Chapter Nine: Yule Spirit

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There was definitely a change in the atmosphere at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The Students who had not left for Christmas break were in frenzy, going through last-minute preparations for the ball and some for the dates that they were planning with their partners. Everyone had one thing in common today though – None wanted to be seen with their partners until the ceremony, wanting to preserve the surprise. Thus, most outsiders, either from Durmstrang or Hogwarts, were sticking to their school's transportation system in the hopes of calming their nerves.

Harry was walking around the tunneller, aiming to make it to his room without too many interruptions. Unfortunately, as he neared his destination, he crossed paths with his brother - who wore a suspiciously sheepish grin - and his cronies. The normally calm eldest stopped instantly, he had seen that smile before and it did not predict anything good. He finally took notice of his surroundings and recognized the bronze and blue colors of the area, meaning that he was in fact in Ravenclaw territory. He found the appearance of the Gryffindor troublemakers to be quite peculiar, especially in this part of the tunneller.

As his sibling was about to pass, Harry laid a firm hand on his shoulder and stopped him. His henchmen, simple-minded as they were, and perhaps a little intimidated by the star in front of them simply stopped walking. Their leader looked up angrily, "Let me pass, you damn glory hog!" He yelled, his supposed friends instantly agreeing with a vigorous nod.

The Hogwarts champion simply narrowed his eyes in irritation; he did not know why his brother even tried. He was not nearly as intimidating as he thought he was. Well, perhaps to younger students as you never knew when his disciplinary immunity would get to his head, "You guys are in Ravenclaw territory here." He said evenly, not trying to sound too menacing but failing miserably as his brother cowered behind one of his bodyguards.

"We have a right to be here!" He yelled from behind the ginger boy's head who nodded in agreement with a lost smile plastered on his face. He was surprised when the one that he eventually identified as Ronald Weasley did not back up, but he figured his lack of a brain helped his case. With the ball slowly approaching he figured that he should not waste his time with his brother's meddling, instead focusing his attention on planning a great night for Fleur. Besides, his brother did in fact have a right to be present in every area, much like everybody else.

"I just don't see why you would want to be here at all." Harry justified himself. Since the attack on Fleur he had been extremely weary of his brother, doubting every word that came out of his mouth and keeping an eye on him whenever he was in his presence. He would even make sure that his young veela friend was accompanied before leaving her.

At that moment, someone came out of Harry and his friends' room and yelled in a loud voice, "I am looking for some soap!" Looking around the hallway briefly, Roger finally managed to decipher the tense situation and laughed despite himself. He was naked from the waist up, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

The older student reached back into the room and yelled once more, "Cedric stop snogging Chang and get out here!" Harry recalled with a frown how his Hufflepuff friend had decided to move into their room and how much of a mistake he had made in accepting. He and Roger were practically at each other's throats, in a not so violent way.

The three fifth years were terrified of facing the now equally-numbered seventh years and made to pass around Harry who calmly side-stepped to let them pass. They had scared them enough for the day and he didn't want this to become some type of bullying. Even though he strongly disliked his brother, his own personal values prevented anything happening to him.

"Oh hey Harry, what's up?" Cedric asked as he came out of the room. After a brief acknowledgement from the captain of the English Quidditch team, he turned towards the half-naked man in front of him and punched his shoulder a few times.

"Ow! What was that for!?" Roger yelled, rubbing his arm in pain.

"Interrupting!" He explained and walked back into the room, without another look to either of them.

Roger snickered quietly, and whispered to Harry who had remained quiet for the length of the exchange, "That dude has some anger problems" He tried to explain, meaning to sound smart. Harry couldn't suppress a chuckle which led to a confused face from his friend. He had to admit, he would be mad too if someone interrupted a perfect kiss he was sharing with a girl. He decided to let it slide though, Roger's ignorance made for a very light mood around the tunneller.

