Lucy listened attentively, catching every word that spilled out of Kennedy's mouth. The description of the flashback knocked Lucy directly off her feet. She remembered that, some small memories, like the one Kennedy had just mentioned, were faded and hard for her to recall. Before she knew it, Kennedy had finished.

"Wow." Lucy said breathlessly, shaking her head. "Well, you must understand that you're not going crazy. I'm not sure how or why this is happening, you have no ties to Alcatraz. Plus… I can't remember much, ever since I've… came back. I don't know how I know you." Lucy informed her, patting her soothingly on her arm. She wanted to reassure Kennedy. When all this was happening to her she'd felt so alone and scared.

Kennedy sighed and shrugged, not sure what else to do. Any moment she was sure someone was going to jump out and yell at her that it was just a prank. But that moment never came. Her chest tightened as the realization hit her. She must be going crazy.

"When I show you this item, you must promise me that it will change nothing. I need you to remain calm and you mustn't tell Rebecca… or anyone for that matter. Do you understand?" Lucy looked at Kennedy dead in the eyes.

Nodding, Kennedy released a breath she didn't know she was holding. Everything was crashing down on her. She wasn't even sure if she was ready to see whatever Lucy was about to show her. She watched as Lucy reached in her jacket and pulled out a white sheet. Pressing it to her chest, Lucy kept eye contact. "Remember, you are not crazy and you are not alone." She said, slowly flipping the picture over after she completed.

Kennedy gasped, feeling light headed immediately. There was nothing Lucy could have said that could have prepared her for that moment. Her hand flew to her mouth, pressing her lips shut. "You've got to be kidding me." She whispered over her hand.

Lucy strained her ears to hear it. Shaking her head, Lucy slowly reached for Kennedy's hand. Placing the picture in Kennedy's limp hand, Lucy curled Kennedy's fingers around it. She hesitated, keeping her hand on Kennedy's hand reassuringly. She incased Kennedy's cold fingers with her warm ones. "Everything will be all right. I want you to take this with you, think over it tonight. Please don't lose any sleep because of it though." The corner of Lucy's mouth curled up in a half smile, something that, much to Kennedy's displeasure, sent a shock of recognition through the girl.

Nodding, Kennedy slipped the photograph into her pocket. "I'll try my best."

Lucy's smile grew at that. Moving forward, she enclosed the girl in a tight hug. "Remember," Lucy's breath was warm against Kennedy's ear, "you cannot speak a word of this to anyone. If anyone found out… I'm not sure what would happen."

"Will you be telling Hauser?"

Lucy's eyes landed on Kennedy's pocket, almost as if she was trying to see the photograph through the fabric. "No." She said finally, pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders. "You must understand, Hauser is just doing his job. But those prisoners have become lab rats. Their blood is constantly being taken… I'm the only exception to Hauser's rule because of our past together. That doesn't mean I haven't had to be treated like an extraterrestrial but less of one then the prisoners and guards."

Kennedy nodded. Her eyes downcast. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks… and I'll see you soon." With that she booked it out of the room, not looking back. Lucy smiled crookedly, her eyes falling to the floor as well. She tried to hide the sadness in her eyes as she whispered a goodbye under her breath.


Rebecca grabbed her jacket, struggling into it as she exited her apartment. She almost had the door shut when she remembered her keys. Rushing back in, she scooped them up. Exiting, she headed downstairs to her waiting car. Humming under her breath, she threw herself in and thrust the keys into the ignition. The car rumbled to life and she zoomed out into the street after Doc.

Once there, she rushed out of her car and jogged up to the door. Flinging it open, she heard the jingle from the bells tied to the handle on the door. Doc's head flew in her direction so she sent a warm smile at him. Something in her expression must have given away her intention of being there because Doc jolted up from his seat, a worried expression on his face.

"A prisoner?" Doc questioned immediately, the pencil hanging from his hand fell out of it.

