"Don't worry," Penny's eyes were full of hope, though the life within them was fading slowly. She musters the strength she can to put her hand on his shoulder. Her breaths were decreasing in rate, but a smile is still shed on her paling features. Captain Hammer had long ago fled the horrendous scene, yelling for his mother or someone maternal.

"P-Penny..." was all Billy could think of to say. Was the person he loved really being torn from him? Would her green eyes revert to nothing but glazed over irises? He bites his lip, ordering himself not to cry. He was Dr. Horrible, right? He's a villain. He's not suppose to feel anything real. Numb was his game; death ray was his weapon. Murder was his ultimate mission. He couldn't stop what he partly created. He stood, watching his world slowly grow cold, blood trickling down the edges of machinery stuck inside her person. He kneeled down beside her, mumbling frantic gibberish and something along the lines of, "Nonononono." as he examined her extreme injuries.

Shoving the emotions into a shelf in the back of his mind was easy at first. Billy rarely spoke a word to Penny. She wasn't anyone special, just a simple person who did her laundry like everyone else. Even so, she never ceased to find a path into his mind every second. He found it scary; How could one simple girl have such an effect? He barely knew her.

Billy's blogs about status quo were slowly coming to a halt. Who was he to say the status was not quo when it was partly his fault? The only light that shone through in his life was Penny. That was all he needed to not tip over the edge of insanity. She was the one that kept him happy, even if she didn't know. Even her doing the simplest of things could make him smile. Billy could watch Penny eat ice cream every day for the rest of his life and not be bored. The way her nose wriggled slightly when the cold ice cream touched her tongue made him feel warm on the inside. He had never felt that way for anyone but Penny. He loved her.

"Captain Hammer will save us," were the final and heartbreaking words Billy heard from his crush and 'laundry buddy'.

And the thought of knowing that Penny still thought that the hypocritical Captain Hammer was good killed him on the inside.

He picked up the lifeless body of his love, examining her pale features before finally laying her gently on the gurney. Penny's fiery red lips were replaced with thin, pink lips. Her complexion was a pale ivory and cold to the touch. Billy didn't know about her eyes; they were closed. He didn't dare touch her eyelids. Penny's hair was the same, the passion filled color of red, as if she hadn't lost her life just a few moments ago.

Billy felt his own breathing slow down as he watched her quietly for a few moment's time. She looked comfortable, despite the machinery that caused her death stuck in her sides. Her lips were slightly parted into a semi-smile. He knew what it was from. It was a smile just for him. It was when she believed Captain Hammer was going to save her.

He lay his hand on her cold shoulder, giving her a semi-smile back.

Penny was gone.

Billy's world was shattered.

Bad Horse was probably filled with glee.

Billy walked away, waving off reporters and all types of press from the media. He had Evil League of Evil things to work on now. He turned around one last time to see Penny.

She was gone for good this time, the gurney no where in sight.

And Billy didn't intend to look back.