Turnabouts Fair Play By Andromeda

_______________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Buffy & the slayerettes. I do of course own Megan, Nat & Matt. Please don't sue me, seeing as to how I don't have anything to begin with. In this story Buffy is an immortal. Also some of the sayings in here belong to Sailor Moon. _____________________________________________________________ Buffy & the gang are at the library waiting for Angel to introduce them to a new friend. Giles starts to pace as it gets late.

Giles: You're sure he said to meet him here?

Buffy: For the hundredth time, yes he said to meet him here. He said he has someone he wants us to meet.

Xander: Buff I hate to say this but dead boy knows, about only, undead people.

Just then the library doors swing open & Angel appears with a young woman, with brown hair, blonde highlights & light brown eyes, beside him.

Angel: Guys this is Megan a friend of mine, she's a slayer made vampire.

Buffy: What?!

Megan: I'll take it from here Angel. I was born, as a princess in Spain, when it was found out I was the slayer, my parents cried because they knew that one day they would lose their little girl. When I was 18, I met a young man & fell in love with him. I never knew he was the vampire Angelus. One day while I was patrolling I came across Angelus. When I went to embrace him, he threw me into a nearby tree. Then & only then did I know who he was. I got up & we started to fight. After for what seemed like forever, he sunk his fangs in my neck, after he was finished he cut his wrist & held it to my mouth, making me drink his blood. When I awoke, I was a vampire, but I could do things no normal vampire could do. I can walk in the sunlight & all I get is bad sun glare, I don't have to drink blood.

Xander: So you're like Blade, huh?

Megan: Yeah, I guess I am.

Xander just stares at Megan, who shifts to her vampire form only her fangs come down & her eyes turn.

Megan: I smell werewolf!

Oz gets up & walks up to Megan. Megan looks at his extended hand then gives him a handshake.

Oz: That would be me. Hi, I'm Oz Jackson. Nice to meet you.

Megan's face shifts back to normal, she then looks at Buffy.

Megan: So you're the famous Buffy Summers. Angel wouldn't quit talking about you the whole way over here.

Buffy: What did he say?

Megan: Only what you've done as a slayer & how much he loves you. One day I hope to have someone who loves me as much.

Angel: You will Megan, give it some time.

Megan: Time huh? I've been alive for 200 years. How much time do I need to give?

Buffy: I take it you're not good in the boyfriend department.

Megan: You could say that. My first boyfriend, as a vampire, wouldn't shut up about his first love.

Willow: What was his name?

Megan: William Cassidy.

Buffy: William "the bloody" Cassidy?

Megan: Yeah. Do you know him?

Buffy: He married my one of my best friends Megan Macload.

Willow & Xander walk up to Megan.

Willow: Hi. I'm Willow Rosenburg.

Xander: And I'm Xander Harris

He takes Megan's hand & kisses it.

Megan: And who said that chilvery's dead?

Angel: I think that was you after you after you decked that guy in that bar in La. Anyway Megan we should go since the sun will come up soon & we still have your things to put away.

Xander: Uh,,,,,,,, Megan do you need some one to show you around Sunnydale?

Megan: Are you offering to take me?

Xander: Yes I am.

Megan: It's a date then. Come by tomorrow at noon.

Xander: Noon it is.

Megan & Angel leave & everyone starts talking.

Buffy: I like her. She's nice.

Xander: I think I'm in love.

Willow: When aren't you in love?

Xander: That's true. Hey!

Buffy: Well Xand, you have to admit you fall in love a lot

Oz: And from what I here, You fall in love with a lot of demons.

Xander: Those weren't my fault.

Buffy: Didn't I warn you about Miss French, but you wouldn't listen.

Xander: Okay, so maybe that was my fault but Ampata wasn't.

Willow: That's true. We have to give him that. Ampata had us all fooled.

Meanwhile at Angel's mansion, Angel is carrying stuff to Megan's room as she nails stuff to the wall.

Angel: What have you got in here Megan? The kitchen sink?

Megan; Funny. And no it's a painting I did while I was a little girl. Not yet a slayer.

Angel: What's it a painting of?

Megan: My mother & sister.

Angel opens the box the painting came in. He finds a painting of a woman exactly like Megan, only a little older, & a young girl who looks like Megan, only a little younger.

Angel: You're mom was pretty. You look a lot like her.

Megan: So people told me back then.

Megan starts to cry as she stares at the painting. Angel scoops her up in his arms & holds her.

Angel: What's wrong, my childe?

Megan: It's just I miss them so much. Did you know my sister & me were twins?

Angel: So that's how you looked as a young girl also?