Rebecca nodded at him, a suspicious look on her face. "Yes…" She announced slowly, looking him over skeptically.

Doc gave a nervous laugh, "I can tell." He motioned towards his face as he said that. "You just have this expression of determination set on your face. Scares me a bit, to be honest."

Rebecca burst with laughter at that, her blue eyes and gleaming teeth lighting up the ordeal. "I better get my emotions under control then. Don't want to be too revealing to the prisoners or else they'll start reading me like a book."

Doc winked, throwing his green satchel over his shoulder. He was dressed up and ready for that day which made Rebecca notice that she hadn't given the man any warning of her visit. Doc must be an early riser, she thought. "Let's get him… whoever he is."

"Junior Marshall. I'll explain more on the way over to Kennedy's."


Kennedy straightened her button down shirt as she looked herself over in the mirror. Everything about her appearance seemed normal with the exception of the dark half moons under her dark blue eyes. Sighing, she looked away and made her way into the kitchen.

Preparing cereal, Kennedy noted that she wasn't hungry. But she knew that she would need some sort of food to function for the rest of the day. It was eight in the morning, no word from Rebecca, Doc, or Lucy. So that has to be a good sign…, right? She wondered. Shaking the thought from her mind, Kennedy placed the milk back in the refrigerator before devouring her breakfast.

All but three bites in, there was a knock at her door. Placing the brown box containing the cereal down (Kennedy had been reading the back), she jogged towards the door. She didn't bother looking through the peephole, having a pretty good idea who would be trying to contact her so early.

"Rebecca, Doc, Lucy, good morning." Kennedy greeted, stepping aside to allow them entry to her home. "Would you guys like any breakfast?"

"I would love some." Rebecca groaned and walked into the kitchen, instantly headed for the fridge. She flung the door open and searched around.

Doc denied politely, shaking his head no. "Thank you but I had a good helping of bacon and eggs already."

Kennedy gave an approving sound at his choice of food as she walked back to her bowl. Shoving the spoon into her mouth, Kennedy took another bite of the cereal. "Sounds good," she muttered around the bite of food. "But who's our prisoner?"

"Junior Marshall," Rebecca informed as she prepared a bowl of cereal too. But some fruit lay to the side that she would add in.

"This man was an odd one." Doc added, walking over to stand in front of Kennedy. He pulled his book out of his satchel and placed it on the island she was leaning on. He'd opened it to a page before setting it down, Junior Marshall's page. Eyes skimming the pages, the word kidnap stuck out the most.

"He was kidnapped?" Kennedy questioned, rinsing out the bowl before placing it in the dishwasher.

Doc nodded hastily. "I think that that's the root of all his problems, not that that's any excuse for what he did. His victims, middle aged men. He murdered fifteen, about to murder his sixteenth when the police finally got him. Here's a drawing of what he described his kidnapper to look like and here is a picture of one of his victims." Doc slid over an image, reminding Kennedy of the one Lucy had given her the night before. "See the similarities? He was-he is holding a grudge."

"Okay, so where will we be headed first?" Kennedy questioned, now bandaging up her burn. Rebecca's eyes seemed trained on the injured flesh but snapped out of it when she realized she was staring.

"Well, when he was kidnapped he had been playing in his best friend's backyard. Her name was Albany. You see, the kidnapper had a chance to take both Junior and Albany. But instead he killed her then ran off with Junior. Her mother, Melanie, found her body half buried. She said she had heard Junior screaming so she ran to find out the problem. When she got there Junior and the murderer were gone and Albany lay dead. She claimed that she immediately called the police afterwards but there was some speculation on that. A neighbor said she saw Melanie messing around in the backyard with her garden about a half hour before the incident while Melanie claimed she hadn't been in the backyard all day. Also, the neighbor said there was never a scream. By the way Melanie describe Junior's shriek, the whole neighborhood should have heard it. All neighbors around at that time made it very clear that they never heard a single sound. Plus, Melanie had a boyfriend that fit the description of Junior's captor. Once the police found Junior, battered in an alleyway, Melanie's boyfriend never resurfaced." Lucy paused to take a breath. The information she'd just given Kennedy was a lot and she knew the girl needed a break to absorb it all.

