"This is speech"

'These are thoughts'

It all started when Natsu just had to get into his usual argument with Gray. "Stripping pansy!", "hotheaded nuisance!", and around it went. Lucy and Happy watched with bored expressions, Erza was out on a quest, and the rest of the guild appeared gone as well. Other than Juvia, still swooning over Gray and cheering him on, the other members were all either away on jobs, or just hanging around quietly. Wakaba and Macao were talking, Nab standing at the board, Mira behind the bar…but it was just too…normal…without the bulk of their members.

"Natsu, come here! There's something important we need to discuss", yelled Makarov from the bar. "What is it Gramps? I'm busy here!" yelled Natsu, throwing a left hook before jumping back.

"Just come here already Natsu, it's an…an extremely important job I have for you." With many raised eyebrows, Natsu followed the Master into his office, in an excited frenzy to prove himself. Shutting the door behind them, Makarov motioned for him to take a seat.

"So what is it Gramps, do I need to go save a town from a huge monster? Or a new dark guild is in town and need to be taught a lesson! Or…"

"BE QUIET" shouted Makarov, "and let me speak! You see…the First needs a companion to escort her around Magnolia."

"But isn't she a spirit? What does she need protection from?" asked Natsu, a confused frown on his face. Makarov mentally facepalmed. Why, of all times, does Natsu have to say something intelligent now? "Look, don't question it. And you weren't my first choice, either; Gildartz is still out traveling, Erza and Laxus are busy, and Mira has her bar job. Protecting the First is imperative, so…"

"Oh please Third!" Mavis moaned, floating through the wall with a pouty face, "I specifically picked him! You insisted I choose a strong mage, and why would I want to go spend the day with a pervert, someone extremely serious, or your obnoxious grandson, who told you he was leaving so I couldn't pick him!"

As Makarov sweated profusely at her remarks, he couldn't help but be in a state of confusion and wonder. 'Mavis wants Natsu to accompany her while she looks around to see how Magnolia has changed? Why him, of all the other sensible and responsible mages in this guild? She picks the one person most likely to screw up such a simple request!' "I just want Natsu to remember not to destroy anything".

Natsu sweatdropped at the honest comment. "I promise not to use magic unless I have to!", his look changing to a wide grin in milliseconds. Mavis's eyes continued to bore into Makarov, somewhat unnerving him. 'Hurry up Third, it's time we left already. Or am I going to be forced to employ more direct measures?'

"Fine, fine!" Makarov began hastily. "Just be careful!" 'And don't mess this up Natsu. I have no idea what she's planning, but if you make her angry, her wrath will be scarier than Erza and Mira when they found my magazines!'

The pair traveled along, Mavis taking in all the new buildings and shops.

"This place is just about the most boring in the city First! Don't you want to go see me fight or something?" Natsu didn't notice the smirk Mavis was trying to hide. "When I said I wanted to see more of how Magnolia changed, I was being serious Natsu. And don't call me First please." As they made their way through the food markets (Mavis floating next to him, still invisible to everyone outside of Fairy Tail), the smell of fish reminded Natsu that Happy was with Charle at the moment. The Exceed had made up his mind to spend more time with her, although the rest of the guild realized it was a lot closer to just following her everywhere.

"So Natsu, how is your search for Igneel coming?" Mavis asked, trying to see if he had any clues of the truth. With a downcast face, he relayed the same words he had started to repeat every time someone asked; "All the leads have always been false rumors. No change since".

'Sorry, but I had to check. Not even a fragment though.' "Come this way" she spoke with a smile, wandering to a more reclusive part of Magnolia, towards the docks.

"Fi– um, Miss Mavis, what are those wings coming from your head?" She giggled in a cute fashion. "Mavis, not Miss Mavis. These were a gift from a very close friend of mine, many years ago. Do you like them?" He simply nodded. 'If only you knew, you would laugh at your own questions Natsu.'

The ocean came into view. Few people were out around this area, other than sailors on maintenance work or travelers. "There's nothing over here besides the ships and houses."

They came to grassy flat with a slight overlook on the scene. Mavis turned to him, her demeanor more relaxed. "But the view is beautiful. It brings a peaceful feeling, a sense of tranquility. Don't tell me all you ever think of is fighting?" She swore there was the slightest tinge of pink on his cheeks. "No, but not much else matters, right? Protecting your nakama, defending who needs help, it all comes down to who can pull through and win the fight" 'Of course, fighting to survive and solve your problems is as instinctual as it gets. What else would a blank slate learn from a dragon?' "Sometimes. But not always. I believe a better word, however, would be compassion". The slightly mysterious answer brought silence, which was, for one, surprisingly blissful, the other, warmly reminiscent.

"WHAT? There is absolutely no way Flame Brain is on a date with the first master of Fairy Tail!" Gray roared. "She's a spirit. And this is Natsu we're talking about; you're seriously trying to tell us he made a move on a spirit, the very first master of the number one guild in Fiore, a little girl!?" Gildartz couldn't suppress his laughter. "Natsu finally manned up, just admit it! What a great present to make me proud on my return". Disbelief followed every sound from his mouth. "Okay you are all probably right, I'm just letting you know what I saw, I'm sure there's really a good reason for it. They were just sitting together by the docks, staring into the distance. Silent. And content. Not even remotely romantic." Makarov struggled to contain his mirth, observing dozens of gaping mouths, wide eyes, and a fainting Mira. He knew it was all in jest (this was Natsu, he reasoned), but at least the First's confusing request had brought some amusement.

A quarter mile away, a certain mage was doing a vast amount of thinking compared to normal. 'A day without training or a good fight and I'm not even disappointed? Too bad it went so quick though, I could have sworn it was still bright when we left the shops area'.

Almost on cue to the discussion in the guild, the members in question entered several minutes later. Mira squealed, while Gray went about insulting him. How else was he to get the idea that Natsu had a successful date before him? "Took you long enough squinty eyed punk, did you get lost in the town you live in or what?" Sparks shot off and the two were head to head already.

Mavis smirked from her new position across the room as she observed Natsu and the ice mage resume their fighting. He might not remember how things were decades and decades ago, but he certainly made her feel the same. 'I'll just keep spending more time with him…until he can remember what we once had'. Makarov looked over, concerned at the now gentle, content smile on her face. What sort of weird scheme would she plan next? 'At least she's happy', a slight smile forming on his lips as well.


So, I noticed a distinct lack of NatsuxMavis stories, and decided to write a little oneshot on it. The pairing might be a bit weird/unusual, but I think it would be possible in canon considering Zeref appears to know Natsu, and his age was suggested to be very old in the fighting festival arc, with Fried's runes. Who's to say he didn't know Mavis as well, and his memories are just all jumbled? Also, I have a suspicion she knows a whole bunch more than she's telling. The wonders of fanfiction :) Many thanks to Kuroyagi for inspiring me to make this, with his amazing stories!

Please let me know if it was a decent oneshot or how to improve it, and thanks for reading.