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It was early morning in St. Michael's All Girl Academy. Students drizzled in as the morning bell grew closer and closer. Thoughts of overdue assignments, homework and other such trials and tribulations academia holds filled their heads. In a nearby secluded bush however, two students of St. Michael's had something different in mind this morning.

"M-Mai," the blonde tsundere whimpered, "that's enough, you'll make us late."

"Don't worry Reo" Mai smiled, "It'll be fine."

"N-No, someone will see." Reo tried to protest but to no avail, Mai wasn't even listening. Reo shivered with delight as Mai kissed her neck, Reo gave up fighting and enjoyed her dark-haired lover's embrace. Reo felt Mai's hand slide up her skirt and tensed with anticipation until she heard leaves rustling nearby. Reo pushed Mai off her and scanned the area.

"Eh?" Mai groaned, "We were just starting to get somewhere.."

"Mai you idiot!" Reo frantically buttoned her blouse, "someone's watching!"

"It was just a bird, let's keep going." Mai reached to pull her blouse back open but Reo pushed her hand away.

"No!" Reo snapped , "You are such a pervert." Mai took the hint; fun's over, and it was just getting good...

She pulled Reo to her feet and started brushing the grass and leaves off the tsundere's school uniform. Mai tried to feel up Reo's butt as well, Which Reo realised too early and slapped her.

"Ow.." Mai sobbed while rubbing her cheek, "you didn't have to slap me.."

"Dummy!" Mai shouted, " we're gonna be late for school!"

Mai smiled warmly and held Reo tight, "I love you."

"M-Mai.. I love you.." Reo's cheeks turned bright red, "s-stop, someone will see.." Reo breathed in Mai's scent and felt her heart melt. Reo always says that cuddling was embarrassing, when really there's no place she'd rather be.

"Don't worry Reo," Mai sighed, stroking Reo's hair, "no one comes here."

"So why did you bring me here?" Reo mused, "What's so important that you had to drag me down here this early?"

Mai froze, she thought Reo would've forgotten that by now. Reo sensed something wrong, trying to read Mai's face.

She's going to find out. Maybe? Maybe she wont.

Reo's brow creased, "Mai? you idiot! Answer me!"

Say something!


"Did you drag me down here just so we could do pervy things before school.."

hmm.. I wonder..

Reo growled impatiently.

"Umm.. Well.."

Mai dashed away as fast as she could, she had no intentions of getting slapped again. Her lover's screams of rage echoed behind her.

When Mai reached school she smiled feeling a deep sense of satisfaction. I am so gonna suffer for this later.

Mai turned back but Reo was nowhere to be seen. Mai was just about to go back for her but the school bell went off.

I'm sorry Reo Mai thought to herself and started toward class.