Megan: Yeah. You know sometimes I wish you had just let me die.

Angel: Don't say that. You are the only thing I did right.

Megan: You know I had to kill my family.

Angel: Why?

Megan: Because some vamps decided to get to me by using my family. But they didn't do it all at once. They wanted me to suffer.

Angel: How?

Megan: When I was 14, they had killed my father & then they turned him into a vampire. He started to come after my sister & I staked him. I was devastated, I was a total loony for a week after that. Then it was discovered that I was the vampire slayer. Then a year later, the vamps took my mother & again I staked her. Then he got my sister, this was after you had bitten me, & I had to stake her. Finally I found the vamp that killed my family & I beat him so slowly, that he was begging me to kill him. The only family member left was my little sister, who by that time acceded the throne. After she was crowned queen I left. I never went back, only now do I wish I did. I could have helped my sister rule, but I was gone by then, mentally & physically.

Angel: It's ok, Megan. It wasn't your fault.

Megan: I know. But sometimes I blame myself for not finding the vampire before he killed my family.

Three hours later after Megan stops crying, she falls asleep in Angel's arms. She wakes up when she hears a knock at the door & she sees that it's noon already. She then wakes Angel up.

Megan: Angel, get your candy ass out of bed.

Angel: But I don't want to go to school today Mommy. Huh?

Megan: Angel, I'm not your mommy so get out of bed & answer the phone.

Megan hurries to the bathroom as Angel answers the door. Hair & clothes all messed up. When he opens it, Xander walks in..

Xander: Do I even want to know?

Angel: Megan fell asleep in my arms last night. She was a little upset over something but she's better now.

Xander: Is she ready?

Angel: She just woke up. She's in the bathroom right now. So what are you two doing today?

Xander: I thought I'd show her around town then take her to lunch.

Angel: That's nice. Only don't let her eat chocolate.

Xander: Why?

Angel: When I first changed her, I knew she'd be strong. So I challenged her to a fight, needless to say she had had chocolate, She threw me through a brick wall. It took me a whole month to recover.

Xander: Ouch.

Fifteen minutes later, Megan comes out of the bathroom wearing a short black skirt & red silk tank top. She looks at Xander then to Angel.

Megan: Ok I'm ready. Now Angel try not to mess the house up too much while I'm gone.

Angel: *glares at Megan who glares back* I'll try not too. No promises though.

Megan: That's all I ask.

Angel: See you later, grasshopper.

Megan looks at Angel like she could stake him where he stands. She & Xander soon leave. After Xander finishes showing her around town, he takes her to the coffee shop on Main St. they order two mochas.

Xander: Uh Megan can I ask you a question?

Megan: Sure.

Xander: Would you be my date tonight at the Bronze.

Megan: *sitting closer to Xander* Of course I will. I was wondering when you were going to ask.

They start to kiss & are still kissing as the waitress brings them their mochas. At eight that night at the Bronze. Buffy, Willow, Oz, & Angel are all wondering where Megan & Xander are.

Angel: *looking at his watch* Where are they? They should have been here by now.

Oz: Angel, chill man. I'm sure they're ok.

Willow: What if a gang of vamps ambushed them?

Buffy: Megan can handle herself Will & protect Xander also.

Megan & Xander walk in hand in hand. They make their way over to the vampire, slayer, & slayerettes.

Angel: Where have you two been, we've been worried sick about you two.

Buffy: Correction, he's been worried sick. I of course knew you guys would show sooner or later.

The Bronze's speakers start to play " Livin la vida loca" by Ricky Martin. Megan pulls Xander to the dance floor as Buffy tries to get Angel on the dance floor.

Buffy: Come on Angel. Come dance with me.

Angel: I don't dance.

Buffy: Whatever. That's fine. I'll just dance by myself.

Buffy starts to dance next to Megan & Xander.

She's into superstitions Black cats & voodoo dolls I feel a premonition That girl's gonna make me fall

She's into new sensations New kicks in the candlelight She's got a new addiction For every day & every night

She'll make you take your clothes off And go dancing in the rain She'll make you live her crazy life She'll take away your pain Like a bullet to the brain

Upside, inside out She's livin' la vida loca She'll push & pull you down Livin' la vida loca Her lips are devil red And her skin's the color mocha She will wear you out Livin' la vida loca She's Livin' la vida loca

Woke up in New York City In a funky cheap hotel She took my heart And she took my money She must have slipped me a sleeping pill She never drinks the water Makes you order French champagne Once you've had a taste of her You'll never be the same, Yeah She'll make you go insane

Upside, inside out She's livin' la vida loca She'll push & pull you down Livin' la vida loca Her lips are devil red And her skin's the color mocha She will wear you out Livin' la vida loca She's Livin' la vida loca

