Summary: AU! The Tri-Wizard tournament will start in Beauxbatons! Fleur is in her 5th year as she observes the delegations from Hogwarts and Durmstrang arriving. How will she react when her friends turn their backs on her over a mysterious messy-haired, green-eyed seventh year and her Veela allure development? Powerful/Independent/Ravenclaw/NotBWL/Harry. DumbleBashing. Rating WILL change. AU! H/F pairing.

(READ THIS) Guide: Harry's parents are alive, but he dislikes and stays away from them. His 5th year brother is the BWL. I've made Beauxbatons similar to Hogwarts in more ways than one. This was meant to be. You'll see for what reason later on in the story.

A/N: Okay, so, this chapter is mostly descriptions and filling some info for later plots, there will be more dialogue and action in the next ones.


Harry breath was cut short as he received a bludger in the stomach but miraculously didn't fall off his firebolt. The huge crowd that had massed for the World Cup yelled loudly from the massive stands as they cheered their hero onwards. He dived down and snagged the Quaffle from a Bulgarian chaser. He performed a feint to the right before turning swiftly to the left, leaving a dumbstruck opponent in his dust. He neared the Bulgarian hoops and shot precisely in the left one, scoring again and making the score 390-150, which was soon announced by Bagman as he cheered the English team on. The eldest Potter ducked right and narrowly dodged an incoming bludger, which attracted loud gasps from the crowd. He saw his two fellow chasers make a victory lap around the field which only resulted in the opponent scoring another ten points. Harry cursed under his breath and stole the Quaffle away without giving the astonished Bulgarian any time to react to the interception.

He passed it to his blond-haired teammate and mentally rejoiced when his friend shot it straight in the middle hoop. The score was now 400-160, not exactly a tight game, but they still could not stop playing hard as the lead was still fightable. After a little inattention, these thoughts were confirmed to him as the opponents slammed the Quaffle in the left hoop twice in a row without retaliation. He literally took the Quaffle from an incoming chaser and darted towards the enemy hoops.

"Potter takes the matter in his own hands! Go Harry!" He heard Bagman yelling enthusiastically.

He listened to the wise words of advice as he feinted past all the chasers and threw it past the unsuspecting keeper, bringing the roar of happiness from the crowd to his ears. The score now being 410-180 in favor of the English. As he was returning the Quaffle up the pitch, he noticed Viktor Krum snagging the Snitch right under the English seeker's eyes. Harry felt a burst of anger followed by another burst of happiness as he realised that their team won!

He fell to the ground with his teammates and was immediately tackled by his keeper, followed by everyone else who simply layed on top of the big mountain of white quidditch robes. The crowd's roars became even louder as they praised their local team. They only got up when a referee alerted them that the trophy and medals would be handed out and that they needed to get up and stand in a straight line. Harry Potter had never been happier than he was right now. He looked up from the ground to find Cornelius Fudge bouncing up and down happily while clapping his hands and being congratulated by the smiling Bulgarian Minister whom had a hand on his shoulder and was trying to keep him from launching into space.

Potter was handed the massive trophy under the loud clapping of the crowd and a proud minister. He waited a few dramatic seconds before lifting the cup in the air with a loud roar, while multiple camera flashes erupted from everywhere around him.

Chapter 1: Beauxbatons

A silvery-blond haired, blue-eyed girl was walking in the short hallways of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She had just woken up a dozen minutes ago and was currently wearing the classic blue French robes which clung to her body making her curvaceous waist stand out. There was a reason she was walking alone. Ever since her Veela allure had manifested itself, her life had been filled with utter chaos. Her friends had all but backstabbed her when they started thinking that she would steal all their boyfriends away.

Since these powers were recently acquired, Fleur Delacour had trouble controlling them, making every boy or man stare at her in awe, and every girl or woman glare at her in hatred. Even if she did not have the allure, the Veela would still be considered an exceptionally beautiful teenager, which would only add to the rage of the females. She had only found solace on the Quidditch pitch, reading, or watching professional sports. Otherwise, there was not much that mused her in the school.

There was but one person who had not abandoned her, her best and only true friend Clémence Lafaye.

