Sorry it took me long to finish this chapter. I actually have several already written, but incomplete. I wanted to finish this one first because it turned out to be the longest so far. Just another tender story between father and son, but it involves Anastasia as well. Enjoy.

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A Confused Child

Christian Grey arrived home after a long day at work. He was tired, hungry and eager to spend a relaxing evening at home. After dismissing Taylor and Sawyer for the evening, he headed down the kitchen hallway eager to see his beloved wife. As he entered the kitchen, he was greeted by the sight of a sobbing Anastasia being comforted by Mrs. Taylor; he immediately threw his briefcase on top of the counter and hugged his very distraught wife.

"Ana love, why are you crying, what's wrong?"

"Oh Christian, I'm, I am so hurt, Teddy..." Anastasia threw her arms around his neck unable to control her sobbing.

"Love please, you are worrying me, what happened?"

Overcome by emotion, Anastasia could only whimper against her husband's chest.

"Shh... calm down sweetheart, I hate to see you this way. Please, don't cry anymore."

As Anastasia continued crying, an exasperated Christian turned to Mrs. Taylor for answers. "Gail, what the hell happened here, where's Teddy?"

Before Mrs. Taylor could reply, Anastasia whispered to him, "Christian, Theodore, he was awful today."

"What do you mean by awful? What did he do Ana?"

"He hh...hates me Christian, he..." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"He told me he hates me! He said I was a bad Mom and called me ugly!"

Christian was more than upset, this took him by surprise. "What did he call you?"

"He called me ugly and yelled at me! ...But you know what was worse Christian? He was trying to hurt me; your son kicked his soccer ball right at me, while I was carrying Phoebe!"

"Ana, I... our boy, our Teddy?"

"Yes Christian, your son!"

Theodore Grey became Christian's son, not hers, only when he misbehaved.

"Ana, he would never..." He was quickly interrupted.

"Yes, he did Christian, and he did it on purpose; he missed hitting Phoebe by just this much!" By hand gesture she showed him just how close he came to hitting his target.

"Christian, that boy upstairs is not my child, he's not my Teddy." The hurt and disappointment was evident in her voice.

Christian tenderly raised her chin to face him. "Ana, I don't know what to say sweetheart. Teddy has never acted this way before. Did something happen today that might off trigger his behavior?"

"No, nothing I can think of... (sniff)...but he has been acting up lately, he's been pouting and giving me attitude all week long."

"How come you didn't mention this before Ana?"

"Christian, I just thought he was going through some sibling rivalry thing; you know Teddy... (Sniff), always competing with Phoebe to get our attention. I mentioned this to Grace the other day and she told me that it is common for all kids go through that phase. "

"Ana, Mr. Grey, why don't you two go over to Teddy's room and check up on him. I'll go back to check on Phoebe." A concerned Mrs. Taylor suggested.

It was then that Christian finally realized that his daughter was not in the kitchen with them.

"Jesus, I forgot about my munchkin, where is she now?"

"She is with Sophie in the family room; they are watching Finding Nemo again."

"Thank you Gail, that's a good idea, and if Ana doesn't mind, I think I need to have a little chat with my son, alone." His tone was serious and his lips formed in a hard line.

"Christian, are you sure? I can come too, just..." (Sniff).

"Love, just go with Gail, I'll handle Theodore. That boy crossed a line today, and I won't stand for it. What he did is very wrong and needs to be punished."

"Christian, I know what he did is wrong, and understand that he needs to be punished, but...he is just a child; he's my little boy, my mini Christian."

"Really Mrs. Grey? I tought I just heard you say that he was MY son, not yours?"

"Christian, please, you know what I mean. I am so confused, my little 'blip', what did I do wrong?"

"Nothing love, you did nothing wrong. Please trust me and go with Gail, I need to have more than a few words with him."

Anastasia reluctantly joined Mrs. Taylor, Sophie and her daughter Phoebe in the family room while Christian headed towards Teddy's bedroom.

The heavy footing must have alerted Teddy of his father's approach, because when Christian entered his bedroom, he found a sullen, unhappy five year old boy sitting on the floor by the corner window, legs crossed, along with his arms against his chest, and pouting in excess for a dramatic effect.




