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Nico's POV

Something is wrong with Tawni, its like, she lies to me all the time, why can't Tawni see that I love her? That I'm here for her, Chad belongs to Sonny and Tawni belong to me, my phone vibrated

If you want to know who I am, go to the arcade you used to go to every time you get dumped 556-7658

I didn't reply, I know exactly who this is.

When I enter the arcade, I scanned the place

"PSST! " I turned around and saw ZORA?! I thought it was Grady!

"Z? Hey how are you?" she hushed me

"I found something out" she said

"Really? Why'd you text me? I'm no good at keeping secrets" I laughed, she slapped me

"Still the same Zora, I see" I said

"the only number I remember was yours, so I found something and you won't believe what I found out" she said

"what?" I said

Sonny's POV

I put my silver looped earrings on and put my lucky charm bracelet that….mom…. gave me

"Where are you going Mommy?" Emily asked, I let Jane- her baby sitter -sit in the couch and arrange all her stuffs

"I'm just going to uhh buy something, I'll be back, I promise" I said, she pouted slightly and nodded

"Be careful mommy" She said and waved goodbye.

The moment that I stepped out of the elevator, Paparazzi's attacked me

What the… who let them in?!

"Sonny, how are you?" one paparazzi asked, it's a good thing I didn't bring Emily, she would've cried

"I'm fine, perfectly fine" I answered

"Are you going on a date with Shane or Chad?" I rolled my eyes at that question

"I'm dating Shane, no one else, can you people get a life?" I added but they don't seem to care, wow, I'm blinded by the flashing lights again…

"Sonny!" I ignored them and continued on walking

"Sonny!" they kept on shouting, when I walked out of the building and into my car one paparazzi stood up

"If you're gonna ask me ridiculous questions, please stop" I snapped

"No, uhh, I only want your picture with my son and an autograph" EMBARRASING! He's a fan!

"Oh uhh, sure"he called his son and a little blonde haired blue eyes boy in a wheelchair came, my eyes went wide

"Hi, what's your name sweetie?" I asked

"H-hello S-sonny Monroe, my name is J-Jared" he answered, I smiled and hugged him as his dad takes a picture of us, then I signed the book he's holding, and kissed his cheeks

"Thank you Jared, for being my fan, after all this years, I never thought that I still have a fan" I said, he grinned and nodded.

I parked my car in front of the café that Chad and I used to go to, The Patio, I saw him and I sat in front of him, he smiled

"Hey Sonny" he said, I smiled in return

"Hey Chad"

Chad's POV

"So.. You came" I said to Sonny well this is awkward

"Yeah…" she said back

"Cool" I answered


"So let's order?" I said

"Chad, why did you ask me to come?" she said, I gulp and dropped the menu

"Why didn't you tell me?" I said, she looked curious at first then her brows rose a little, that means she's nervous..


"Why didn't you tell me that I was the father of Emily?" I said, my anger is rising

"I….-" I cut her off

"I would've supported you and -" I stopped and rubbed my head

"Let's go somewhere alone, I don't want to cause a scene" I lowered my voice "I don't want anyone to hear our conversation, just us, alone" I said, all she did is nod and I took her wrist and we both walked out of the café

"Go to the studio" I said, she nodded and un-locked her car.

The studio hasn't change, except the workers are gone, Condor sold this to some old man who died and no one knew who the real owner is, this place is nice, it reminds me of my past with Sonny so I come here all the time when I have problems, I sat on the bench I use at the McKenzie Falls studio, my phone vibrated

Where are you?- Sonny

Mack Falls studio-Chad

Wow, after all this year's you're STILL addicted to yourself? :P-Sonny

Says the girl who's in her dressing room now, lol, Nah, just like hanging around here -Chad I know her, she's probably looking at her old dresser

Are you spying on me? –Sonny I laughed at her response

No, I just know you that well xD –Chad I smirked and add a follow-up text

I'm not in the So Random studio, stop looking around and come here to the Mack falls studio –Chad

Okay are you sure there's no camera here! How did you know that I was looking around? –Sonny