Even though she enjoyed Clémence's presence in private, she would try to stay away from her in public as to not affect how the others would perceive her. She simply could not drag her into this chaotic life of hers. Last year, she had a lot of friends and was a generally warm person; Fleur wondered how it could all change in the span of one single summer. As now, she was considered a cold figure in her school.

She walked into the garden which contained a lot of colorful flowers and different kinds of trees. There was a stone path that curved through the vegetation and led to the dining hall, the Quidditch pitch or the main building. Right now, she took the left which would lead to the hall, as she needed to go get some breakfast before she would start her classes of the day.

She entered the hall; it was big enough to fit the entire student body on tables, which was no small feat in itself. It also had an ancient arc ceiling with a huge diamond chandelier hanging from the middle, lighting the whole room. There were 4 tables, one from each of their houses; they had been named in honor of famous French muggles or wizards based on their qualities.

The first house was named Wrothbard, in tribute to the famous witch whom defeated the dark lords of ancient times, she had demonstrated just how powerful females can be and the fact that they were now equal to men was largely thanks to her. They emphasize bravery and strength. Their sigil is a bear for those very reasons.

The second house was named Aragon, in honor of the man who wrote many muggle books and articles. Despite popular belief, he was actually a very talented wizard and had attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his young age, but had dropped out to go live in the muggle world. They harbour patience and wisdom and their sigil is a hawk.

The third house, Dezobry, was created in honor of a muggle; Louis Charles Dezobry. Without knowing it at first, he healed Wrothbard when she came to his house in great need after a fight with some dark wizards. He has, since then, been recognized by the wizarding world as an important figure in their history. They use boldness and perseverance as their qualities. Their sigil is a fox.

The last house was a very controversial one. It was named in the honor of a dark wizard that sacked Paris in the old days; the logic in this decision was that he did great things, terrible yes… But great. A lot of the current French ministry workers had petitioned for his name to be removed from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic but they always refused as it was part of their ancestry. This man was called Alain Scorpius, he was very sneaky and ambitious in his younger days, hence his house's qualities. Their sigil is a scorpion.

Fleur walked over to her Wrothbard table which was on the extreme left of the hall. She stole a glance at the staff table and noticed that there were only a few teachers present, including the Headmistress Madame Maxime. As she sat next to some girls from her house, one of them snorted and got up, she was quickly followed by the others as the young Veela was left alone once more. Not wanting to display her sorrow, she wore a mask of ice, which only one person could see thru, and that was the Headmistress. Maxime knew of her student's condition and pitied that her friends had dropped her because of it.

Fleur sighed and began piling up some food in her plate; it was nothing like the food at her home as they usually ate very high quality food. Her father was an important ministry worker and received the appropriate salary, which meant that they owned a big mansion and ate the food of a hired chef. Those thoughts were far from her mind though. She tried to keep a blank mind so that her face would show nothing of her emotions, and so far was succeeding in doing so.

She ate until the entire school was assembled in the hall, which meant that some people were actually sitting next to Fleur as there was room for a precise amount of people at the tables.

(AN: For anyone interested I do speak French fluently, but for your sakes, I'll write the French dialogues in Italic and in English)

After the last staff member settled at their table, Madame Maxime stood up and started speaking "Welcome students of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!" She exclaimed using her powerful voice "This year will be a very special year"

There was some talking and a general curiosity of what could make this year special "We will be receiving some students from Hogwarts and Durmstrang in honor of the Tri-Wizard tournament!" She finally finished after enjoying the torture she was inflicting upon the more curious minds.

At this, people started talking loudly about whether or not that was a good thing. It seemed that the general student body agreed that this experience would be fun and could be useful in meeting new people. Fleur herself did not think of it as good news, more people meant more people to hate or love her, depending on their gender. She honestly did not want more males staring at her or more females cursing her.

She was a little thankful when the Headmistress said that the other schools would get private sleeping quarters and wouldn't be allowed in house common rooms.

"You will receive information regarding tournament participation when the other schools arrive" She said in answer to the questioning glares of the older students. Fleur knew that she could not participate because of her young age; the only ones allowed to enter the competition would be seventh years.

