Disclaimer: I do not own FSOG trilogy, it belongs to E.L. James, just letting my imagination run wild with her story. Can you believe it? Writing fiction about an original fan fiction story.


I wrote this story with my youngest three old Nephew Joshua in mind. I want to show the softer side of Christian Grey, that of a loving, nurturing and caring father.

Will try to update new "Teddy's Moments" stories at least once a week.


Stand up and Pee


"But Daddy, I can pee sittin."

"I know you can Teds, but you're a growing boy now. Don't you want to pee like the big boys do?"

"I'm a big boy Daddy."

"Yes, you are, so now you get to pee like me, standing up."

"I like to sit."

"Teddy, all boys pee standing up."

"All boys?"

"Yes, all boys, and men too."

"Uncle Lelliot?"

"Yes, he pees standing up."

"Taylor, and Grampa, and Edan..."

"Yes Teddy, they are all big boys and pee standing up, and it's Ethan, not Edan."

"That's why I say, Edan."

"Okay Teds, do you want to pee like the big boys, or like the girls do?"

"Like big boys Daddy!"

"Ok then, let me show you how to do it. Do exactly what I do, okay Teds?"

Long silence….

"Teddy, Okay?"

"Ok Daddy."

Christian slowly and patiently shows his son how to urinate in front of a toilet, demonstrates how to lift the seat cover, how to pull out and hold his penis while aiming at the toilet, he show him all the basics. It is not the first time Teddy has seen his father urinate, but it is the first time he has seen him do it right next to him.

"Daddy, why you have that?"

"Have what Teds?"


"Um, well, you see when boys get bigger, like me, hair grows down there, and other places too."

"It does?"

"Yep, it sure does."


"Why does it grow?"


"Well, it just does, the older you get, the more hair grows out."


"Why what?"

"Why hair grows there?" Teddy points to his father's groin area.

"You mean here?"

"Uhu, on your pee pee."

"Well, son, if it grows on your head, your face, and your legs, then it can grow anywhere."

"On da butt too Daddy?

"Yes, sometimes."

"Lemi see!"

"Ahem, no, my butt doesn't have hair, not yet anyways. Listen Teddy, just trust me, hair will grow there when you get older, just because. But for now, it is a big secret, a secret that we big boys will keep between us, okay son?

"A real sweeket?"

"Yes, a secret between us men, you and me Teds."

"Me a men?"

"Yes son, you are a man, just like me."

With a megawatt smile and a twinkle in his eyes, Teddy's little chubby hand extends to reach out to meet his father's.

"Fi Daddy!"

"High Five Son."

"Did I pee ok Daddy?"

"Let me see. Hum, a few drops here, there, not bad, not bad at all. I'm so proud of you Teds. You're my big boy now."

Christian grabs his son and throws him up in the air a couple of times much to his giggling son's delight.

"Daddy, can I tell Mommy?"

"I don't know Teddy; remember what I said about secrets?"

"Oh…Can I tell uncle Lelliot?"

"Sure, he's a man, one of the boys."


"What is it Bud?"

"Can we pee again?"


Hope you enjoyed it, till next time…..