Chapter 3- Captured

Kenta and Anais continue to walk through Hades City 2. "It seems to be unusually quiet. They must not notice us yet." Kenta says. "This is our chance. Come on!" Anais pulls his hand.

Dr. Ziggurat was watching them through the monitor. "Kenta Yumiya and Anais Watterson. You will not fail my plan easily like that. Team robot 1, ambush them!" Dr. Ziggurat screams.

A group of robots appeared to ambush them. "No! That Ziggurat guy must have found us!" Anais says. "Leave it to me." Kenta launches Flash Sagittario. "Go, Sagittario! Special move, Diving Arrow!" Diving Arrow blows the robots and the two continues rushing to Hades City.

Kenta and Anais succeed to get into Hades City core and go down to the core, but were ambushed by the robots. Anais repeatedly rubs her feet in order to short-circuit them, and she was successful.

They arrived in the generator of Hades City 2. Meanwhile, Ginga and Nicole arrived in Hades City 2. "Quick, Ms! We are almost late to save them!" Ginga runs panickly. The robots suddenly ambushes them but was easily brushed off by Ginga launching Big Bang Pegasis.

Back in Kenta and Anais, they arrived at the main core. "Now what we do is…" Anais pulls out her laser gun. Meanwhile, Dr. Ziggurat presses the launch button. Suddenly Hades City 2 shakes when Anais is about to shoot the main core. "Oh, no! Ziggurat has found out our whereabouts!" Anais says, holding her head in fear.

The robots also capture them as Anais and Kenta attempt to release themselves and put them on Faust's original place. "Now what we gonna do?" Kenta asked. "I don't know! We must free ourselves or we will be brainwashed!" Anais says.

Suddenly, Ginga and Nicole appeared to save them. "Mom!" Anais says. "Ginga!" Kenta says happily. "Hold on, you two! We will release you from there!" Nicole called. "Kenta! Kick that ball!" Ginga called. Kenta kicked the boulder ball and broke the rope that tied him and Anais.

"Good, now we got only to destroy the core!" Kenta says, pointing to the core room. The four rushes there as they are ready to destroy the core!