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Zoro lay alone in the quiet of the men's-quarters, his hammock lightly swaying to and fro his tanned, muscular form as a glimmer of a smile crossed his handsome features. He closed his eyes, reliving the memory of their moment in the rain...

Over the little island, the thunder continued to rumble, the rain continued to fall, drenching the ground, the trees as well as the two figures caught up in an embrace that even the threat of the atmosphere around them could not break. They kissed heatedly, their drenched clothes and hair clinging to wet skin. Zoro's hands tightly pressed against Nami's slender back, keeping her pinned to him as his lips devoured hers. Without those strong hands supporting her, Nami would probably have toppled over and collapsed on to the wet ground, her body just as weak as when he had held her in his arms on that fateful day they had taunted each other, touched one another for the first time. But this time, Zoro wouldn't be letting her go and leave her weakened and embarrassed. He couldn't.

Not one of them, not the swordsman and not the navigator would have thought anything like that would ever happen, that touching each other would spark such desire between them. But it had. It was undeniable and overwhelming. And neither of them wanted to run from it anymore.

Nami felt shaky, her limbs unsteady. She didn't know if it was because she was soaked to the bone or because of what she was doing with him – Zoro. The navigator knew that every feeling inside of him that he had tried to suppress since staying away from her had been awakened. It all flooded out into his heavy breathing, his aggressive kiss, the pressure of his hands on her back. And her own pent up desires came out as well, the kiss doing exactly what she had feared all along, the warmth of his soft, moist lips sending a heat through her, creating an excitement that she wasn't sure she could turn away from. What made it worse was every time their tongues brushed together, her head got dizzy and that excitement increased, making her lose herself further.

It wasn't long before Zoro was no longer just flirting; he sought entry, and Nami parted her lips further. Their tongues stroked and wrestled for the first time, that one long sensual kiss feeling like so much more. They were linked so desperately, feeling each other in such an urgent, erotic way and they hadn't even moved on to anything else. Nami felt her remaining physical strength leaving her to sink further into him, resulting in Zoro separating his lips from hers. "Touch me," he said through the pouring rain, his forehead settling against hers as he ignored the rain beating down on him. It seemed so long since she had last touched him, since her hands had intentionally caressed his flesh. One limp hand was lifted from his shoulder by his own hand and brought to his face. "Touch me," he said again.

Nami wanted it just as badly and nothing kept her from doing it this time. Her nails lightly ran against the skin of his cheek as her wet fingers slowly uncurled to touch him. Her hand slipped out of his grasp as she, herself, cupped his wet cheek in her palm. A long breath escaped Zoro's lips that sounded like a sigh and his arms squeezed her tighter. Something like a gasp escaped Nami as well as she felt her own relief at satisfying the both of them. Zoro grasped her hand again and wrapped his fingers around it, dragging her hand down over his jaw and across his neck, needing more of her touch. All the while his forehead was pressed to hers, his other hand, keeping her against him. Nami trembled profusely as Zoro guided her hand over his skin. It was too much - the release of the emotions of the past few days, all the pent up frustrations, flooding out, leaving her body as she no longer fought anything made her so weak. She pulled back. Zoro didn't tighten his hold on her, but allowed her the freedom to put some space between them. His forehead displayed a frown, his eyes showing confusion, concern that she was continuing the frustrating game.

But, looking at him, Nami knew there was only one place she wanted to be. And that was not the ship she had been heading to before. Surprising Zoro, the navigator threw her arms around his neck and smashed her lips into his, and Zoro embraced her, holding her tighter than before. It was the kind of thing he had wanted for what felt like such a long time, the two of them caught up in each other's arms, ignoring anything and everything to be together. He held on, eagerly accepting as Nami kissed him to make up for every time she had denied them the pleasure.

Zoro and Nami stumbled their way off the path and in-between trees, the grass wet and slippery beneath them, the tree branches serving feeble shelter from the hard rainfall. This was the best they could do. Returning to a ship loaded with crewmates would only break the spell and force them apart, and neither of them wanted that. Zoro dropped to his knees, sitting on his legs and let Nami straddle him. "This isn't safe," she said, but Zoro's lips was on hers, warming her insides, and her cold, quivering flesh, as well as the perilous danger faded to the background; everything but the need to stay close to him.

The rain fell down harder but it didn't stand between them, only making them have to break their kisses more swiftly in order to breath. Nami's hands were in his soaked hair and they were anything but tender, her lips keeping pace with his. Zoro moved to her throat, his lips, his tongue eager to trace every bit of skin while she encouraged it, her fingers slipping down his neck and over his back, her eyes closed, her breathing sharp rasps of breath. Zoro stroked her waist as she clung to his neck and kept hers exposed and open for his lips to travel over. Anywhere and everywhere was were Nami wanted to feel him. Zoro gave her what she wanted and kissed her neck up to her ear and down to her collar bone. His fingers went over her cleavage and she wanted his lips there. Nami pulled his head down, smashing his parted lips onto her wet skin. Zoro kissed and licked her flesh, gladly obeying her. An eager hand he slipped under her tank top and stroked her bare back. She was so soft and wet; the more Zoro touched of her, the more he needed to have their bodies meld together. He pressed against her back, crushing her chest to his. Their tongues resumed their battle and Nami returned his kiss with a passion, her aching need for him increasing...

Suddenly, the spell was broken by a loud rustling and cracking sound, followed by a loud whack, and they knew it to be a tree that had just fallen.

"Dammit, this isn't safe!" Zoro growled.

"Yah think?!" Nami responded, just as upset at the interruption, but flabbergasted as well. Hadn't she already said that?

Quickly, they separated and started running just after her precious sunglasses were whipped up from between the blades of grass. Somewhere nearby was another whack in the woods and a distracted Nami almost collided with a tree. The last tree she'd have to pass as they were just on the edge of the woods.

"Watch out!" Zoro yelled.

"I know!" she yelled back. Then the navigator tripped over some brush, stumbling helplessly.

"I told you to watch out!" Zoro shouted.

"What do you think I was doing!" she hissed. Zoro pulled her up by the arm and as soon as she found her feet, an embarrassed Nami jerked her arm free from his grasp. That got picked up by their captain as the two came running out of the woods and he was watching from the ship, a serious expression on his face.

