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The Going Merry had docked at the shores of a small island that seemed uninhabited. The crew did not have much hope of finding anything but fruit, and maybe plants Chopper could use for medicinal purposes. The crew, however, first had to find out if no other ships had anchored besides theirs. They split up into two groups which would circle the island along the beach in opposite directions and would meet up again on the other side. Robin and Chopper set off to the right with Luffy trailing behind. Zoro, Nami and Sanji formed a group and set off to the left. Usopp happily remained on board to watch the ship. Nami's group walked silently along the edge of the woods, staying as close to the trees as possible in the event they needed to take cover if they spotted any other visitors. The island was beautiful and peaceful and the trees carried generous amounts of fruit they could collect.

Sanji sighed at the utter bliss of sharing this heavenly paradise with Nami and had to express his feelings to the navigator next to him. He moved closer to her side. "Nami-san, it is wonderful walking with you in such beautiful surroundings." he reflected, sweetly.

Zoro, who was walking on Nami's other side pulled a face as he looked over at the two.

"Thank you, Sanji-kun," Nami responded in a respectful tone.

"Maybe we could go for a swim later," the cook suggested with hope.

"Maybe," Nami said, not sounding too interested.

"Or you could sunbathe," Sanji added, trying to get somewhere with his ideas. "And I could apply suntan lotion on to your beautiful skin." He exhaled slowly and his eye turned into a heart as he looked down at the navigator with hunger. He wet his dry lips with his tongue, breathless at the thought of protecting her soft skin. The blonde's face was just inches from Nami's ear and she could feel his breath on her skin. His drooling made her stomach turn unpleasantly and she stopped in her tracks. Sanji, whose body was practically attached to hers at the moment, followed her move. Nami wanted to nip this in the bud. But this time instead of yelling or pounding him on the head she turned to him — slowly.

Zoro, who had also stopped, recognised she was up to something.

"Sanji-kun," Nami said, not sweetly, but seductively. Sanji's mouth gaped open and his heart eye stared.

"Hai, Nami-san?" he asked with anticipation. Nami moved into him, placing her hands on to his chest and pushing her hips as much against him as his body could take because the cook's body felt a little unsteady and she thought he might collapse with weakness.

Zoro pulled a face again in disgust at the woman's actions. He heard the stupid cook inhale but didn't exhale and he wondered afterwards if he had just stopped breathing altogether.

"Do you really want to put lotion on my skin and keep me from being burned?" Nami asked, the hidden seductress emerging from the body of the conniving navigator. Her warm breath flowed on to his face. "You want to feel my soft skin?" she moved her palms up his chest and on to his neck, finally stroking behind his ear lobes with her thumbs and running her fingertips through his blonde hair.

Zoro watched as Nami's hands ran over Sanji's skin, her body meeting the cook's — hard. He had never seen her like that before. She seemed very familiar with handling a man's body. He grimaced in disgust. 'Damn woman will do anything to get her way.' And yet, the tone of her voice and her body movement was something he was finding trouble turning away from.

Her seductive lips came dangerously close to Sanji's gaping mouth but the cook made no move — not even breathing. Nami frowned and snapped back to normal mode. "Sanji-kun?" she tried to get a response but the cook seemed almost comatose.

"Ha...Ha...Ha..." Sanji struggled to get the word out to answer her questions. All he managed was to exhale erratically.

Nami raised her eyebrows and started to pull away as she didn't know what was going on with the cook. She slipped her hands off his neck and took a step back but Sanji suddenly sprang to life. Maybe it was the shock of having her body pushing against his that initially put him in a daze but the moment it pulled away he fought to have it back as if his life depended on it.

Sanji grabbed Nami's waist and pulled her hard against him, his fingers digging into her back. "Hai, Nami-san...Nami-san...Nami-san... Nami-san..." he repeated her name over and over, panting. Nami's eyes widened with horror. She turned her head to Zoro for help but the swordsman just smirked and looked away.

Try as she might, Nami couldn't pull away from Sanji's death grip. All she could do was squirm as her arms were trapped. Finally, she tried the only thing she thought might work. Nami took a deep breath. "Sanji-kun!" She yelled in her most authoritative voice. Zoro immediately recognised it as the voice that woke him out of comfortable naps so many damn times. Sanji stopped repeating her name but still clawed into her.

"Go get some baskets off the ship and collect some fruit. NOW!" she ordered.

Sanji, surprisingly, sprang back, releasing her immediately and bowed in obeisance. "Hai, Nami-san!" he exclaimed and ran back the way they had come, strangely forgetting about the sunbathing and lotion idea.

Nami sighed with relief, watching him run off and straightened her ruffled clothes.

