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Big Brother


"Ah Mom, you promised!"

"I promised no such thing Teddy; I only told you that I would think about it first."

"But I already told Keenan I could spend the night over." Teddy whines.

"Listen to me young man; I did not promise you anything and besides, Keenan will be joining us on our trip to Colorado so you'll see him next week."

A grumbling Teddy stumps his way to the kitchen table.

"No fair, I wanted to spend the night at his place."

"Stop sulking Teddy, you know that today is family night. Your father and I look forward to spending time with you and your sister, so zip it and suck it up young man." She admonishes him even though she is used to her son's mood swings; after all, he is his father's son. He sounds just like Christian when he doesn't get his way.

"Hump!" Teddy grunts as he glares at his mother.

"Oh spare me the pity me party. You're always spending time with Keenan or Jimmy, or, or, that skinny kid with the long hair and braces. What's his name?" She questions him.

"Lurch." Teddy answers while frowning.

"Did you just call him Lurch?" She asks amused.

"Yeah, his name is Lurch."

"Lurch? Are you kidding me? What kind of name is that for a boy?"

Teddy sighs. "It's his nickname; he likes it better than his real name."

"Which is?" She asks.

"Eugene." He answers with a smile.

"Oh, okay then, Lurch it is." Anastasia returns the smile.

"Mom, do we have to have family night?"

"Yes Teddy, we do. Don't you like spending time with little old me and your dad, Teddy bear?"

"Ah mom, don't call me that, I'm not a kid anymore." Teddy pouts.

"Teddy, you're only eight and you're still my boy. My little blip. My. Teddy. Bear." She kisses his cheek between each word.

"Mom, okay, okay." He pleads while wiping his cheeks "No more sloppy kisses. Jeez!"

"Don't Jeez at me Mister; I can kiss you all I want my Teddy bear." Anastasia laughs at her son's sour expression.


"Mom, how come you walk funny? Is it cos you're getting so big?"

"Gee Teddy, thanks for the compliment and for the record, I'm not big, big. I'm pregnant, that's why I walk funny." Ana smiles as she rubs her expanding abdomen.

"So, mom, you're sure it's a boy, and not a girl?"

"Yes sweetheart, it's a boy. " Her smile widens.

"Are you sure, sure?" He asks with raised eyebrows.

"Yes honey, we're sure." She answers.

"Good, I'm glad you're having a boy then."

Anastasia is not surprised at his statement, but has to ask.

"You are, and why is that?"

"Cos..." He manages to look a little guilty.

"Because." She corrects him.

"Because another girl would be bossy too, just like Phoebe. Girls are bossy mom." He stares directly at her as he nods.

"Teddy, you really don't mean that, do you?"

"Yep, I do, cos it's true." He nods again while grabbing an apple from the table.

"That is not a nice thing to say about your sister or any other girls Teddy."

"But mom, it's true. Phoebe is very bossy with me and my friends. That's why I like to go to their house and not stay here cos Phoebe is always butting in and telling us what to do."

Anastasia sighs; she knows there is some truth to what Teddy is telling her, after all, she is also Christian's daughter, a younger version of fifty shades of bossiness.

"Teddy, just because your sister is a little bossy…"

"A little! Mom, she's…"

"Young man, don't interrupt me. As I was saying, just because Phoebe is a little bossy, like your dad, that doesn't mean that all girls are bossy. Guys can be very bossy too you know."

"You mean like dad?" Teddy smirks.

"Well, yes, like your dad, but you don't have to tell him I said so. Got it?" She points at him.

"Kay, but still, most girls I know are bossy. Aunt Kate is bossy and so is Ava. The girls I know at school are always trying to boss me around. Teddy do this, Teddy do that, yak, yak, yak." He mimics with his hand.

Anastasia snorts as she ruffles his hair.

"Oh my, little peanut is getting restless." She softly rubs her belly.