"Zoro! Nami!" the navigator and the swordsman heard as they blindly ran through the pouring rain and finally got to the ship. They looked up to find their captain standing there. "Why were you guys in the woods?!" Luffy asked.

"No reason!" Nami called back. And then Luffy stretched his arms out to them.

"Luffy, no!" she and Zoro called, but their captain's arms encircled their waists, squashing their bodies together. Swiftly they were pulled up and helplessly, they went straight at Luffy. But before crashing into their captain, Zoro and Nami each, smartly shoved a hand in his face. To their relief, it worked and they landed on their feet.

"Guys, were you making peace?" Luffy asked in a muffled voice, his neck stretched backwards as they didn't remove their hands.

"Peace?" Nami asked.

"Yeah," Luffy answered. "Sanji said that Zoro was a dumb bastard and that he made you sad."

Nami was stunned. Zoro looked annoyed. "A dumb bastard, huh?" she said over his lips as the proximity between them was so close. Zoro looked at her with a frown

"Yeah, so did you make peace or should I order you to?" Luffy continued under their palms.

"What?" Zoro asked.

"We made peace!" Nami quickly answered.

"Are you sure?" Luffy asked.

"Yes!" she yelled.

"Then show me."

"Zoro, shake my hand," Nami said, releasing Luffy's face and holding out her hand.

"What? Why?" Zoro asked, looking confused but a growl came from Nami's throat which vibrated through his chest. Zoro let go of their captain's face and Luffy watched as they awkwardly shook hands over their heads as they stood stuck together.

"Good." The captain happily set them free.

The swordsman and the navigator quickly backed away from each other even though standing so close felt anything but wrong. "I need a shower," Nami said, glimpsing at Zoro before fleeing the rain. He watched her leave, but with this separation, the swordsman didn't feel upset at all.

And now, the hammock gently rocked in mid-air and the merry softly creaked all around him as Zoro lay in nothing but a towel, having shed his soaked clothes. The rain had stopped and he had no doubt that the weather would clear in an instant and the sun would shine again as if a storm had never happened. All was calm once again. Very calm. Maybe too calm? He couldn't stop thinking of her, the touch of her. Their battles were replaced by something so much better – contact. It had been worth every dumb fight they had had over the past few days. Few days. Just in a few days he had fallen. And hard. It wasn't love, but it was physical. But not just that. It was emotional as well. Otherwise, he wouldn't have behaved like a jealous idiot or felt intense rejection whenever Nami walked off with Sanji. And not complete satisfaction when she chose to be with him and not the cook. His arms holding her as Sanji had brought her chair to the beach, flashed in Zoro's mind. Nami wanted only him, and that was something that pleased Zoro greatly. So much for discipline and abstinence. Zoro was in deep, and now, after their time in the rain, he couldn't help but like it.

Nami slipped on her robe after dumping her wet clothes onto the rug. "What, Robin?" she asked, not able to take that smile any longer that quietly lingered on her raven-haired room-mate's face.

"You took some time getting back here," Robin smoothly commented from where she sat at the bar, the spot she had been when Nami had lugged her soaked, dishevelled form down the stairs.

"It wasn't long. And how would you know, Robin?" Nami mumbled and asked.

"Well, let's see. I left the galley just a minute after swordsman-san did. I saw him on the island and immediately, I came down here."

Nami swallowed.

"Did he rescue you, navigator-san?" she asked.

Nami scoffed. "I didn't need rescuing. I got out of there just fine, no thanks to him," she announced, thinking of how stupid they had both been to stay out there in that weather.

"Did you and swordsman-san have fun?" Robin asked and a thrill, thrilled its way through Nami's body at the sound of those words.

Yes! She wanted to scream, but the experienced pretender contained her excitement quite well. "If you call fun – risking our lives," she mumbled and Robin chuckled.

In his swaying hammock, the swordsman came back from his thoughts and realised he hadn't had any good naps that day. All thanks to one troublesome navigator. He yawned as just the thought of one made him so ready for a nap. Maybe he'd have one while lying there, if his wondering mind would let him, or he could have a shower after Nami finished with hers. Zoro opted for the shower. What if one of the guys came down and caught him lying there, looking stupid? The swordsman dropped out of his hammock and got a change of clothes from the closet. He carried the items over to where his swords lay on the couch against the wall. That wall he and Nami had yelled through not so long ago. "That woman," he muttered, looking at it, distracted again.

"Oi, Zoro!"

"Yeah, Luffy?" Zoro asked, pulled from his daze.

Luffy's head was dangling through the open hatch above. "We're gonna build a sandcastle on the beach!" he called.

"Okay," Zoro answered.

"Don't you wanna come help? We're gonna leave it behind in case someone else comes, and then the island won't look so boring!" He snickered.

"Maybe later," the swordsman said.


"Luffy, wait!" Zoro called.


"Is Nami done in the shower?"

"Uh yeah. I guess so. I saw her talking to Usopp a minute ago."

"Thanks." Zoro gathered his items and climbed up the mast. On deck, his head and shoulders appeared through the hatch. The deck was silent and voices could be heard in the distance, especially Luffy's and Chopper's. Zoro wondered where Nami was, not minding if he bumped into her but he was unsure of himself. What came next where the two of them were concerned? Would they just go ahead and... Zoro grimaced at his own thoughts. Just because of what had happened in the rain, didn't mean he had to go thinking about such things all the time. "Workout, I didn't have a workout since this morning," he muttered to himself. "Well, at least I had one. All I need now is a nap." He yawned again.

Zoro opened the door of the hold, latching eyes on to the hatch to the women's-quarters once inside. It was closed. In the silence of the hold, he wondered if Nami was down there. What would happen if he knocked on the trapdoor. "Whatever," he grumbled at himself and was about to open the bathroom door when that trapdoor lifted, revealing a slender, pale arm and then an orange head of hair. The door fell against the wall and the navigator stepped into the hold, carrying clothing and bathing accessories. Suddenly her shampoo bottle slipped from her grasp and fell on the floor. That plastic thud resounded in the quiet room and Nami picked up the bottle, not aware of who was standing just a few feet away. As she rose, eyes caught sight of bare feet, then they moved up tanned legs and eventually a white towel hiding from view the rest of those legs.