She'll make you take your clothes off And go dancing in the rain She'll make you live her crazy life Until you go insane No, you'll never be the same

Upside, inside out She's livin' la vida loca She'll push & pull you down Livin' la vida loca Her lips are devil red And her skin's the color mocha She will wear you out Livin' la vida loca She's Livin' la vida loca Livin' la vida loca Livin'la vida loca Livin' la vida loca

Upside, inside out She's livin' la vida loca She'll push & pull you down Livin' la vida loca Her lips are devil red And her skin's the color mocha She will wear you out Livin' la vida loca She's Livin' la vida loca Livin' la vida loca Livin'la vida loca Livin' la vida loca

When they finish dancing, they all head back towards their table. With Angel sitting there watching Buffy.

Megan: Now that was fun. Why didn't you come join us Angel?

Buffy: He said he doesn't dance.

Megan: *coughing* Bullshit, bullshit.

Angel glares at Megan & she glares back.

Xander: Am I missing something.

Megan: Angel over her can dance. Not good but he can dance. Be right back.

Megan goes up to the DJ & whispers something in his ear. She goes back to the table & pulls everyone including Angel onto the dance floor. She then signals for the DJ to start. Suddenly the song "Run to you" by Bryan Adams comes on.

Megan: Is this better?

Angel: Yeah.

She says her love for me Could never die But that'd change If she ever found out about you & I Oh, but her love is cold It wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know 'Cause when it gets too much I need to feel your touch

I'm gonna run to you I'm gonna run to you 'Cause when the feeling's right I'm gonna run to you I'm gonna run to you

She's got a heart of gold She'd let me down But you're who always turns me on You keep comin' round I know her love is true But it's so damn easy makin' love to you And I got my mind made up I need to feel your touch

I'm gonna run to you I'm gonna run to you 'Cause when the feeling's right I'm gonna run to you I'm gonna run to you

I'm gonna run to you Yeah, I'm gonna run to you 'Cause when the feeling's right I'm gonna run to you all night I'm gonna run to you

Angel kisses Buffy as Megan kisses Xander. Megan then looks at Angel & Buffy.

Megan: See I told you.

Angel: I guess you did.

Buffy: Hey Xander can I talk to you outside for a minute.

Xander: Sure Buff. If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back.

They head towards the door & go outside.

Xander: What's up, Buff?

Buffy: So how are you & Megan getting along?

Xander: Just fine.

Buffy: Do you're dating a vampire now?

Xander: Is this my punishment for all the things I did & said about Angel?

Buffy: No, it's not. But turnabout is fair play. I wish you two the best of luck.

Xander: Thanks Buff.

They go back in through the doors & head towards their table, only to find Megan, laying on the couch beside their table, sleeping.

Xander: What happened?

Angel: I went to get some more drinks & when I came back she was like this. I guess she overdid it.

Xander: Ya think?

Angel & Buffy kiss once more as he picks Megan up & takes her to the mansion. Three days later Megan is at the high school looking for Giles. Principal Snyder comes up behind her.

Snyder: May I help you miss.

Megan turns around & swings her arm, hitting Snyder in the jaw.

Snyder: Ow that hurt.

Megan: Oh I'm so, so sorry. I don't know my own strength. I'll pay for any damage I did to your jaw.

Snyder: It's ok. It just stings a little. So how may I help you?

Megan: I'm looking for my uncle Rupert Giles. I was told he works here.

Snyder: He does. He works in the library. I'll take you there. Miss?

Megan: Garica. Megan Garcia.

Snyder: Welcome to SunnyDale Miss. Garcia.

Megan: Thank you.

They arrive at the library & Megan enters before Snyder can say anything else. Buffy is training, but Giles is no where to be seen.

Megan: Giles!? Giles!?

Giles comes up from behind her & taps her on the shoulder & she hits him just like she hit Snyder.

Giles: Oh bloody hell.

Megan: Sorry. You know you shouldn't sneak up on people like me like that.

Giles: True. Now what do you want?

Megan: Ooo, aren't we a little touchy this morning. I need two things actually. 1. I need a book on dreams & 2. I need to get enrolled in school.

Giles: What type of dream book do you need?

Megan: One on sex dreams.

Giles goes into his office & comes out, book in hand.

Giles: This is probably what your looking for.

Megan looks at the title "Sex Dreams" as Buffy walks up behind her.

Buffy: Whatcha reading?

Megan does the same thing to Buffy, only she doesn't hurt Buffy.

Megan: Sorry, I'm on edge.

Buffy: About?