"Your baby brother, he's moving around again. Here, you want to feel him?" She reaches out to take his hand.

"Um, okay. Does it hurt mom?"

"No sweetheart, it doesn't hurt at all. It only feels funny. Here, he's moving around again, feel this."

She places Teddy's hand with hers just above the right side of her abdomen.

"Feel that?" She asks smiling.

As he caresses Anastasia's belly, he feels a thumping sensation against his hand for the first time.

"Whoa! Mom, is that the baby moving?" He asks in awe.

"Yes Teddy bear, that's your little brother moving around."

And that is how Christian finds Anastasia and Teddy when he arrives home from work.


Months later


"Mrs. Grey, you outdid yourself again with dinner. It was delicious, just like you babe." Christian compliments his wife while placing feather like kisses on her neck.

"Umm, Mr. Grey, stop it, or I'll never finish cleaning up. We'll have plenty of time later tonight for your kinky foolery."

"Leave the damn dishes alone Ana; Maria can take care of the kitchen. Besides, I have a …"

"MOM, DAD, TEDDY JUST FLIPPED ME THE FINGER!" Phoebe's yell interrupts the moment.

"Sweet Jesus, is there a day that can go by without these two fighting?" Grumbles Christian.

"Nope, just another exiting day at the Grey's." Quips Anastasia.

"DADDY, TELL TEDDY TO STOP IT!" Phoebe yells again from the top of the stairs.

"Christian, it's your turn to have another talk with Teddy. He's been grumpy and sulking all week, and he's taking it out on Phoebe again."

"What's wrong with that boy now, do I need to punish him again?" Christian asks as he turn to his wife.

Anastasia kisses her husband lightly on the lips.

"No, I don't think so babe. You just need to talk to him. He's been acting this way since we had Phil in case you haven't noticed."

Christian sighs "Yes, I have, and I remember he behaved all goofy too when Phoebe was born, and he acted like a little jackass with you. I discussed it with John at the time and he told me that it was simply his way of lashing out his jealousy because of how he felt; he must have felt that he was competing for our attention. Teddy is older now and thank God he doesn't throw things around anymore, but I think it's the same type of feelings surfacing again."

Anastasia seems amused. "Wow Mr. Grey, it seems all those years in therapy paid off, I am very impressed."

"Are you making fun of me Mrs. Grey?" He pretends to glare.

"Nope, not at all Mr. Grey. What you just said actually makes sense. Teddy will never admit it, but he misses the attention he used to get as an only child, and now he has two siblings instead of one. You know Teddy, he loves attention. It makes perfect sense to me."

Christian sighs before he kisses his wife on the forehead before heading upstairs.

"Time to have another talk with Teddy and put a stop to the terror he is inflicting on poor Phoebe."

Anastasia watches as Christian heads upstairs, leans against the breakfast bar waiting for the next drama outburst to come.



"Do you hear that love?"

"Hear what Christian?"

"That, nothing but peace and quiet." He whispers in her ear.

Anastasia smiles, it's been a while since giving birth to her youngest son, little Phillip Charles Grey, that she and Christian have been able to enjoy a quiet moment without interruptions.

"Our little peanut is finally asleep, Phoebe won't be back from Kate's' until tomorrow, and Teddy's all pooped out after his soccer game. Last time I checked on him he was still lights out, so we can have our alone time Mrs. Grey." Christian says in a seductive tone.

"What exactly do you have in mind Mr. Grey?" Anastasia giggles.

"Oh baby, you know exactly what I have in mind."

"Christian, I'm still a little bloated; I don't look very sexy right now." She pouts.

"Babe, I love your fullness. Come on Ana, let's get our freaky grove ...wait, what the...did you hear that?"

"Hear what Christian, I don't ...oh, wait, it's, is that Teddy's voice coming from the baby's monitor?"

Both are surprised and stare at each other as they hear Teddy's voice coming from the baby monitor that is located on top of night stand next to their bed.


