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We lost.

They did their best, yes.

'The only one who can defeat me is me.'

She refused to believe that.

She doesn't want to believe that.

But why? Why does everytime she sees Aomine's serious eyes, she can't breathe?

I feel so weak.

Her hands were shaking uncontrollably, maybe due to fear or sorrow. She clenched it tight, biting her now red lips as she held back her tears.

I feel so pathetic.

Her eyes flickered upward, noticing Kuroko's figure. She abruptly stood up, ready to call him. His eyes were covered by the shadow of his bangs, and Yuki pondered if it's the best time to talk to him. Still, she reached out a hand for him, opening her mouth to call his name.


She froze.

Yuki's breath hitched. She immediately squeezed her eyes shut, desperately forcing her tears not to spill from her eyes.

No, she won't cry.

Not here. Not now.

She let her hand fell lifelessly on her side, letting Kuroko passed her.

She ignored the painful throb on her chest, the sickening feeling on her stomach.

She felt so cold.

She barely acknowledged Kagami who stood beside her, staring blankly at the court with unreadable expression. She could feel his rage but decided to ignore it. She understood his anger; he didn't have the chance to play for the rest of the quarter after all. She knew how badly he wants to beat Aomine.

Maybe he's blaming himself, his weakness.

Just like her.

"Stop sulking Yuki," he whispered hoarsely as he put his hand on her head. Yuki let out a shaky breath and nodded.

I will not cry.

I'll be strong…just like you.

In the remaining two games, Kagami didn't play and Kuroko experienced a sudden slump. Yuki was not in herself and she looked so dead tired. She was always in daze and for every passing day, the bags under her eyes are getting worse.

"Yuki…" Riko whispered as she watched Yuki sat on the bench, clipboard in hand. She's doing her usual work, training her boys to the bones for the next game. Yuki simply sat there, her eyes stayed blanked, her glowing brightness lost.

Not only was Kagami and Kuroko's play are affected but also Yuki's health.

She noticed how Kuroko and Kagami avoid Yuki. The two boys seemed to be in their own world.

It irked Riko to no end!

Those two insensitive boys! Can't they see how Yuki is hurting because they keep on ignoring her?! They should have known how sensitive the girl is! They are always together! They should have noticed! Especially Kuroko! He's the one who is more experienced with girls!

Riko decided that she will not get involved this time, no matter how much she wanted to. She'll have to keep Junpei away from the three. Junpei is a forceful brute and has an annoying cousin-complex. Him, dealing with the poor girl's problem will be a pain in the ass.

It's also a good chance for them to realize some things.

When one things ends, another begins.

In other words…

It's not over yet.

Yuki covered her mouth as she yawned.

She's so sleepy. And Math was not doing a good job for her to stay awake.

She hated math. With passion.

It's been one week ever since they lost from Tuou. Kuroko is not talking to her; Kagami is so cold that he's ignoring everyone, including her.

She banged her head on her desk, hissing silently at the slight pain on her forehead. She badly wants to talk to them. She's not used with Kagami and Kuroko ignoring her as if she's not here! But what should she do? What if they hate her? Or maybe they don't want to be bothered? Do they hate each other?

What happened to those two anyway?

She never saw them talk after they lost.

She frowned, now that she thinks of it.

They are really ignoring each other.

Oh those two stupid, hard-headed fools!

"Hyuga Yuki!"

The poor girl jolted on her sit, squeaking when their teacher stared at her menacingly.

"Sleeping at my class?"

Yuki viciously shook her head and she heard her classmates laughed, making her blush a thousand shades of red.

The teacher snorted, snapped close his book and sauntered to the front. "Answer number 4 of page 23. I want the complete solution, Hyuga-san."

Yuki wanted to bang her head hard on her desk again.

So it's true when you're stressed, the urge to kill someone is very tempting.

She really wanted to kill someone right now.

Yuki endured two weeks of them not talking to her.

When she meant 'them', she meant Kuroko and Kagami.

They acknowledged each others with a nod, sometimes with a smile (only her, much to her dismay), or just staring with each other then breaking it off instantly.

And seriously, no talking!

It's making her insane!

Everytime they ignore each other, she wanted to scream at them, punch them, pull off their hair, and kick them hard in the balls or just stabbed them with many large butcher knife!

Lack of sleep really makes someone's imagination wild.

She rubbed her hands roughly on her face, pushing away all the sadistic thoughts that flashed through her mind.

Two weeks. Two weeks of torture. Two weeks of sleepless nights. Two weeks of tears and blood.

No, just tears.

Yes! She's been crying for weeks! She can't move on!

She's like a girl who was rejected by a guy.

God, she was so pathetic.

She lamely buried her face on the cover of the book she just took from the shelf. She was currently on the library, skipping practice. She didn't want to take the risk of seeing Kuroko and Kagami together. She might burst into tears if she did.