Megan: About Xand........ *Xander enters the library* Xander hi.

Xander: Hi Megan. What are you doing here?

Megan: Just borrowing a book. I'll return it when I'm done Giles. Oh yeah also if the troll asks, you're my uncle, ok?

Giles: Ok.

As Megan exits the library, Xander turns to Buffy & Giles.

Giles: Now Xander what do you need?

Xander: A dream book would be nice.

Giles: Let me guess, sex dreams?

Xander: How'd you know?

Giles: Lucky guess. Plus the fact that you & Megan were staring at each other heavily, I came to the that you were having sex dreams about her. And the fact that you're Xander, of course.

Giles goes to get another book & when he comes out, hands it to Xander. Xander exits the libary & heads towards study hall. Giles turns to Buffy, who has a strange look in her eyes.

Buffy: They look just like Angel & me in the beginning. So they're having the same the same dreams & that scares me to no end.

Giles: It's normal, I think.

Later at the Bronze, Megan enters wearing a black mini-skirt, black lace tank top, black leather jacket, with her fire star amulet hanging around her neck. Angel enters the club after Megan sans jacket. They walk over to where Buffy is sitting.

Megan: Buffy, can I talk to you?

Buffy: Sure. Lets goto the ladies room.

They both head to the ladies room. All of a sudden Megan turns around & looks at Buffy.

Megan: He's been having the same dreams, hasn't he?

Buffy: Who?

Megan: *glares* Who do you think? Xander.

Buffy: Yeah he has. I think it's the same as yours. Like you did earlier, he came to the library for a book on sex dreams.

They hear a laugh from one of the bathroom stalls & out walks a tall brunette.

Buffy: Amy! Amy Madison meet Megan Garcia & vice versa. Amy is another one of our resident wiccas.

Amy: *shaking Megan's hand* Sorry for laughing. It's just Xander hasn't had much luck in the love department.

Megan: So I've heard. Amy Madison........you're the one who did that love spell after valentines day for Xander.

Amy: Yeah I did. Got me in a whole lot of trouble though.

Megan: I could imagine. And I thought only I had lousy luck in love.

Amy: What do you mean?

Megan: Well first there was a peasant from the village, then my bodyguard; who just so happened to be a vampire, Angelus, & then William "Spike" the bloody.

Buffy: You're right, you do have lousy luck.

Buffy, Amy & Megan exit the ladies room together & go back to their table. Xander enters the Bronze & walks up to Megan.

Xander: Hi kitten, Buffy, Ames. Megan I need to talk to you alone for a minute.

Megan: Ok, let's go outside.

They go outside of the Bronze & Xander looks at Megan.

Megan: So what's up?

Xander: I've been having these very erotic dreams about us lately.

Megan: You too, huh?

Xander: How long have you had them?

Megan: Since you took me out to show me around town.

Xander: Really. Me too. Do you think it's the same dream?

Megan: Yeah I do. Come on let's get back inside.

They re-enter the Bronze & when they get back to the table, they kiss for what seems to be forever. Buffy walks up behind them with Angel & Amy.

Buffy: Break out the water hose.

Megan: *hitting Buffy playfully* Funny.

Buffy: I thought it was.

Megan: Well I got to go. Long day tomorrow. Xander walk me home?

Xander: Sure.

They exit the Bronze & they walk over to a blood red motorcycle. Megan hands Xander a helmet.

Xander: This is yours?

Megan: Yep. Just something I bought last year.

Xander: So where are we going?

Megan: My place.

Xander: Don't you mean Angel's?

Megan: Nope. I bought a loft in town just last week. It'll take 10 minutes, tops.

Xander gets on the cycle & off they ride. In ten minutes they arrive in front of a old building.

Megan: Well, here we are. My place.

Xander: You own the whole building?

Megan: Yep. Would you like to come in/

Xander: You bet.

They enter the building & come to an elevator that takes them upstairs.

Xander: *looks around* This place is amazing.

Megan: Can I get you anything to drink?

Xander: No thanks. *looks at the clock* Shit, I got to get home.

Megan: Xander don't go please.

Xander: I'll have to call my mom though. Oh the hell with it, they hardly ever worry about me anyway.

Megan: Want to watch a movie? Your choice.

Xander: Sure, how about "The Matrix."

Megan: Ok.

Megan finds the video that she's looking for & puts it in the VCR as Xander pops some popcorn. When he sits down, Megan snuggles up on his lap. By the end of the movie, Megan is asleep on Xander's lap. He gets up & takes her to her bedroom. He sits her on the bed & brushes some stray hairs off her face. As he turns to leave, Megan speaks.

Megan: Stay in here with me Xander?