"Zoro," she muttered as her eyes continued their journey up his well-shaped abdomen, chest and then broad shoulders, to settle on his blank face. A blue, terry cloth robe covered her body but the belt wasn't tied very securely, and between the sagging lapels, a portion of Nami's generous chest were very visible. Zoro was frozen to the spot, a stirring happening inside of him. "I thought everyone went to build sandcastles," Nami said, gathering the lapels with one hand before securely wrapping herself in the tiny robe, suddenly feeling subconscious.

"I thought you already..." Zoro cleared his throat. "Luffy said you..."

"What?" Nami asked.

"He said you already took a bath. I thought you were done so... I was gonna take a shower."

"He was wrong, I didn't," Nami said.

"… Okay." Zoro backed away, letting her pass, and feared he'd continue hanging around there like an idiot so his items were dropped on a barrel against the wall, his boots beside it. He left the hold and closed the door.

Nami went and placed her things in the dark bathroom. She closed the door and was about to turn on the light when her back hit the door. Outside the hold, Zoro was standing exactly the same way. What happened now? They weren't playing anymore. Things had become so... mature. Now they had to be mature adults and make a decision about what came next.

On the shore of the little island, Usopp, Luffy and Chopper were discussing the building of the sandcastle. Robin smiled, watching them from her chair, her elbow on one knee and her chin resting in her palm. Glancing at the ship, she spotted Zoro as he looked over the railing. She smirked. It had not been Luffy's idea to build a sandcastle on the beach.

Zoro folded his arms as he took a peep at the goings on on the beach. Not much sand-collecting had happened yet as Usopp, Chopper and Luffy seemed to be planning things out. From the looks of things, they would be there for some time. Everyone was there, except Sanji. It still stunned him how amicable the cook had been. But Zoro didn't doubt that eventually some form of combat would take place between them. The swordsman understood that Sanji had to have a ton of anger building inside him and that it was only a matter of time before it all would spill out. And he was more than willing to give the cook the fight he'd want. Zoro started strolling across the deck. Now he was willing to duel with Sanji over Nami. He snorted, wanting to laugh at himself. "That woman," he said yet again. And then, innocently, began picturing Nami in the shower. With guilt written all over his face, Zoro stared at the door of the hold.

In the bathroom, under the steaming, soothing shower, Nami tried to keep her mind off the one she had so passionately been with not so long ago. She couldn't forget the way she had just seen him as he stood there in nothing but a towel. Zoro was beautiful. And she wanted him.

Not much time passed before Zoro, who was leaned against the door of the hold, vaguely heard the bathroom door close. He waited a courteous few seconds for Nami to go to her room before entering the hold. When inside, he couldn't help but look at that closed trapdoor again, shaking his head at himself as he opened the bathroom door. The door bumped against something.

"Hey!" an all too familiar voice yelled on the other side.

"Nami?" Zoro stepped into the bathroom and discovered he had bumped the door against her as she had stood by the basin. "Sorry. I didn't know you were still here."

"Well I am," she said, gritting her teeth. Nami was wet and wrapped in a towel, tendrils of moisture running from her hair and down her slender neck.

"I thought I heard the door close," Zoro said, and his eyes shamelessly following those bewitching drops of water flowing over her soft skin.

"I was going to leave but decided to comb my hair first," she said, running the comb through her hair and almost stopped as she noticed the look in Zoro's eyes.

Now he was looking at her hair and not liking very much what Nami was doing. He had the intense urge to see her hair messed up.

"What?" Nami said when he didn't move.

"Don't do that," he found himself saying.

"Don't do what?" she asked.

Zoro let go of the doorhandle and stepped closer. Nami's hand stopped in mid-air. "Don't... " he said, lifting his hand to her hair. Orange strands were freed from where they had neatly been combed into place. They slid down, surrounding her face, covering her neck as the combing Zoro's fingers did had the opposite effect of the real comb. Nami's lids drooped when his fingertips touch her flesh so deliciously.

"Zoro," she said, to stop him, when his actions were threatening to overwhelm her. But Zoro cupped the back of her neck with his palm and slowly, his face came closer to hers. Nami lifted her chin, unable and unwilling to pull away. Their lips met in a feathery kiss. "Zoro," she said again and her hands went to his bare shoulders, touching him softly, even though that went against why she had said his name. The swordsman stepped closer, ignoring her feeble protests, settling his arm around her waist. Their lips met again, but at Zoro's instruction, in a deeper, more urgent kiss. A dreamy haze encompassed their minds in the silence of the bathroom as their mouths moved together. If anyone came into that hold, the spell would be broken once again. But no interruptions came.

Their breathing quickened, filling the small room, their hearts thumping in their chests, their desire taking over completely. Nami let her comb fall into the bath and Zoro guided her back to the door. Quickly, he shoved it closed with his hand and sandwiched Nami in with his body. The navigator moaned, her arms around him and her fingernails digging into his back as they kissed.

Nami trailed her fingers over his shoulders and arms, his muscles rippling beneath his tanned skin as his hands moved over her waist. She kissed his neck, gasping in its warmth and his sent, touching the softness there. Zoro sighed as her palms ran down his chest to settle over his abdomen, tantalising his skin with her finger tips. He pulled her hips against his and Nami clearly felt his desire through the towel. Zoro kissed her neck, his mouth making warm, moist trails over her skin as his rough hands moved over her cloth covered back. Things were quickly heading to a point of no return as they moved together against the door and the next thing to do would be to remove the only barriers – their towels.

But through her complete dazed intoxication, Nami managed to whisper over his skin. "Not here, Zoro."

His eyes went to hers as he realised what she was implying. Mentioning the act was different than just sensually losing oneself to the act. His eyes travelled over her face. "Where?" he found himself asking as he still had her tightly wrapped in his arms, his hips pressed to hers.

Nami's eyes widened with clarity. "You'll come... down in a few minutes," she said, putting together what was about to happen between them and verbally accepting what was to happen.

Zoro had to think for a moment. Down. Down meant the women's-quarters.

