Hello, thanks for reading. I just wanted to say that I know Santiago Cabrera hasn't really made any drastic appearances yet but from what I've read it says he's Rebecca's fiancé so that's how it'll be in the story. Thanks again for reading!

Rebecca walked into the drab building. Tucking a piece of her blond hair behind her ear, she continued down the blue painted corridor until she reached a familiar door. Knocking once, she let herself in, throwing papers across the woman's desk.

"Rebecca," the woman smiled warmly, ignoring the papers.

"Kennedy, it's nice to see you. But I have something important to talk to you about." Rebecca got straight to the point. She pulled out a chair. It had the material of an extremely itchy sweater and the pattern of an ugly one. Sitting down, she sighed.

"Are you all right?" Kennedy asked, her eyebrows scrunching up in concern. Between her fingers she held a pencil, picking at the eraser end.

Nodding, Rebecca released another sigh. "Everything is fine with me. But currently my job has been getting a bit… difficult."

"That task force? I've been meaning to ask you how that is." Kennedy said. She placed the pencil down and the tap from it seemed to echo in the office.

"That's what I'm here to talk about." Rebecca leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees and locking her hands together in front of her. "I want you to join me and help me hunt down these criminals."

Kennedy's mouth fell open the slightest. "I… I'm not sure what to say. I mean-first of all, how would I even get out of here? There would have be so much paper work-"

"I can take care of that. You'll never have to deal with it. Kennedy, I need your help." Rebecca remained stone faced but she was sure, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, Kennedy would be able to see the urgent pleading in her eyes.

Gulping, Kennedy opened her mouth, prepared to speak. But she closed it and averted her eyes down to the wooden desk. "I've been looking for a way out of this hell hole."

Rebecca's face broke out into a grin and Kennedy's eyes met hers. Rebecca launched across the desk, embracing the sandy haired girl. "It'll be nice to have another girl on the team."


Kennedy walked behind Rebecca onto the island. She wasn't sure why the blonde took her to Alcatraz. But she'd be lying if she said she wasn't absolutely interested. Walking up to the prison, Rebecca opened one of the doors, turning around to give Kennedy a reassuring smile before walking in.

They walked side by side down the hallway, their eyes skimming over the hundreds of jail cells. In many, the paint was chipping off the walls. It was an eerie sight.

Rebecca walked clear to the end of the hallway, this time leading Kennedy into an isolated room. Kennedy at this point was feeling quite apprehensive but walked in anyway, trusting Rebecca fully.

"Now, remember that, when we tell you what we do, I would never lie to you. This is one hundred percent true. It's hard to understand at first but you've got to believe me." Rebecca said, sitting down next to her at the table.

There were two doors in the room. The second one creaked open, revealing white lights. A figure walked out, folders in hand.

"Hauser." Rebecca said, acknowledging the older man.

Hauser nodded his head, sitting across from the girls. He let the pale tan folders skid across the steel table. Sighing, he leaned back, relaxing into the chair. Kennedy's eyes skid over the tabs, reading unrecognizable names. The man spoke though, breaking her out of her concentration.

"Are you sure about this, Madsen?" Hauser asked, his eyes on Rebecca with strong intensity.

"I'm positive. If anyone can handle this, it's Kennedy." Rebecca smiled crookedly, turning to her friend.

"All right. I am Emerson Hauser." The gray haired man held out his slightly wrinkled hand.

Kennedy took it, once again uneasy. "Kennedy Hill."

"I'm sure that Rebecca's already told you to expect something… crazy." Hauser said, sitting up straight in the cold metal chair. He spread out the files in front of them, making an organized line.

Kennedy nodded.

"Good. Let's get started then."


By the time Hauser was done explaining, Rebecca adding in every now and then, Kennedy had no idea what to do.

Or how to react.

Maybe it wasn't the best reaction but she couldn't help it. She burst out laughing. "That's really good. You should make a movie out of that or something."

Hauser and Rebecca didn't smile, just remained stone faced. Kennedy couldn't read anything from Mr. Hauser but when she turned to Rebecca all she saw was sadness and absolute truth.

Kennedy's mouth fell open and her eyes flung back to Hauser. "No way."

Hauser nodded.

"That's… that's crazy." She said, slumping in her chair. "D-do you know why this is happening? And they can appear anywhere?"