Xander: Ok.

Xander climbs in the bed beside her. They are awaken from their sleep by Megan's alarm going off.

Megan: Aw, shit. We're going to be late. Xander how would you feel about not going to school today.

Xander: Ok.

Megan: I'll call Giles though.

Megan gets out of bed & makes the phone call

Giles: Sunnydale High School library.

Megan: Hey Giles, it's Megan.

Giles: Megan where the hell are you two?

Megan: We slept late. So we aren't going to school today but we need you to cover for us with the troll.

Giles: Ok. But you have so9me explaining to do to Buffy later.

Megan: Ok, whatever.

Megan hangs up the phone & heads back in the bedroom.

Xander: So what now?

Megan: Well could you take me to the mall? I need to get some stuff.

Xander: Of course.

Megan: But first I think we should have a shower.

Xander: Mind if I join you?

Megan: You read my mind.

They both head to the showers & come out an hour later. Megan now wears a black mini-skirt & red silk tank top while Xander wears a pair of black jeans & a white t-shirt. They head out in Megan's Red jeep. Several hours later two cars enter Megan's driveway. Megan drives her new black Trans-am while Xander rides her jeep. Megan gets out & faints onto the pavement. Xander rushes over to see if she's ok.

Xander: What's wrong Megan?

Megan: I need blood.

Xander rummages through her packages & takes out her new dagger, with it he cuts his hand & holds it to her mouth. She holds the hand closer to her & sucks but stops when she's had enough. He takes her in the loft & waits for her to wake back up. Thirty minutes after she fainted, Megan wakes up to see herself in Xander's arms.

Xander: Are you ok, kitten?

Megan: Yeah I am. Thank you for feeding me your blood. I know you had to have had your reservations about that. Given the stuff Angel told me.

Xander: Actually I didn't have any. I just couldn't lose you. I've lost enough. And anyway I wasn't going to let the woman I love die.

Megan: You love me?

Xander: Yes I do. Maybe we should get ready for the Bronze.

Megan: Did you know that today is amateur night there?

Xander: Yes I did. Are you going to join in?

Megan: Yeah.

They leave the loft & heads towards the bronze. When they enter, they are hand in hand again. Megan then lets go & heads towards the stage. She jumps up on it & starts to talk in the microphone.

Megan: Hello Sunnydale. My name is Megan Garcia & I'm going to sing a famous song by a friend of mine, Catalina. The song is called "Bewitched, bothered, & bewildered". I hope you all like it.

She puts a tape in the tape deck.

He's a fool And don't I know it But a fool can have his charms I'm in love And don't I show it Like a babe in arms

I'm wild And not impatient Men are not a new sensation

Couldn't sleep And wouldn't sleep When love told me, I shouldn't sleep

Lovin' and huggin' You know I'm in love And don't I show it Like a babe in arms

I'm wild again Beguiled again A simpering, whimpering child again Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Am I

My heart was lost I paid the cost Cold from the start He played the part I must agree But he and I were meant to be

Anticipating Loving, hating, waiting What am I to do? Bothered and bewildered Because I'm so Bothered over you

I'm wild again Beguiled again A simpering, whimpering child again Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Am I

I'm wild And not impatient Men are not as new sensation

As Megan finishes, the whole club stands up & cheers & claps. Megan looks at around the room & takes a bow.

Megan: Thank you.

She jumps off the stage & heads back to the table that Xander, Buffy, & Angel are at.

Xander: That was good.

Megan: Thank you.

Angel: Megan, I never knew you could sing.

Megan: I've kept it a secret.

Buffy: Well with talent like that, you shouldn't.

Megan: Thank you.

Buffy: So where were you two last night & this morning?

Megan: At my place.

Buffy: I can only guess what you two were doing together all night.

Megan: I'll bet.

Angel: So you won't be staying at the mansion anymore?

Megan: You sound like your going to miss me.

Angel: Of course I'm going to miss you. You're the only thing I've done right as Angelus.

Buffy: How is turning a slayer into a vampire right?

Megan: With my combined senses of both sides I can help balance good & evil so that the evil doesn't win. If I hadn't been turned then Buffy, SunnyDale would be overrun with demons & vampires. That's how it's the only good thing Angelus did.

Buffy: Oh. So where's your place at Megan?

Megan: Across town. It's that 2-story loft on Greystone Dr..

Buffy: I've been in there once, it's a very nice loft.

Megan: So Buffy want to go on patrol.

Buffy: Do we have to?

Megan: * looking at Buffy* Either we do it now or later. I'd rather go now

Buffy: Ok.