He entered to the awkward scene of Cho and Cedric kissing in a corner while his fellow Ravenclaw returned to his shower, having found some soap in the bathroom drawer. Obviously, the two lovebirds in his room were going to the ball together, he was going with Fleur, which for some reason had not surprised Cedric, and Roger was attending with Catherine. All three of them were planning exquisite dates after the ball, but Harry prided himself on having the best idea of the lot. He was going to bring Fleur in the forest on his broom and follow it up with a nice time under the stars. Then, if she consented, he would raise his wizard's tent atop a cliff that he had scouted during his recent training sessions with his mentor, Severus Snape. He was pretty determined to sleep there, regardless of his flower's presence with him or not. He simply needed some time away from regular people.

He had tasked some renowned artisan back home to create the tent, and whoever created it had truly done an amazing job. There was a retractable glass that they could use to watch the stars, even if rain was to fall during the night. There were two large beds, presumably one for each of them as he did not live in a fantasy and did not expect Fleur to even consider sharing a bed with him this early in their relationship. Otherwise, Harry was convinced that the artisan had hired a designer that seemed to really like the color red.

His thoughts were interrupted by Roger exiting the bathroom, "What do you think the twerp wanted, Harry?" He asked, his serious mood now returned, though the playful smirk remained on the edge of his lips.

Harry sat himself on the couch, as far from the kissing lovers as physically possible, "Not sure, but I would consider this a cause for worry if my brother is involved" He said wisely, wherever Aidan went, trouble followed. He briefly glanced at Cedric and Cho and wondered how they could be kissing in public this way, well private-public.

"Agreed, want to check out the hallways later?" Roger asked intent on finding every single trap left by the dangerous fifth year brat. He had once been caught by a nasty prank - placed by Cedric, but he didn't need to know that – and was quite determined to prevent it happening again.

Harry nodded in agreement, "I suggest we go grab some lunch though" He announced, much to Roger's pleasure as his face lit up in excitement, food had always been his favorite distraction.


Fleur had been thinking and dreaming about the ball for the entire night, staying up long after curfew in the process. She was not actually nervous, simply looking forward to it. She had spent her dark hours trying to visualize how her date with Harry would carry out. Generally, they arrived on the dance floor and dazzled all the other students with how amazing they looked together, then proceeded to stun even the snobbiest of pupils with their dancing. She had to admit it now; she was starting to feel a certain warmth whenever she saw or even thought of the handsome seventh year.

Something was pulling her towards him, whether it was his puzzling past, complex yet friendly personality, or the aura of power that encompassed him, she did not know. Whenever he was near, she knew that she could fall back without worry as he would never fail to catch her. She assumed that this sense of security had emerged from the numerous times that he had saved her throughout the year. Although, in her mind, the reason behind it was irrelevant; she felt safe and that was the end of it. Another appreciable feature of Harry's was how he kept potentially hostile witches and wizards away from her. Even the relatively strong-minded fools that chased her had suddenly stopped when the eldest Potter had taken her under his wing. Her allure being ineffective on him, she could let loose and make no effort to control it.

There was also the matter of her rapidly-growing body. At the start of the year, she could barely call herself a woman when it came to her curves and her general appeal. Only a few months later, she could compare to the most developed young witches of the Beauxbatons seventh graders. She was worried about this condition as it was not one of the typical Veela symptoms that her mother had warned her about. Eventually, Fleur decided to ask about it once she returned home for Christmas break, she needed to focus on the Yule Ball for now. Everything else would simply have to wait.

She exited the hot shower, dried herself off, wrapped the towel around her body and left the showers. She immediately missed the comfortable warmth, but could not stay any longer. The veela resumed the previous topic in her mind as a slight smile made its way onto her lips. She thought about what Harry would have planned for their after-ball. She learned from Maryse that most guys were planning quite special evenings for their lucky dates. Being a champion's partner and a champion herself, her expectations were quite high, wishing that he would take her around the lake, or even take her flying for that matter. She longed to experience the speed and agility of a professional Quidditch player, even if he would likely slow down in fear of hurting her. This thought caused her smile to widen even more, if such a thing was even possible.