Hauser smiled crookedly. "You're asking the same things we're all wondering. We don't know why this is happening. We have no idea how it's possible. But we're searching down the criminals and trying our best to keep every civilian safe."

"How many have… appeared?" She asked.

"Twelve prisoners and two guards I believe." Rebecca responded, her voice dropping slightly.

"And you have them all?"

"Not exactly. Some have died." Emerson said, his eyes scanning the files. He pushed a few forward. "These are the ones that are alive."

Kennedy opened one. Paxton Petty. Something like déjà vu went off in Kennedy's head but she pushed it away. "Where… where are you keeping them all?"

Rebecca then turned towards Hauser. "Yeah, where are you keeping them?"

Hauser rolled his eyes at Rebecca. "That's something you'll find out later. You'll know more but at the moment we just need to know if you're in or you're out."

Eyeing Hauser, she still saw nothing. But she turned towards Rebecca and saw her friendly smile and the slightest hopefulness in her eyes. Putting a stern face on, she turned towards Hauser. "I'm in."


Rebecca was taking Kennedy down to her and Doc's quarters, showing her the computer system.

"Wow! This is so cool…" Kennedy mumbled, running her fingers across the black, sleek desk. "You should have asked me earlier Rebecca."

"Sorry about that. Welcome though." Rebecca sat down in a chair, sending a small smug smile in the girl's direction. "This is Doc by the way, my other partner. Doc, meet Kennedy, our new partner. Doc's a specialist on Alcatraz. Kennedy's a detective."

Doc held out his hand and shook hands with her. He took in her appearance. She dressed a lot like Rebecca but she was about an inch taller. Her hair was blond too but it was a darker color, what most people would call a dirty blond. Eyes were a dark blue and she had pale skin, making them stick out. Her smile comforted Doc, glad to know that she wouldn't be a bitch.

"Nice to meet you." She said, letting go of his warm hand.

"You too."

There was an awkward silence after that until Doc happily broke it.

"So how long have you known Rebecca?"

"Ever since we were in sixth grade. We went to the same school. Rebecca dropped her milk and I gave her mine." She smiled at her friend, nudging her shoulder. "I'm lactose intolerant so it wasn't a big deal but the next day she brought me cookies. From there we've been inseparable."

Rebecca scoffed. "You make it sound so cheesy."

"But that's exactly what happened!" Kennedy responded, her voice rising.

Rebecca laughed, "You're right about that. I haven't seen you in a while though. Anything interesting going on in your life?"

Kennedy groaned, rolling her eyes, "Not. At. All. I'm pretty sure I have about the most boring life in existence."

Doc chuckled at that, "I'm not even sure what it means to feel normal after this whole fiasco."

Everyone agreed at that. Silence filled the room again. But Kennedy was the one to break it this time.

"So what do you do when there's not a prisoner on the loose?" Pulling up a chair, she sat where it would make their positions a triangle.

"Doc and I like to look through the prisoners and guards belongings to figure out their personal life." Rebecca responded, putting her hands behind her head. The brown leather jacket she was wearing rubbed against the fake leather chair, making an awkward noise.

"That's kind of like reading someone's diary then." Kennedy inquired, looking between the two after they nodded. "Could we maybe do it now?"


The three walked into the storage closet like room. It had that odd old book smell. The room was also humid and sticky. The boxes were thrown lazily across the room while others were neatly stacked in the corners.

"Any specific prisoners you're looking for?" Doc found himself asking.

Kennedy shook her head no. Until she remembered the funny feeling of recognition she got when she saw the picture of Paxton Petty. "Paxton Petty?"

"Oh, okay." Doc hurried behind a few stacks. There were loud thuds but he eventually came out with a cardboard box, the same size as the rest of them.

"I feel like a little kid on Christmas." Rebecca muttered, flanking Doc's left at the table. Kennedy followed on his right.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Doc pulled the flaps open. One at a time, Doc exhaled before removing them all. At the bottom of the box were a book, three trinkets, one small velvet blue box, and a stack of pictures.

Rebecca reached in first, pulling out the stack of pictures. Kennedy went second, retrieving the blue, smooth box. She examined the outside first, running her finger along the silver silk ribbon lining the opening. There was a silver bow on top the blue velvet, sending another bolt of déjà vu through Kennedy.

"This is so weird. Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? That's all I've been getting lately." She mumbled, opening the box.