He backed away from her and Nami slipped out of his arms; she grabbed her things and opened the door, making sure the coast was clear. Then she turned to him. "Zoro," she said. He looked at her and the navigator smiled a cheeky smile. "You'll clean up here, right?" she asked and fled, closing the door behind her.

Zoro frowned as he looked down at the used bath and the damp floor. Talk about ruining a moment. Special care always had to be taken when finishing up in the bathroom, as any moisture left behind would be bad for the interior of the ship. He needed to get to work. Maybe it would give his body time to calm, he thought as he looked at his towel covered midsection. "That witch," he grumbled, as she had managed to get him to clean up after her.

Nami hurried down the hatch of the women's-quarters and pulled the trapdoor closed. She dumped her stuff on the bar at the foot of the stairs then looked at the room, thinking what to do before Zoro showed up. Her bed. The futon sofa had to be opened. Just as much as the swordsman, did the navigator hate manual labour. Usually someone else, such as Robin or Sanji, or Luffy and Usopp before them, opened it for her. Nami resigned herself to having to do it herself. She smirked when she thought she could have Zoro do that as well.

Zoro, in the meantime was having great success with cleaning up the bathroom but had some inconvenience with the towel around his waist causing friction he didn't need. Then the worst thing happened. Zoro heard voices. The swordsman peeked through the glass window of the door, only then realising that he and Nami hadn't closed the little curtains. Anyone who may have looked through the window could have seen them! But back to his present predicament, Zoro saw Luffy and Usopp in the hold, searching for something. Were they done on the beach already? Then he spotted his clothes still lying on the barrel, his boots on the floor. Zoro groaned "It's Zoro's stuff," he heard Luffy say.

Down, below, Nami had moved the sofa from the wall and opened it. The navigator padded over the carpet on bare feet and went to get her bedding and pillow from the closet, and further proceeded with making the bed. Along the way, she flopped down on it. The realisation of what she and Zoro were about to do, sinking in as her mind had cleared somewhat since being in his intoxicating embrace. She had seen this coming but now it was going to happen, Nami thought about how things had changed between them in just a few days. It had all started out as nothing but a game, just her taunting his resistance, but here she was, willing to give herself to him. Soon, she and Zoro of all people would be lovers.

Up, above, in the hold, Luffy was looking to the bathroom door. Zoro quickly shifted away from the little window. Then the knock came. "Oi, Zoro, your clothes and boots are here!" Luffy called. Zoro looked down at what slightly protruded from under the towel. Nothing could be done about it, so the swordsman decided to just do it quickly. He opened the door, grabbed the boots in a flash and held them over his midsection. He made eye contact with Luffy, wondering if the captain had noticed anything, but the youth's blank eyes gave the impression that Luffy's mind was somewhere else.

"Thanks, Luffy," Zoro said, accepting the clothes as well.

Luffy, who didn't seem to have heard him, spoke. "I should have gotten Sanji to make something to snack on," he said, turning to Usopp.

The sniper was scratching in some crates they stored various items in. "Whatever, Luffy," he said.

"What are you guys doing?" Zoro asked. "You're not done building the sandcastle, are you?"

"No, we came to look for a spade," Usopp answered without turning around.

"And a bucket," Luffy added, lifting up one very used wooden bucket.

"And a bucket," repeated Usopp.

Zoro sighed. "Okay, well, I'll just be – "

"What do you think, meat sandwiches?" Luffy asked Usopp.

"We'll be working in sand, Luffy, how can you eat through that?"

Zoro left off his explanations and just pulled the door closed, his presence seemed forgotten anyway. Alone again, the swordsman wasn't keen on changing. Clothes were not needed for what he and Nami would be doing. But how long would the captain and sniper remain out there looking for a crummy spade! And Zoro didn't know what to do about his protruding problem. "… Headstands," he muttered.

Stretched out on her bed, Nami lay on her side, still wrapped in her towel. Actually, the navigator didn't quite know how to lie, whether to be seductive or just sit and wait for Zoro. Where was he anyway! Her patience was running thin as Nami was faintly fearful that Zoro would change his mind. If he wasn't going to show up then she wanted to know. Nami hurried up the stairs and lifted the trapdoor, just enough to peep through, finding Luffy and Usopp in the hold, with their backs to her as they still searched for a spade. 'Is Zoro stuck in the bathroom?' she thought to herself.

"Oh forget it, we'll just use another bucket in its place," a frustrated Usopp said and grabbed one. The sniper and captain left the hold with their buckets, and Nami waited for a sign of life to come from the bathroom.

Inside his prison, Zoro's face was very red as a lot of blood had successfully made its way there and away from his midsection. Also, unpleasant thoughts such as one cook's very course looking hairs on his legs had gotten the swordsman thinking of throwing up, instead of Nami's very desirable form which beckoned him. It hadn't been easy but he had kept his mind focused on those legs. With the exit of the two youths, Zoro immediately broke his record-breaking position. He smirked with pride and looked down at his mid-section, very pleased indeed. The swordsman took his stuff. Now, to go to the women's-quarters. Nami heard the bathroom door being unlocked and immediately dumped the trapdoor. She fled from the stairs, back to the bed and sat down, ears pricked in anticipation as she waited. Zoro would be there soon.

Zoro made sure everything was taken care of in the bathroom before opening the door to make his escape. The swordsman froze. "What the hell is going on?!" he growled, not able to contain his frustration. He hadn't even heard the cook enter the hold but there stood Sanji scratching in a crate this time. Oh how fate really seemed to be against the swordsman as he tried to get to that damned women's-quarters. He could already hear Nami yelling his head off over having her wait for him.

"Watch the yelling, lousy swordsman," Sanji said. "What's got you so riled up?" Venom dripped from the cook's voice, more so than usual. This being their first interaction since Zoro had gone off to make peace with Nami. Not knowing what had happened, or whether they had made peace, Sanji was on edge.

Zoro huffed. If he wasn't going to make it to Nami then he might as well go get dressed. "None of your business, cook," he answered, making his way to the door.

Sanji gnawed on his cigarette but then he looked at Zoro. "Why are you walking around half naked, you going crazy, marimo?" he asked, opening a crate.

