HELLO! KAMUSTA? (Trans: How are you?) This is my first story and I hope I did a good job with this!


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This is really unexpected. One moment, she was eating peacefully in her classroom, relishing and savoring every bite with utter satisfaction and the second she took a bite on her food, she was met with a grinning and suspiciously terrifying coach of Seirin Basketball team. She wondered how she got inside her classroom without the other students questioning her knowing she's an upperclassman. Then she remembered she's the vice-president of the student council and so they have no say to her actions. She ordered her to follow her outside and being the obedient one; she silently stood up from her seat and neatly arranged her lunch-box without looking as if she was hurrying. And now she found herself trapped on a very eerie hallway with no students or teachers passing by much to her dismay. This is too terrifying in her opinion.

"Be our manager."

She stood frozen on her spot, her mind slowly processing what she just said.

"You are the perfect choice Yu-chan."

"B-b-but," she stuttered, finally realizing that the coach of their school's basketball team asked her to be their manager. She wanted to refuse and politely say that she's not the perfect choice. The word 'perfect' is too much, so unrealistic.

She shakily sighed in nervousness and peeked behind the curtains of her bangs, her eyes openly showed fear and doubt as the Seirin's Coach assessed her with her own piercing gaze.

Yu-chan gulped visibly, her hands consciously clutching the edge of her skirt. Anxiety crawls down her skin, not liking the fact that Riko sees her as a 'perfect choice'.

She is far from perfect. She will never be perfect. No one's perfect.

But when she looked up at the serious expression of her friend, she was now contemplating whether to accept the invitation. It's not actually an invitation; it's more of like a command.

She bit her lower lip and let her eyes wandered at the eerily, silent corridor of the school. She thought of what will happened to her if she ever accepted the invitation of being a manager. She didn't join any club yet nor see something that caught her interest so maybe she'll give this a shot. She just hoped that she will not be a burden.

She hated being one.

"Umm... W-well, I guess I can be your m-m-manager," she said softly as she put her gaze on her shoes like it's the most interesting thing in the world. Now that she realized it, she couldn't say no to her. Riko is what she could say, the demon type. A person who will get what she want, whenever she want even If she must use drastic measure to get what she think is destined to hers.

And now she wondered how she became best friends with her.

She is a very terrifying being.

But she loves her.

Even though she's evil.

She slowly glanced up to see Riko's expression and paused when she saw the warm expression on her face. Her own pearl-like lilac eyes stuck at the woman's chocolate hues. It showed relief, gratitude and most of all, happiness and the girl couldn't help but smiled softly at her. She thought that maybe, just maybe, she chose the right choice.

Riko smiled back, all her worries jump out of the window when her friend agreed to be their Manager. She thought she has to risk using black mail in order for her to agree. She's glad she didn't.

"Yu-chan," she called. The smaller woman instantly perked up at the mention of her name.

"H-hai?" she replied, her voice soft and melodic.

"Thank you," Riko gratefully said, fortunate for having a friend like her. Seeing the small smile the white-haired woman sent her, she smiled widely and patted her head, as if reassuring her. "They don't bite Yu-chan. And if they ever do, they will have to taste my wonderful fist of love."

Or more like the opposite of it, Yu-chan grimly thought.

"If they did something that you'll not like, just tell me and I'll give them what they deserve, ok?" she told her and smiled with a hint of vice. Oh, how she would love to kick their ass once they made her cry. She'll make them suffer! She'll torture them! She'll castrate them! Ha, anything just to make them realize to never make a girl cries ever AGAIN.

She laughed lightly at her bestfriend's statement. She felt a bit relaxed knowing she have Riko right by her side if ever something bad happens. She smiled thankfully at her and Riko smiled back.

"Thank you" she said.

Riko grinned at her and patted the smaller girl's head beside her one more time and they walked side by side going to the basketball court. Their walk is filled with comfortable silence but they chatted here and there to update each other's lives. When they reached the front door of the gym Riko looked down at her childhood friend to see if she's fine. She asked, "Ready?"

The said girl closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath of confidence as she clenched her hands in front of her chest. When she opened her eyes, a look of determination replace her once feared demeanor.

"I'm ready."

Riko only grinned and slowly, she opened the door.

There is no backing out now. Hyuga Yuki.