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Chapter 10: Admitting It

Their tongues lapped at each other's, their mouths molded together as they panted and kissed. Slight, but powerful legs were wrapped around Severus's waist and the Potion Master's hands gripped the boy's thin waist tightly. Their chests were flat against each other, Harry's wrapped arms pulling the older man closer. This wasn't a battle for domination, but rather an acceptance of their established positions, ones that didn't need to be spoken to understand. They reveled in each other with Severus not at all disturbed by Harry's apparent skills. He knew where the teenager had perfected the use of his tongue and mouth, but the obvious emotion and passion behind the kiss cleared away any stray doubts that wanted to take root in his mind.

Harry hummed quietly as the older man's tongue licked at the tip of his tongue, guiding it with precision and care. He'd kissed many people before, almost all older men, but this was very different from most. Much of the time the men forced their tongues down his throat and took what they wanted. Severus, while wild and demanding, was also obliging and let Harry lead whenever he wanted.

He let his hands drift down from Severus's shoulders, lightly caressing his thin chest through his dark robes. The taller man shivered and pushed into Harry's mouth even harder, increasing the intensity of the kiss and he panted heavily. They broke apart for a moment, by just a millimeter so their tongues could still meet. The slick appendages slid apart so the tips just touched before they quickly slammed their mouths back together. Saliva slipped out of the corner of Harry's mouth and down the side of his face, but he ignored it.

Each touch drove little shocks through his body and he nearly began to purr when he wrapped his thin legs around one of Severus'. Slowly, he began to rock his hips against the strong leg and the shocks grew stronger, making his stomach quake with excitement. A large pair of hands, Severus's hands, reached around to his lower back and his whole body jerked violently.

Quickly pulled away and breaking the kiss, Severus hissed, "Sorry, sorry, I…"

Harry snorted and grabbed at the larger man's hips, tightening his grip around the older man's leg. He snapped his hips forward and moaned lightly. His bright green eyes flicked up to Severus's dark ones and he tipped his head to one side, asking a silent question. Severus frowned a little, fixing the younger man with a dark stare.

With a silent sigh, Harry let go of the older man's leg and took a step back. They stared at each other for a moment, both breathing hard. Severus's confusion grew deeper as Harry continued to stare up at him, almost as if he was waiting for something. Slowly, Harry lifted his hands and began to sign, twisting his fingers and wrist. Blinking, Severus looked down to focus on the small, slim hands as they formed the silent words the boy wished he could vocalize, but he simply continued to frown in confusion.

Harry practically groaned with frustration, his fingers moving faster and faster, his hands flapping this way and that as he became more and more agitated. He even began to mouth the words, desperate for Severus to understand. The older man held up his hands in a quiet call for patience.

"Harry, slow down. I can't understand what you're trying to say. You… me… meat? I don't understand-"

Opening his mouth in a voiceless scream, Harry grabbed the open book that lay on the desk beside the cauldron, which contained many of Severus's experimental notes. Snatching the quill off the table, he quickly scribbled the words diagonally across the paper, giving little attention to the carefully handwritten words that had already graced the page.

The neat freak in Severus seized up in terror as he rushed over to the desk and dragged the book away from the furiously writing boy. They struggled, knocking into the table as they fought for the book, Harry still writing as quickly as he could although the words now came out looking more like scribbles then letters. Feeling the air in his throat vibrate as he silently growled, Harry yanked the book away from Severus as hard as he could, the force of the action throwing the taller man completely off balance. Severus's usual grace abandoned him as he stumbled, falling into the desk chair and nearly slamming his chin into the arm of the seat.

"What in the name of- Harry?"

The teenager was sitting against the stone wall, the book clutched in his hands as he wrote, his bright green eyes wide as he stared down at the page in front of him. When he finished, he pulled the quill away, the ink staining his hand black and wet. He turned his gaze up to Severus, his jaw tight as he turned the book over in his hands and shoved it in the man's direction.

Standing, the slim man stepped over to the teenager and hunkered down next to him, kneeling on the cold stone floor of the dungeon lab. Slowly, he reached out and took the book. He held Harry's gaze for a moment, staring into the frustrated green eyes, so wide and desperate for something. Glancing down, Severus began to read what Harry had written for him.

I'm not afraid of you Severus. You didn't have to pull away. Please don't. I know I was a cheap, well, expensive whore, but I thought that didn't matter. You told me that it didn't. Are you lying to me? 'Cause if you are, I'll leave you alone. I promise. I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE! I just wanted you to know that I like you cause I thought-

Closing his eyes, Severus let out a grunt and wiped furiously at his forehead with the base of his palm. He fought to control his emotions, calling on his years of training before he exploded. The book dropped from his hands to the floor and his other hand came up to rest on his forehead. He took a short, shaky breath before he straightened up and looked straight into Harry's face. The teenager had moved closer, his hands clasped in his lap as he waited for Severus to say something. His lips were pursed slightly and his shoulders hunched forward with anticipation. The green eyes glittered with potentially unshed tears.

Snorting, Severus sat down completely and shook his head. He picked up the book again and tossed it off to the side, deciding that his pension for neatness was unnecessary at this point. Turning back to Harry, he smirked and watched the tension increase on the boy's face. He was quite honest for a boy of his profession, even if it had been forced. Severus was happy to see that not all of Harry's childishness had been stolen.

