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Sonny's POV

I'm standing in front of LAX airport, I looked around and scanned the place, I inhaled and exhaled heavily trying so hard to calm down, I'm missing mom already LA didn't change, I've been gone for five years and it still hasn't change, I sighed heavily while remembering some memories with him, I looked to my right and saw some paparazzi van, I tensed up a little bit, No one knows me... I told myself over and over again, I made sure my hat was on and my new Ginger colored hair can't reveal my brown hair. I hold her hand nervously, hoping that she won't notice my nervousness.

"Wow, Mommy, this place I huge" Emily, my five years old daughter laughed, Emily's cute but every time she saw a man-who is my friend-with brown eyes and hair, she calls it daddy, one time she called my friend Jake daddy, but Jake told her that he was not her father, anyways, she got everything from me, her eyes, her hair, her personality, her voice- just , everything, everything except her smile, she didn't have my toothy grin, she has her father's trout mouth, the same trout mouth that I used to kiss. I remember everything that I did with him, I remember every detail of the day we had our first 'it' we didn't know that it would be our last- well I didn't know that it would be our last, I lied to him, I want to tell him my news but before I could tell him, he said words that scared me and my news, so I just lied, I lied for him to let me go, but he love me so much to not believe me, and all I did was hurt him more and finally escaped, I know he looked for me, I just know it. I was three months with Emily that day.

"do you want to go to our apartment?" I asked her and she grinned

"sure Mommy" she said, I called for a taxi and one immediately stopped, and I smiled as Emily excitedly jumped inside the cab, I carried my- our suitcases, I thanked the driver as he help me put our suitcases in the trunk- wait, I know this guy

"James?" he looked at me "James Conroy?" I asked and he quirked a brow but nodded, wow, I haven't seen him in six years.

"How did you know?" he asked, shoot! I wasn't supposed to be recognized by people! come on Sonny think of a lie!

"I uhh…was a fan of Mackenzie falls" I said and he nodded giving me a 'Really' look

"Really?" he sized me up for a second "your familiar, your voice and those eyes" he said and I panicked, Think again!

What will I say?

I don't know!, I'm you so why ask you?

I don't know!, don't ask me!, Me!

"uhh, maybe because I was one of the girls you signed an autograph to" I hope he didn't notice my 'maybe' in that sentence… please believe me.

"are you really a Mack falls fan?" he smirked, wow six years after and still a bastard? I nodded unsurely, seriously, I was a fan of the falls, for whole season three, I ask my mom what happened and believe me that show has no Plot.

"then what's the plot of my episode?" he crossed his hands in front of his chest, it's a good thing Tawni asked the plot of that episode.

"Bad boy bank robber realizes he has a good life, it was a Christmas episode of the falls" did I just say the falls?, oh this is not good

"The falls?, only the randoms call us that" he smirked avoid it!

Don't pressure me!

"uhmm, the monitor is on, you'll charge me big time" before he could reply, I walked out of his sight and sat nervously next to Emily, who's looking at the mirror, fixing her hair. When James sat into the driver seat, he looked at me trough his mirror and I tried so hard to look ONLY at Emily, I seriously hope he doesn't know me Emily took my earphones out of my hand bag and asked for my phone, I unlocked it and went to her playlist of her favorite songs and let her listen to it.

"Where to?" James asked "Sonny?" he added and I froze

"I'm not Sonny" my voice became octave high darn my voice! "take us to the 436 avenue street, the apartment building there"

"then lets play shall we?, what are you doing in LA Ms.?" I rolled my eyes at him and heard him chuckle bastard , Emily took her ear phone off and looked at me and scrunched up her nose when she saw James

"Mommy, why is the big nosed man talking to us?" I tried so hard not to laugh at that statement while James roll his eyes

"Ohh, nothing Honey, he just taught that I was one of the famous people" I lied, I hate lying to Ems, but I have to.

"but grandma said that you are famous" she did?

"she did?- I mean, yeah…that's because I was in a commercial…of…" commercial? Really?

"of?" why are you interested in this subject?

"So Random" James butted in

"NO!" I quickly said "I was going to say, I was in a commercial, because I endorsed some…sunglasses?" please buy it… James scoffed and I rolled my eyes

"oh" she put my earphones back in my bag with my phone and tapped her little fingers in her lap.

"Here's your stop Sonny" I shot him a look

"Sorry Ma'am " he teased, I threw the money I owe to him and slammed the door when I got out, he still helped me with our suitcases tough, maybe because its in their contract or something, then I let Emily play in the lobby, I walked up to the front desk and dug my hand in my bag to search for my wallet.

