The Future of SunnyDale By Andromeda ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________ Ok this is the last part of the Megan chronicles. Please read "Turnabout's Fair Play, The new SunnyDale Slayers, & Wedding Day Jitters" before reading this one so you know what's going on. I don't own Buffy & the gang but I do own Megan, Nat, Matt, Marcus, Cassandra, Christopher, Ashley, Joy, Angel, Megan, Jenny, Renee, & Alyssa. So please if you do own Buffy don't sue sue me because you're not going to get much. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________

Megan & Xander are snuggled up on the couch watching TV in the living room of their loft. Marcus walks in & changes the channel on the TV.

Megan: Son does it look like you own the TV. Because we were watching, that program & you just changed the channel.

Marcus: Sorry mom but my Internet pal Galen is suppose to be on today TRL.

Megan: Well that's just tough, you're not watching it in here because your father & me are going to finish watching what we were watching.

Marcus: Why are you so unfair?

Megan: I'm unfair huh? Unfair is watching a friend be falsely accused of being a witch & have her burn at the stake, Unfair is having to watch the person you love grow old & die. That is unfair.

Marcus: Whatever mom. I'm out of here.

Marcus opens the door & slams it as he leaves. Megan just turns to Xander, who kisses her forehead.

Xander: Kids. Can't live with them, Can't live without them.

Megan: I love you Xander Harris.

Xander: I love you Megan Harris.

Megan: So what are we going to do about Marcus?

Xander: I don't know. But something needs to be done & soon.

Megan: He's started to get involved with Jenny. I found an empty condom packet in the pocket of his jeans yesterday.

Xander: Does Buffy know about this yet?

Megan: Not that I know of. But I was going to talk to her tomorrow.

Xander starts to tickle Megan & as she giggles, he puts his hand down her pants & finds her ready for him. Xander picks Megan up & takes her to their bedroom where they proceed to make love to each other for the next 6 hours. They both fall asleep & then are woken up by a crash in the Living room. They both get up & get dressed & head towards the living room. They see Cassandra in the living room & the TV in the floor.

Cassandra: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push it that far. I was trying to hook up the VCR

Megan: It's ok Cassie. It's not your fault. I'll go out & buy a new TV tomorrow ok.

Cassandra: Ok. Mom is it ok if I go to the movies Friday with Ashley & Chris?

Megan: It's ok with me. Just be careful.

Cassandra: We always are Mom.

Marcus then comes into the living room & looks around the room & looks at Cassandra.

Marcus: My Gods Cassandra you are so stupid. How can someone destroy 15 TV's in a week.

Megan: Marcus Xavier Harris! I never want to hear you talk to your sister like that again. Do you hear me?

Marcus: Yes mother.

Xander: Now tell your sister your sorry.

Marcus: No!

Megan: Marcus go to your room now!

Marcus stomps out of the room & heads towards his room. When he hears everyone go to their rooms, he opens his bedroom window & goes out it. He heads towards to Bronze. As he walks a gang of vampires jumps him.

Vampire1: Slayer, prepare to meet your end.

Marcus: If I had a dollar for every vampire that said that to me, I'd be rich.

Vampire2: No don't kill him. The first wants him alive.

Marcus: The first?

Vampire3: You & your kind will find out soon.

With that said the vampires flee into the night, leaving Marcus to wonder what the vampires meant. When he gets to the Bronze, he sees Jenny waiting in front.

Jenny: What took so long?

Marcus: Had to find the right time to sneak out & then a gang of vamps jumped me. It was weird; they didn't try to kill me.

Jenny: That is weird. So you ready for tonight?

Marcus: Oh yeah. I even brought the little raincoat.

Jenny: Do you want to get the tattoo or just the extracurricular actives 1st. ?

Marcus takes Jenny & plants along wet kiss on her. She starts to run her hands in his leather coat. Marcus stops her only to lead her into the alley where he has his way with her. Five hours later both Jenny & Marcus is coming out of a tattoo parlor with Jenny comes out with a tattoo of a red & black Ying yang & Marcus has a red & black Ying yang on one shoulder & a red & black dragon on the other.

Jenny: Why did I let you talk me into this? My parents are going to kill me.

Marcus: I think it was just in the heat of the moment. And if Giles says anything remind him of his own childhood.

Jenny: He'll really kill me if I remind him of those days.

Marcus: Anyway it's your life, you should be able to do what you want.

Suddenly a gang of vampires comes out of the bushes & hit Marcus & Jenny on top the heads. The vampires also put rags with on their mouths & puts them to sleep. When they wake up, Marcus & Jenny find themselves in a room chained to the wall. Marcus tries with all his might to break the chains. Suddenly the doors open & a man enters, followed by one of the vampires that jumped them.