"Wow, sounds like Melanie covered up her own daughter's murder." Kennedy said a little breathlessly.

"Everyone seemed to think that but they didn't have enough evidence to bring her in. But Junior was thirteen and Albany was twelve. Junior had abusive parents so he would always escape to Albany's house. I think that's the only reasonable place to think of." Lucy nodded to herself as she spoke.


Kennedy followed behind Rebecca and Doc, Lucy at her side. Together they walked into Albany's old, dilapidated house. The siding of the building was peeling off along with the dark green paint on the door. The only window that was still intact was cracked, covering the glass like a spider web. Weeds were growing everywhere and the grass was untamed, passing their ankles when they walked by.

Being the last one in, Kennedy hesitated on the doorstep, looking out behind her. The feeling of being followed was something she couldn't shake. Everyone's eyes seemed to be trained on them. Shaking her head to herself, Kennedy shut the door softly. When she finally made it inside, Rebecca was at the top of the stairs, disappearing from view after she went to the left. Searching for Doc and Lucy, Kennedy stuck her head into what she would guess was the living room. The two were scanning the corners together.

Smiling, Kennedy headed to find Rebecca. She didn't want the girl to be alone. She just had a bad feeling, like she said before. Taking two steps at a time, Kennedy rushed up the steps. Heading towards the left, Kennedy found a dark wooden door shut. Confusion swept her mind, why would Rebecca close the door? Moving in cautiously, Kennedy cringed as the door creaked as she swung it open. Here eyes scanned the room… finding nothing. The window to her left was opened, bringing in a cool breeze. It lifted Kennedy's hair up and off her shoulders, making her shiver. Something about the sight seemed ominous and suspicious.

"Kennedy!" Doc called her name, making the blonde jump. Sighing, she rushed out of the room and down the steps in a hurry to find out what the man wanted.

"Yeah, Doc?" She said breathlessly, rounding the corner to enter the living room. Lucy stood at the window, looking pale and worried. Doc looked the same but with a tint of anger marring his features.

"Rebecca just left. Junior was with her."

Kennedy's air left her body, making her feel light headed nearly immediately. She knew something was wrong when she couldn't find her friend. Rebecca wouldn't have been able to avoid her on the small second floor. There was only one room after all.


Rebecca gripped onto the wheel, trying her best to ignore the acute bolts of pain on the right side of her skull. She could feel the cool blood spill over the cut. Resisting the urge to wipe it away, she stared forward, swallowing sharply.

"Don't look so worried, darling." Junior said sarcastically, twirling the gun as he spoke. He sat in the seat so he was facing her, his feet up on the seat. Sadly for Rebecca, he had a seatbelt on. There was no way she could pull another stunt like she did with Cal Sweeney.

"Don't call me darling." She said darkly, turning slightly to give him a threatening glare.

"You're pretty sassy for someone who has a gun pointed in their face." Junior snapped, sitting up straighter. His feet fell to the ground, a soft padding noise signifying that. Rebecca could feel him tense next to her, the gun now pointed directly at her.

"You're going to kill me sooner or later. I know that. So why not make it sooner?" Rebecca challenged, turning her icy blue gaze back on him. This time it lingered, their eyes connecting. She saw something there, sadness and desperation. Gulping, she looked back towards the road. She fought off the feeling of sympathy towards the prisoner.

Junior continued to stare, his eyes roaming her face and body. Even though Rebecca was tense, Junior could tell she was courageous and bold. He knew he would have a tough time with her. Finally, he opened his mouth and answered, "We'll make it later."


Kennedy sprinted down the sidewalk, searching for the car. When she found nothing, her fears settled in her stomach. Even though she knew deep down that she wouldn't find the car or Rebecca, she couldn't help but hope that her friend was all right and waiting outside the building.