Zoro chuckled behind her and returned to walking, hands still in his pockets. She hurried after and fell in line next to him. "Love Idiot," he said witha smirk.

Nami snorted. "Oh yeah, the great Roronoa Zoro would never fall prey to a woman's charms," she commented with sarcasm. Zoro grunted as he gave a quick, stern nod of agreement. Nami smirked at this. How could he be so sure of himself? "Really, you'd have no reaction if a woman pushed up against you?" She asked. "The feel of her body wouldn't interest you at all? You'd never have the urge to...take her? " She eyed him side-ways, really wanting to know the answer to the last part of her question.

Zoro turned his face away. Women had thrown themselves at him plenty of times and hell his body did react but he allowed himself to succumb only once. And that had only been for the sake of curiosity. As a swordsman he took the control of his body very seriously and that one time he did indulge in his desires, he ended up not liking the way his male urges overtook all sanity and reason. And so, he had decided to never allow himself to lose control again. Zoro tsked at her question. "I don't have time for such nonsense. That stupid cook is too weak for his own good."

Nami rolled her eyes. His arrogance was astounding. She had to test his theory. "So...what if I did this?" Nami quickly moved in front of him and Zoro stopped, abruptly — almost bumping into her. Nami smiled wickedly and with her tongue cheekily sticking out the side of her mouth, she gripped his open shirt and forced it down until it lay wrapped around his back and biceps, exposing most of his tanned upper body. Zoro scowled at her in disbelief. But Nami didn't give him a chance to respond — by maybe pulling the shirt back up. "And if I did this?" She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down roughly so he'd bend slightly. Zoro's chin fell on to her shoulder and she sucked his neck just below his ear. Nami held on to the back of his neck firmly with one hand while the other held on to his back. Zoro wanted to pull away but suddenly gasped at the pleasing sensations her actions were sending through him and his body inadvertently relaxed slightly.

Nami sucked and nipped behind his ear suddenly finding she had to mentally force herself to concentrate on what she was doing — and on Zoro's reaction — as she was realising just how good holding a half-naked Zoro felt. Regrettably she couldn't indulge as the swordsman might recover from his temporary distraction. With Zoro's satisfactory reaction to her attack, Nami quickly moved her lips to his shoulder and...bit there. Nami heard a groan escape from Zoro and with that roughly pushed him away.

She grinned broadly at him and shook her head. "Sheesh, you're just as weak as any other man." she was taunting him but at the same time she hoped he couldn't see any sign on her face of the affect his body had just had on her. Nami would have loved to test her theory further to see just how far he would give in to her, but she dared not go there, as her newly discovered attraction to him would become too clear. And what she had done was all about her 'attacking' him. Nami gave a teasing sigh and turned to walk again.

But Zoro, who had now recovered from the shock and the pleasure of her touch, angrily pulled his shirt back up on to his shoulders. He then lunged at her, grabbed her arm, and spun her around, violently. "Witch!" he growled, glaring at her. If she wasn't a defenceless woman he'd have gone at her with his swords. Zoro had enough fury in him at that moment to fight an enemy. All he could do, though, was grab her by the arms, which he did, and shake her.

Nami's mouth fell open in shock at what was happening. Zoro was shaking her. Where was the sense in this behaviour? After only a few shakes, Zoro felt really stupid and wished that the term 'shaking sense into someone' wasn't just a term so he wouldn't look like a complete idiot. He couldn't do it anymore and let go of her arms roughly. Nami scoffed at him. "What was that?" she asked, frowning in disbelief with a definite hint of sarcasm. She rubbed her arms where the idiot's fingers had dug into her.

Zoro was fuming. He watched her sarcastic expression. He wanted so badly to show some violence towards her but all he could do was the lame shaking. If only she was a physically worthy opponent like the stupid cook! He could have pummelled her manipulative butt. He groaned and folded his arms in frustration. She bit him, damned it! To hell with the fact that it felt good!

"If you really wanna take your anger out on me, why don't you just slap me?" she said suddenly. "Right here," Nami playfully brought her face closer and pointed at her left cheek, knowing how furious he was, and how this would just make him crazier. She loved that. "I dare you," she said, smiling. Not anywhere inside of her or deep down in her did she believe he'd actually take her up on the offer so she felt pretty cocky at how she was taunting him.

Then, suddenly...Zoro slapped her.