Gasping, Kennedy nearly dropped the object. She wasn't one for jewelry at all. Kennedy never wore any type of it, earrings, rings, or necklaces. But the necklace that sat on top of the white fluff made her heart stop.

Rebecca and Doc looked up, clearly confused and startled.

Kennedy paid no attention though as their eyes remained on her. As if it was thinking on its own Kennedy's hand raised to her neck, rubbing right where the necklace would have fallen.

"What's wrong?" Rebecca said in the silent room.

Kennedy swallowed around the lump in her throat. "I-I'm not sure. There's something weird going on."

"Explain." Rebecca said, turning her attention away from the stack of pictures.

"Well, like I just said, I've been feeling déjà vu a bunch. When I looked at his picture I felt like I knew him. Then this box, I thought I saw it before, but I pushed it off thinking it could have been a family members. I could have seen it in a store for all I know. But… this necklace, I know I've seen it before, might have worn it before." Kennedy placed it down, turning to the two. "Why does he have this?"

"But you hate jewelry." Rebecca immediately said, grabbing the box. Looking at the silver necklace, she too went breathless. "Wow, this is beautiful though."

Kennedy laughed, "And you love jewelry. You think every piece is pretty."

Rebecca laughed breathily at that. "You've got that right."

"C'mon ladies, let's put the shiny things away." Doc joked, snatching the box out of Rebecca's hand. He placed it back in the cardboard box. "Let's look at these photos."

Rebecca flashed them a picture of the prisoner hugging an older lady. She flipped it over and read it out loud, "You and Mom."

"Does that mean a sibling sent these? Since they referred to her as Mom, not his mom…" Kennedy asked, taking the picture in her hand. The man looked absolutely ecstatic with the woman.

Doc looked at the picture with her, shaking his head. "I'm nearly positive he was an only child."

Rebecca continued flipping through them, handing the ones she saw over to Doc and Kennedy. They'd gotten through a few photos when Rebecca yawned, placing the stack down.

"You guys want to go eat or something?" She asked as she ran her hand through her hair.


The three sat in the restaurant chatting. They'd already eaten their food and were now resting. Rebecca had taken them to her favorite Chinese restaurant which was conveniently a few streets away from Doc's store. So they headed to that after a few more words.

"I've never been in a comic book store." Kennedy confessed, sitting on the bench of Rebecca's beautiful car. "I've always wanted to but never got a chance."

"I'm honored that my store will be the first for you. You'll love it." Doc said, laughing slightly as he raised his hand to grip onto the ceiling.

Rebecca opened her mouth, prepared to say something when her phone interrupted her. She turned off the music and answered. "Madsen." She paused, listening to the voice on the other line. The other two in the car couldn't hear much but watched Rebecca's reactions instead. Nodding, she hung up.

"We've got to go to that club called Retro-"

"Oh, I've heard of that. Lot's of drugs and prostitution." Kennedy added, sighing.

"Great," Doc said sarcastically, "what a way to spend the rest of the night."

"We're after a prisoner. Chester Clark." Rebecca added, looking over at Doc. "Have anything to tell us about him?"

"Oh, definitely. This guy was a big nerd. Loved technology. It was amazing how much he knew about it." Doc paused. "But… he… this is where it gets creepy. He-uh-he video tapped killing his father because his father… he tried to sell his son. The man almost rapped him but Clark killed him too." Doc seemed extremely reluctant to go on after that but it was clear he had more to say.

"How old was he?" Rebecca urged, looking from the cracked road and back to Doc.

"Chester, he was about fourteen when this all happened. I couldn't help but feel bad for him, that he was forced to do such a thing." Doc wrung his hands out, clearing his throat.

Rebecca let out a single pained laugh. "His dad was huge bastard."

"I agree. He was a horrible, horrible man." Doc added.

"Doc, I need you to be inside, at the door. Kind of like a bouncer. Kennedy and I will search the club and see if we can find him-"

A flash of white filled the sky and a few seconds later the loudest roll of thunder sounded. There had been rain before buy they'd barely paid attention to it. Now they were stuck in and were headed for a killer. Fantastic.

Rebecca's phone rang again. "Yes, Hauser?" She listened and then her face scrunched up in anger. "All right. Then we'll bring him to you then." With that she hung up the phone, putting it back in her pocket.