They leave the Bronze & head towards the graveyard. When they get there, Megan's heightened senses pick up a vampire. Buffy pulls out her stakes & looks at Megan. That's when she sees that Megan's eyes are glowing red. She starts to roll her hands faster & faster then she opens them & a fireball appears in her hands.

Megan: FireBall Strike!

The ball of fire leaves Megan's hands & hits the vampire head on setting the vamp on fire. Suddenly she senses another one across the street & this time her eyes glow green.

Megan: World Shaking.

The ground starts to quake & the vampire is knocked off his feet & Buffy goes & stakes him. He turns to dust.

Buffy: What happened?

Megan: My special attacks are elemental.

Megan's eyes start to glow red as she senses a familiar feeling. Suddenly Drusilla walks in front of Buffy & Megan, doll in hand.

Drusilla: Look who it is Miss Edith. It's the slayers who took my Spikey away. * looking at Megan* I'll make you pay for taking my Spike away * looking at Buffy* & I'll make you pay for taking My Angel away.

Buffy: You can't win Dru you're outnumbered.

Drusilla: Oh the slayers are going to hurt me, what ever will I do?

She yells behind her.

Drusilla: Get them!

A bunch of demons come out of the bushes & behind trees. Megan eyes starts to glow again.

Megan: Oceanic Blast! Lightening Storm strike!

A blast of water & a bunch of lightening bolts hit the vampires. Some of them turning to dust but a lot of vampires still remain. Megan then looks at Buffy.

Megan: We need to get out of here & get help.

Buffy: I agree. But how do we get out of here.

Megan: Like this. Firestorm surround! West Wind Blow! Fog Blast!

A fire appears in front of them then the wind blows it towards the vampires & the fog cuts off Buffy & Megan's escape. They first run towards the mansion, they find Angel reading a book. He looks up at them & is worried when he sees that they're bruised & out of breath.

Angel: What happened?

Megan: Drusilla happened.

Angel: Drusilla's back.

Buffy: She blames us for taking Spike & you away. She also had a lot of vamp backup with her. We hardly got out with our life & undead life.

Angel: Should we go see Giles?

Megan: That might be a good idea.

They run towards the library & when they get there Megan notices the doors are locked.

Megan: Are the doors usually locked?

Buffy: Nope Giles likes to work late.

Megan: This had to be Drusilla's doing. She knew we'd come here.

Buffy: So what do we do?

Megan grabs hold of the doors & pulls them off their hinges. Buffy just looks in amazement.

Megan: There we go.

They all run towards the library only to find it guarded by three vampires. Megan's eyes glow blue.

Megan: Oceanic Blast!

A blast of water hits the vampires as Buffy pulls out her stake & stakes the vampires. Now that the library doors have been blasted off, they all enter the library only to find Giles locked in the weapons locker. Megan pulls it off easily.

Giles: Good god Megan how strong are you?

Megan: Depends.

Giles: On what?

Angel: As to weather or not she has had chocolate.

Megan: So Giles what happened?

Giles: Drusilla is back.

Buffy: We know. We already ran into her & she had whole lot of back up with her.

Giles: I was afraid of this. Drusilla has really gone off the deep end this time.

Buffy: Tell us something we didn't know.

Megan: It's going to take us all to defeat her this time.

Giles: Should I get the others?

Megan: Not yet. The sun is going down soon & unlike me, Drusilla can't walk in daylight.

Buffy: So what's the plan?

Megan: There isn't one yet. But by tomorrow night there will be. Giles do you mind if I stay here tonight instead of going home.

Giles: Sure, Buffy you can stay also. I'll explain to you mother.

Buffy; Thanks.

Angel heads towards the sewers after giving Buffy a long goodbye kiss. Megan & Buffy go to Giles' office & lays down on the chair & couch. Three hours later Buffy is awaken by Megan screaming out in her sleep.

Buffy: Megan, Megan wake up.

Megan: No not my family! No!

Giles runs into the office as Megan wakes up suddenly.

Megan: What?

Buffy: You were yelling out in your sleep. Want to tell us about it?

Megan: I'm sure Giles already knows this story. But when I was 14, my father died at the hands of a vampire & he came back as a vampire & I had to stake him because he was coming after my twin sister then it was found out that I was the slayer. A year later the same vampire killed & changed my mother, & again I had to stake another family member to save my other sister. Finally my twin sister was killed the same way & I had to stake her in order to save my sister, of course I was already a vampire before I staked Cassie. My other sister was then the only royal left, she acceded to the throne but by the time she did this I was gone. I wish I had stayed but I was needed elsewhere.

Buffy: You staked your whole family?