Not a slap that would knock her over or even cause her head to jerk to the side or even cause a physical sting...but a slap nonetheless. Nami's left hand shot up to her cheek — which pretty much felt the same as it had before Zoro's hand had made contact with it. She frowned in disbelief and looked wounded. Zoro didn't move but looked at her with a serious expression. She had given him an opening and hell he had taken it. He used his fingers tips in the slap — not his palm, but that fact didn't make him feel any better. He still felt guilty. He hoped he didn't hurt her. Nami dropped her hand from her cheek and her lips tightened. Before Zoro could comprehend what was happening...

"Bastard!" Nami shrieked and lunged at him with her fists. Zoro easily blocked her fists with his arms. It didn't take much effort so he didn't need aggression. "Hey, you told me to do it!" he defended himself.

"I didn't think you'd actually do it, moron!" she yelled, giving him one last hard punch on his bicep. Zoro barely felt it and watched her turn away and drop down on to the sand facing the sea. "Damned idiot," she muttered, sitting cross-legged.

"So you're just gonna sit here on your butt?" he hissed, impatiently sliding his hands into his pockets. She didn't respond. "Fine, then I'll go on without you."

Nami scoffed. "You can't do that, you'll get lost."

"Shut up!" Zoro responded.

"Truth hurts, huh?" she said, sarcastically.

Zoro's hands gripped on one sword and his teeth clenched. 'Just one swipe!' He wished with all his might.

Nami stood up again and dust herself off. Her anger now replaced with something else, and approached him. She stopped in front of him. Zoro took his hands from his swords and frowned down at her. What did she want now?

"All that anger just cause you can't admit you're just a man with desires." she sighed, her hands on her hips. She saw the irritation on his face and recognised that he wanted to take his anger out on her really badly. Nami loved how she had pushed him to the edge of sanity. She felt like pushing him further...

Zoro wanted to shut her up but he didn't dare shake her again. 'That was just freaking lame!' he thought, fuming at how she had turned him into a flake. All he wanted now was to overpower her. And there was only one way he could think of — one way to dominate her physically with his strength. But the only way that would ever happen was if she allowed him to touch her.

'What the hell?' he thought suddenly. He didn't want to touch her! Even so he couldn't deny her effect on his body. It had begun when she threw herself all over the cook. Seeing her like that stirred something in him, and then her attacking his neck with the wet sucking.

He came back to the present moment. Nami covered the little space between them and dared to push her body into his — the seductress taking over again. She met his eyes and saw his jaw was still clenched. Zoro kept his chin up but his eyes were watching her. He was controlling himself, not giving in to the shock at her move. She had pushed herself right up against him and all he could think of was how her soft, generous chest pushed against his chest and her belly was lightly brushing him down there.

Nami lowered her eyes to his exposed chest. Slowly and seductively she ran her finger tips across his smooth, tanned skin. She couldn't believe he allowed her to get this far. She wanted to smirk out of triumph but kept it in. Also, she was pretty much absorbed in her present activity. She moved herself away from him just enough so her hand could trail down to his firm stomach. He felt really good beneath her fingers. His body was so perfectly sculpted and she had to admire his hard work. Zoro's eyes followed her touch. He knew she liked what she saw and felt. He also noticed her breathing had increased. He deliberately chuckled out loud and Nami's eyes shot up at him in surprise. She saw the cocky grin and his gloating eyes and immediately dropped her hand from his skin.

"You're wrong," he said. "I'm not like any other man. I didn't 'take you',...did I?" Nami's lips parted in surprise. Zoro thought he saw a flash of hurt pass over her face. Nami narrowed her eyes in disdain and wanted to move away. Her plan wasn't working. He saw her starting to move away. He raised his right arm and blocked her path. Nami's chest came in contact with the inside of Zoro's strong-arm and she shot him another look. "What's wrong, Nami? Can't take your own medicine?" He looked her in the eye, evilly.

Nami felt Zoro's outstretched arm move around her back, guiding her into his chest. She tried faintly to resist — partly because she didn't want to give into him and partly because she didn't want to give in too easily — but his arm was forceful and pulled her in. She felt her chest deliciously press into his with the strength of his arm — which now tightly embraced her back. Zoro crushed her against him with a hunger that could only be fed by her succumbing to his strength. He still grinned, evilly. All he wanted was to dominate her and for the navigator to see how much he enjoyed it. Nami threw her head back to prevent her face from jamming into his neck and her lips parted as she did. Her left arm was trapped under his grip, similar to Sanji's grip on both her arms earlier, but she had no desire to escape Zoro's hold on her. Their eyes met.

Zoro saw the desire in her eyes and couldn't hold back any longer. He dove into her neck with his mouth. Nami inhaled with pleasure as the feel of his mouth on her skin sent a thrill through her body. Her lids fell closed and she felt their surroundings disappear as she drowned in the sweet pleasure of Zoro's embrace. His grip around her increased and she moved her hands on to his waist, grabbing hold of his shirt — clasping the material in her fists, needing something to claw into.