His father's screams made Teddy cringe, but he maintained his stance, even as his lower lip began to quiver.



"Nu-hu," Teddy shook his head in defiance.


Christian approached his son and sat on the bed facing him. He was well aware that his son had inherited his temper and his mother's stubbornness.

Christian rubbed his chin while glaring at the pouting boy. "Listen son, I'm tired, hungry and not in the mood to deal with your bullshit. If you're not going to tell me what the hell is going on with you, then you leave me with no choice but to punish you for the rest of your life!"

Teddy's eyes welled with tears as his father continued. "Son, I have never hit you or your sister, but after what you did today, I am seriously thinking about giving you some serious spanking. Seriously son, what the hell were you thinking?"

Still, Theodore Grey remained silent.

"Fine, you want to drag this out? Well guess what, you will stay up here in your room all week long. You are not to leave at all; you will eat here, and only here. I'll have Mrs. Taylor bring your meals here and you will eat everything on your plate. You are not to watch any TV, no playing with your XBOX, no Wii, no computer and no games on your lap top." Christian noticed that Teddy winced a few times, and he could also tell that his son was hurting; the expression on his son's face gave it away.

"Jesus Theodore, why in the world would you hurt your mother that way? She is downstairs crying and is very upset because you told her you hate her?"

Teddy's eyes tear up even more, but he still refuses to utter a word to his father.

"Still nothing to say, Hu?... Well then, I guess you are 'officially' punished. Until you decide to talk again or apologize to your mother and Phoebe, you will stay in your bedroom, period. Do you understand me boy?"

His son's silence only exasperated Christian more. Since Teddy mostly pretended not to listen to him, he decided to leave his bedroom and got up to do so, leaving behind a sulking, stubborn boy behind. As he passed the door, he heard the sorrow in his voice as Teddy finally decided to speak.

"How come Mom said you gonna get rid of me?"

Christian whirled around in shock. "What, when did she say that?"

"The other day, I heard her...and you."

"Teddy, no, your mother and I would never say anything like that at all."

"Uh-huh, I heard Mom say I was easy to get rid of, and then you could make another boy. You said you wanted another boy."

"Teddy, son, you must have heard wrong. You mother would never say that, she did not say it son, I swear it!"

"But I heard you too..." The sorrow in his voice was too much for Christian to handle, he could not bear to see his son hurt that way. His own anger all for forgotten.

"Teddy, come here son, come here." He slowly walked over to his son and kneeled right next to him, helping him to his feet. He tenderly embraced his son and kissed him on his checks and forehead. The gesture brought the waterworks from his son, no longer holding back his grief.

"Son, don't cry, not you too. Is that what you thought? Did you really think that your mommy and I were planning to get rid of you just to get another boy?"

Teddy could only nod his answer and he wept in his father's arms.

"Teddy, my boy, you are so wrong, so wrong."

"I, I am...?" A sobbing boy looked up to his father for an answer.

"Yes, Teddy, Mommy and I would never, ever get rid of you, never. We both love you so much."

"You both love me?"

"Yes Teddy, of course we do. We love you very much and would never even think about getting rid of you. You are our first born, our first boy, you are Mommy's pride and joy."

"But daddy, I heard mommy say..."

"Teddy, you only heard part of a conversation your mom and I had, you did not hear the full story. You misunderstood what you mom and I were talking about."

"Uh, you mean you're not giving me away for another boy?"

"God no Teddy, never. Listen son, you and I will have a talk about the conversation you heard me and mommy having, and I will explain everything to you. And that's a promise, but first, there is a very sad mommy downstairs because she thinks her son hates her. Do you Teddy; do you really hate your mom?"

"No, no I don't daddy.' He all but whispers.

"Okay, then you know what to do. Come, Mommy is waiting for you to tell her how much you love her, and how you are so very sorry for hurting her."



"Mr. Grey, you know we can't right now, the kids, they can walk in on us any moment."

"Ana, Teddy's too engrossed on that bird thing, whatever game on his lap top, and Sophie has Phoebe out by the gazebo. They won't even notice us if we disappear for a while."