Megan: I had to in order to save them & save the world. I was totally lost without them that I had stayed in a insane asylum for a while. I thought I was over my family's deaths by my hands.

Giles: It wasn't your fault. You had no control over what happened.

Megan: But I should have been more careful & watched them. I knew that a vampire would come after the slayer's family but I never knew it was me then when I found out. I couldn't watch out for them because I had a duty to uphold.

Giles looks through some of his books he has on the bookshelf.

Giles: I think we're going to need help on this one.

Buffy: Why.

Giles: Because of what I just found. An old enemy of the slayer will come & open the hellmouth; the only hope will be in 4 enemies of the slayer who have reverted.

Buffy: Who are the 4 though?

Megan: Angel & me are 2 of them, the other 2 are a couple of friends of mine I believe.

Buffy: Will they help.

Megan: Yeah they will but I have to go by myself.

Giles: You sure it's safe?

Megan: It's better than just sitting around & doing nothing.

Megan runs outside she then makes a whirlwind that carries her to her loft. When she gets there she puts another outfit on & gets the keys to her jeep. She then starts to drive to LA. When she gets there she stops at an occult bookshop. At the counter is a young man, looks to be in his early 20's. He just looks at Megan.

Man: I thought you said you never wanted to see me again.

Megan: Nice to see you too Matt.

Another young man walks out of the back, looks to be in his early 20's, & just stares at Megan; he drops the books in his hands & runs up to Megan & hugs her.

Man: Megan it's been so long.

Megan: Yeah it has Nat. You can let go now.

Nat: Sorry, so how have you been?

Misty: I've been fine. I need your help.

Matt: When don't you need help.

Megan: Matt what is your problem?

Matt: My problem is that the only time you come to us is when you need help.

Nat: Don't mind him. He just had a bad break up. So what's up?

Megan: The slayer needs our help. Remember Drusilla?

Matt: I remember her. She's a loony.

Megan: Well it seems that she is going to try to open the hellmouth & only 4 enemies of the slayer turned can stop her.

Nat: And you think that's us.

Megan: Us 3 & Angel. So will you help me?

Nat: Of course.

Matt: Of course I will Megan. Sorry I snapped at you before.

Megan: It's ok. Do you 2 need to get anything from your apartment?

Nat: Come back in an hour & we'll be ready.

Megan leaves & heads towards the beach where she just sits on a bench & watches the sunrise. When she gets back to the bookstore, she sees Matt & Nat each with an overnight bag.

Matt: So where will we be staying at while we're there?

Megan: My place.

They all head towards SunnyDale & then they park in the school parking lot. Megan leads them towards the library but Snyder stops her suddenly.

Snyder: Where were you yesterday Miss Garcia?

Megan: I had a family emergency. My uncle was suppose to explain to you why I was out.

Snyder: Back talk will not be tolerated in this school young lady.

Megan's eyes starts to glow red & Nat sees this & steps in front of Megan & Snyder.

Nat: Hello, I'm Megan's brother. Our mother was deathly ill yesterday & we didn't want to leave her side. I'm sure you can understand.

Snyder: All I know is your going to be a troublemaker just like Buffy Summers.

Megan: Listen here you can do anything to me but I am not a troublemaker but if trouble comes my way, I won't run from it.

Snyder: Anyway get to class.

Megan: I am. I'm going to the library. I'm librarian assistant

Snyder: Whatever just get to class.

Snyder leaves & they all go through the library doors.

Megan: Are you sure I can't kill him?

Buffy: Trouble with Snyder. * notices the guys* Hello.

Nat: Hi.

Matt: Hi.

Buffy: Aren't you going to introduce us Megan.

Megan: Oh yeah. Buffy this is Nat Remeriez & Matt Walker. Nat was my bodyguard I told you about & Matt is an ex of mine. Nat, Matt this is Buffy Summers the current vampire slayer.

Nat: Pleased to meet you.

Megan: Have we got a plan yet?

Buffy: Not yet but we're working on it.

Matt: How 'bout we just kill the vampire bitch.

Megan: Can't argue with that but how are we suppose to kill her? She has a whole gang of vampires on her side. I only dusted maybe a third of them when I used my powers.

Matt: You're kidding me.

Megan: I kid you not. I think we should hit her where it hurts & soon.

Giles: I have a plan as to how to do that.

Megan: What is it?

Giles: Well it'll take Angel's help. But we need to convince her that Angelus is back.

Angel then enters through the stacks.

Angel: How exactly do you plan to pull that off?

Megan: I know how you can convince her. Offer Buffy & I to her. That'll convince her real fast.

Angel: Is that the only way?

Megan: I think so. Buffy will you allow Angel to do that?

