he grew older, that his hair may darken and he would lose the quality for which he was named. She didn't care.

He was sunshine. Tiny in her arms and crying his strong cry and she was in love all over again.

He was hers' and hers' alone. This little bundle of sunshine that held half of him and here he was and she was exhausted but here he was.

Her perfect piece of sunshine.