"You know Phil, you're not as wrinkly anymore, you don't look like a raisin no more, that's what Uncle Elliot calls you. Guess you're growing, huh."

A gurgling noise can be heard in the background.

"Dude, you've got it easy. You eat, you sleep, you poop, and you eat, sleep and poop. Yep, that's the life for ya."

Christian turns the volume up as Teddy continues his brotherly talk.

"So, what are you looking at, huh? Am I that funny looking?"

"Christian, little peanut doesn't smile much at me, does he with you?"

Christian responds by shaking his head.

"Christian, the monitor is turned one way only, Teddy can't hear us, right?" She asks.

He nods to confirm she's right.

More gurgling noises can be heard besides Teddy's giggles.

"Guess you're not so bad, you smell good, except when you poop. That's gross. How can someone so little poop so smelly? You think that's funny too? Hey, your hair is growing, looks like mine."

"Ana, you really think Phil is smiling at Teddy?"

"I think so, he sounds like he is, it sounds more than a gurgle." Anastasia gets closer to the monitor.

"You want to see something funny?...huhuhu, wahuhu, waahuhu, wahuu..."

"God Lord Ana, what is that boy doing in there, he woke him up and..."

He is interrupted by Anastasia pointing to the lap top screen on the dresser.

"Christian, turn on the Skype, Teddy doesn't know about the camera."

An amused Christian raises his eyebrows at his wife.

"Are you not curious to see what he's doing in Phil's room?" Anastasia asks.

"I like how your mind works Mrs. Grey."


Both Christian and Anastasia's eyes widen in amazement as soon as Teddy appears on screen.

He appears to be doing some kind of weird dance. He is flapping his arms while jumping up and down all over the place. He is grunting some weird noises while making funny faces towards the crib.

"Ana, what the hell is he doing? Is he dancing? Because if he is the boy has no rhythm at all." Christian scratches his head.

"I don't think he's really dancing Christian, he's just goofing around." She smiles at him.

"Christian, look, look. Our little peanut is smiling. Look Christian!"

Anastasia is so excited that she does not realize that she just pinched Christian's arm.

"Ouch! Ana, what gives?"

"Ooops, sorry babe."


"Phew, I'm pooped." Teddy wipes his brow as he pulls a chair next to the crib.

"That's how Uncle Elliot used to dance to make me laugh. Funny, dad calls him a big ape, or a big loaf, whatever that means."

"I knew it, that big oaf is behind my son's weird behavior and..."

"Shush Christian, I can't hear now."

"Yeah, you'll like Uncle Elliot, he's cool. He likes sports, he's funny and he tells good jokes, and he likes to eat a lot, and I mean a lot. He plays the guitar and he can sing too, he says that's how he gets Aunt Kate to dance freaky with him, but I don't know that means. Oh yeah, he likes to build things too. Yep, he builds houses, big ones too."

Little Phil appears to be listening to his big brother, his little head is turned towards Teddy while making gurgling noises.

"You'll like Aunt Kate too, cos she's real pretty and knows lots of things. She's going to have a baby and mom says she's having a boy too. She writes a newspaper, I think, and she can drink under a table, that's what Uncle Elliot said. She's kind of bossy and so is Ava, but dad says that's just cos she breaks balls."

"Christian, you didn't." Anastasia admonishes her husband.

"Ana, baby, I don't know what he's talking about." He gives her his best poker face as she gives him the stinky eye.

" and I, we're having a talk later Mr. Grey."


"You'll really like Aunt Mia and Uncle Ethan. They don't have kids yet, but mom said they will soon cos they want kids real bad, Aunt Mia loves kids. She likes us a lot, and she smells like candy and she takes Phoebe shopping all the time. She takes me to the movies and to the park."

Christian smiles as he turns to look at Anastasia.