"is, Room 304 occupied? " I asked

"Yes" she answered, I stopped and looked at her, who rent my apartment?

"Mind if I asked who?" I said with hope, maybe I can persuade that person into moving out

"were not allowed to do that" I sighed "but I have a sudden feeling that you have to know" she smiled and typed something

"her name is Tawni" I froze "she's famous"

"T-Tawni as in….as in Hart?" I gulped and she nodded

"is there another empty room or apartment?" I changed the subject, why would Tawni rent MY old apartment?, she typed something again in her computer and smiled

" yeah there is, it's one floor higher than the floor you wanted, room 404, the last owner, Mel Anderson just moved out yesterday" she smiled Mel was still here? Why did she move out?

"okay I'll take it" she nodded and made me fill some papers then she gave me the key, I carried Emily, who was now asleep in the lobby couch, then some workers helped me with my suitcases, I opened my new apartment. Mel didn't change a thing it's still the same, of course I would know, we designed this one together. An hour and half later, I was finished in making mine and Emily's room look presentable and organized, I carried my daughter in her room ,then I heard a knock, I opened it and saw her, Tawni, I wanted to hug her and tell her I miss her.. until I saw the baby bump in her tummy. Tawni's pregnant?, Why is Tawni pregnant?

"Hey, I heard that you just moved here in LA, so I got you a little welcome gift" she handed me a bunch of flowers with a yellow vase, this used to be in my room at my old apartment!

"Thanks, come on in" I said and she did, I prepared some cold water and gave her one glass with three cubes, the way she like it

"thanks" she sat down in the sofa and looked around then looked at me "your place is so comfy" I smiled in return I'm still confused, why are you pregnant Tawni? And who is the father?

"Your Tawni Hart right?" I sat next to her maybe I could get answers by asking some questions step by step.

"Cooper, Tawni Cooper" my heart sank and broke into a million pieces. Cooper?, she….she married…..Ch-Chad?, so that means the baby is Chad's? the father is Chad?, Chad as in Chad Dylan COOPER?

"right, sorry, when's your due?"I swallowed the huge lump in my throat I can't cry in front of her, it will get suspicious

"in August " great! In my birthday month too "Really?, that's great" I gave her my fake smile

"Hi Mommy" Emily said rubbing her eyes and sitting on my lap

"Hi baby" I focused my attention on Emily I just don't want to look at Tawni's belly and Tawni, my betraying friend.

"you're a mom?" Tawni asked like she was shocked and I just nodded, and hugged Emily

"what a cute little girl" she said and Emily smiled and jumped off of my lap, I rolled my eyes secretly and flashed my biggest fake smile on her

"Thank you Miss, your pretty too" she complimented Tawni, I smiled at Emily

"A charming one too, what's your name sweetie?" Tawni asked

"Elizabeth Marie-" before she could say Munroe, I coughed loudly

"you can call her Emily" I smiled at Tawni and she just nodded

"Mommy, where's my toys?" Emily asked

"its in your room sweetie, its in the box" she nodded and ran away

"Good bye Miss it was nice meeting you" Emily shouted

" you know, your daughter, Emily, will be famous" I quirked a brow

"why?" I asked

"she looks like my friend…best friend actually" I'm curious, Emily doesn't look like Tawni.

"who?" I asked

"Sonny, Sonny Monroe" I tensed up a little bit she doesn't know right?, she's still clueless right? And I'm still her best friend?, if she's still my best friend she wouldn't be married to Chad. A question popped up into my head

"Chad and Sonny used to date right?" I asked and she awkwardly nodded

"then why are you with him?" I clenched my fists lightly cool down Sonny cool down she clenched her jaw and gave me a fake smile

"you know what?, I gotta go, Nice meeting you…." What did I say?, And what will I say?

Your name in your form duh!

Alright, you know I wonder if you can talk to people besides me.

Just answer her question!

"Demi, short for Demetria" I answered and she nodded, I walked her to my door why does Tawni looks beautiful while pregnant?, I'm not glowing like her when I was pregnant.

"right, uhm, Nice to meet you Sonny- Demi, I meant Demi" she laughed nervously while I laughed back, then hurried out

I am so confused right now

Tawni's POV

Demi sure looks like Sonny…..especially Emily, and why did she tensed up when I said Sonny?, and why did she ask all those sudden questions?, is she related to Sonny?, can I finally see Sonny again?, can I finally explain everything to her?

"Hey" I said entering my apartment, Chad made me buy this, he said that it was for the memories of Sonny and I, my future baby will have Sonny's room while me and Chad has Sonny's Mom's room

"Hey, Tawn" he nodded at me, I don't think he loves me…yet, but I love him so I hope that's enough.