A few minutes after her arrival, she was distracted from her daydreaming as Clémence burst into the dorm with a broad smile. She launched herself on the bed and sighed contentedly, drawing Fleur's curiosity, "Anything I should know?" She asked her best friend, lifting an eyebrow.

Clémence simply rolled on her belly, her eyes were closed tightly and her smile was growing at an alarming rate. She took a few seconds to compose herself before she was finally ready to explain her current mood to a slightly annoyed Fleur, "I have a date!" She squealed loudly.

The young veela smiled in response, she was truly happy for her friend, though she was a little worried about how she had just found a partner. The ball was only a few hours away after all. She hoped that Clémence wasn't hoping for her to squeal like she had done when the news of her date to Harry had reached her ears, "That's great! Who is it?" asked Fleur, deep in thought and trying to recall seeing her best friend with any wizards as of late.

The pretty brunette simply smiled and rolled back on her stomach, "You won't know him, he's from Hogwarts" She exclaimed dreamily. It really was quite funny to see her friend in such a state, but another matter came to mind.

Frowning slightly, Fleur thought about everything she had learned about the English students. Most lacked proper manners and few possessed the mental strength required to withstand her allure. Finally, there was Aidan Potter, who alone was a reason to doubt Englishmen. It was with a very unsure smile that she asked, "How is he?" She expected a house and perhaps some physical descriptions as an answer, which is exactly what she received.

Frowning slightly, Fleur recollected everything that she had learned in the past few months about the English students. On average, they lacked proper manners and few possessed the mental strength required to withstand her allure. It was with a very unsure smile that she asked, "How is he?" She expected some physical traits and perhaps a house, which is exactly what she received.

"He's in Slytherin, fifth year, blond hair, amazing eyes! You can't miss him!" Her friend stated, currently in a state of pure admiration. Hearing the bit about the eyes, Fleur couldn't help but think, Doubt they're as amazing as Harry's! But quickly put the thought to the back of her mind, blaming her Veela instincts.

She reflected on what she had heard about the different houses from Harry. Ravenclaw was for the ones with a powerful will to learn, Hufflepuff was for the loyal, Gryffindor for the bold, and Slytherin for the cunning and ambitious. She silently hoped that her best friend was not being manipulated into doing something for the boy. Her trust in Clémence prevailed in the end, if she thought the kid was good, who was she to judge?

Both of them eventually started getting ready for the ball and working on their appearance. This traditional celebration was, after all, an opportunity to wear a fancy dress and fine haircuts. It was unconventional for Beauxbatons to host such things, thus most students were attending. Despite being a Quidditch player and being unafraid of getting dirty, Fleur rather liked to dress up once in a while for formal occasions. She was raised in nobility after all.

An hour later, the washrooms became so crowded that you hardly had any room to move around. Every girl of their year wanted to get ready at the same time, meaning that there was a line forming for use of the mirrors as well as the showers. Fleur silently praised her good decision in showering before the rush as she pulled out a very nice dress that her mother had sent her. She quickly had it on and got in line.

Around ten minutes later, a number of girls had unknowingly gotten off lucky as an angry veela managed to rein in her temper when some of them took an excessive amount of time with the mirrors. She finally reached the coveted objects and slowly took in what she saw. Eyeing herself from head to toe, she was amazed at how pretty the dress looked.

It was strapless, yet was of considerable length as was proper for a ball. The sparkly silver coloring only added onto her overall beauty as it made her more notable features stand out. Even as the dress was beautiful, it still retained a sexy feel that would definitely please her Harry. The only disadvantage she could see or feel was how tight it felt around her bust line. As she had not learned any charms to fix this, Fleur would have to deal with it. Although she was silently pleased that she had grown so much, she would need to have a talk with her mother. The euphoric champion twirled happily so as to imagine how she would look while dancing with her date.