"Ethan and Uncle Elliot go to my games, and they cheer really loud. Uncle Elliot and dad always yell at the coach and refs, and that's so embarrassing. Dad yells that they need glasses, and he calls them blind. Mom gets mad at him when he does that. Nobody gets mad at Uncle Elliot cos he's big and he smiles a lot at the other moms. He likes to play games and he's teaching me too, and he takes me skateboarding cos dad doesn't skate, but he does. Well, not really, he skates like an old guy."

Both Christian and Anastasia laugh at Elliot's expense.

"Anyways, I hope Aunt Mia and Uncle Ethan have babies, so they won't be lonely no more. Dad told Uncle Elliot that they can adopt kids cos Uncle Ethan poops blanks, so I guess he's sick or something."

"Christian Trevelyan Grey, what the hell were you thinking talking to Elliot about that in front of Teddy…"

Christian raises his hands to interrupt Anastasia.

"Whoa Ana, you know I would never say things like that in front of the kids. He must have overheard a private conversation I had with Elliot."

Anastasia glares at her husband.

"Look Ana, I promise to be more careful, it was a private conversation I had with my brother. I didn't even know that Teddy was around."

Anastasia sighs as she calms down. "I'm sorry Christian, but you know how Teddy and Phoebe are, they hear everything. Those two seem to appear when you least expect them."

As Christian nods, more gurgling noises are heard along with Teddy's giggles.

"Yep, Phoebe is bossy too, but she's very smart and she likes dancing. Don't tell mom or dad, but she helps me with my homework, I hate math and spelling. Ugh! Anyways, she helps me a lot, but only if I promise not to hide her stuff or put bugs in her room or open my mouth full of food." He opens his mouth and makes gagging noises.

"She thinks all boys are gross cos we can fart louder and stinkier than girls. I think she's just jealous cos she wants to play sports like me, but she falls down a lot. Mom says she's a little clumsy, like her. I heard mom tell grandma that she's a drama queen, like Aunt Mia. I don't know what drama queen is, I think it's like acting, like on TV, so I guess she can act."

Now it's Christian's turn to glare at his wife, who in turn gives him an apologetic look.

"We have the best grandmas and grandpas. Grandma Grace is a doctor, a kid's doctor. Grandpa Carrick is a lawyer, and my friend Jimmy says his dad says lawyers run with ambulances. He must get real tired doing that. Grandpa is really smart, and he's funny too, I heard him call dad a donkey one time, and dad didn't get mad, he just laughed. Grandpa Ray likes to fish, he knows everything about fishing and he likes to drink beer. Did you know that he can build cabinets? Yep, he works with wood, and he can cook too, you'll like him. He's not funny but he likes Uncle Elliot a lot, he makes him laugh too."

Little Phil stops gurgling and starts making cooing sounds.

"Yeah, we have two grandpas and two grandmas. Oh, I almost forgot Grandma Carla, that's mom's mom. She cries all the time, but mom says she cries cos she's happy. Girls like to cry when they are happy. Any hoot, grandma Carla married grandpa Ray two times, mom said that's because she fell in love with him twice."

Teddy reaches to touch Phil's chubby hand.

"Mom and dad are always kissing, all the time. I guess they really like each other. They kiss in front of my friends, and that's embarrassing. Eeck! "

"He's right you know, I do like you a lot, Mrs. Grey." Christian leans over to kiss his wife.

"Mom and dad have friends too. Mr. Taylor is dad's friend, he calls him his right arm and he's married to Mrs. Gail. She's the best cook ever, and she takes care of us. She also helps mom a lot, cos mom says she will get lost without Mrs. Gail, and Mr. Taylor takes care of dad. He makes sure nothing bad happens to him."

More cooing sounds can be heard in the background.