Fleur got up and made to walk on the path to the Wrothbard common room but was stopped by two of her fellow housemates whom glared at her angrily. "Some very important students will come from those schools to attend" the first, dark-haired girl started"and we don't want a stupid Veela to steal those hotties away, got it?" she said harshly. Now that Fleur looked closer, she could see that the two girls were Alison and Helen Dufour, twin sisters. Their dark hair and mischievous grins made other people want to stay away from them most of the time.

Fleur knew that reasoning with them would be pointless, and so she just kept staring at her feet and nodded, keeping the ice mask on. The twins laughed loudly and walked away, enjoying their apparent victory. In truth, Fleur had no interest in going after the boys from the other schools, the first quality a Veela wanted in a mate was the ability to resist their allure. She had yet to meet anyone, aside from her father, who could resist it for more than a minute.

She walked up the steps of the Wrothbard tower and gave the password to the portrait which opened itself and revealed the common room.

If there was one thing positive about the school, it was that she felt at home in this common room. It had a big red and gold bear portrait in the middle with two large staircases leading up to the dormitories. There were three stone fireplaces to warm the students during winter, one under the bear portrait and one on each side of the room. There also were numerous tables, chairs and couches in front of the fireplaces. Several other red and gold decorations boarded the room's walls.

As she entered, she noticed that the conversations became quiet, which made her eyes tear up a little but she still tried to hide it, without much success as she ran upstairs to her dormitory.

Of course she had talked to her mother about the Veela allure, but all she had said was that she would need to get used to it since there was no stopping it. Once experienced enough she could limit the amount directed outwards, but that was not for a long time and it would take a lot of practice to get it right.

She dropped on her bed and squealed out a few muffled yells from her pillow while dropping several tears. The Veela quickly wiped them off and looked over to her trunk. On top of it were two magazines, one was Quidditch weekly and the other, Teen Witch Weekly. The first one had a picture of a sweaty, messy-haired and green-eyed boy holding a trophy above his head. He slowly turned his head and smiled dashingly at her. "So handsome" she whispered while caressing the picture. Above the man, in big letters was written "Harry Potter wins the World Cup for England!" She did love Quidditch, being a chaser for her house's team had been very hard to achieve, especially with everyone hating her, it was the first time in ages that a house team was all-female.

Fleur remembered the last summer as she was in the top box with the minister of magic, watching the World Cup. She had yelled at the top of her lungs when Harry Potter had scored a magnificent goal which would most likely go down in history. A few minutes later, the Bulgarian chaser had caught the snitch but it wasn't enough to catch up to the colossal lead that Potter had set up. The final score was 410-330 in favor of England, her idol scoring more than half of their points. She then turned her head to look down on the Teen Witch Weekly magazine.

On that cover was the same man and the same picture. The only difference was the text which read "Harry Potter, the Perfect Man!" she truly despised gossip magazines such as this one and was only subscribed due to her sister who had won a free year worth of magazines for a relative, and she had naturally chosen Fleur. Nonetheless, she enjoyed seeing Harry Potter pictures; he seemed quite charming and nice in general, but there was something sad about him. She then swiped her hand in the air, wiping her thoughts from Potter as she knew that she would never meet him, he was a star and she was not, nothing simpler.

"Quite dashing isn't he?" she heard from a bed nearby.

She turned her head and noticed a slim girl with curly brown hair sitting up on her bed. She too was wearing the school robes. Fleur immediately recognized Clémence. The words she had spoken caught up to her thoughts and she blushed lightly. Her friend saw this and giggled loudly before standing up, quickly walking to her side and sitting on Fleur's bed.

"I guess so" she answered and flashed a knowing smile which exposed perfectly white teeth.

"Teen Witch is going crazy over him; he's on the front page every week!" Clémence said while still smiling.

"How so?" Fleur asked with a questioning look. Even the most famous of men wouldn't make it for more than a week on the front page of this popular magazine, why would this boy be any different? It didn't seem right to her.

"Well, apparently, Harry Potter is friends with the daughter of the founders of the magazine, and this girl clearly wants to be a little more than friends with him" She took Fleur's hand into her own and caressed it quietly, knowing perfectly that her friend was distraught by the hate she was receiving from the students, despite her having a not-so-effective ice mask.