Marcus: Let us go or I swear I'll stake you both.

Man: I see you got the Concoren sprit in you. But what I meant is who is the girl?

Vampire: This is the slayer master.

Caine: You idiot. This is not Cassandra Harris. Now I want you to get my granddaughter now!

Marcus: Who are you?

Caine: I am Caine Concoren. Your grandfather.

Marcus: Mother said you died before I was born.

Caine: Your mother said that because she doesn't like me.

Jenny: That happens when you try to kill & kidnap your family.

Caine: So you've been told about me. Who are you anyway?

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer Giles. The daughter to Rupert Giles; watcher & Sister to Buffy Summers; slayer.

Caine: So you're the watcher's brat. Interesting. Take her in the bedroom.

Marcus: What are you going to do to her?

Caine: Nothing. Yet.

Marcus: You touch one hair on her head I'll kill you.

Meanwhile back in SunnyDale. Everyone is gathered at Megan & Xander's loft. Megan looks like she's about to go crazy, Joyce can't keep from continually cleaning Megan's living room, Giles looks like he's about ready to rip someone's throat out & Xander looks about ready to tear someone's heart out.

Alyssa: So you have no idea where they are?

Megan: None. But I'm sure if he snuck out then he's with Jenny.

Joyce: That boy better not touch my daughter or I'll make sure he goes to jail.

Xander: You'll do nothing of the kind!

Joyce: Watch me.

Megan: Joyce, I know you're protective of Jenny but when it comes to Marcus don't threaten me. Because I will attack & you'll never see it coming.

Nat: Calm down Megan. Joyce is only saying what any parent would say. I'm sure she's not really going to do.

Joyce: The hell I won't. She needs to discipline that brat.

Megan jumps at Joyce & tackles her to the floor. Before Megan can punch Joyce, Xander, Nat, Matt, Renee, Alyssa, Buffy, Cassandra, & Christopher grab her. Giles helps Joyce up.

Megan: I'm going to kill you bitch. If I need to do something about Marcus then you need to do something about that whore of a daughter you have. That bitch has been with the whole high school.

Joyce starts to cry as she falls back down to the floor. Megan just holds on to Xander as tight as she can.

Megan: Xander what are we going to do?

Xander: Are you sure you all don't know where they're at?

Angel Lynn: I remember them saying they'd like to get matching tattoos. Maybe they went to that parlor next to the Bronze.

Xander: It's worth a shot. Megan, Cassandra, & I will check there while everyone else searches somewhere else.

Renee: Ok, we'll meet back here in an hour.

Xander, Megan, & Cassandra leave the loft & head towards the tattoo parlor. The same vampires jump out & take Cassandra. Megan tries to fight them but is stopped by an invisible force. The vampires & Cassandra disappear in a bright flash of black light. Megan looks at Xander.

Megan: He took my babies. Caine took my babies.

Xander: Don't worry we'll find them.

Megan: I'm going to so fry my father if he touched one hair on their heads.

Xander: Come on lets get the guys & tell them this.

Megan: He's going to go after Chris next.

Xander: How do you know?

Megan: Well he took Marcus then Cassandra, he's going after his grandchildren.

Xander: Then lets go warn them.

As Megan & Xander head back they don't know about the fight going on at the loft. Nat lunges at a vamp but is stopped by another vampire grabbing him in mid-air & throwing him into a wall. Renee grabs a crossbow from the wall & aims it at one of the vamps heart. Another one grabs her from behind & begins to try to break her neck. Alyssa kicks the vamp holding Renee in the back & he lets go of her only to have two more holding her & Alyssa down on the floor. Suddenly Megan & Xander rush in the door & kick the vampires pinning Renee & Alyssa down. But not before the vamp holding Renee bites her. Megan stakes the vampire & rushes to help Renee up. Suddenly a flash of light blinds them all & when they look up the vampires & Christopher are gone.

Nat: No!

Megan: Nat get over her & help me.

Nat sees his fallen wife & rushes to her side. He looks at the wound on her neck then back at her.

Renee: What is it? What's wrong?

Nat: That vampire took too much blood. You're going to die unless you let one of us turn you. Will you let us do that?

Renee: I wouldn't turn evil?

Megan: If it came from Nat, me or Matt, you won't.

Renee: Then I want you to do it Nat.

Nat sinks his fangs into Renee's neck & drinks some of her blood then he cuts his wrist & brings it to her lips, hoping that her reflexes will kick in & she'll drink the blood. Soon Renee latches ahold of Nat's wrist & she sucks eagerly. When Nat takes his wrist away they all wait. 10 minutes later Renee comes to.

Renee: Not to sound vain or anything but how do I look?