"Honesty Mr. Grey, pouting does not suit you. We already had our little fun this morning, and you are nothing short of insatiable Christian. I know you want to try for another baby soon, but between work, family obligations and taking care of two kids, we are just going to have to start making appointments if you want to get kinky during the day."

"Fine, I get it, the kids get in the way of my devious plans. But you know we could bribe Sophie into taking care of Phoebe for a few hours today; you know Gail will keep an eye on her as well."

"Honestly, you and your bribes Christian."

"Oh God, don't roll those eyes Mrs. Grey, you know what that does to me."

"Oh baby, but what about Teddy, someone will need to keep him occupied, you know he will be looking for you in just a short while. He demands your full attention when you're home. He loves spending all his time with you; I'm starting to get jealous, you know."

"I know, we can drop him off at Elliot's for a while, Lord knows why but he enjoys spending time with his uncle, he says he makes him laugh."

"Christian, this is just so wrong, us trying to get rid of our kids, especially Teddy so that you can spend some time alone in our playroom again."


"Christian, I know you want to try for another boy again, but if it's meant to be, then it will happen. What kind of parents are we trying to get rid of our boy just to go have kinky sex to try to have another boy?"

"The desperate kind, who constantly get interrupted by their first born every time we get horny!"

"Mr. Grey, I know patience is not one of your strongest virtues, but you'll just have to suck it up. I will call Grace and plan with her to drop off the kids tomorrow for a visit, then we can spend a whole day together. Please love, can you just wait one more day? For me, please?"

"Fine, but tomorrow, just you and me, no Phoebe, no Teddy, just you and me baby. I can't wait to get you alone and..."

End of Flashback...

Anastasia is sitting with Phoebe on her lap in the family room. She is still upset and concerned about her son's earlier antics. Teddy is a very loving son, always eager to please his parents, so his actions and declarations towards her had caused her great sorrow. She is not paying attention to the movie, lost in thought, so she does not notice that Christian has entered the room along with their sad looking boy.

"Ana, I have someone here who has something to say to you."

Mrs. Taylor quickly gets up and motions for Sophie to follow her out of the family room.

Anastasia slowly gets up as Christian approaches her, taking Phoebe from her arms.

"Daddy, you home daddy!"

"Yes my princess, I'm home. Sorry I missed you earlier." He receives giggles in return for kisses planted on her rosy cheeks.

Anastasia stands facing her son, who is yet to look her in the eye, as he stares at the floor.

"Teddy, go ahead son, its okay."

The flood gates open. "I'm s...sorry mommy, I didn't mean it, I don't hate you mommy, I'm sorry..."

She does not allow her son to continue, Anastasia all but runs to him and scoops him up as best as she can and embraces him so hard almost taking his breath away.

"Oh Teddy, my beautiful, loving boy is back, my boy, my Teddy!" She kissed him everywhere in the face; his cheeks, his nose, forehead, everywhere, all the while whipping his tears away.

"Mommy, I'm sorry, I got mad. I didn't mean to make you cry, I'm sorry I was mean."

"Teddy baby, why were you mad about? Tell me honey, I promise I won't get mad at you. You can always tell me everything, you can tell us both." She had not noticed that she was now kneeling on the floor holding on to her little boy for dear life.

Theodore seems to hesitate as he turns to look at his father for guidance, and in turn receives a nod as if to assure him to continue.

"I got mad because I heard you say to daddy that you were gonna get rid of me, cos you want another boy." His lips quivered as he tried to wipe his own tears.

"What? When? Teddy, I...!"

She looks to Christian in confusion, in return he mouths 'I will tell you later', low enough that only she can hear.

"No baby, never, I would never, ever say that, you have to believe me Teddy. Is that why you were so mad at me?"


"Theodore Raymond Grey Steele, you are never, NEVER, to think that again! Your father and I would die if we didn't have you in our lives, we are your parents and we love you and your sister so much, so much that, that..."

"That what Mommy?"

Anastasia cannot help but to start laughing at her son's expression; he is pouting and frowning at the same time, confusion set on his face, the Christian Grey face.