Noticing this kind gesture, Fleur took the initiative to hug her only friend with as much strength as she could possibly muster "I can't tell you just how much you mean to me Clémence.."

Having trouble breathing, Clémence tried releasing the hug but Fleur just wouldn't have any of it, she kept holding on. So she decided to talk despite the lack of air "You don't need to Fleur, I know this isn't your fault, I'll be here for you, always"

She didn't get an answer, the only hint that Fleur has understood was that her grip around her friend became tighter which made Clémence gasp for air "Fleur, air" she was then let go and took a deep breath, satisfying her lungs "You're coming to Quidditch practice tonight right?"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything else in the world" She answered with the first happy smile she made in weeks. Suddenly, her friend had a mischievous grin on her face, which led to her looking back questioningly.

"Not even for a meeting with Harry Potter?" Clémence asked teasingly.

The Delacour heiress simply hit her friend's shoulder playfully while Clémence made a show of being hurt before bursting out laughing and hugging Fleur like she did so many times before when she was in need of comforting, except this time, it was all about fun and laughter.

The day passed slowly for Fleur, the classes seemed to last twice as long as they usually did, and she simply couldn't remember everything she learnt today, her mind was too far away from the class to capture it all. She was thinking about the hate everyone in the class had for her and how she couldn't do anything to stop it. She did have a few brighter thoughts, mostly being of the upcoming Quidditch practice.

Just as she was about to lose hope for class to ever finish, the students got up to leave. She mentally squeaked in happiness before joining them in leaving the classroom.

She arrived at the Quidditch Pitch locker rooms and quickly got changed into her specially made practice robes. If there was one thing that made her happy, it was sports; she could just forget about anything going wrong in her life and enjoy a quiet evening while exercising.

The other girls quickly arrived, some of them loathed Fleur, but she was on okay terms with the majority. The captain of their team and seeker, Angélica Labonté, was especially nice to her, often telling the meaner members of the team to shut up when they were insulting, or insinuating things about Fleur. Other chasers included Clémence and another 4th year girl that she didn't know the name of. The beaters, Alison and Helen Dufour, 5th years, were the ones that usually picked on her. Even though they lacked the strength to send the bludgers flying quickly, they could make them hit quite precisely, which was a disadvantage for Fleur. All things considered, it wasn't too bad of a price to pay to play her favorite sport.

They all kicked off at the same time while Angélica went to retrieve the snitch, Quaffle and release the bludgers. They were going to have the Dufour twins try and hit the chasers as they try and score with the keeper in front of the hoops. It was a basic practice drill as far as Fleur was concerned; she had done it multiple times before. The 4th year chaser seemed nervous though. The Veela stopped next to her in mid-air.

"What's wrong?" She asked with a hint of worry in her musical voice.

The girl seemed to hesitate at first but seemed to lighten up as she decided to talk "It's my first year on the team and I've never been chased, nor hit by a bludger" Fleur let out a quick giggle which was met by a scowl from the girl.

"Sorry, it's just that I was in your shoes a year ago" she said and smiled.

The girl handed out a hand to her "Maryse Gagnon"

Fleur happily took the hand and shook it lightly "Fleur Delacour" she said with a wide smile. Her silvery-blond hair was waving behind her head as the wind had suddenly picked up the pace, which would make the exercise a lot harder.

Maryse and Fleur were then flung apart as a bludger raced between them narrowly missing their hands. They both looked around angrily until they spotted Helen with her trademark mischievous grin on her face. After a look from Maryse, Fleur decided to let it slide and get back at her on the pitch.

Fleur dropped to the ground and held her broom to her side, all-in-all, it had been a good practice; she had pushed herself to the limit and was quite proud of it. She walked to the locker rooms and proceeded to changing.

Helen and Alison came in first and threw her neutral glares "Good job out there Veela" the first said with a smirk to her sister.

"Don't call me that!" Fleur hissed menacingly as she removed her robe.

Alison looked at her with a grin and hung her robe off the locker "I like to call a spade a spade" she retorted with a look to her twin while Helen laughed.