"why don't you want to meet our neighbor" I asked and he sighed

"I'm Lazy" he said standing up when I sat next to him

"yeah, I know that" I laughed and he faintly chuckled, I sighed sadly and turn around to clean up the mess he made earlier, Chad made me change, and I don't know how, I know that he married me because he taught that he screwed me up, but he didn't. I closed my eyes remembering everything I did with him

I know he still loves me, but I love Chad, my husband for four months

And I know deep inside, Chad loves me too

I hope

Chad's POV

"Hey" my wife, Tawni said as she enters Son- our apartment

"Hey, Tawn" I nodded to her and flipped the channel there's nothing good on TV

"why don't you want to meet our neighbor" she asked and I sighed because its been six years since my ex girlfriend left and I can't seem to forget about her.

"I'm Lazy" I lied, she sat next to me and suddenly I became thirsty

"yeah, I know that" she laughed, I poured a glass of water in my glass and faintly chuckled, I heard her sigh and then things that drop, she's cleaning my mess again. I gulped my water down and washed it.

At least make it seem that you love her

I can't no matter how much I try, I still see her as a friend, a sister actually

You're a jerk you know that?



I know…..

she LOVES you and YOU DON'T

and that's the sad part.

James' POV

Another busy and boring day in my boring job here at LA. I wish Chad didn't fire me!, I looked to my right and saw a Lady and a little girl, she yelled "Taxi" so I, being that taxi driver went to her, its our job to help our passengers, so I opened the door for the little girl and picked the suite cases up for the lady and help her.

"James?" I looked at her "James Conroy?" she said, I quirked a brow but nodded

"How did you know?" I asked, her eyes became wide wait I know those eyes from somewhere….

"I uhh…was a fan of Mackenzie falls" she said and I nodded not believing her, I wasn't on Mack falls, Yes Chad didn't let the directors show my episodes

"Really?" I looked at her, remembering where she came from "your familiar, your voice and those eyes" I said and she tensed up, looks like someone's panicking

"uhh, maybe because I was one of the girls you signed an autograph to" maybe?, oh she's hiding something

"are you really a Mack falls fan?" I smirked, remember my episodes didn't air, and its not in the DVD also

"then what's the plot of my episode?" I crossed my hands and put it in front of my chest

"Bad boy bank robber realizes he has a good life, it was a Christmas episode of the falls" the falls eh?

"The falls?, only the randoms call us that"

"uhmm, the monitor is on, you'll charge me big time" she changed the subject, I went to the drivers seat and looked at her through my mirror, she's a random!, not Tawni, not Zora but Sonny!, I knew it!

"Where to?" I started "Sonny?" I added and she froze, I'm so right!

"I'm not Sonny, take us to the 436 avenue street, the apartment building there" I nodded as I look at her trough my mirror then the road, then her again, if she's Sonny, then who's that little girl?

"then lets play shall we?, what are you doing in LA Ms.?" I mumbled

"Mommy, why is the big nosed man talking to us?" I rolled my eyes at her 'question'- wait, MOMMY?

"Ohh, nothing Honey, he just taught that I was one of the famous people" she said, HONEY? AS IN SHE'S THE MOMMY!

NO she just like being called a mother, of course dum dum she's he mom Idiot

Shut up!

"but grandma said that you are famous" Grandma?

Yes, Grandma, as in abuela, Lola-

I get it!

"she did?- I mean, yeah…that's because I was in a commercial…of…" oh funny Sonny for not being a good liar

"of?" the little girl asked

"So Random" I said

"NO!" she quickly said "I was going to say," she looked at me "I was in a commercial, because I endorsed some…sunglasses?" I scoffed sunglasses really?

"oh" was all that girl said, I was now parking at the apartment building she told me

"Here's your stop Sonny" she shot me a look and I smiled

"Sorry Ma'am " I teased, she threw the money she owe to me and slammed the door when she got out, me, being the driver of the taxi who signed a contract, got out of the car and helped her with her suite cases.

After my work, I walk into my apartment thinking about Sonny- not because I like her or anything- I'm just trying to remember her number, it's a good thing I have a photographic memory, I remembered her number from Chad's phone, I took my old phone out and put her number, I hope I'm correct I told myself

55-50-125 I dialed it and the machine answered

"Hey Sonny Monroe here, cant talk to you-" in the background of her voice you can hear a baby crying "please leave a massage" the phone beeped and I chuckled and ended the call

"I was right" I smiled in victory, finally I can tell the paparazzi that the 'mysteriously missing ' Sonny Monroe is now found- although I have to hear Sonny's side of the story first, and find out why she ran away and who is that girl.

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