I know you THAT well :P, now come here or I'll drag you here-Chad

Such a meany… coming- Sonny I hid my phone and smiled, I looked at the old poster on the wall, I chuckled at myself, I was so dramatic back then, I looked to my right and saw a director chair that has Chad on it, I smiled, then Sonny came in

"Hey" she said

"Hey" I said back

"So what were you saying?" she asked

"Nothing, I just want you to answer the question" I said

"The truth?" she said

"Yup" I nodded "The truth"

"Well, I was so young then," she sat next to me "I mean, I was the role model of other kids, who would want a role model that got pregnant at the age of seventeen?" she looked at me "plus, you said something that scared me away" she said oh…

"Well then, when will you tell Emily?" I moved a little closer to her, she shrugs her shoulder "I don't know" she said

"Sonny, did you know what happened to me?" I said, she looked away, I pulled her up

"Where are we going?" she said

"My dressing room" when we reach my dressing room, we both looked around, they didn't touch my dressing room, there still the picture of my and Sonny years ago

"Why did you bring me here?" she said

"Its been a long time when I last stepped in this room, since you left, I didn't go in this room, I kept on waiting for you to come, plus this where we did our first and last-" she cut me off

"DON'T SAY THAT!" she said, I chuckled "Sorry" she said, we both sat down on the couch

"I didn't know you were that sad" she said, I looked at her

"If I say that it's okay, I'll be lying" she nodded "I got fired, I slept around, I screwed my best friend up, I got married,I got arrested, I lost friends because I was hoping you would come back to me" I said, I looked at her, she's crying, I panicked

"Hey, Hey, don't cry, shh" I coed, and hugged her, she hugged back

"Chad I am so, so sorry" she said, she stopped crying minutes later, we both looked at each other and leaned closer and closer

Kiss. Were kissing, I missed this! I cupped her cheek and asked for an entrance, she allowed me in and our tongue danced together, I slowly lay her down the dirty couch, then she pulled away and shook her head

"You're making this hard Chad" she said, I kissed her again

"Then tell me to stop" I said, I felt her shook her head

"Tell me this is wrong" I said, she shook her head again, we both pulled away and connected our foreheads

"I still love you Sonny" I said, she opened her eyes and stood up

"I'd be lying if I said that I don't love you anymore, but this is wrong Chad, your wife needs you, I have a boyfriend" she said, I pulled her down to my lap

"But we belong together Sonny, it's always CHANNY not Chad and Tawni or whatever the fans call us, the only thing that matters is, you're here, in my arms in my lap my dressing room, my daughter Emily belongs to me and no one else, YOU belong to ME Sonny, your mine, I want you to be mine again Sonny" I said and looked at her, she sighed and laid her head in my shoulder

"This is so wrong" she said

Emily's POV

"Daddy!" I shouted with a laugh, my daddy is different, it's not Daddy Shane, its , and I'm standing in front of an unfamiliar house

"Hey Princess" Mr Chad said taking his tie off, I tried to speak but no one heard me, it's like I'm watching me

"What did you buy me for my birthday?" I said

"I can't tell you sweetie, it has to be a surprise" Mr. Chad said, then Mommy came out from the house

"Good morning baby" Mr Chad said and kissed mommy

"Good morning" Mommy answered, I look older, like two or three years older

"Ewww don't kiss in front of me" I said, Daddy-Mr Chad laughed and lifted me up then started on tickling me

"Daddy stop!" I shouted, but Daddy- Mr Chad didn't stop, he laughed while tickling me… thenit all fade with my laughter echoing in my head

"Mommy?" I said

"Mommy?" I said again

"Daddy?... Mr Chad?" I said

"Emily stop" someone said, then I saw Mr. Chad pushed Mommy to the wall and said something to her that made her cry

I shouted at Mr Chad but I can't hear my voice

I don't like this, why am I seeing this? Everything I gone again

"MOMMY!" I sobbed

I woke up with Mommy lying beside me, there were tears in her eyes, I wiped it away and her hand automatically put itself around me, I hugged and closed my eyes again.