"Maybe," Zoro grumbled. He lugged his boots and clothing with him as he crossed the hold, passing Sanji, his eyes going to the trapdoor of the women's-quarters as he did. Then, Zoro stopped. Sanji noticed what his eyes were focused on and he didn't like it one bit. Zoro though, didn't bother to hide where he was looking. Sanji already knew about him and Nami so what was there really to hide. To Sanji's horror, Zoro turned to the trapdoor and his sandalled feet carried him right to it.

"Where the hell are you going?" the horrified Sanji demanded, his teeth barely holding on to his burning cigarette.

"… To Nami," Zoro said, after a quiet few seconds of just standing by the trapdoor.

"Y-you... " Sanji hissed, stunned at the realisation of how far things had gone between them that Zoro would go to her, in her room, while half-naked.

Zoro raised his eyes, meeting the cook's. "She's waiting for me," he said. Sanji's teeth clench down on the cigarette. Zoro crouched, grabbing the handle of the trapdoor. He pulled it up, letting it come to rest against the wall before dropping his things, allowing them to fall down to the floor of Nami's room, all the while expecting Sanji to do something, but the cook only stood there torturing himself with the agonising picture of Zoro on the verge of joining Nami in her room. Nami's eyes widened when the door finally opened and she wondered if it really was him. Then boots and clothing fell on to her floor in an untidy mess. The navigator jumped up from the bed, ready to yell. "We'll deal with this later, cook," Zoro said. With the support of his hands, he lowered himself onto the stairs below. Tanned legs appeared in Nami's room and then the rest of Zoro as he stepped on the stairs. Sanji barely covered the crate before he fleeing the hold, saying nothing more and slamming the door behind him, while Zoro reached up and pulled shut the trapdoor.

"Zoro, why did you throw your things around like that?!" Nami demanded.

"Couldn't be helped," he said, descending the stairs.

"Where were you, anyway?" she deliberately asked, wanting to hear it from him.

"Stuck." Zoro picked up clothes from the floor and dropped them on the counter of the bar in the room. Nami smirked at how moody he looked. Being stuck in a bathroom would do that. "I have to deal with ero-cook later," he said, turning from his clothes to face her, only now finding Nami was standing in front of her prepared bed with just her towel around her.

"Sanji-kun was there?" she asked, but Zoro didn't answer. His eyes were on her, his lips parted. "You took long," she mumbled under his intense gaze as Zoro stood on one end of the room and she on the other, there, together, for only one reason.

"We're really gonna do this?" Zoro asked, getting to the point.

"… Yeah," Nami answered, looking into his eyes. There was something rather depressing about the way they faced the situation. Neither quite showing excitement but nonetheless, very determined to carry out what they had come down there for.

"Nami." Zoro walked to her with a bit of a frown. She seemed shy. Gently, he touched her chin, guiding her to face him.

"Seems we're gonna teach each other some stuff," she said.

"Huh?" Zoro responded.

"I-uh... haven't quite... done it yet," she admitted, biting her lip. It was the last, last thing Nami wanted to admit to Zoro but she had gotten herself into this mess and if she was going to give herself to him then he would have to know it would be her first time.

"You haven't?" he asked, his fingers slipping from her chin.

"… No," she admitted.

Zoro was surprised. Because of that lethal seductress side of Nami, he had always taken for granted she was 'experienced' even though somewhere in his brain, the swordsman had second guessed his own belief. With the loss she had suffered in her life, as well as the oppression at the hand of Arlong, he had wondered whether Nami would even be open to any relationship other than friendship. Seeing her as someone who wouldn't mind walking her own path. Kind of similar to himself. But that aside, Zoro burst with anger. "Then what the hell were you teasing me for!" he suddenly yelled. "You're not as experienced as you made out to be!"

Nami wasn't surprised at his ranting, but still taken aback by it. "I never said I had been with anyone before. I was just – "

"Teasing me about whether I would wanna take a woman or not!" Zoro stared at her with disbelief. "You had no business asking me anything like that in the first place!"

"Ugh," Nami scoffed, folding her arms.

"Don't scoff at me! What if I had straight out asked you if you were a virgin, Nami, would you have let me ask a question like that?!"

"Okay, so fine! I wanted to take you off your high horse!" Nami yelled, raising her voice as well.

"What's wrong if I stayed away from women, you stayed away from men!" he accused, towering over her. Nami had no arguments. She did have the habit of avoiding relationships. Never once had the former thief had a boyfriend or even a love interest. But she had flirted with many men. Many, but only for the sake of power. "You're no less uptight than I am," Zoro said and turned away.

"Fine, so we're both inexperienced," she mumbled.

"... Not exactly... " Zoro mumbled, his back still turned to her.

"What?" Nami asked, sounding and feeling like she had no air in her lungs to speak with. "You've been with a woman." The words rushed out of her before he could say anything.

"Yeah," Zoro said.

Nami went to stand in front of him, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. "What?! What happened to 'I don't bother with such things!'" she demanded, a little too aggressively, sarcastically mimicking his thick voice.

"It was just once," Zoro admitted, keeping his eyes off her.

That 'once' was something Nami wished she could immediately wipe out of existence. "No wonder you were so uptight and in denial about being weak. It's cause you had been weak before," she accused with utter distaste.

"What happened then had nothing to do with weakness, I was curious!" Zoro growled at her.

Nami laughed sarcastically, folding her arms. "I don't believe this," she said. "Are we doing this again? I'd say giving in to your curiosity was being weak. Mr uptight and honourable had a weak moment with a woman," she spat.

Zoro turned to her, fists clenched at his sides. "The hell do you know!" he yelled.

"I know that, obviously, I was better at ignoring the opposite sex than you were," she dared to say, a bitter smile forming, her eyes glowing triumphantly. Not that she felt very triumphant.

Zoro frowned. "This isn't a contest, but I haven't touched another woman since her!" he pointed out.

"Until me," Nami spelled out.

"It's not the same thing," Zoro said, surprised.

"How's it different?" she asked sarcastically.

Zoro looked like he was about to say something but held back. "To hell with this, I'm leaving. I don't have to explain myself to you."

"Fine. Get out," Nami demanded. "I can't believe what I was prepared to do with you."

