Hetty stares at the screen, keeping a close eye on the four agents currently on the field.

For the first time in a very long while, they're all undercover at the same time, on the same place, and that's more than enough reason to leave everyone on the edge.

They're posing as a team of criminals and trying to make a deal with a very dangerous terrorist group.

They have backup but Hetty knows better than anyone that, sometimes, backup is too far away. One second is enough for everything to go downhill and not enough for the backup to arrive.

It all happens too fast and no one has time to react. Hetty hears a gun firing before she sees the bullet hitting one of her agents.

The team springs to action and, pretty soon, they have the terrorist group in handcuffs or bleeding on the floor.

But Hetty doesn't take her eyes off the fallen agent. She hears the remaining three agents yelling for an ambulance, watches as they try to stop the bleeding and as they do everything they can do to save said agent.

Hetty sees the ambulance arrive at the scene but doesn't breathe in relief yet. The big pool of blood on the floor is a clear indication that this is far from over.

That's too much blood…


Here's my new project! I told you I wouldn't be away for too long. So, who do you think that got shot?
I'm actually really excited with this idea. Let's see if I can write it all down.
I would love to know what you think about this very short Prologue. I will update as soon as I can.