"Come here," he said as he reached out and grabbed Harry, pulling him into his lap.

The boy would have let out a squeak of surprise if he could, but instead he slowly wrapped his arms around Severus's shoulders and settled into his lap, his knees spread on either side of the older man's thighs. Scooting back against the leg of the desk, Severus sighed as the teen leaned in and rested his head on his shoulder. Severus, unsure what else to do, let his hands rest gently on Harry's hips.

They stayed like that for a while, silently coming to an understanding. Harry nuzzled against his neck as they rested in the cool room, ignoring the cooling potion in the cauldron not far away. At some point, Severus's hands shifted, sliding up from Harry's hips to the small of his back. The teenager shifted a little, but quickly settled back into place, his eyelashes tickling the side of Severus's neck with each blink.

"I'm sorry," Severus said finally.

Harry glanced up at him, raising one eyebrow in a way that copied Severus's usual searching look.

"Brat," he snarled under his breath. "Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted. I know that you're not… adverse… to sexualized activity as you have so previously… demonstrated, but when you-"

Rolling his eyes, Harry sat up straight and signaled out just a few simple words.

Calm down. You're not acting like yourself.

Chuckling lowly in his chest, Severus brought the teenager back to settle against his chest, tucking Harry's head underneath his chin. He wrapped his arms around the teen's back, holding him gently.

"You're right. I'll admit it. I need to regain control of myself."

Harry silently laughed and was about to sign something else when the door opened. Michael stood in the doorway, looking smug as he leaned against the doorframe. His brown eyes were fixed on his younger brother and the professor with a knowing glint, his mouth turned upwards.

"So this is where you were," he laughed as he practically pranced into the room, searching his professor's face for any signs for embarrassment or a rare blush.

Severus felt his ears flush underneath his thick dark hair. Thankfully, he had trained himself long ago to fight off the one that usually stained a person's cheeks. Harry, however, was beaming in his lap, smiling widely and brightly at his brother. He leapt up from Severus's lap and raced towards the older teen, grabbing his hands. He seemed to dance where he stood, rocking back and forth on his feet. Michael smiled at him and ruffled his hair affectionately before wrapping one arm over his brother's shoulder and stepping into the room with him. Harry scampered back to Severus's lap while Michael took the chair beside them.

"Well then Professor, it seems that you're quite the lucky one," Michael teased. "It would seem that you've won my brother's affections, no?"

Harry furiously nodded and clutched the front of Severus's robes, pulling on them lightly. Severus turned to look at the younger man whose eyes were wide and curious.

"Yes, it seems that I have," he sighed in admittance, returning his arms to their previous position around the teen's back. "Just as he has one mine."

Harry began to hum lightly as he turned his gaze to his brother. Michael scowled at him playfully for a moment before he broke out into a loud snort and a laugh.

"Now little brother, I have a question for you," he said.

Tipping his head slightly to one side, Harry frowned.

"Do you honestly like him?"

Harry nodded even more wildly than before.

Michael turned his gaze to Severus.

"And you?"

Severus scowled and hissed, "Do you take me for a liar, boy?"

Harry recoiled a bit from the harsh sound of the older man's voice, but quickly relaxed when Severus began to rub his back. He understood the gruffness now.

"No," Michael said, resting his elbows on his knees. "I am just being careful. My brother has been gone for a long time and taken advantage of."

Harry's happy smile melted a little again.

"As his older brother, I want to make sure he is safe, taken care of, and adored as he should be. You know, when my godfathers told me about this earlier, about their suspicions, I didn't want to believe it. We haven't always gotten along you and I and I still think you're a complete greasy bastard, but after thinking about it, I will admit that Harry honestly seems to adore you. If it makes him happy to be with you and around you, then I shouldn't be the one to judge. He's sixteen and while I'd like to think of him as my baby brother still-"

Harry made a face.

"-He isn't."

Michael looked at his brother with a fond smile. "I love you Harry and I know that you've been through a lot these ten years. You've faced things that I know I never could. You're probably far more mature than I am, though I still think I'm better looking."

The younger brother stuck out his tongue at him, knowing the playful tone in his brother's voice. With a soft sigh, Michael stood up and shook his head. Michael rolled his eyes at some stray thought that went through his head.

"How in the world he got Padfoot and Moony to consent to this I'll never know. Just make sure my brother doesn't hurt himself and that you do nothing to harm him, either. Harry can take care of himself, but you, Professor, had better be a damn good protector so he doesn't have to!"

Picking Harry up and sliding him to the floor beside him, Severus stood, taking Harry's hand as he did. The teen stumbled to his feet beside him, staring up at the older man with an intense gaze. Severus fixed Michael with a serious stare, looking at for the first time not as a boy, but as an adult, a seventeen-year-old fully trained wizard.

He smirked at Michael and said, "You have little to worry about, I can assure you. Now get out of my lab, you brat. I have better things to do."

Michael turned on his heel, rolling his eyes as he reached the door. He paused for a moment, his hand resting on the door handle.

"Just don't be too loud, Professor. I don't want to hear you two snogging from all the way upstairs!"

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