Just a little more and she might break and cry in a worst possible time.

God knows she won't allow that!

She needs to be strong.

But to be honest, she missed them so, so badly.

The only thing that prevents her from talking to them is fear.

She's scared of rejection.

It's frightening.

"She didn't attend the practice again…"

"Did you confront her?"

"No. You told me not to."


Junpei sighed and gripped the ball that he's holding. Their Coach told him not to meddle with those brats problem, but seeing his cousin so vulnerable and fragile like if he talked to her and asked her what's wrong, she would just suddenly break down!

Those two fucking brats, if they will not do something about their lover's quarrel and fixed their relationship with his cousin, he will kill them with his own bare hands.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance, not only is he dealing with this bullshit but he also have to deal with this annoying newcomer.

For all the day he had to come, why today?!

"Who are you both talking about, Hyuga?"

Speaking of the devil.

Hyuga's brow twitched and shoots the ball, "None of your business."

"Is it about Yuki?"

"Wha— Wait, h-how did you know that?!"

"Maybe I should call her again!"

"How did you get her number?" Junpei growled.

"I asked her."

"Delete it. Now."

'He' ignored him.

Junpei helplessly watched him dialled on his phone, and Riko, who is beside him the entire time, just merely raised her eyebrows.

"Hello? Ah! Yuki!"

Junpei's eyes darkened.

This is not acceptable.

"Where are you?... In the library?... I see, I see…Come in the practice ok?... I'll see you then! Your nii-chan misses you!... Bye!"

"Nii-chan?!" Junpei yelled and grasped the collar of his shirt. "Just how and when did she call you nii-chan?"

"Just now," he responded cheerfully.

Riko sighed, rubbed her temples and ignored their worthless fighting.

'Those two idiots,' she smiled softly. 'I missed this.'

The call was unexpected.

She gulped, she really has no choice but to attend the practice she was trying to avoid. She's nervous. Very nervous.

How will she show up to them? How will she act? What should she do?

This is so cruel of him! Why did he call her?

She stopped walking.

She's here now. The door is the only thing that separates her from the cruel reality and freedom. She wanted to run and never come back again. But that means disappointing him!

Why did she have to agree? She regretted it to the core.

No, she can do this!

She is brave!

God, she could hear her heart beat so wildly against her chest, her hands are sweating and her face is flushed. It's like she run from the library until here. She just walked… like a turtle.

She would hardly get tired from that kind of walking.

She's really getting crazy.

Geez, you will see the same faces again Yuki! It's not that they are stranger or something! And Ri-chan will be there! You can do this!

Don't be a coward.

She took a deep breath, squeezed her eyes shut and slid open the door.

"I-I'm s-sorry I'm l-late!"






She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head.

Her breath was caught in her throat as she unconsciously gripped the doorframe for support. She regretted the first thing she saw.

The color of the ocean…

His eyes.

Is that guilt? Concern?

It's so deep, very suffocating.

She wanted to stare and observed those soft eyes for a long time, but she found herself that she can't.

It's just too painful to watch those emotions flickered in his eyes.

Stop looking at me like that.

Anytime, she could presume, she's going to break.

Stay strong.

Beside him is the red-head she missed so much. She missed his wide feral grin, his encouraging words, and his large hand on her head.

Don't ignore me anymore, please.

"Yuki!" she snapped her head up, surprised to see her cousin's best friend (that's what she see it) in front of her.


She yelped in fright when Kiyoshi Teppei suddenly carried her, his forearm under her thigh while the other one wrapped her slim waist. He carried him like a father seeing his baby for the first time.


"I missed you, Yuki!" he laughed and Yuki automatically blushed.

"Oi! Put her down Kiyoshi!" Junpei exclaimed and was about to stomped towards them when Riko grabbed his shoulder.

Riko shook her head, pleading silently not to interfere.

Junpei calmed down, reading her message. He clenched his fist and just glared at their ace. He didn't have a choice but to trust him with this one.

"Are you eating lots of chocolate?" he asked curiously and Yuki just stared at him.

With her looking down at him, there is no doubt her tears will fall.

It's so unfair

She tightly held his shoulders, her eyes turning glossy as she tried to push back her tears.

But she knew it's futile.

"T-T-Teppei-nii," She sobbed, she's losing her composure and she was starting to hate herself for being like this, for being weak.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry." She shakily whispered, her voice torn and cracked. She gripped his shoulder for strength. She wanted to be out of his grasp, to be away to hide her shame from everyone. But she felt so pathetic that she couldn't move and only cry.

Fat tears freely fell from her eyes and it landed softly on Teppei's cheeks. She let it fall, like raindrops falling from the skies. She didn't bother wiping them out because if she let go of her hand on his shoulder, she will surely let out everything bottled inside her.