Nat: As beautiful as you always do.

Renee: You have to say that, You're my husband.

Megan: You look fine. Now what are we going to do about Caine? He's taking his grandchildren from us.

Nat: So he was the one who took Marcus. He must have also taken Cassandra

Megan: Yeah he took her in the alley when we were looking for Marcus.

Matt: So what do we do? How do we save our children?

Megan: We save our children by doing our jobs & killing the fucker this time.

Willow: Do we break out the weapons?

Megan: Always. But this time we need something extra.

Buffy: What kind of extra?

Just then a group of vampires bust in & starts to grab Angel Lynn, Joy, & Megan Lee. The gang is

held in place by an invisible force. Megan is the first to break free. She lunges at one of the vamps as they disappear, she disappears. Xander just stares at the place where Megan just was. Buffy hits him on top of the head. Xander just looks at her.

Xander: He now has them all & he has Megan.

Alyssa: We'll get her back. That I promise.

Meanwhile the children & Megan are transported into Caine's throne room. Caine just looks at Megan.

Caine: It looks like we have an uninvited guest.

Vamp1: Shall I dispose of her master?

Megan: Try it boy. I dare you.

Vamp1: Master?

Caine: No this shall be my honor .

Megan: You can't kill me father. You know the prophecy. "The blood of the first will rise up & end Caine's reign".

Caine: I see you've been studying.

Megan: Actually I heard it years ago but I just remembered it right now. That's why you took my children. Because they could end your reign.

Marcus & Cassandra walk into the throne room & Megan looks at them. They show no emotion behind their deep brown eyes.

Megan: Marcus! Cassandra!

They just look at her

Megan: What have you done to them?

Caine: Turned them against you. Now the prophecy can't come to pass. So what are you going to do about it?

Megan: The others will come for me.

Caine: I sincerely hope so. Now take her to my room & lock the door.

Vamp1: Yes master.

The vamp grabs ahold of Megan's arm & twists it. For a moment you see anger flash on Marcus' face but soon it goes away & the vamp drags Megan to Caine's bedroom. Back at the loft Xander & the others get ready.

Nat: "The blood of the first will rise up & end Caine's reign". That's the prophecy as I remember it.

Alyssa: So he's trying to defeat the prophecy by taking the ones who could destroy him.

Nat: Looks like.

Renee: So lets go kill the bloodsucker.

Xander: We wait for Willow, Amy, & Michael. The spell they're working on could help us.

Michael suddenly rushes through the door followed by Amy & Willow. Angel & Spike come in the door with a arm full of weapons.

Spike: Should this be enough?

Matt: Hopefully it will be.

Xander: Let's go find my wife & our children.

Michael: To the gods we pray.

Willow & Amy: To the goddess we pray.

Michael, Willow, and Amy: Help us. Hear our plea. Let us find our family. Let your light open the door to the darkness. To the first.

A vortex opens in front of them.

Xander: So we just jump in?

Amy: Yeah.

Everyone jumps into the vortex one by one. Xander looks around at his surroundings.

Xander: It looks different.

Nat: Well it has been a long time since we were here last & time goes by quicker here.

Xander: Oh yeah I forgot. So is everyone here?

The vortex closes after Renee jumps through.

Xander: Guess so. Lets see if we can get there quietly.

Nat: We might as well take the front entrance because he knows we're here anyway. He always knows where his children are.

Xander: So the element of surprise is out?

Nat: Yeah.

Back in Caine's bedroom. Megan paces back & forth trying to find a way out. Suddenly she hears the voice of her little sister, Marian.

Marian: Calm sister. That is how you can defeat him.

Megan: Marian, have you seen father?

Christopher: I am here my child.

Megan: Father the prophecy does it mean anyone with his blood?

Christopher: Yes it does my daughter.

Megan: Then Caine shouldn't just worry about the children. He should worry about Nat & I also.

Caine: Oh I do. Talking to yourself daughter. I thought you were the sane one in the family.

Megan: Well anyone in the family is more sane than you.

Caine reaches for Megan's neck & starts to squeeze it. Megan gasps for air as he does this. She closes her eyes & starts to use her psychic powers.

Megan: Do it Caine. Kill me & have the wrath of all the slayers as well as your own son not to mention the fire, earth, & ice goddesses.

Caine lets go & throws Megan across the room. When Megan gets up Caine can see that she is in full vamp mode.

Megan: Come on I'm tired of this game you're playing. Let's finish it.

Just then the guys bust through the door & each stand next to Megan.

Nat: I'm with you sis. Lets finish this once & for all.

Caine: If I die, your children die.

Megan: If we win our children won't die. You wouldn't betray the goddess that much.

Caine: True but it made you think for a moment.

