Full Summary:

Lt. Cora Kolwezi was on a mission on a planet with SGA-2 when they fell under attack. She alone was captured before she could get through the gate. And she alone would bring the wraith and the Atlantis team together for one heroic rescue. Six months after she is captured, a single wraith cruiser is all that stands between her and her people. Knowing that the wraith want to get to Earth, she enlists the help of a single wraith on the cruiser in getting a message to her people. The Queen of the Hive ship on its way to get the downed cruiser is at first reluctant to help the human, until she is captured in front of her eyes, knocked unconscious and dragged from the ship. With the help of the lone wraith on the planet, the Queen is kept up to date on Cora's situation. What happens when the Queen turns her Hive ship around and heads to the coordinates that Cora gives her to get the Daedalus and the Atlantis team? Will a truce be forged between the Wraith and Atlantis just to rescue one of their own that even the Wraith see to be free again?


It happened without warning. One minute we were exploring the wooded area surrounding the gate and the next minute we were under fire. We headed back to the gate and were glad that it wasn't being guarded by whoever was attacking us. We knew it had nothing to do with the wraith since they hadn't been to the planet yet. But we were still curious as to why we were being attacked. Once back at the gate, we punched in the address for Atlantis, told them we were coming in hot and one by one started running through the gate. There was just me and the leader to go through and I told her to go, that I would be right behind her. She ran through the gate, I looked back over my shoulder, shooting at whatever was in front of me, then made a beeline for the gate.

Suffice it to say, I never made it through the gate. I felt something hit me in the back and right as I hit the ground, the gate closed. I was rolled over and saw the people standing above me. They were definitely people, not wraith, but I lost conscious right as they bent down to pull me to my feet. When I came to, I was in an underground passageway that reminded me of the Genii home world. I glanced around and noticed others, younger than I, all chained to the wall. I had been stripped of my weapons and vest but still had my clothes and shoes on. My dog tags were also missing.

I moved a little bit and got the attention of the guard. He walked over to me, grabbed me by the back of the head and bent it backwards. He poured what tasted like stale water down my throat and drank greedily. When he pulled the water away, he let my head go and moved me forward till I was sitting on my knees. He then moved his hands over my back and I found out why my vest had been removed. I had a small wound just above one of my kidneys and they were tending to it. I did not see the vest anywhere in the room and assumed that they had gotten rid of it.

When the guard left, he turned once more towards me and spoke to me in a language I did not know, but would come to learn as the main language spoken on this planet. When he got a confused look from me, he turned to the nearest person to me and told her to tell me what he had said. Through the girl next to me, I learned that I was now the property of the people on the planet, that there would be no rescue for me and that I had better learn that these people were my new masters. I didn't say it, but I was already plotting my escape.

They left the small chamber. I found out who the others were. And I also found out why they were so scared of the people they called their masters. The girls in the room with me told me that they had some kind of monster that they kept in a separate room, that they would take a slave to that monster and that the monster would feed off of them. They told me that if you were taken to the monster, you never came back. When I told them that I knew the name of the monster they talked about, they asked how I had survived such a thing. I told them that I had never personally been captured by the monster or its race but had been killing its kind for years.

The girls looked up to me then, seeing that I had been some kind of military when I had been brought in gave them some kind of hope, but some hope is better left unuttered. None of us spoke of the hope we felt about my people finding us. I figured that they would hone in on the tracking device that all Atlantean team members had surgically implanted in them before they left SGC back on Earth. The tracking device would bring my people to me and bring a world of pain to whoever was keeping me and the other girls.

I didn't know it then, but the tracking device would not work while in these chambers underground. I didn't not know it then, but we were indeed underground. And I did not know it then, but it would take the very monster we talked about and a truce between two enemies before any of us were really free again.