And she won't allow that.

She can't show them more of her vulnerable side.

At least, for now, let her released half of her agony.

"I can't force you to do anything, so I won't say anymore. But if you really think you can't do it, at least tell Kagami."

"He believed in you."

That's what he said.

He sighed; he hoped those two brats will know the answer they are looking for. He intentionally didn't mention his cousin, expecting him to know by now.

They should realize what they're missing.

They are friends, no, maybe bestfriends. And friends don't ignore each other and treat each other like shit.

They are the first two friends Yuki truly treasured.

And he didn't want to screw up their friendship by meddling.

His Coach was right. They should face their problems like mature people. Yuki has confidence problem, and she tends to over think things. She's stubborn, tough and brave. But when it comes to this kind of thing…

She's like a lost child.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry."

'Damn it.' He angrily shoots the ball on the hoop. It went in and the sound of the ball bouncing and his heavy breathing was the only thing the he could hear in this cold, empty room.

He is her cousin, he is the one who took care of her ever since she was a child, and he is the one who protected her.

The fact that he couldn't help her right now, he felt so useless.


He can but he chose not to.

"You can't protect her forever Hyuga-kun!"

She's right, he can't.

"You did in purpose, didn't you?" Junpei whispered and he threw Teppei a glare.

"She needs to let it out," Teppei said seriously.

"But why in front of them?!" he snapped.

"She needs to release those feelings as soon as possible." He stated. "You, of all people, should know how traumatic a lost could do to a person."

"She's a sensitive child. Defeat is not the only thing she experienced but she also lost a connection to her friends."

"I know that," Junpei answered coldly.

He laughed and ignored Junpei's glare, "You're a great brother, Hyuga! Yuki is lucky to have you."

That damn weirdo. What does he know?

He doesn't know anything.

But he's always like that, acting as if he knows everything.

He hates him.


"Oh shit!"

He unintentionally shoots the ball he was holding, and as expected, it didn't go in… again.

What the fuck is with people surprising him?!

He hastily turned around, ready to scold the person who stupidly surprised him.

He stopped.

What is she doing here?

"W-where are they?" she panted.


"Kuroko-kun and Kagami-kun."

He blinked, trying to process what she said.

"Nigou-chan is here…" she started. "Kuroko-kun was here."

"Where is he?"

"Why do you want to know?" he asked coldly. He narrowed his eyes at her and he watched her clenched fist shook uncontrollably.

She's emotionally unstable.

But he has to be cold. For her sake.

Forgive me.


He listened as she exhaled a shaky breath, he watched as she tightened her fist until her knuckles turned white and he stared as she painfully bit her lower lip.

She didn't cry.

He felt proud.

"I…" she gulped. "I'm s-scared."

She whispered those words like a taboo, like it's the scariest thing.

"I-I'm sorry."

He heaved a heavy sigh and turned away from her. He didn't want to see her like this.

He wanted a smiling Yuki.

He wanted to see it as soon as possible, her smile.

Or else he's really going to murder someone.

"Kagami is probably in the basketball court near the park," He said as he grabbed another ball. "Kuroko is looking for him, he's there for sure."

Yuki bowed even though her cousin couldn't see it.

"T-thank you nii-san."

That is the last thing she said before she left.

He looked down at the ball he was holding and threw it in the hoop.

It missed.

She's growing up.

"You know, you're wrong about Yu-chan being a child," Riko remarked, twirling her glass sluggishly with her cheek rested on her fist.

Teppei smiled and looked outside the window. "She's still a child in my eyes. But she has a heart of a woman."

"I really can't get you sometimes."

He chuckled, "Is that so?"

"I really want to reveal everything hidden inside Yu-chan's being."

"That sounds evil."

"I have good intentions!"

He laughed and grinned when something caught his eyes.

Riko found it suspicious. "Why are you grinning like an id—"

She found herself staring at the disappearing figure she knew so much.

That snow-white hair…

She smiled. "She's growing up so fast."

People don't change just by saying "I'm sorry". People change by knowing exactly why they should be sorry for.

She's been apologizing for the umpteenth time today.

She's always apologizing.


It's tiring.

And this is the kind of tired that sleep can't even fix.

She halted, letting her last step be heard by the two figures she was looking for.

They are smiling.

It's full moon.

And anyone who didn't know those two will sure mistake them to be lovers.

But they're not.

She wanted to laugh, really.

But she remembered she's here for a serious chat.

With no drama… she hoped.



She heard them clearly but she didn't answer back.

She can't.

All the feelings that are kept inside her are keeping her from talking. Her voice was trapped on her throat and if she ever speaks, she'll falter.

She seriously can't afford that, especially now that she finally gathered loads of confidence from the past 2 weeks.

She stomped towards them, her steps loud and heavy.