Renee: * eyes yellow * Lets finish this.

Caine: Then by all means come on new blood.

Megan lunges at Caine & claws him with her fingers. She cuts the side of his jaw. Then Renee kicks him in the legs, tripping him as he reaches for Megan. Megan backflips towards the children. She grabs Paige & looks into her eyes.

Megan: Come on Paige. Snap out of the trance he has you in.

Paige just looks u with blank eyes.

Megan: You know father I know of one thing that you didn't factor in to your little plan.

Caine: What's that

Nat: The fact that you are the father off all vampires & we are all your children.

Michael: Megan, if your plan is to work then we need to do it now.

Megan: Come on Paige snap out of it honey.

Paige looks at Megan with blank eyes for a second then she snaps out of the trance that she was out in. Megan just looks at Paige & her eyes & body start to glow red & she throws her firestorm attack at Caine. He dodges the attack & unleashes a fireball of his own & hurls it towards Megan. She nearly misses the fireball hitting her, Nat then takes one of the crossbow's he got from the loft & shoots a bolt towards Caine, it hits him but not in the heart. Megan looks at the children & has them stare into her eyes. 5 minutes later Megan passes out & al the children rush over to her.

Marcus: Mom are you ok?

Cassandra: I think she over extended her powers Marcus. We'll have to finish this.

Marcus: I'm with you sis. What about the rest of you all?

Paige: I'm in this with you to the end.

Jenny: Me too.

Chris: Yeah we're all with you.

They all gather around their parents as they all attack. Caine takes all their attacks but doesn't count on Megan's shapeshifting talents. She transforms into a white wolf & attacks Caine. He falls backwards & Megan keeps on slashing him with her claws. When he throws her off him, he has a dozen red claw marks on his face. She returns to normal as she hits the ground. Megan gets up & gets into her fighting stance. Renee looks at Megan & they change together. Megan turns back into her wolf as Renee transforms into a bear. They both face off with Caine & slash his face. Caine roars in pain as they make three dozen claw marks on him. He throws his lightening storm at them, knocking them backwards & back to normal. Renee looks at her husband who just nods.

Renee: Let's finish this.

Megan: I'm with you girl.

Megan grabs one of the swords, a Japanese katana, which the guys had brought, Renee grabs her rapier. They draw them both back bring them both together & a fire storm, bigger than Megan's alone, shots out & hits Caine in the chest, it knocks him out for a minute. They put their swords down & grab a couple of stakes. As they get near him they draw the stakes back & as they are about to ram the stakes in his heart Caine opens his eyes. He deflects the stakes & throws Megan & Renee across the room. Nat draws his sword & tries to cut off Caine's head but he ducks before the sword hits.

Nat: Father I swear on my life that we'll make you pay for all the pain you've caused over the millenniums.

Matt: You took the one thing no one may ever touch.

Caine throws his firestorm at Matt & Nat. They barely dodge it but both their coats catch on fire. Megan & Renee come to & then lunges at him. Megan shifts to the form of a white wolf & slashes at Caine's chest. She makes a slash where Caine's heart is & transforms back stake in hand. Megan rams the stake through Caine's heart repeatedly. Megan's hands are now blood red as Caine throws her off. Renee then plunges her stake in his heart until her hands are now red with blood.

Caine: You two have killed me but don't think the job gets easier. I protected you for so long Megan now you're on your own.

Megan: Did I ever ask for your protection in the first place. Die father. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

Caine just disappears in a flash of black light. The ground beneath them starts to shake.

Megan: Come on guys we have to get out of here.

Michael: To the gods we pray.

Megan, Ashley, Willow, & Amy: To the goddess we pray.

Megan, Michael, Ashley, Willow, and Amy: Help us. Hear our plea. Let us find our way home back through the light to where our hearts belong.

A bright white light flashes in front of them all & they all jump inside. They land on the floor in the loft

Megan: We did it. We beat him. Marcus, Cassandra I'm sorry. I should have told you two the truth about my father. Maybe if I had, you all wouldn't have been taken so easy.

Marcus: It's ok mom, anyone can make a mistake.

Megan: But mine almost cost us all the greatest treasure ever.

Nat: Don't beat yourself up over it sis. Maybe fate intended this to happen. Maybe we were destined to defeat Caine now.

Renee: Yeah maybe this was suppose to happen.

Megan: Perhaps. But it sure took a lot out. I don't think I'll be able to shift shape again for weeks.

Xander: Well you did shift into a wolf more than you had ever before.

Megan sits down on the couch & begins to fall asleep. Xander picks her up & takes her in to the bedroom. Everyone else also goes to sleep all over the loft. They all sleep now with the knowledge that they won a big part of their battle today but it wasn't over yet.

The end