"Dad also has a friend who knows how to fight. He knows martial arts, and he's teaching me. Dad and he fight together, but Mr. Bastille still kicks his butt. It's okay though, cos dad is very strong too, and he can run faster than anyone I know, even faster than Mr. Taylor. I like Mr. Flynn, he's some kind of doctor and he talks funny, mom says that he's been dad's friend for a long time, and he's got two boys that play football. Mrs. Flynn is mom's friend and she's real nice."

"Ha, he's so wrong; he's only kicked my butt twice in the last year. I kicked his four times." A petulant Christian tells his wife.

"Of course baby, you're just as good as Claude, I know that." Anastasia assures him.


"Mom's the best, she works with lots and lots of books and puts them in stores. Dad says mom's real smart. She smells even better than Aunt Mia and she can cook too, but Aunt Mia bakes really good cakes and cookies. She always makes my birthday cakes. I hope you grow your teeth soon so you can eat her cakes too."

Little Phil coos as he smiles.

"Ah, you'd like that." Teddy grins wide. "Yep, cakes make me smile too. Dad likes chocolate cake, so that's my favorite. Mom bakes the chocolate ones, even cupcakes, dad loves them. We eat them with milk, all of them. Dad says we have to eat everything on the plate, cos there are kids that don't have enough food to eat and we are lucky to have food. Yep, that's what he says."

Anastasia looks lovingly at Christian who is smiling watching the screen.

"Dad yells a lot, and he says bad words." He looks around the nursery. "You don't have a swear jar yet but mom will get you one, she puts them in our rooms, and every time dad says bad words, he has to put money in them and then we can buy lots of food for kids that don't have any. Mom says she punishes dad when he's a bad, and he says sorry when he says bad words."

"I have gotten better at not yelling and cussing Ana."

"Yes Mr. Grey, but you still have a potty mouth." She smirks.

"Pufft." Is Christian's eloquent response.


"I know, I can teach you sports. I can play soccer, my favorite. I can throw a baseball, and I can skate, and I'm learning to ski. Dad and Uncle Elliot can ski real good, so they're teaching us. Phoebe and Ava are really good at skiing. Mom tries to, but she's afraid of running into a tree."

Apparently little Phil is starting to get fussy and is starting to gurgle more while wiggling his chubby little arms and legs.

"Are you hungry? Shoot, guess you want your milk. Okay, well, uh, guess I should get mom."

As Teddy gets up from his chair, he decides to take a closer look at his little brother who appears to be looking back at him. He rubs his pink chubby cheek lightly as little Phil tries to nibble on his fingers.

"I can teach you things, mom and dad said so, cos I'm your big brother. I can teach you all about sports. I can teach you all kinds of things, like drawing, playing the guitar; I'm learning how to play it. I can teach you how to skate and how to use my chemistry set. You can play with my toys, it's okay, I guess I can share." And with that he leaves the nursery to head straight to his parent's bedroom.

"Mom, dad." He knocks lightly on the door. "I think Phil is hungry."

Immediately Anastasia opens the door and with a huge smile as she hugs her oldest son, surprising him.

"Um, mom, I can't breathe."

Anastasia loosens her hold but kisses Teddy on his forehead before heading over to the nursery without saying a word.

"Uh, what gives?" He turns to look at his father. "Mom's weird."

"Yes, she is." Christian smiles as he calls his son over. "Teddy, come here son."

Teddy walks inside the bedroom towards his father.

"Son, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a great kid. You're a good son, and I think you are a very good brother, to both Phoebe and Phillip." He leans down to hug his son, surprising him again by his gesture and comment.


"You heard me boy, now don't you have some homework to do? Like math or spelling?"

Teddy groans as he remembers his unfinished homework.

"Go on son, go finish your schoolwork."

"Okay, but…"

"But what Teddy?"

"I have math homework, and it's hard."

"It is not that hard Teddy, you just need to concentrate more. I'm pretty good with numbers and calculations. I can help you if you want.

"You can? I mean, sure, I need help. I don't like math very much."

Christian smirks at him. "Yeah, I know. I know son."


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