I can't remember when I wrote this story. It was some time early in 2012. Enjoy.

The Julies were having an exciting day at Larkhall. It was David's daughter's 15h birthday and they were ordering some special gold jewellery. It arrived and the Julies' locked it away in their secret compartment while Tina looked greedily at it.

Later on, someone went into the Julies' room and munched away at the lock, and they took the jewels.

Tina said to the Julies, "Wow Julies, I ain't never seen so much gold in here before."

Julie S said "Well we think it's really special for my grand-daughter to have them. I'm going to send it to her tomorrow for her birthday."

Tina said "I wish I had jewels."

The next morning, the Julies screamed down the prison. "Someone stole our jewels!"

Helen said, "Are you sure you didn't lock them away?"

Julie pointed. "Look, someone broke it!"

Helen talked to everyone on G-Wing. "Someone stole something really precious from the Julies for their grandchild. Can anyone tell me who stole the Julies' jewelleries?"

Snowball asked, "The Julies' what?"

Helen said, "The Julies' Jewelleries."

"The Julies' what?" Snowball repeated.

"OH WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP!" said Helen.

Darlene said, "Why no ask Nora! After all, she stole Crystal's crystals?"

Nora said, "OH BE QUIET!" Why would I wanna steal her jewellery if I get out tomorrow? Ask Tina, I did see her licking her lips yesterday."

Everyone looked at Tina, who was sobbing. "It wasn't me." But a piece of gold spit flew out of her mouth.

The Julies gasped. "So it was you!" Tina got taken down the block and Nora smirked.

The following day, when Nora was about to be released, she needed to piss. Al was watching her. Nora looked pained as she pissed.

Al quickly ran to the Julies' room. A few minutes later, Al, the Julies and Helen came in to see Nora excruciatingly pissing the jewellery.

Helen gasped and pulled all the jewellery out. Nora sighed relievingly while the Julies hit her with their handbag. "We should have known that you framed Tina by giving her a gold sweet wrapper to eat."

Al punched Nora in the face and Nora sobbed, because she thought that she would get away with thieving this time. She really gained a longer sentence.

Which was all over by the time Tina went to her and kicked her tits off.