Sighing, Kennedy's fingers ran through her hair violently. Junior was going to pay if he hurt Rebecca. But she had to push away the thoughts of revenge and focus on their next move. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, walking quickly down the street.

Lucy and Doc stared after her but quickly followed, not sure what else to do. They had no other option for transportation and had no idea what they were going to do about it. Lucy did know that Hauser had a car hidden somewhere and she would was sure that Kennedy was going to ask Hauser just that.

Doc shook his head to himself, hating that he let Junior just take Rebecca. He never would have even known she had been kidnapped if he hadn't looked out the window. He was going to stop them, run out the door and do anything possible to stop the car. But the car was already down the road and Doc knew that no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't stop the car.

Lucy could hear Hauser bickering with Kennedy but once he heard the news he went silent. Kennedy continued to explain and only stopped when Lucy asked for the phone.

"Hauser, we're taking your car." Lucy blurted out and shut the phone. She didn't want to hear any protests from the man so she hung up. She walked forward, leaving Doc and Kennedy staring after her in shock. Looking back, she gave the two a pointed look, "Well, we best hurry."


Rebecca drove and drove, glancing at Junior out of the corner of her eye. She knew they were driving for about half an hour, still in familiar territory. But the gun always had her tense and worried, pointed at her skull.


Rebecca didn't hesitate. She knew it was better to ask as less questions as possible. A million ways of getting away from Junior ran through her head but she knew none of them would work. She wasn't sure if he needed her or if she was just an object for him to mess with.

Junior slowly got out of the car, his eyes staying sharply on the blonde. The gun, pointed at her at all times though hidden from any passerby's, remained to frighten her. When he reached the other side, he threw the door open and reached in, grasping her forearm tightly. Rebecca's face displayed the pain he inflicted for a split of a second before closing any emotion down.

"Get out." He growled. But he didn't wait for her to move. Instead, he ripped her out, making her stumble and nearly fall face first into the pavement. Rebecca sent him a strong death glare, her eyes drilling holes into the side of his head.

She felt the cool metal of the barrel being pressed against her side as the prisoner rushed her through the parking lot of a car dealer ship he made her stop at. Sighing, she knew what he expected to do. And it wasn't going to be easy.

Junior led her to the back, scanning over the gleaming new vehicles. His eyes scanned them, finding a maroon sleek vehicle. Throwing her at the door, he walked around and entered the car.

Rebecca stared in front of her, her hands firmly on the wheel. She had to do that so she wouldn't lash out and attack the stupid prisoner. "What do you expect me to do?" She hissed.

Junior leaned forward and slapped her across the face, shocking Rebecca. She gasped and her hand flung to the tingling skin. She felt something thrown in her lap, cold.

"Use these."

Rebecca glanced down, seeing a multiple keys looped on a silver keychain lying in her lap. She wasn't sure how Junior had gotten the keys or where but that didn't matter. It was an unsolved mystery that Hauser would no doubt interrogate him about. Pushing that thought away, she thrust the familiar metal into the ignition and started the engine. Hauser had the same key.

Pulling out onto the road, Rebecca couldn't help but continue to check in the rearview mirror, wondering if the dealers had seen them escaping with an extremely nice car. There was no one though, not a single person that happened to see them. No one would be able to come to her rescue.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rebecca could see Junior messing around with a device of some sort. Upon closer inspection she realized it was a phone. Once again she was baffled on how he got a phone but she was more captivated in what he would do with it.

Junior said nothing, having her drive straight for fifteen minutes before having her pull off the road once more into a secluded, deserted parking lot. A lonely, small building sat in the middle, the painted words on the side barely legible. It was an old ice cream and pizza shack that had gone out of business years ago.

Junior looked upon it, his eyes not moving from it even after Rebecca stopped the car. Rebecca could tell that he had the phone in hand, pressed against his ear as he waited for the other person to pick up.