"Shut up!" Zoro yelled, storming up the stairs with his untidy bundle of items and pushing open the trapdoor.

"Liar!" Nami called out and he froze.

"The hell did you call me?" he asked, looking down at her.

"Liar," Nami repeated, her breathing heavy.

Zoro let go of the trapdoor and it fell shut. "I never lied to you," he said.

"You let me think something other than the truth."

"It wasn't important; you didn't need to know that. Hell, you didn't need to know anything. It's none of your business!"

"Even though we were heading to this?" Nami asked, pointing to her prepared bed. "You think I wouldn't want to know if you had been with someone before... ?"

"I didn't know it mattered. And I didn't know you were a virgin," he pressed. "But I told you now, didn't I?" Nami wouldn't say it but the reason she was angry was that she was disappointed, felt stupid and jealous. She had assumed that Zoro was like her – inexperienced – but just less knowledgeable. From the start, she had loved the idea that he hadn't been with any woman and had revelled in how much he wanted only her. Seemed Zoro wasn't the only one who had been taken off his high horse. A sarcastic laugh escaped her. So sure she had been of Zoro's inexperience that she had believed they could learn together. At least, her first time would have meant something more than just being raw sex.

"I guess," she mumbled, turning away.

Zoro looked at her, frowning. "You're upset," he said. Now she wasn't just Nami the seductress; she was Nami who wouldn't have her first time be with just anyone. "Why me, Nami?" he found himself asking. "Why not the cook?"

Nami smirked. "I don't know," she said and shrugged. "Guess the stupid game had me not thinking straight."

Zoro didn't believe her. "... One time doesn't make me that experienced," he said.

Nami looked up at him. "I can't believe that," she said.

"Well it's true," he added.

"Were you in such a hurry to get it over with?" she asked.

Zoro huffed. "To tell you the truth, I don't really remember much of it," he confessed, descending the stairs and dumping his things on the bar again, his boots on the floor.

"Zoro," Nami said, completely grossed out. Happy, but still grossed out.

"What? I didn't know the girl. She was just some girl in a town I was in. And she was really into me and… I thought, what the heck, I'd try it once."

"And she was just ready to jump all over you," Nami said, really hating the girl.

"She was a nice girl, Nami, not what you're thinking," Zoro defended. "I felt bad afterwards. I couldn't wait to get out of that town. She had feelings for me."

"Zoro, the heartbreaker," Nami joked.

"Whatever," he mumbled.

"How couldn't you remember much?" she asked and by the way Zoro avoided her eyes, she knew the answer to her question. "You lost control?" she stated more than asked.

"Shut up," he said.

Nami managed to stifle a smile. "So it meant nothing?" she asked.

"It was my first time doing something like that, of course it meant something," he said.

"Oh," Nami muttered.

Zoro looked at her. "I didn't really know anything about her. All I knew was her name."

"What was it?" Nami asked.

"I'm not telling," he said, suddenly amused.

"Why not?" she asked.

"You might just track her down and strike her down with lightning or something," he answered, grinning wickedly at Nami.

"I'd have to be jealous and completely crazy to do that," she scoffed in return, turning her nose up in the air.

"You are crazy," he said, enjoying the thought too much. Nami kept her eyes off him, refusing to play along. "You sure you're not jealous?" he asked.

"Why should I be? You'd have to mean something to me first."

"Then why'd you ask her name? You seem to hate her and you don't even know her."

"I could care less about her," Nami lied, and Zoro smirked. "But fine, keep your little secret tucked away." She walked over to her closet.

"What are you doing?" Zoro asked, his smile vanishing as she opened her closet.

"Getting dressed."


"The moment's passed." Nami pulled out some clothes and underwear.

"Just 'cause I won't tell you her name?" Zoro scoffed.

"Just because you kept details hidden from me," Nami declared.

"Hey, you kept secrets too!" he accused, coming to her.

"Mine was acceptable; yours wasn't."

Zoro couldn't believe what was happening. Once again she pushed him away. After all the fighting and teasing had come to an end and they had reached a common ground, she looked for new ways to ruin things. Suddenly, he did a very childish thing – Zoro grabbed her underwear off the bed and Nami gasped, reaching out as her unmentionables went flying across the room. "You're being a brat!" he growled.

"I don't care, I'm getting dressed, and this thing – " she said, waving her hand between the two of them, " – is over." Nami pulled on a blouse over her towel and started buttoning it up with a scowling Zoro looking on. "Turn around or get out," she demanded, even though that was the last thing she wanted him to do. After finding out about that other girl, the navigator's ego was seriously bruised. And Zoro could mend that hurt.

Zoro turned, disappointing her as he walked away. But Nami continued with her buttoning. And then, Zoro stopped, refusing to just end things that way. This was different. This was not just curiosity. So, instead of listening to her and storming out, he went back to her. Nami had successfully buttoned herself up over her towel when Zoro was upon her, wrapping his arm around her waist. His other hand grabbed the back of her thigh. He lifted her against him and pinned her against the bookcase beside her closet, emitting a shocked gasp from the stubborn navigator when her back hit the shelves of books, as well as causing the bookcase to shake with the force. Nami couldn't help but stare into his eyes with her large brown ones. A better response she couldn't have asked. She wondered if anyone had heard that. And at that moment, an unnoticed hand with an eye on its palm retreated through the closed trapdoor.

Zoro's lips were immediately on Nami's, expressing his desire for her. His hands were on her arms, holding her in place but Nami forced her hands to his hair, urging him on as she ran her fingers through his green strands. Her arms went around his shoulders, her fingers digging into his flesh. She moaned, attacking his mouth just as fiercely, her legs wrapping around him, squeezing his waist. Zoro grunted with the pleasure of her reaction to his passionate violence.

After the kissing against the bookcase, Zoro pulled her away and carried her over to the bed. Once there, the swordsman dropped her onto the white sheets. The navigator landed on her back and propped herself onto her elbows, the look in her eyes, challenging him to continue taking charge. His knee went beside her legs, helping support his weight as he started unfastening buttons. When all the buttons were free, Nami helped him remove the blouse and her hungry lips went to his warm neck. Nami was more than willing to take things further, no matter what pain lay ahead, no matter what nonsense she had just spat at him before. As soon as Zoro had shoved her against that bookcase, her bratty fit had come to an end. Zoro was all she wanted.

