To all my readers who are familiar with my personal profile, you probably know a little about my history with cancer. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back on 2011 and pulled through with an operation, chemo and then radiation. I was doing very well for a while until early this year, because unfortunately my cancer came back. I started chemotherapy again and I am hoping for the best. I am only coming forth with this very personal information because I have been getting many PM's asking when I am going to update my stories, especially Teddy's Moments.

I want to start by apologizing for not responding to all my readers who have been waiting for my updates, because I had planned to continue earlier, but because of everything I have been dealing with lately, well, my inspiration flew out the window. If anyone out there has ever experience the side effects of chemo, you would know what a "chemo headache" means. It means sometimes you have a hard time concentrating because your brain feels like it is in a fog, especially when you are trying to read or write. But the good news is that I am feeling much better now. The fog is gone, so I started to review my partially written updates and decided that I will continue with all my stories this week.

I want to send out a big thank you to all readers who expressed interest in continuing reading my stories, which means the world to me. To think that I can bring some enjoyment to someone I have never met is just awesome.

I ask for patience to just give me some time to start updating again, and I promise I will try my best not to disappoint you all.

I enjoy reading so many stories on this website from many wonderful writers, which I will mention just a few right now.





Nuwriter (I had given you a negative review long time ago, but the more I kept reading your story, the more I realized what a good writer you are)


Newgirl3366 and Louisuvittonfreak

Alright now, off to writing I go….