Matt Anderson hated night shifts.

He'd gone through three mugs of coffee, a doughnut and eight rounds of Tetris on his phone. Why does there have to be a night shift, anyway? It's not like anyone is going to come in and steal a bloody kaprosuchus, Matt thought bitterly.

It was dark in the ARC corridors, with only his torch and phone to supply dim light. Matt sighed to himself, leaning against the wall, before sliding to the floor in contempt. He jumped slightly as his phone buzzed, and chuckled to himself.

Are you alright? Bored? It was a text from Emily. Matt grinned. Ever since he'd bought her a phone for her first modern birthday, she'd been struggling with how to use it, but she managed. He punched in a quick reply, before settling back to his spot on the shiny linoleum floor.

Matt had been in charge of the night shifts for a while, now. He liked them at first, when it was himself and Connor, but Lester had insisted that they "had not gotten any work done" and were "too unprofessional" when they were together, so he'd split them up to do the night shifts on different nights. What's so unprofessional about setting up spy camera's on Lester playing computer games? He thought to himself. He leant his head back, bored. Now it was just him and Becker, and the pair didn't see eye to eye on everything. He was fun at times, though.

"BECKER, WANT A COFFEE? I'VE GOT A SPARE MUG." He yelled, awaiting a snide answer. There was no answer. "Fine by me." Matt muttered.

Matt got up to go and get another mug of coffee for himself, and to find Becker. As he wandered through the dim corridor, he heard a thump, then a soft groan. He stopped, and looked behind him.

Nothing was there.

Matt shook his head, and walked on. Another groan, echoed through the winding corridors. It sent a shiver down Matt's spine. He squinted in the dark, and spotted something on the floor behind him. A dark puddle was sitting right beside his left foot. He knelt down next to it, and gingerly placed his finger on it. It came away wet and sticky. He lifted his finger to his nose, when a pungent, metallic smell invaded his senses. It was blood, hot and fresh. He grimaced, and wiped it on his jeans.

Another groan drifted down the corridor. Matt followed the sound, his heart racing. "Hello?" He called out. A low whine answered him. It sounded hollow. Hollow and dead. Matt's mouth went dry. "Who's there?"

He walked up to the door where the sound was coming from. It was behind the door. Matt's hands shook as he placed his hand on the knob, and gently pushed it open.

The room was dark and cold. He couldn't see anything in there, but it reeked of blood and vomit and sweat. He gagged and covered his nose, before switching on the light and gasping.

A small, bloody, gaunt creature lay curled in the corner, twitching erratically and moaning gently. Matt craned his head and covered his mouth with his hand, approaching the creature. It was a hominid of some sort, but so skinny, with mottled skin and blood covering it. It was almost unrecognisable, until it turned it's head feebly to face Matt.

Matt had to hold back a scream of pure terror.

It was Becker.