She's mad… no, maybe furious but it was mixed with uncomfortable anguish.

So heavy

Her lips were pursed into thin line, tears pricked at the corner of her eyes and her sight turned blurry.

But that didn't stop her from what she was about to do.

She jumped, surprising Kagami and lifted her right leg, giving him a round-house kick in the face.

Landing clumsily on the ground, she turned, her eyes narrowed at her second victim. This time, without giving any warning, she throws Kuroko a hard punch.

She never thought all the training Riko gave her will be put into good use.

She should thank her later.

She panted heavily, and eyed her two close friends sitting on the ground.

Her hand hurts.

"I-I-I w-w-will not say s-s-sorry!" she cried.

To say Kuroko was utterly stunned is an understatement.

He could feel his cheeks throbbed in pain; no doubt it will bruise later. He stood up from his sitting position, followed by a groaning Kagami.

He truly felt guilty.

For the past two weeks, he ignored her. He avoided her, fearing the disappointment in her eyes. He's afraid, thinking that she hates him.

For being weak.

But he regretted all of that.

When he heard the soft, wavering voice of hers when Kiyoshi Teppei carried her, his heart breaks into millions of pieces.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry."

He should have talked to her. He should have smiled at her. He should have stared at her for a long time.

Now, he yearns to touch her, mend her, hug her, and kiss her.

He wanted to taste those lips that finally moved for him, those lips that she kept on biting to keep her sane.

He heard her sobbed, and it takes all of his self-control not to grab her and claim her lips so that he couldn't hear it.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw Kagami moved. He walked towards their manager and did what he usually does.

He placed his hand on her head.

Yuki gasped and dragged her eyes upward.

"K-Kagami-kun." She huffed breathlessly, a few stray tears escaping.

She's wavering.

"Y-you are an i-i-diot, you know that?" she sobbed and she let her tears fall openly without bothering to wipe it out.

Kagami smirked, but his sad eyes betrayed his strong features. "I know."

He's never good at comforting girls. He knew so little about this kind of thing but when he saw the pain, guilt, despair, anxiety in her eyes, he knew he have to do something.

He strokes her soft white hair and Kagami actually smiled when he saw the relief in her glossy eyes and the small smile she tried to show him despite her quivering lips.

"Yuki," Kuroko called out. Kagami and Yuki didn't miss the lost of formalities.

Kuroko's heart practically split into two when he met Yuki's tired eyes and it pains more when he noticed the bags under her eyes. They are the one who caused it.

He took a step forward, grabbed her hand, and dragged her shaking body to him. Yuki slightly stumbled and squealed when her head bumped into his hard chest. She blinked her teary eyes twice and looked up, only to see a pained Kuroko.

Yuki let out a silent, strangled sob.

"I'm sorry."


She wanted to say those three words a million times but her voice won't let her. Instead, she cried.

She cried and cried and cried.

All the pain, regrets, agony, anguish… everything. Even relief.

Slowly and cautiously, he wrapped his arms around her trembling shoulder. He allowed Yuki poured everything on him and Kuroko bit back a smile when he felt her arms wrapped his back, gripping the fabric of his shirt.

He held her tightly, afraid that if he let her go, she'll break.

He won't allow that.


"I'm sorry," she choked and he gripped Kuroko's shirt tighter. "I-I-If only… if only…"

She told them she will not apologize but…

"Shh…" Kuroko's voice was so gentle and it made Yuki cry more.

I can't help it

"We're stupid," Kagami said, regret obvious on his tone, "We shouldn't have ignored you."

"Yes," Kuroko agreed. "It's our fault."

Kuroko pushed Yuki's body gently and only if Yuki is not busy stopping her tears, she would have noticed the loving gaze Kuroko is giving her.

Kagami patted her head and grinned at her.

Tears fall from her eyes again.

She missed that grin of his.

She brought her small hands to her eyes, trying to make her tears stop from falling. She wiped them furiously and Kagami had to grab her hand to stop her from hurting herself.

He sighed and took the edge of his white shirt as a makeshift tissue. He wiped her face and Yuki whimpered.

"You're such a kid." Kagami complained as he wiped her tears. "Stop crying."

"I-I'm twaying!" she said, her voice muffled.

Kuroko smiled at the sight in front of him. He guessed they're all fine now.

Kuroko grabbed Yuki's small, delicate hands and tugged her a bit to face him. He showed her his sincere smile and seeing Yuki's stunned look, he took this chance to kiss her tenderly on the forehead.

Yuki blush a tremendous color of red and Kagami gaped at Kuroko.

Kuroko turned around, smiling as he walked away from them.

"Let's buy you a popsicle."

He's selfish, he admitted.

He can't make her smile like what Kagami did, but he can return the color and brightness of her cheeks again.

That, he thought, was the least he could do.

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