Returning from the washrooms after giving her hair a soft curl and letting it fall past her shoulders, she waited impatiently for her best friend to finish her preparations. It had been arranged for the champions to enter the hall after the other students. This would give the others time to get settled in with their partners while waiting for the champions to open the dance.

"So how do I look?" She heard someone ask and immediately turned towards the voice. What she saw took her breath away. Seeing her best friend all dressed up was rare! The normally tomboy-ish girl had never been one to make a fuss about looking pretty. Fleur guessed that the Ball was an exception.

Clémence wore a beautiful royal blue dress, which surprisingly brought out her notable features as well. She had some sparkles going down the side of her dress which only accentuated her very feminine curves. A thought briefly slipped into her mind, wondering if for once the men wouldn't all stare at her, but at her best friend too. She dismissed it though, as it was mostly due to her allure.

"You look fabulous!" Fleur answered enthusiastically, walking around her as to better admire her teammate's dress.

Clémence could only blush quietly, "Come on, we have to get to the ball room!" She exclaimed hurriedly, but mostly just trying to change the subject. The hour was fast approaching, but they still had a little bit of time. Shrugging, Fleur guessed they would take it slow on the way there.


Being a champion, Harry Potter was required to enter the Ball room later than the majority of the students. Instead, he stood in a separate room along with the other champions and their dates. Roger and Catherine, the former trying desperately to get his partner interested in him and the later eyeing the door quietly, obviously awaiting the arrival of her long-time rival.

Viktor Krum and his Russian date, a certain Valeriya Korzhev, who had nice brown hair which was tied up in a bun for the Ball and quite sparkly green eyes, were hanging around the corner of the room immersed deeply in a conversation. Harry made a mental note to ask his Bulgarian friend about his date in the future. From what he had heard, she was duelling champion of Durmstrang, which was quite amazing.

Now only Fleur remained to arrive. He supposed that she took her time trying to look beautiful for this occasion. He did not actually think that she needed to try very hard to be gorgeous, but then again, his opinion was a little bias. Looking at the time, he realized that it was getting relatively late. A stray thought suddenly assaulted his mind and kept repeating that she could have run into some trouble. His entire body was now edging towards the door, its only obstacle being Harry's will, which was quite formidable in itself.

Trying to dissuade his instincts from pulling him out of the room, he fabricated other, less annoying thoughts. His rebellious body now under some sort of control, his keen hearing detected some footsteps outside the room. A wide smile appeared on his lips as he moved to open the large wooden door.

It took the champion of Hogwarts a couple of seconds to fully take in the sight before him. If Fleur was gorgeous before, now she was simply breathtaking. Her silver dress only added to her beauty as it brought out her more important features while still displaying a nice curvy body. His partner had a cute blush on her face as she stared at him, equally amazed at his fine clothing, which was a classic black tuxedo with white undershirt and black tie. Harry realized that he had been ogling with his mouth open and quickly ordered it shut. Fleur's expression obviously demanded his approval, which he was very glad to give.

He shook his head sideways, trying to clear his head so as to be able to tell his date how fabulous she looked, "You look… Wow. You look fantastic!"

The veela simply blushed harder, but her smile remained intact. She quickly regained control though, "Thank you. You are not too bad yourself." She said and made to link her hand with his as they both heard a professor calling them through the massive entry door.

The three champion couples were lined up. Harry and Fleur in front, Catherine and Roger second and Viktor and Valeriya last. All had exceptionally wide smiles playing on their lips, all except the Desjardins heiress who couldn't stop glaring at the back of Fleur's head.

A few dramatic seconds passed until the doors were opened to loud cheering from the other students who apparently could not wait to get the dance started. The enthusiastic cheering died down a little and became polite when the massive amount of witches realized who their favorite champion was accompanied by. For once though, the rejection did not bother Fleur at all. Today she was gorgeous, her hand was being held by the one that she knew she loved at this point and a very nice evening was in perspective.

