I don't remember when I wrote this. It's a parody of Mean Girls, called Jeans Girls, because they wear jeans.

Jady Keron was finally going to school.

"Here's your punch!" said her mother.

"Make new trends," said her father.

Jady went to school and saw a girl. "Hi, I'm Jady Keron. I'm new here."

"Talk to me again and I'll kick your jeans!"

Two people laughed. "I'm Jeanis Ian."

"And I'm Jeanien."

They became friends and Jady was going to sit with them at lunch when a boy talked to Jady. "I'm Jeanson. Do you want your jeans buttered?"

A girl interrupted. "Would you swap jeans with him?"

"No," replied Jady.

"Sit with us. We are the elastics, because we wear a lot of stretchy jeans. Geddit? Hee hee hee. I'm Rejeana, spelt R-E-J-E-A-N-A."

A stupid girl said "I'm Jean-Karen. Can you tell me how to spell Denim? Cos that's my surname."

A big-headed one said, "I'm Gretch-Jean. I know everything about your jeans."

Jady said, "I'm Jady."

"Hi Jodie," said Jean-Karen.

"It's Jady."

"OK Jodie." said Jean Karen.

Jady said "My parents are out. So let's have a party."

Rejeana said "OK, we'll come but there are rules. Denim on Monday, Calvin Klein on Tuesdays, and you can only wear jeans once a week... So I guess you picked today."

"But if you're the elastics, how can you wear jeans once a week?" asked Jady.

"Well," explained Gretch-Jean. "It's not only trousers, we have Jeans jackets, hat and scarves. Also Jeans purses."

At Jady's party, she forgot to invite Jeanien and Jeanis.

"You're long stretchy rubber elastic. You're a Jeans girls, your clothes need a stitch!" shouted Jeanis.

The people started leaving.

"This home is boring," said Rejeana.

"Jeans are so yesterday." She took off her jeans and Jady died of embarrassment.

How was it?