Her blouse was off. Zoro pinned her wrists above her head and kissed her, careful to not let their bodies touch. Nami moaned through the kiss, wanting to touch him and wanted to follow his lips as he pulled away. One palm spread over her hip and waist, and her body moved as she tried to keep contact with his roving hand. Zoro smirked as his palm spread over her belly and she gasped with pleasure. Finally, he let her go and Nami greedily wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down. Their bodies fit together, perfectly, their tongues deeply exploring and stroking. Zoro slipped his leg between her thighs and Nami moaned breathless moans, her need for him turning desperate as they did nothing but touch and kiss, their bodies writhed together. Zoro moved downwards, laying light, torturous kisses over her throat and over her collarbone. His hand ran over her towel and then, slowly slid over her smooth thigh, moving upwards, pushing the towel higher. His calloused palm softly moved to the inside of her thigh and Nami's hips jerked with the sudden intimacy.

"Her name was... " he suddenly said over her lips, but Nami gasped and quickly covered his mouth with her palm.

"You say her name and I'll have to go after her for ruining the mood," she said breathlessly, and Zoro grinned. Possessively, Nami pulled him closer and their parted lips met in a soggy, erotic kiss.

Moaning, they craved contact, the naked, skin on skin closeness the towels kept them from. Nami, herself, wanted to part her towel but let Zoro work his hand over it until his fingers reached the spot that held it together. He tugged and her towel came apart. Instead of feasting his eyes on what had been revealed, Zoro looked into her shaded eyes and kissed her feverishly. An intoxicated Nami was the one to separate her towel, and their upper-bodies came together, warm skin touching warm skin so intimately. Zoro kissed over her chin and her throat and finally covered one breast with widened, moist lips.

Nami's fingers went to the sheet, clawing into it. "Zoro," she gasped. Zoro sucked on the plump mound and then its peak. She moaned again. His tongue stroked the peak ever so slowly. Nami writhed underneath him, her body sliding over the sheet. He moved to her other breast, giving it the same treatment, torturing her all over again. "Zoro," she moaned. He reacted to the sound of his name by pulling himself upwards. He looked into her eyes, his lips moist and parted. Nami pulled her towel out from between them and spread her hands over his towel-covered hips. Then slipped them up his back. Her nails raked his back. Zoro groaned. He went to her neck, kissing and sucking her skin, leaving it reddened and moist. She groaned. It wasn't just out of pleasure, but out of desperation. Everything he did felt so good but everything he did left the rest of her body craving his touch. Nami couldn't wait and slipped her hands in between them, undoing his towel. Zoro smirked over her lips. But the smile was gone as soon as the towel disappeared. There were no more barriers between them and he shifted his hips between her thighs, his hardened desire obvious against her sensitive flesh.

Nami gasped at the feel of him. A long breath escaped Zoro. They looked into each other's eyes and Zoro kissed her, going over her chest one more time before guiding himself to her entrance, tantalising both of them as he stroked her sufficiently moist folds. The navigator knew full well that pain would follow that heavenly contact. She gripped on to his arms and squeezed. Swiftly, Zoro pushed in, and Nami gasped, body tensing as she felt herself being stretched and practically torn into. Her face distorted in pain, her voice, gasps and whimpers.

Zoro pushed deep, wanting to end her pain as quickly as possible. Nami moaned out her discomfort, her fingers biting into his arms as he hurt her, trying not to dig her nails in, but she did. Some tears formed in her eyes and Zoro stilled, kissing her cheek to comfort her. He grunted as she held him inside her, the unused muscles tightly squeezing him, increasing the need for movement. The pleasure they gave him was so great, but still, he was cautious of Nami's discomfort. Zoro pulled out again. His initial entrance and now his exit stung Nami like nothing she had ever felt before but at the same time, Zoro's moving inside her felt like nothing she had ever felt either – in a very good way.

"You okay?" he asked, hesitating even though he needed to be inside her. Nami nodded and Zoro filled her again, this time as slowly and deeply as possible, repeating his careful pulling out and entering, and, unconsciously, they fell into a rhythm, their breathing quickening, their faces holding expressions of pure bliss and urgency mixed together. Nami's head fell back, with Zoro's eyes staying on her face as he watched her pain turn to pleasure, heard her gasps with each thrust of his hips. To Zoro, that might as well have been his first time, as he found himself looking at Nami's face, seeing her experience it all for the first time. His first time had been in practical darkness and Zoro hadn't really been very considerate as there had been no emotional connection. But now there was. He lowered himself over her and she held him; he kissed her neck, his hips continuing to push into hers. They found themselves looking into each other's eyes as they moved. Their lips parted, craving to make contact again and they kissed as long as they could, not taking air until they absolutely needed to.

"Faster," Nami said, digging her nails into his back. Zoro arched into her aggression, moving faster as he craved it as well. Their desperation to reach that final point made them move frantically, their bodies rubbing together, their hips slapping together – the sound of skin on skin, their rasps of breath, their moans heightening their desire so much more and when Nami came, she cried out, her body writhing with pleasure and desperation. Her walls tightly clenched Zoro over and over, inevitably pushing him to his own release. He pulled out, separating from her only long enough to bring himself to release with his hand. After, he dropped his weight on to his arms beside her, his face on her chest, his one leg over hers, his body going still.

A satisfied smile lingered on Nami's lips. She felt pained, satiated, exhausted, ready to just sleep. She looked at her belly and with a grimace, reached for the box of tissues and wiped away the moisture Zoro had left there. Zoro still rested his head on her chest and Nami wanted him to lay next to her. To get his attention, she ran her hands over his shoulders, tenderly stroking the taught skin with her thumb. Zoro lifted his droopy eyes to hers and Nami stopped her stroking, lost for a second in staring at his tired, flushed face. All she wanted was to have him lie with her, but, her still hands on Zoro's shoulders told the swordsman something else. So he backed off her. Nami blinked, her fingertips itching to touch him again, but he was pulling away. "Where are you going?" she asked, sitting up and wincing from the pain that lingered as he picked up his towel and crossed the room to get his clothes.