Buffy: Yeah.

Matt: What do we do?

Megan: You & Nat lie in wait until you see a signal.

Nat: What's the signal *in the back of mind; This is the signal. *

Xander & Willow enter the library & look at everyone.

Xander: What's wrong?

Megan: Drusilla's back.

Willow: Oh no.

Xander: So what's the plan? When do we saddle up?

Megan: You don't Xander, just Buffy, Matt, Nat, & I go.

Xander looks at Megan with a puppy dogface.

Megan: Don't look at me like that. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you Xander.

Matt: I take it you 2 are an item.

Megan: How'd you ever guess? But I want you & Willow out of harms way ok baby.

Xander: Ok.

Later that night right in front of where Drusilla is standing, Angel starts to fight Buffy & Megan after about 10 minutes Angel knocks Buffy & Megan out. Drusilla sees this & comes towards Angel.

Drusilla: My Angel is that you?

Angel: * like Angelus* It's me baby I'm back.

Drusilla starts to dance around in a circle chanting " My Angel's back".

An hour later Megan & Buffy come to in a warehouse, they're bound & gagged. Drusilla is all over Angel. Megan starts trying to wiggle out of her ropes. Drusilla walks over towards her. Drusilla then slaps Megan's face.

Drusilla: Naughty, Naughty. Bad slayer. I'll make you pay for taking my Spike away.

Megan: *in Drusilla's mind* I'm going to kill you bitch.

Megan's eyes then start to glow red & she sets the ropes on fire. Drusilla just watches Megan's eyes.

Drusilla: Her eyes change color.

Suddenly Megan's eyes go to their demon yellow & she punches Dru's jaw.

Megan: It happens when I'm mad, bitch.

Megan sends the message to Matt & Nat. They then blow down the warehouse door with their powers. Drusilla then reliezes that she's been tricked.

Drusilla: You tricked me. You tricked me. How could you do that to me my Angel?

Angel: I'm not your Angel anymore Dru.

Unnoticed by Drusilla, Matt unties Buffy ropes when she's free she jumps at Drusilla. Drusilla just flips Buffy into a wall. Megan then starts her attacks.

Megan: Fireball Strike! Oceanic blast! World Shaking! Lightening Strike!

The whole room is filled by Megan's attacks & each one hits Drusilla. Nat & Matt then join hands with Megan & combine their attacks together.

Matt: Winter wind blow!

Nat: *twirling his fingers in a circle* Fire rings surround.

As all the attacks combined hits Drusilla, she explodes into dust.

Megan: We did it!

Angel: Yeah we did.

Buffy: Come on guys lets go party.

Megan: I'm with that.

Later at the Bronze.

Willow: So how did you all kill Drusilla?

Megan: Matt, Nat, & I combined all our attacks & she exploded into dust.

Xander: Wasn't combining your attacks dangerous

Megan: Not for us. We've been practicing for years.

Matt: Uh guys shouldn't we get some sleep since we now all have school tomorrow.

Megan: Huh? You all don't have school tomorrow.

Nat: We do now. We thought someone should help protect you guys. I'm not saying you aren't doing a good job but it's helpful to have another pair of eyes watching your back.

Megan: We all know what you mean Nat. Can't seem to stop guarding me; can you.

Nat: Well I did promise your father that I'd protect you at all costs; he didn't say for how long.

Megan: True.

Six months later after graduation

Megan: Well we did it. We made it through high school in one piece.

Xander: Megan do you want to dance?

Megan: Sure

They head towards the dance floor & they hear "Could I have this kiss Forever" by Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston.

Over & over I look in your eyes You have captured me I want to hold you I want be close to you I never want to let you go I wish this night would never end I need to know

Could I hold you for a lifetime Could I look in your eyes Could I have this night to share forever

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time Could I could I have this kiss forever

Over & over I've dreamed of this night Now you're here by my side You are next to me I want to hold you & touch you & taste you And make you want no one but me I wish this kiss could never end Oh baby please

Could I hold you for a lifetime Could I look into your eyes Could I have this night to share this night together Could I hold you close beside me Could I hold you for all time Could I could I have this kiss forever Could I, could I have this kiss forever, forever

I don't want any night to go by Without you by my side I just want all my days Spent being next to you Lived for just loving you And baby, by the way

Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share together Could I hold you for all time Could I could I have this kiss forever Could I could I have this kiss forever

They finish dancing & walk back to the table. Xander then gets down on one knee & pulls out a ring box; he opens it & inside is a diamond ring.

Xander: Megan will you marry me?

Megan: Yes Xander I will.

Xander & Megan kiss as the others just clap & cheer.

The end