"What's so funny mom?"

"Oh God, you look so much like your father...your...your are a Christian mini me!"

Theodore smiles, his mother's laugh is contagious, and Christian for one, is happy and relieved to see that mother and son are happy once again in each other's arms.


"Daddy, is mommy okay?

"Yes, why would you ask that?"

"Cos, she was laughing a lot at dinner, and you didn't even say anything funny."

"Teddy, your mom was laughing just because she is happy now. Happy that her son loves her back, happy because you don't hate her, just happy because she loves you so much."



"Do you and mommy still want another boy?"

Christian had to think very carefully how to answer his question, he did not want to upset his son again or give him the wrong impression. He decided on simply telling him the truth.

"Yes, Teddy, both mom and I do want to have more children later on. And you know why I would love to have another boy?"

"Why?" Teddy whispers.

"Because I love you so much, I am so proud of you Teddy, you are such a good and loving boy, that I would love to have another boy so that you too can teach everything you know. Wouldn't you want to have a younger brother that would look up to you?"

"I guess...I could teach him things?"

"Yes, you could teach him how to play soccer."

"I can do that, uncle Leliot says I have big feet made for soccer."

Christian frowns at his brother's constant remarks about Teddy's resemblance to him.

"I can also teach him how to play games; I can beat uncle Leliot on some games."

"That's my boy; your uncle Elliot is not as smart as you."

"Uhu, he tells me that you and me are smart as..."

"Teddy, what else do you think you could teach a baby brother?"

His son has to think for a minute. "I know, I can teach him how to color. I can paint and color in my books. Grandma Grace and mom say I have talent."

"You see son? There are so many good things you know, you can teach a new brother or sister."


"Yes Ted?"

"I think I want a baby brother, I already have Phoebe, and she takes my things and breaks them." Christian knows that Anastasia is right; he does look like him when he pouts.

"Teddy, she is only three, but if you tell her the right way or teach her not to take your things, she will learn from you."

"But uncle Leliot says girls never do as told, so I want a baby brother instead."

Christian scoffs; he couldn't agree more with his brother on this one.

"Tell you what Teddy, when the time comes and if it comes, you will be the first one to know if mom and I will have a baby. I promise to tell you, so then you can make a list of things you can teach your new brother or sister. Do you like the idea?"

"Yes, I can, and will you help me too dad?"

"Of course I will, count on it."



"Am I still punished?"

Christian caresses his son's cheek. "Yes, Theodore Raymond Grey, you are still punished. You know what you did was wrong, so the punishment stands. But, if you want to play a game or two, maybe I can make an exception if you let me come in and play with you?"

"Puff...okay, I guess I can."

"Now, time for bedtime, do you want me to stay and read you a story?"

"Yep, you never finished the one about the Wimpy Kid."

"Okay then, Wimpy Kid it is."

Hours later...

Anastasia had fallen asleep waiting for Christian to get back from Teddy's room. She wakes up at 1:30 am and realizes that her husband had not even gotten into bed. She gets up and heads straight to Teddy's bedroom, and what she sees as she opens the door brings tears to her eyes.

Christian had obviously fallen asleep while reading to Teddy. He lays on his back, with his long, right leg dangling to the side of the bed. Teddy lies completely on top of him, with the left side of his face pressed against his father's chest. Christian has his left arm around his little boy, while his right hand lies behind his head, just over the pillow. You can hear soft snores coming from both of them. Christian's face has peaceful look to it, you could almost see a faint smile.

Anastasia slowly and quietly takes and adjusts the sheet and divot over them, careful not to wake them up. With happy tears still in her eyes, she quietly leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

Christian Trevelyan Grey and Theodore Raymond Grey Steele, loving father and son, both slept a peaceful sleep, knowing well that they would wake up the next day and be there for each other.


Thank you again for taking time to read my story. I have to admit that I wrote this base on a fan fiction story I read last year, not related to the FSOG trilogy at all, but was one regarding a father and son relationship from birth through the adult years. I just borrowed a few bits, but the rest was based on family experiences. I hope you enjoyed.

Will try to finish my next chapter soon. XOXO