Becker was shuddering in the corner of the small, dark room, curled into a fetal position, as if he was trying to not let Matt see him. Even in the dark, Matt could see he was extremely sick. His usually tan skin was pale, sticky with perspiration, a green-grey tinge to it. It seemed almost... transparent. His eyes, which bored into Matt's, were huge and bloodshot. His gaunt cheekbones looked at is they were going to break through the thin membrane of his face.

But the thing that made Matt give out a strangled cry were the veins.

Thick, black, and very visible, they were pulsing and creeping their way up his neck like spiders. He could see them moving, undulating, as Becker clawed at his skin, as if trying to let the fire inside out. Matt's stomach churned. "Becker. I need to get you to a doctor. Give me your arm." Matt shook his shoulders gently as Becker's head lolled back. "Stay with me, man." He threw Becker's thin, limp arm over his shoulder and dragged him out of the room. Becker gagged, and a fountain of scarlet emerged from his mouth, all over the floor and all over Matt.

Vomiting blood? Matt's forehead started to bead with sweat. What's that supposed to mean? I'm no doctor, oh god, help me, help him...

He carried Becker to the office and dialled the phone for an ambulance. He put the phone to his ear. No reception. "Bloody hell, of all the times..." He knelt down in front of Becker. "Becker. Talk to me." He said gently.

"Matt... Where am...I? Where am I?" Becker whispered hoarsely.

"We're still at the ARC, mate. I'm going to have to drive you to the hospital, alright?" He forced a weak smile. Becker's eyes rolled back into his head, mumbling something incoherent.

Matt ran outside, Becker over his shoulder, and lay him down in the back seat of the car. "Hold on, ok?" He strapped Becker into the passenger seat, jumped into the driver's seat, and sped to the hospital.

Once there, Matt was lost. He stumbled out of the car, into the emergency ward. "HELP!" Matt yelled. The nurse at the counter sent out two other's with a stretcher to retriever Becker for examination. Matt stood by, biting his nails, shivering. It was a cold night, but his shakes had nothing to do with the temperature.

Nothing at all.

Matt's hands were still jittering as he used to emergency call phone to call Abby. He impatiently jumped from foot to foot until she picked up. His mind was racing with all kinds of possibilities of the disease. Is it from the future? Did I bring it with me? Was it from the past?

"Abby, I'm sorry for waking you up so late, but something's happened, I need you to come quickly, its Becker..." Matt threw his words into the phone, as Abby tried to cut in.

"What? What's happened, Matt?" Abby said back, the concern in her voice increasing.

"He's sick. I don't mean a cold, not a stomach bug, but really, really sick... he was vomiting, his skin was see-through, and his eyes..." He tried to keep him voice from betraying him. "Please come to the hospital." He whispered.

Abby took a shaky breath on the other end of the line.

"I'm already here. Connor's ill, too."