"Hauser's stuck at Alcatraz. The electric lock system has been damaged from the lightening and he's currently stuck with his scientists." Rebecca laughed at that. "I bet he's having a grand old time."


Hauser looked at the elevator that was supposed to get him out of here. Currently, the white light filling the room was flickering on and off. He would have gone up in the elevator by now but he did not want to get stuck.

Sighing, he turned around to see the prisoners hanging on the bars of their cells. They all looked at him curiously, having no shame at staring. On the side, Dr. Beauregard was staring as well. A cigarette hung from his lips and his hand hovered around his mouth, prepared to take it out after his drag. Taking it out, he puffed the smoke out of his mouth.

"What are we going to do Mr. Hauser?" He asked, motioning with the cigarette at the prisoners. "I'm sure they're all dying to know since they're staring at you like you grew a second head."

"We're clearly all staying here. I'm not sure what else you expected to happen." Hauser snapped, sending his deathly glare in the direction of the prisoners.

A guard then walked up to him, whispering something in his ear. It made the prisoners all perk up, staring wide eyed again. Hauser nodded, moving to his left so he was facing Dr. Beauregard again. He walked past the doctor, following the guard into a private room. Sitting down, he faced a television, waiting for the live stream to start.

With a click of a button, Clark's face appeared on the screen. He was a little too close to the camera but at the moment it didn't matter. Hauser sighed, watching the red head smile sinisterly.

"Well, hello." He greeted, winking. "I'm glad you finally picked up my call. Isn't this technology just wonderful? I'm glad I got a chance to see it all."

Hauser laughed dryly. He wasn't sure if the prisoner would be able to hear him or not so he remained quiet. Pulling out his phone, he pressed on the screen so Rebecca's name came up. He sent her a message saying that he would call soon.

"I just love this place. It's called Retro."

Hauser rolled his eyes at how easy that was. Did the prisoner not understand that he was making it easier and easier for them to catch him?

"Now, I just have to look for my new victim." Grinning, he revealed a row of whitish teeth. Hauser wasn't sure how he'd ever get a girl. But when he walked out of the door, showing all of the high and drunk girls, he was sure it wouldn't be easy.

Immediately, he called Rebecca.


"Rebecca," he said urgently. "Chester Clark, the prisoner, is loose. Obviously I need you to go get him. He's residing in a club called Retro, I'm sure you've heard of it. Get going immediately."

He hung up then, putting all of his attention on the video. The red head was currently showing them his room when Hauser forgot to tell her he wouldn't be able to make it. Calling her back up, he filled her in and wasn't appreciating the amused tone.

All of a sudden the screen went black. Jolting in his chair, Hauser's eyes were wide when the guard walked in, unplugging the television and wheeling it around him.

"Mr. Hauser, the plug blew out. We have to move this out here." The man informed, hurrying out into the hallway.

He had an internal battle with himself, knowing that the prisoners would see it. That could be a good thing or a bad thing considering if Rebecca, Kennedy, and Doc would make it in time to save a life or not. He allowed it though, standing in front of the screen, crossing his arms.

Clark's freckled face filled the screen again and Hauser was relieved to find that he was still talking. The prisoner may know technology but he luckily didn't know that the "call" had been dropped.

His attention seemed to change instantly though and he entered the club once again, showing the intoxicated men and women. Clark panned the camera to show a group of women, scantily dressed, snorting white powder. The camera returned to his face.

"Such a wonderful sight, isn't it?" Clark said sarcastically, descending the velvet steps in the dilapidated place.

"Finally, it's time to find a woman." Clark walked up to a bar, a camera panned on someone he already had in his sights.

Hauser knew who it was before the girl even had to turn around.

Clark had said some cheesy line to make Rebecca turn around. Sometime while descending the steps Clark had tried to hide the camera in his clothes but the agent could immediately pick it out. It seemed to tip her off and she leaned flirtatiously on the bar.

"Hey," she said smoothly.

Hauser noticed activity next to her, recognizing the girl she had brought in early, Kennedy. She was trying her best to appear as though she wasn't paying attention. Hauser knew the girl must be straining her ears over the loud bopping music to hear.

"You're really beautiful." Clark moved his hand forward and tucked a piece of Rebecca's hair behind her ear. He watched as she tensed up and chewed the inside of her cheek. It clearly took all of her power not to slam the prisoners face into the bar. "I was wondering if you'd like to come up to my room. 114."