The four champions moved to the dance floor, never noticing their surroundings, instead keeping their eyes glued to their dates.

Once arrived, Harry rested his spare hand on his flower's waist while Fleur gently laid hers on his shoulder. They held their intertwined hands out to the side, adopting the initial dance position while waiting for the music to start. Their gazes remained firmly locked with one another, her baby-blue eyes never leaving his soul-piercing green ones. They managed to isolate their surroundings and simply focus on each other.

Fleur could barely contain her excitement and still wondered how she ended up dancing with the mysterious Quidditch player that often visited her dreams in the past. Not wanting to miss the start of the dance she refocused her attention on the handsome man in front of her.

There was a long moment of pure silence before the music gently started playing and the champion couples started the waltz. Being a ballerina, Fleur was a very good dancer, but was still surprised by her Harry's dancing skills. Of course, being a capable dancer was somewhat expected of a future Duke, amongst other things. She became so entranced and concentrated on her date's eyes that she did not notice the other couples starting to fill the dance floor. The silver flower giggled as Harry twirled her around before linking his hand with hers again.

The usual quick mind of the Ravenclaw prodigy was now working slowly. He would usually think ahead a few hours and try and predict anything that would or could happen. This time though, his mind was simply concentrated on the task at hand; dancing with the pretty veela in front of him. Eye contact being important to him, he held it steady and was glad to see that Fleur reciprocated the gesture.

Both of them heard a few girls to their side cursing under their breaths as their partners stepped on their feet, making both of them chuckle. They would not be having that problem any time soon.

As more students and professors alike joined the floor, it became impossible to keep up the steady rhythm of the waltz due to the growing number of bad dancers. In response, whoever was responsible for the music changed it to that of a very classic slow dance.

Immediately recognizing it, both Fleur and Harry changed their position. Her arms snaked around his neck while his own wrapped around her waist. They both laughed lightly as they spotted Aidan Potter, still waltzing with Helen Dufour, oblivious to the change of song. The veela imagined that the waltz was the only dance he had learned and did not know how to react to a change of scenery.

Fleur sighed contentedly as Harry pulled her closer than they already were as she could now rest her head on his shoulder. The quality of the dance was of little importance to them, both wanting to enjoy the time they had together before they would return home for the Christmas holidays.

"Having fun?" Her knight quietly whispered in her ear, causing the warm feeling to return to her stomach.

"Very much so." She answered while nodding her head against his shoulder.

"I'm glad." He briefly questioned how he ended up with a girl like Fleur in his arms. She was everything he had ever wanted in a girl. Sure he had met a lot, mostly because of his money and fame, but his silver flower was by far the best. He also questioned what he had done to deserve her. After all, he was a very recalcitrant person and did not take being ordered around lightly.

"Harry?" the witch in his arms whispered shyly. He did not really know why she persisted on being a little shy with him, maybe she felt inferior or something. Harry mentally noted to work on fixing that in the future.

"Yes, Fleur?" Having her body pressed against him, he felt her heartbeat increase a little.

"Thank you" She finally answered as she pulled her head back and lightly kissed his cheek once more, bringing a few pleasant chills down the Englishman's spine.

Even though that simple kiss brought a permanent smile to his face, he was curious as to why she was thanking him, "What for?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"For being there" She revealed openly. Far from stunned by these words, Harry merely smiled happily. He was aware that his presence in Beauxbatons this year had allowed her to make friends and to learn to live with her Veela nature.

"Anytime, my flower" He stated, bringing an equally wide smile to Fleur's lips. The fact that he had essentially just claimed her as his could not make her any happier. Whether it was her veela side's influence or her own conscience, she did not know and frankly did not care. The warmth that had previously been isolated in her stomach quickly spread out in her system, leaving her in a state of absolute bliss.