His free hand came up and stroked the middle of her back. She was very soft against him. He relished in the power he finally had over her. She didn't moan but he could hear her breathe heavy with desire and pleasure. And her body had gone limp against his. His left hand moved up on to her shoulder and he let it slide across the fabric of her sweater there and then down on to her arm, stroking the skin with his rough thumb where the sleeve ended. Nami was completely lost in his touch. She stood completely still, her grip on his shirt slackened and she breathed heavy as she concentrated on the feel of his mouth on her neck and his hand leaving her arm and drifting down her waist to finally settle on her lower back. The other arm still held her firmly, its hand pressing her into him, ensuring no possible escape. Nami felt good in his arms but he fought to keep control over his body. He refused to groan out loud and make her effect on him known. This was all about him 'attacking' her. Nami found her strength again and pushed into him, demanding satisfaction. She was enveloped by his arms now but still wanted so much more. Zoro continued to suck and nip on her neck and the warmth of his wet mouth was causing Nami's brain to go hazy.

Her fingers began to dig into Zoro's waist and her hands found their way into his open shirt, sliding over his waist and settling on his firm back. She slowly stroked his back up and down, repeatedly. Zoro involuntarily reacted to the sensation by pushing his hips against her and Nami gasped with pleasure at the feel of a firm bulge pressing against her stomach. Zoro wanted to grunt at his lack of control but still refused to make a sound. He brought his left hand up to her shoulder again and pulled her T-shirt collar aside, exposing the skin on her shoulder...

"Oiiiiiii!" Luffy's voice suddenly rang out from far away.

Zoro froze when he heard the captain's voice. He stopped what he was doing and exhaled into her neck with disappointment, his hold on her slacking. But then, his grip renewed and he carried on with sucking and nipping her neck. The group sounded too far away to clearly be able to see what he and Nami were doing...and he still had one final attack.

The other group had had more ground to cover before meeting up with them as Nami's group had come to a complete stand still. "Zorooo! Namiii!" Chopper's dainty, almost inaudible voice joined in.

"Shit," Nami muttered in a low breathless voice over Zoro's shoulder as her hazy eyes watched the small figures in the far distance coming towards them. She remained where she was though — her arms still around him, still stroking Zoro's back and holding on to the thrill of his embrace as long as she could. Zoro grinned into her neck at her cursing and her refusal to pull away. He loved that the witch craved him so badly. Finally, he dug his teeth into her shoulder...

Nami inhaled sharply at the surprise attack. Her lids closed and a moan escaped from her throat. Her nails clawed into his back and her chin pressed into his shoulder. Zoro's teeth lingered for a few seconds, allowing her to drown in the sensations it sent through her body, then he let go. Satisfied with the effects of his 'attack', he quickly pulled his body away from hers.

Zoro backed up a few steps, grinning wickedly and stopped to study her reaction. Nami felt like she'd fall over at the departure of his strong body. She feared her weak legs wouldn't support her and she'd cave in under the swordsman's cocky gaze. She glared back at him and hated how her body felt cold from the loss of so much physical contact with him and weak from the desires he had just woken up inside of her. The navigator closed her dry mouth and swallowed, trying to control her rasping breath. She longed to hold him again, but forcefully steeled herself against the need.

Nami regained her sanity and just wanted to get away from his taunting smirk. She stepped forward, shoving the swordsman aside and walked towards their oncoming crew mates. She was angry and embarrassed and Zoro knew that. He chuckled as she pushed him aside, triumphant at his dominance over her. Well, now he knew how to dominate the navigator for future reference...and he knew she'd let him. Her desire was too evident during their sensual embrace. He folded his arms across his chest, smugly.

Only problem, though, he realised suddenly and his cocky grin fell from his face...was that he had wanted her too. He had enjoyed every second of that embrace. The feel of the witch in his arms was something he had wanted to hold on to even though his prank had taken precedence. He could still feel her against him — her hands on his back, stroking. How far would they go next time he needed to take her down a peg or two, he realised. He knew there'd be a next time. One of them would certainly tick the other one off sooner or later and now they knew the feel of each other's bodies.

His frowning eyes looked over at her departing form. 'Damn woman,' He cursed. Turned out he was just like any other man and she had proven it. But no way would he ever drool over her the way that idiot cook does. NO WAY IN HELL!

Zoro's victorious 'attack' instantly shrivelled into nothing. He shoved his hands roughly into his pant's pockets and spat out profanities under his breath as he made sure to fall in line behind his future lover and follow her path towards the other group.


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