I opened my eyes ad smelled eggs outside; I looked at my door and saw a drawing

This is the drawing of my baby sitter's niece, Yvonne (Yaeliz this is your character xD your Emily's friend, I hope you don't mind)

"Good morning Mommy-" I stopped my words, that is not Mommy

"Oh, hello Emily, your mom left earlier" Jane said, she's my baby sitter

"Yvonne is using the bathroom, I hope you don't mind" she said, when Yvonne saw me, she ran up and hugged me

"Hello Emily!" she said, we both laughed and hugged her back, suddenly, I forgot my dream

Tawni's POV

Chad where are you?-Tawni

Chad pick up your phone, I'm worried-Tawni

Chad please, are you okay?

Chad, where are you? You didn't come home last night, come home please-Tawni

He didn't reply to all my messages, I was eating lunch when he came home

"Chad" I called, he didn't even say hi to me, he went to our room and locked it

Chad's POV (with Sonny at the studio)

We stayed like this for an hour or so

"I have to go home Chad" Sonny said

"Please break up with Shane" I said

"No" she answered

"Sonny" I whined

"Chad ,let's stop this, you and I both know that we can't finish this, so let's not start this" she said

"Sonny, you belong to me not him, YOU. ARE. MINE." I said

"I-I don't belong to you Chad, I have a life, I have my boyfriend-" I cut her off

"Will you stop saying this boyfriend shit?"(SO SORRY FOR CURSING!) she stared at ,me

"Stop this boyfriend shit, you know you don't love him Sonny, fuck, you just like him, stop the lies Sonny" I said, she slapped me

"Fuck off Cooper, this is my life, I won't let you, my mom or anyone decide for me, I can decide on my own! You have your wife!" she screamed


"No, but if you kept your thing hidden you wouldn't have gotten married with Tawni" I said

"If you didn't left we would've been married now!" she stayed quiet

"Don't act like it's all my fault Sonny, you had your own mistakes too" I said

"Goodbye Chad" she said

"I was planning to do it you know" I said, she stopped and looked at me

"Do what?" she said

"When you came to my dressing room that day you left, I planned something for the night; I was going to propose to you" I took the book from my dresser table and took out a ticket and a paper

"This" I showed her the ticket "I rented the whole movie theatre to watch our 'Channy moments' made by Amber, then this" I showed her the other paper "A star certificate, inside it" I opened it slowly and showed the ring that has 'C&S' carved in the middle of it " the engagement ring I was going to give you, beside it is the key to my mansion, I was going to ask if you could move in too" I said all she did was gasp and stare at the ring

"Y-you w-were going to….p-pro-propose?" she said, I nodded

"I had it all planned" I answered

"I- I have to go" she said, then she ran out of my dressing room, I sighed and punched the pillow, then I sat down, then I saw a paper under my shoes, I picked it up


From Sonny.., the letter was full of erasures; she might've dropped this when she was saying her lies

Dear Chad

Hey Chad

Chad, I'd like to tell you a secret

I'm so sorry that I can't tell you that I'm

She didn't finish it, the only thing that wasn't erased was my name, I sighed and threw the paper on the ground

"SONNY!" I shouted

Sonny's POV

He was going to propose? I can't say anything, just…. Propose?

I cried and lay down beside Emily, I left Jane the money earlier

"I love you " I said, then I remember our kiss earlier, it was so… hot and…full of sparks, I don't know what happened next but the next thing I knew, I was back at Wisconsin looking at my mom with tears in my eyes

"I miss you mommy" I said and sobbed, she smiled and hugged me

Shane's POV

"When will we start?" I said to Mel

"Tomorrow" she answered, "b the way, tomorrow you'll meet my boyfriend" she smiled "He hates CHANNY too" she said

"Who's your boyfriend?" I asked

"Grady, Grady Ronald Mitchell"

Sorry, that's the end of the chapter, ahh! Channy kissed! What happened to Sonny's mom? Grady is on the bad side o.O why is that? he hates CHANNY?! The Randoms are back! Nico, Grady, Zora, Sonny and Tawni are complete! Will they meet again? What was Zora trying to tell Nico?

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