They continued their slow dance; content with the feeling of their bodies pressed together until Madame Maxime stood from her rather large chair and announced the beginning of the feast. Harry heard a catcall in the back of the room and quickly attributed it to Roger as he moved towards an empty table with his beautiful partner. He pulled the chair for her in a very gentlemanly fashion before sitting down next to her and waiting for their friends.

First to arrive were Roger and Catherine, "Hey mate! Nice dancing!" His Ravenclaw friend exclaimed and held his hand high, to which Harry simply responded with the expected high-five. Catherine pulled her own chair and sat down next to the Quidditch prodigy while Roger silently took the chair next to his date.

Normally, this would have angered Fleur, but she could not find it in herself to be mad right now. She was simply too happy to care. The evening was far from over and there was a very nice time in perspective. For the first time of the night, she took her eyes off Harry and looked at the different pairs around the room. Aidan Potter with Helen Dufour was a very nice surprise; the poor girl could not stop glaring at her from the other side of the room where she sat massaging her feet. Otherwise, she waved to Clémence and her blond boy, which was fairly good-looking but nowhere near Harry's league.

A few minutes of waiting led to the arrival of Cedric, Cho, Viktor and Valeriya, who all looked extremely happy. Once everyone was seated, the headmistress demonstrated how the students were to order their meals. It turned out that simply speaking the name of the desired meal out loud, provided it was on the menu, would lead to it appearing in front of you.

Seeing her favorite meal on the menu, Fleur said, "Bouillabaisse!" as her meal appeared. She smiled approvingly, as the cooks appeared to be overexerting themselves for the Yule Ball. Stealing a glance at Harry, she saw him staring interestingly at the menu. He eventually settled on the pork chop meal and ordered it, his eyes flashing hungrily as the food appeared.

The gang mostly ate in a comfortable silence, as they were all very hungry and did not want to waste any time with the chit-chat. Once every stomach around the table was sated, a conversation blossomed between the four guys about Quidditch and was eventually joined by the girls.

"Oh I think I get it now… The team representatives will try and get a hold of you during the Christmas parties…" Cedric tried clearing it up. They had been talking about the future of Harry's career, Catherine and Cedric had been curious regarding how he would sign the contract, if he was to receive one.

"Essentially, yes." Harry answered, before taking the last bite out of his dessert, a nice chocolate cake. He still did not truly know with which team he should sign. On one hand there was Vratsa, where he could potentially play with Krum, get more money and win the cup. Puddlemere United was a similar case, minus Krum, but plus being close to home. There was also the option of joining a horrendous team and helping it reach the cup, but he doubted he would go for that.

"My great uncle is the owner of the Vratsa Vultures; perhaps you would consider going there?" Valeriya asked him not so innocently. The Hogwarts champion was a little surprised to hear of this and immediately directed a questioning gaze towards Viktor, eyebrow raised. The Bulgarian seeker simply shrugged and lightly smirked his way. Harry couldn't help but chuckle inwardly, going out with a relative of the owner couldn't be bad for his friend's career for sure.

"I'm sorry Valeriya, but I figure I should see the other offers before making any sort of commitment." He said wisely.

"I think joining the Quafflepunchers would be better for you, Harry." Catherine added in, once again trying to convince him into joining the only team of her country. The man himself simply stared her down, obviously wanting the conversation to change subject.

"Pfft. They've got pink robes. Not worth it." Roger stated for good measure, earning him a rather hard punch to the arm by Catherine. Cedric simply laughed at Roger's criticizing, but agreed with him nonetheless.

Harry grinned at his friend's antics, but soon noticed that Fleur was being rather quiet, not getting involved with the conversation. She did not seem unhappy, however, simply out of place. He could understand her situation to an extant as he knew that she had been ruthlessly rejected in her time at Beauxbatons. His silver flower had basked in her misery and in the hate of her peers for five years. The eldest Potter figured that she was having a hard time getting used to the idea of having friends and people to talk to. It probably was still a new concept to her mind.

