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So this is the first chapter of my "Kurt in an abusive relationship with someone not Blaine," I hope you like it. Please give it a chance! First chapter or 2 not much will happen because I don't want to jump into things quickly and ruin the story!

So here's my new new fic!

Love The Way You Lie – Chapter 1

Blaine had just left the Lima Bean because of an emergency at home. Their trip to the Lima Bean today was tense and awkard. Kurt told Blaine that he thought Blaine was going to sing to him on Valentines Day, and how Kurt has feelings for Blaine. But Blaine brushed him off. He said he wasn't a very good romantic. Says the one who sang a love song to a guy for Valentines Day…

"Need a refill?" a voice came from above. Kurt looked up and saw a boy wearing a Dalton Blazer with two cups of coffee in hand. He was cute. He had brown hair that was a little bit shaggy, but was sprayed to the side of his face, his dark brown eyes looked like dark chocolate, and his skin was slightly tanned.

"How do I know it's not drugged?" Kurt said playfully. "You hear what they say on the news nowadays."

"What? No I assure you, it's just plain Non Fat Mocha. Now, you can take it, or I could feed the bin over there, it looks a little full, but I'm sure one more cup of coffee wouldn't hurt," the boy said seriously.

Kurt laughed out loud, and took the coffee cup, thanking the boy. He took a hesitant sip, and when the flavour of the mocha hit his throat, he sighed in content.

"I'm Jake, Jake Humphreys." Jake said, extending his hand in front of Kurt.

"Kurt," Kurt introduced, shaking Jake's hand.

"Well Kurt, I hope to see you around," Jake said, winking, before walking out of the Lima Bean.

Kurt sat there in shock for a few minutes; did a guy really just talk to him? Scratch that. A cute guy?

Kurt was grinning like an idiot. He heard his phone beep and saw that it was a text from Wes, reminding him of Warblers practice in 30 minutes.

They were hosting a mini concert in Breadstick's at the weekend on Valentines Day. As Kurt was still single, he wasn't particularly looking forward to it. But when he found out he could invite his friends from New Directions, he jumped at the chance.

Kurt picked up his things and made his way to Dalton. He had a song to perfect.

The final notes of Silly Love Song's played out, and the whole room applauded into applause. Kurt bowed in time with the Warblers (as Wes told them to), before he could get down from the stage and meet Rachel and Mercedes. He was even surprised to see Santana and Puck there.

When he got down from the stage, he spotted Rachel in the crowd. He made his way to her direction when he bumped into a tall boy.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorr-"

Kurt looked up and came face to face with Jake.

"Jake? Hey! What are you doing here?" Kurt asked.

"Cameron and Michael invited me! I didn't know you were in the Warblers?" He said excitedly.

"Oh yeah of course I am! Your not?" Kurt inquired.

"No! No way, a cat could do a better job than I could," Jake joked, causing Kurt to burst out laughing.

"Anyway, I – oh." Kurt looked around and saw that the restaurant was almost cleared of his friends, including Rachel and Mercedes. He looked outside the window and saw their cars were missing. So much for spending Valentines Day together. Even most of the Warblers had left, including Blaine.

Jake looked at Kurt, who looked like he could do with some serious cheering up.

"Hey, have you got any plans for the rest of the night?" Jake asked.

"Well, I was supposed to go to my friends house for a sleepover to celebrate Single Awareness Day, but it looks like I've been left out, so I was going to go home, crack open the Ben and Jerry's, and watching a few gory films. You?"

"More or less the same. I was thinking, how would you like to spend the night with me here? We can get dinner, and then go for a walk." Jake saw the confused look on Kurt's face, "as friends." He cleared up.

Kurt thought about this for a moment. Dinner with a new friend? What could be the harm of doing that?

"Sure! Where shall we sit?" Kurt said, nodding at Jake to lead the way.

Jake beamed at him, grabbed Kurt by the wrist, and led him to a booth where not many people were in eye sight.

"Is this okay?" Jake asked hesitantly, and Kurt nodded.

The waitress came a few short moments later and took their drinks order. She then left to get their drinks and wait for them to look over the menu.

"So Kurt, why haven't I seen you around Dalton?" Jake asked, putting his menu down to look at Kurt.

"I only moved here just before Christmas from McKinley High School in Lima, there's a few, let's say, bad memories there." Kurt said, still looking through the menu.

"If you don't mind me asking, which I don't mind if you brush it off, but can I ask why?" Jake asked.

Kurt sighed and placed the menu down gently on the table.

"I've always been bullied for being gay, and for being in glee club at my old school. But there was this one jock that made it his mission to make my life a living hell. He threatened my life if I ever told anyone tha-" Kurt paused, realising what he was about to say. "That, he was picking me," Kurt saved.

