one day bambee was walking around the forest because hes the prince and shit and can do whatever the fuck he wants. simba was there also.
He was looking for his friend thumper. he looked for the rabbit but instead found another type of rabbit.
he opened the magazine, full of naked ladies, and his antlters became erect. "woah das hot" he thought and pooped a little.
then he went back home.
bambee was tired, and he decided to get some sleep. so he passed out in front of the couch on the tv. he was stone cold drunk.
when he woke up the forest was on fire
"bambee wat the fuck you do?" said his father
"Sorry dad"
"das ok i love you still" and they pranced off into the fire.

then frollo appeared and was like "HELLFIRE! THIS BURNING DESIRE!" and fell on his giant nose. bambee came up to him and started eating his dress.
"good morning quasimodo" cried the archdeacon, then bambee forgot the forest was on fire and had to actually do something. he ran over to the lake but he saw his reflection in the water and thought he was pretty hot stuff.
"bambee ermahgod stop das gay!" yelled his father "you have to put out the fire!"
"but i is only a deer" said bambi i mean bambee.
"Then you must take this!" his father flung him a sword and he picked it up and yelled "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!"


then bambee saved the forest by pushing it somewhere else.