"Are you comparing me to a Spade?" the Veela answered, anger showing in her baby blue eyes.

"No my dear, I can give you some credit, you're a little prettier than a spade" She paused and made a show of thinking "Well, now that I think about it, a spade would be better" she said, her mischievous smile becoming broader as she saw the frustration in Fleur's eyes.

At that moment Angélica walked in and scowled at the twins telling them to let her breath for a second. She was closely followed by Maryse and the others, whom glared daggers at the sisters.

Both of them seemed to adopt a friendlier nature all of a sudden and started talking about the schools that were to arrive tomorrow "You know what Angie? I've heard Viktor Krum will be coming with the Durmstrang delegation!" Helen said excitedly, a genuine smile on her face for once "He's rich, hot AND famous, what's not to like?" she finished.

Fleur simply rolled her eyes; Krum was seeker with the Bulgarian team in the World Cup and had lost to Harry Potter's English team. Feeling adventurous, she decided to jump in on the conversation "Yes, but there actually is someone better than Krum" She said with an arrogant smirk.

The twins simply glared at her "Oh? And who might that be?" they both said in unison.

Knowing what the answer was, Maryse completed Fleur's first statement "Harry Potter of course" she said while hanging her wrist guards on the shelves with her name marked on it.

The sisters immediately settled down and looked peaceful for a second, although there was a hint of greed in their eyes "Well duh. He's just the best chaser who EVER LIVED!" they screamed at the top of their lungs in a fan-girl fashion. Harry Potter was actually one of the best, but the popular opinion on why he wasn't considered the best was because he was still so young at seventeen years old.

This time, the whole team erupted in loud laughter, Angélica's knees even buckled and she fell to the ground laughing too hard to get up. It was astonishing to see the cold sisters talking like children over their favorite super hero.

After the twins recovered, Alison spoke up "The problem is, everything revolving around Harry Potter is a mystery, nobody knows anything about his life, the school he goes to, the friends he's got, if he's in a relationship, how he got SO BLOODY HOT?" she finished with an extremely amused grin towards Fleur who returned it happily "All we do know is that his brother is the Boy-Who-Lived… But honestly, who the hell cares?" She said with another look to Fleur. It seemed that she and the twins had found a common interest.

Angélica looked up from her position on the floor and said "Nobody, Aidan Potter's just being praised for something he had no control over" she said, spasms of laughter still troubling her.

Clémence quickly jumped in the conversation "Yeah, the only reason he's this famous is because of the corrupted English media, unlike Harry who actually earned his glory" she said with a snort of disgust.

"Honestly girls, who would even look at Aidan when there's his hottie of a brother next to him?" Angélica said with a seductive grin. The whole team nodded at this statement.

"Too true Mrs. Captain ma'am!" Maryse said with a playful laugh while grabbing her stuff and stuffing it all in her sports bag in an unorganized way. Fleur noticed that all of the girls in the room just put everything in their bags without organization whatsoever, while she organized it neatly.

Once everybody had left, save her and Clémence, they went up the road to the main building; it was decorated with numerous colorful flowers such as roses and lavender, the path itself was made of different shades of stone and granite "Seems like you're going to get along with the twins a little now eh?" Clémence asked.

"I hope so; I was getting tired of their non-stop insulting" Fleur answered, looking down at her feet and kept on walking.

"Hopefully it only gets better from here." Her quidditch teammate prayed. Fleur only nodded in acceptance as both of them walked on in a comfortable silence.

They arrived in the common room and swiftly climed the steps to the Wrothbard girl's dormitory. They each put down their bags next to their beds and entered the washrooms to brush their teeth.

Through her clenched teeth, Fleur started speaking "You know Clémence, I'm really grateful for staying my friend this year… I don't think I would have pulled through without you." She said sadly, while tears started massing up in the corners of her eyes.

Noticing this, Clémence immediately pulled her in a bone-crushing hug. No words were needed as the hug brought a smile back to Fleur's lips.

After settling in their beds, "Hey, tomorrow Durmstrang and Hogwarts will arrive" Clémence said in a whisper as to not wake the other girls sleeping in their beds. Fleur merely smiled and nodded, this year promised to be quite interesting.

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