"Shit, that sucks, I'm sorry. I wish I could say I had the same story as you, but I started out at Dalton since sophomore year, and no one has said a word about me being gay."

They paused their conversation as the waitress came back with their drinks, and took down their orders. When the waitress left, the questions began again.

"How old are you Kurt?" Jake asked.

Kurt quickly took a sip of his Diet Coke before answering Jake.

"I'll be 18 in May. You?"

"I'll be 19 next month," Jake said.

"So you're a senior? Have you thought about college yet?" Kurt asked.

"Nah, I'm not sure it's for me. I want to travel instead," Jake said, taking a sip from his Lemonade.

"I'm desperate to go to New York."

"Really? That's so cool! I went there a few years back with my family on vacation!" Jake said.

Kurt's face lit up when Jake told him about the adventures he got up to in New York, they were so into their conversation that they hadn't even realised the waitress had brought their food.

When they had finished, Kurt reached into his bag for his wallet, but was stopped when Jake gave the money straight to the waitress, and told her to keep the change.

"You didn't have to, but thank you," Kurt said shyly.

"No problem, would you like to come for a walk with me?" Jake asked.

"Actually, it's getting pretty late, and my dad will be wondering where I am, and Finn took my Navigator, so I'm going to have to walk home-"

"Woah woah, Kurt I'll drive you home." Jake said.

"Are you sure? You don't have to, I could use the exercise-"

"Kurt, shush. Follow me to my car." Jake stopped at what he had just said. "In a non creepy way," he said awkwardly.

Kurt laughed again, and gathered his things.

On the way back home, they both continued to talk about complete nonsense, until they reached the front of Kurt's house. Jake stopped the car and turned in his seat to face Kurt.

"I had a really great night tonight Kurt, I hope we can do it again sometime."

Kurt looked in Jake's eyes, he didn't see lies or joking in them, he saw kindness and for some reason love. Maybe the last part was a mistake.

"I agree, I'd love to see you again Jake, thank you for dinner." Kurt said awkwardly.

Kurt watched as Jake leaned in, about to kiss him, but Kurt moved his head to the side so Jake ended up kissing his cheek instead. Both boys blushed.

"I'm one of those sappy romantics, I want my real first kiss to be magical," Kurt said. "I'll see you Monday!" Kurt said, opening the car door.

"Wait Kurt!" Jake called before Kurt shut the door. Kurt watched as Jake dug into his blazer pocket and handed Kurt a napkin. Kurt looked down at the napkin in confusion, then saw that there was a cell phone number written on it.

"Text me sometime this weekend?" Jake asked cheekily.

Kurt rolled his eyebrows playfully, then shut the door. He ran up the patio steps and reached into his bag for the keys. When he opened the door he waved goodbye to Jake. Kurt watched as Jake drove away before entering the house. When he walked into the living room, he saw his dad and Finn sitting on the sofa watching some game.

"Oh my God Kurt! I'm so sorry I forgot I was your ride home! I'm so, so sorry!" Finn yelled when he saw Kurt.

"Relax Finn, its fine." Kurt said coolly.

"Dude, you had to walk home! That's long." Finn said in shock.

"Okay, first, it's a 20 minute walk. And two, I stayed at Breadsticks," Kurt said, sitting down on the armchair on the opposite side of the room.

"By yourself? That's tragic…" Finn said sadly.

"No actually, with a guy," Kurt said cautiously.

This seemed to gain Burt's attention. "WHAT?"

"Never mind, I'm off to bed. Night night!" Kurt called, before heading up the stairs.

"We'll talk tomorrow kid!" Kurt heard his dad shout from downstairs. Kurt chuckled in response.

Kurt shut the door behind him and collapsed onto his bed. He got his phone out and saved the number on his phone. He then got bored and started to text the number.

To: Jake

Hi! It's Kurt! Here's my number! Anyways, I'm off to sleep. Night! :) x

Kurt decided to check his other messages.

From: Rachel

Kurt! I'm so sorry honey! We'll definitely make it up to you! Xxxxxxxx

From: Mercedes

We're sorry boo, we're the worst friends ever! Love you xoxo

From: Finn

Wer r u dude?

From Blaine:

Hey, where did you go after the concert? I couldn't find you. – B x

Kurt was a little sad that Blaine hadn't even noticed that Kurt wasn't with him after the concert, and that Rachel, Mercedes and Finn forgot about him. But Kurt had to remember that he had a great night instead.

Kurt's phone beeped again; when he pulled it out he read the message.

From: Jake

No problem! Can't wait to see you Monday. Night beautiful. Jake xxxx

Kurt fell asleep with a smile on his face for the first time in months that night.

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