He flashed a warm smile, which she enthusiastically returned. Harry looked at the clock that hanged just above the grand doorway and realized that it was getting a little bit late and that he would need to get his after-ball plan going. Glancing at his partner, she looked about as ready to leave as he was.

The young veela had been busy trying to keep her eyelids from closing, but discovered some energy she did not know she possessed when Harry politely stood and said, "While I would love to stay and chat, me and Fleur have some things to attend to" He offered her his hand, which she gladly accepted and let him walk her out of the hall to the catcalls of Roger and Cedric. Glancing back at the table, she distinguished a very knowing smile from Cho and an angry glare from Catherine. Leaving her wondering where her handsome partner was taking her. Looking up to the man holding her hand, she spotted that seductive determined spark in his eyes. The one that could make you feel safe, even while surrounded by danger.

She immediately decided to trust him and let him lead her where ever he wished to. Fleur knew that he would never let anything bad happen to her; that had been proven throughout the year. Pushing back her curiosity, she simply kept up the pace without asking any questions.

Her knight eventually led her to the roof of the main hall, where a chilly breeze caused a shiver to go up her spine. Looking towards the lake, she was dazzled by the full moon that hung above as millions of stars seemed to dangle in the night sky. Bringing her amazed gaze to the Quidditch superstar standing on the edge of the roof, she was pleasantly surprised to see a broom next to him. Fleur realized that this could only signify that he was going to take her flying, although she was a little curious regarding the broom as she had never seen one like it before.

She walked up next to him, trying to find what exactly he was looking for in the dark of the night, when he broke the silence, "Would you care to go flying with me, Fleur?" He asked, his now warm gaze settling on her.

The young veela attempted not to blush at her idol's soul-piercing gaze, but failed miserably, "Yes, of course!" She said a little too enthusiastically, bringing a wide smile to Harry's lips, "But what kind of broom is that?" She asked.

"This, my lady, is Blaz'en, my custom-made LightFirre." He explained with a proud smile, admiring his broom. During his entire life, brooms had been to him what dolls might be to young girls or what cars could be to young boys. To have the fastest broom in the world in his possession was absolutely stunning to him, and he still could not realize it.

Fleur approached the broom, wordlessly telling Harry to get on. He smiled despite himself and settled behind the pretty witch in front of him, snaking his arms under her own and grasping the broom's handle.

"Ready?" He asked with a quick smirk.

"Yes, and don't hold back." Fleur countered, grabbing onto the broom tighter than before. She knew that professional flying was dangerous and often led to injuries. She heard a chuckle before her feet left the ground. Looking downwards, Beauxbatons' second champion saw her school rapidly shrink. Only now realizing the proximity of her date, she was overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of security.

It was gone in a flash however; as she sensed the broom start to accelerate. She knew that he would not let anything happen to her, but the outstanding speed of the cutting-edge broom surprised her. She giggled when she thought of what would have happened if she was as tall as Harry, imagining a scene in which they crashed due to her hair blinding him.

As the professional slowed down over the lake, she managed to truly take in the beautiful sight that is Beauxbatons under the moonlight. Rapidly approaching the water, she briefly worried about colliding with the surface only to remember who was steering the broom. At the last second, Harry pulled on the handle with all his might. She felt a little blood rise to her face as she felt his strong arms around her. The tip of the broom rose to follow the water.

Feeling adventurous, she removed one hand from the handle and noticed a change in speed. Apparently, her personal driver had spotted the move and decided to slow down so as to make her job easier. She touched the surface of the water with her finger, sending a few splashes around the area.

A few dozen of minutes later, Harry steered the broom towards the cliff that he had scouted previously. After a questioning glare from Fleur, he smiled and brought the Lightfirre down to the ground.

Curiosity took over the young veela as she wondered why he had brought her here. She expected the flight to be the conclusion to her night.

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