Hauser watched Kennedy remove herself from the bar and walking in the direction Clark had been in. Hauser mentally praised her.

"Well," Rebecca pointed at the camera, "I'm not really sure what to think of that." It seemed to be glaring at her. She wasn't sure how he thought he would be able to hide it. The thing was very sleek it shone right in her face.

Clark sighed behind the camera. "Nothing to worry about. Just another way to have fun."

"Fun? That I'm always up for." Rebecca said, although it seemed to be said a little sarcastically.

"Good." Clark took her hand and put the camera in his jacket pocket so it faced her as they climbed the steps. She was staring at his hand as if it was the oddest thing she'd ever seen in her life.

They made it to the brown door, the paint was peeling off in the corner and it was badly scratched, but when Clark turned around to smile quickly at Rebecca she played it off like it didn't matter.

"Just wait right here for a second." Clark grabbed the camera as he entered his room and closed the door behind him. Placing the camera on a stand so it gave a perfect view of the maroon room, he winked and went back to open the door. Except Kennedy had made a surprise attack. She grabbed him around the wrist and twisted it, making him groan in pain.

"Come in," she called the blonde in. It made Hauser laugh slightly at her sarcastic tone.

The door busted open. Rebecca had to kick it in since her gun was in her hand. She came prepared.

Rebecca took hold of Clark and pushed him violently into the wall, slapping cuffs around his pale wrists. She turned around and nodded towards Clark to Kennedy so she took hold of him while Rebecca stepped forward and grabbed the camera. Meanwhile, something Clark said seemed to make Kennedy angry since she too slammed him into the redish walls. "Shut up." She growled.

Hauser pulled out his phone, clicking on Rebecca's name again. I see you, he texted.

"I wonder who's watching this." She said at the perfect moment, right before her phone rang. Picking it out of her pocket, she read the message and then smiled sarcastically into the camera. "Very nice Hauser. Very nice."


After sneaking Chester Clark out of the club, they pushed him into Rebecca's trunk. Rebecca still had the camera though, not sure what to do with it. So she threw it in the back before sliding into the driver's side. Right before she was about to drive off she got another message.

Bring him to me. From Hauser.

She rolled her eyes before continuing on.


They'd made it on the island and Hauser had not been there yet. They waited in the headquarters with the prisoner, placing him in a chair. He remained quiet but continued to study everyone. There was a long awkward silence and he seemed to have no shame in staring. Finally, his yes landed on the blondes.

"You two look really familiar." He supplied. "I'm nearly positive I've seen you both before. Are you like me too?"

Rebecca and Kennedy shook their heads no but said nothing more.

"That's really bugging me. I'm sure I've seen you girls before. I mean, you're so pretty, how could I not remember you?"

Kennedy and Rebecca shared a face of disgust, knowing he'd just said the previous stuff to be creepy,

"Very funny. Now shut up or I'll put that tape over there over your mouth." Kennedy threatened, glaring.

Clark shut up after that but continued to stare at the girls like they were extraterrestrials. Then he grinned again, opening his mouth to say something but Rebecca interrupted. "Shut it."

"Fine, fine." He muttered, looking around the room. "Wow, these computers are amazing. Sure have developed over the years."

Sighing, Doc was clearly aggravated, knowing that the prisoner most likely would not be quiet.

"When's Hauser going to be here?" Kennedy whispered to Rebecca, hoping that it would be soon.

"I have no idea." She responded, smiling apologetically at the girl.

The room's temperature had dropped from the previous time they had been in there. The rain was a contributing factor in that. It only made the group want to curl up into a blanket and get some rest.

A flicker of lightening filled the room and everything went dark for a split second before the light returned.

Wiggling his eyebrows, Clark grinned. "Wow, creepy tonight."

"Makes me want hot chocolate." Kennedy muttered, setting her feet up on the desk.

Clark snapped his fingers behind his back since they were bound, his eyes widened and his grin grew. "I knew it!"

Everyone's eyes flicked to him and they looked at him in confusion.

"Knew what?" Doc asked, glaring at the redhead. He wasn't sure how to feel about this man, well the man was basically a boy, about twenty two. He oddly felt close, yet he did kill others, but those killings were completely justified. But he was also thrown in jail for them. He got payback but payback clearly resulted in consequences.