"Gonna get some sleep," Zoro answered, sounding groggy.

"You're that in a hurry to get to your crummy hammock?" she asked, pulling the sheet over herself.

"Not the hammock, the couch."

Nami felt like throwing a hissy fit. After everything, the least he could do was stick around for at least a few minutes. "Such a man," she grumbled, dropping onto her back.

Zoro had his pants on and was about to pull on his T-shirt, but looked at her. "What's with you?" he asked.

"Nothing," Nami said to the ceiling.

"You wanted me gone," he said.

"… When did I say that?" Nami asked, looking at him.

"You pushed me away," he said.

"I didn't push you away, I was touching you," she said sarcastically.

"Oh," Zoro said. And just like that, the swordsman dropped his T-shirt on the bar again and went back to her. "Move," he said.

"Excuse me?" Nami asked.

Zoro groaned and worked his way over her, claiming the space between Nami and the wall.

Nami propped herself onto an elbow, watching him as he settled down."I have to warn you," she announced with a smirk. "If you're going to stay then I'll want to cuddle."

Zoro held his arm out and a cheeky Nami snuggled into his side. His other arm went under his head. "What made you think I wouldn't wanna do this?" he asked, his eyes closing.

"Isn't that how men are?" she asked, lightly touching the scar on his chest.

Zoro snorted. "You really have to stop assuming things, woman."

"You did quite well for someone who's not very experienced," she said matter-of-factly.

"I heard a lot of boastful talk in bars."

"Ugh," Nami groaned.

They fell asleep, not caring who may find them that way.


The next day, the merry moved over the ocean, pushed by a strong but not forceful wind as its crew lazed about on its decks. Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were by the figurehead, talking to Robin. On the upper-deck was Nami watching the 'boring' little island as it faded into the distance. Thoughts of her and Zoro finally dealing so passionately with what had been started on that island wouldn't leave her. It had been a very memorable experience and try as she might, Nami couldn't stop from smiling at the thought of Zoro.

Even so, what had happened between them did not mean that they were in love or even attached. Nothing had really changed between them. But at the same time, so much had changed.


"Sanji-kun," Nami responded, a sigh of relief escaping her. That moment alone had to come sooner or later. They made eye-contact as Nami took a glass from the tray he held in his hands. She didn't shy away from looking at him.

"You look beautiful, Nami-san," Sanji said quietly, recognising that look the swordsman had put in her eyes.

She smiled faintly.

"Where's that marimo, he should be here with you, not letting you stand by yourself," Sanji said, purely for her sake and without feeling.

Nami scoffed. "Why would I wanna be around that jerk all the time?" she asked, twiddling around with the umbrella in her glass

"Yeah. Too much of that marimo is not such a good thing," Sanji said. "Enjoy the drink, Nami-san." The cook turned and left, his heart still heavy and in need of time to recover.

Nami sipped on her drink and returned to watching the fading island. Most of the crew seemed to know about her and Zoro. Except Luffy and Chopper. They were just glad that Nami and Zoro didn't fight as much as before. A few cautious glances had fluttered her and Zoro's way during dinner the previous evening and breakfast after that, which gave Nami the impression that Usopp knew as well. No one said anything out loud and neither would she and Zoro. Nami decided to join the others on the bow, but as she came around the galley...

"Lay off, cook, I'm not her babysitter. The witch can take care of herself," Nami heard. She took a peep and saw that Sanji and Zoro had crossed paths at the top of the stairs.

"Marimo, if you need a lesson on how to treat a lady then I'll be glad to kick it into your ass," Sanji hissed.

"I'd like to see you try, ero-cook. Any time, any place."

They growled at each other. And Nami thought they'd start a fight right there. But then Sanji stepped back. "We'll straighten this out later, marimo," he said. "Robin-Chan is waiting."

Nami sighed as Sanji left with his tray of drinks and Zoro glared at him. When Zoro turned, he found Nami standing there. The navigator rolled her eyes and leaned against the railing as he strolled over, looking lazy as ever. "Wanna ask you something," he said, passing her.

"What, out on a date?" she joked and sipped on her drink.

"We had a rough couple of days," Zoro said with a sigh, resting his arms on the railing.

"It was crazy," she agreed.

"Nami," he said, looking at the island.


"You're okay with what happened, right?" he asked. "I mean, it being your first time..."

Nami's blinked. Even though he was one of the biggest jerks she had ever met, Zoro was considerate as well, and one of the few people in the world she could say she really trusted. Before their whole 'game' had begun, Nami had rarely found herself on the receiving end of kind gestures and words from him. And would hardly have sought any. But that had changed. After she so blatantly had interfered in his personal life and ridiculed his choices, he could put all that aside and consider whether she had regrets. So much had changed. Nami looked at him, seeing more than just a crewmate or lover. A little smirk crept onto her lips, the answer to his question as Zoro looked at her over his shoulder. The swordsman nodded in acknowledgement.

"Zoro," she said.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Being just a man isn't so bad is it?" Nami just had to ask and smiled mischievously.

Zoro groaned. When first arriving at that little island, the swordsman hadn't known what lay ahead and would never have seen himself holding the most difficult woman he had ever met – or any woman for that matter – in his arms just a few days later. But Nami had somewhat broken down his defences with that first touch and showed him that an intimacy could exist with another. An intimacy that went beyond what any discipline could stop. In her own twisted way, Nami had freed the both of them to be more to each other than just crewmates with a mutual grudge. And now, Zoro wasn't just a man anymore. He didn't want her just for physical reasons. Zoro looked at her over his shoulder and the navigator gave him her cheekiest smile. Wanting her came from more than just the lusts of a man, and so, maybe his discipline would allow the occasional 'deviance', if it was with Nami.

If only with her.

"Maybe," Zoro said over his shoulder, with a glimmer of a smile, his eyes burning into hers.

Nami decided to take that as a yes.

The End.


A/N: And that's that. I read over this, but probably missed a whole lot of mistakes. Lol, sorry, I got tired of editing cause it wouldn't stop. The ending wasn't supposed to be so soppy. But at least there was no undying love to be declared, hehe.

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