It wasn't like their romance. This made her glad.

Peeta and his relationship with her son, their son, was slowly blossoming. Sprouting from the earth as a tiny green leaf and slowly rising upwards towards the rays of the sun. Each day Peeta made sure to give this little sprout of life water by coming by the restaurant or calling and, when he felt comfortable enough to ask if he could, coming over and spending time with Gannon then.

Gannon didn't quite understand Peeta's interest in him but didn't question the company. Peeta was nice and made him laugh and was good at drawing. Katniss was elated.

The weight of keeping this secret for so long slowly lifting with each and every smile Peeta and Gannon shared. Her heart wasn't quite healed but that was okay. As long as Gannon's heart was intact she could live with the heartache she had caused herself.

"He's a good boy."

"He is."


Peeta had just tucked him in while Katniss cleaned the remnants of dinner. She looked over her shoulder and found him looking at her, brow furrowed and guilty.

"I'm sorry." She sighed and put the last of the dishes in the dish rack.

"No, Peeta. It's my fault… I just-"

"I know but I should have tried harder to find you." She couldn't help but snort at that.

"Prim was just about ready to place a restraining order on you." He chuckled for a bit before it died out lamely, tension thick in the air with everything unsaid.

"I never got over you." He spoke barely above a whisper, the clock on the wall ticking loudly as the seconds went passed and she continued to fail to respond. A sliver of hope blooming in her chest.

She moved her mouth, pressed her tongue against her cheek, shifted her wait.

"Oh…" He closed the distance between them, not kissing her, but holding her close and burying his nose in to her hair. There was an audible crack of her inner walls crumbling. "Oh…" She reached a tentative hand up to his back, tracing the muscles with her fingers. "I haven't… whenever I look at him I see you I- Peeta…" She wrapped her arms around him and he tightened his grip on her.

Things would be okay.