"You're Petty's girl!" Clark said, directing his statement at Kennedy. "He had a picture of you in his cell! I may or may not have stolen it. He got it back though." Clark looked back on the moment laughing. "He was not happy with me. I knew you were like me."

Kennedy clenched her teeth together, feeling the pressure. She turned her attention towards the window. The rain was pouring harder now, only visible under the yellow light pretty far out. Then she turned back to the prisoner. "You're confusing me with someone else. I don't know "Petty"."

"Oh come on! He loved you, you know." Clark responded, sounding serious. It was the only moment that made his image of a prisoner disappear.

Kennedy narrowed her eyes at him. "You don't even know my name."

"Sure I do! It's Kennedy!" Clark said, smiling warmly at her.

Rebecca, Doc, and Kennedy exchanged glances. Their eyes landed on Clark, narrowing suspiciously.

"You must have heard one us say it." Rebecca said coldly, not buying what he was saying. It made no sense at all. It was impossible too. She'd know Kennedy for the longest time.

"No… I didn't hear any of you say it. All I heard was Hauser, but that's not much of a name." Then, he swiveled in the chair, making it creak under the pressure. Smiling at Rebecca now, he bit his lip in thought. "I'm positive I know you too. Maybe you could give me some clues like Miss Kennedy did."

"Clues?" Kennedy seemed to scoff at that. "I didn't say anything to make you come to the conclusion you've made. A false conclusion may I add…" Kennedy turned away again, focusing on the rain. She couldn't for the life of her remember the name Petty. Who was Petty?

"You said hot chocolate! I remember Paxton telling me all the time that he'd take you out for a cup. Ever Saturday night…" Kennedy had finished the statement with the redhead, staring at him incredulously. It only made him grin wider. "See! I knew you couldn't forget him!"

Once again, Kennedy tried to search her brain. There had been so much going on in the past few hours she couldn't even remember clearly what Rebecca had said when she came into the office. She could barely remember what she and Hauser had discussed. Anything beyond that, with the exception of catching Clark, she couldn't exactly remember. It must have been the adrenaline that was blocking her thoughts.

"…You don't remember him?" Clark had asked yet it didn't sound like a question. His smile faded the slightest, making the blonde regret not knowing him. "Man, he's going to be crushed."

Kennedy laughed dryly at that. "I'm not sure what you expect me to say." She snapped, looking at the computer screen. There wasn't a background, just a bunch of pictures of the prisoners.

It was silent after that. Kennedy got a reassuring squeeze on her right shoulder from Rebecca. Turning to look at her friend, she was glad to see a smile to comfort her. It was a weird moment and she couldn't exactly take in what the prisoner was saying. Why would he think that? How could he come to that conclusion?

"I know it sounds crazy…" Clark suddenly said, his eyes on the cracked cement floor, "but it's true. I remember when I woke up a few days ago. It was hard to adapt but I love it! All the technology is so nice-"

"Yeah, well take it all in because you won't be seeing it where you're going."

Everyone was startled to see Hauser standing in the entrance of their headquarters. He was in his long, black coat. Water glistened on his shoulders and made his gray hair fall flat. The wrinkles in the corner of his blue eyes crinkled up as he smiled smugly.

"Where are you taking me?" Clark asked, sounding scared. He hadn't used the tone with the rest of them.

Everyone looked at Hauser though, waiting for an answer. He ignored them all though, moving forward to stand behind Clark. Grabbing onto his shoulder, he rooted him out of the chair hard.

"Rebecca!" Clark suddenly called, smiling once again. It suddenly hit Kennedy how young he actually was. It made her heart hurt that he was only a few years younger than him and he'd gone through so much.

Rebecca's eyes widened a bit but she narrowed them quickly. "Yes?"

"I knew it. You've come back just like me. How else would I know you guys?" Clark chuckled, ignoring the man gripping onto his arm. "I'm still not sure where I've seen your picture but I know I've seen it."

Hauser yanked him violently, giving him a dirty look. "I'm not sure what you're going on about but this is ridiculous. Stop running your mouth."

"Good luck with trying to get him to do that." Doc forced out. "That man hasn't shut up since we got here."

Hauser smiled at that. Doc wasn't one to be mouthy but Hauser enjoyed it when he was. It brought some comedy to their serious moments. He didn't always show it but Doc was definitely someone he enjoyed having around.

"I can prove it!" Clark shouted out, struggling against Hauser's rough palms.