"Emerson Hauser." Those were the first words out of Junior's mouth, alarming Rebecca. Before she could think any more on that, Junior continued on. "I think I have someone that you might want to speak to."

Silence ensued as Junior listened on the other line, his mouth pursing in anger. His fingers tightened on the gun, making Rebecca's heart beat fast. If it had something to do with Hauser she was sure it'd go wrong or he wouldn't comply with the kidnapper's wishes.

Much to her surprise, Junior smiled a sinister yet pleased. Hauser had made him happy. "That's what I thought. Now, tell me where you keep the prisoners."


Lucy was driving Hauser's giant, black truck, looking miniature behind the wheel. Her face was set in determination as she drove Kennedy and Doc to Doc's store. She wasn't sure why Kennedy had demanded that she be taken somewhere with a computer, anywhere that would be easily accessible. Doc quickly volunteered his home. So there she was, pulling up to Doc's store.

Kennedy bolted out of the car and into the store, flinging the door open. She noticed that whoever was in there was frightened. "Where's the computer?" She blurted out, not bothering to waste her time searching. The kid, eyes wide, pointed to the room behind him. Kennedy sent him a friendly smile and a nod. "Sorry, I'm with Doc." The tension in the kid's shoulders dissipated, making him look much younger.

She threw herself into the chair and placed her hands on the keyboard. Luckily for her, she didn't have to go through the process of hacking into his computer. There was no lock on it at the moment.

Doc and Lucy rushed in behind her, watching as she typed furiously. Doc wasn't sure what she was doing, she was moving so fast through so many different programs. But finally, a map popped up with a red blinking dot. The dot was moving quickly too.

"Rebecca's location." Kennedy's eyes scanned the screen, taking in as much information as possible. The blonde was headed into the forest, getting deep in there. She was quite impressed with how fast she was able to track the girl's cell phone.

Lucy gasped, realizing that Rebecca and Junior were only about two hours from the prisoners. If they got on the road right now then they might be able to catch them. Though they would have to speed.

"What is it?" Doc questioned, hoping with all his heart that she wasn't going to say something drastic. Perhaps that if they moved any further they would blow up. The possibilities are endless.

"I know what he wants." Lucy muttered. "We have to go get them."

Kennedy unplugged something from the computer and nodded at Lucy. "Let's go then."

Doc noticed that what she'd unplugged was her phone. He knew that it was so she'd be able to keep a track on Rebecca's phone.


Rebecca, feeling risky, decided to push her luck and ask a question. "Why do you need to get to the prisoners?"

Junior didn't answer, just stared out as the trees whipped by them. He appeared to not have heard her, though she knows he did. The moan that escaped his lips surprised her, a tired, desperate sort of moan. "What makes you think I'll tell you that?" He mumbled.

Rebecca shrugged to herself, feeling like she was getting somewhere. There was a strong possibility that she might get out of this. Junior appeared to be going soft or he was just tired of the whole kidnapping thing.

"I… I don't know. You're just going to kill me anyway. So what's it going to hurt if I get to know why this is all happening?" Rebecca risked a glance and saw Junior's calm eyes on her.

He looked like he wanted to say something but decided against it. "I have to talk to them."

Rebecca let that sink in. She didn't want to anger Junior because though she knew that he had hurt her only because he was angry and she knew that he would hit her again. "About what?" She asked finally.

"About you. About Lucy Sengupta. About Kennedy Hill. You're just like us, coming to this time. So why aren't you captured and put away?" Junior fought the urge to sneer the sentence, though it still came out sharp.

Rebecca gritted her teeth together, fighting the urge to snap back. "That doesn't make any sense."

Junior laughed dryly. "You don't know, do you?"

Rebecca glimpsed at him and back to the dirt path. "Know what?"

"Like I said sweetheart, you're just like us. You may not have murdered anyone but you were there on Alcatraz. We're all connected. The prisoners, the guards, and then the visitors." Junior smiled sarcastically as he continued to mess with Rebecca.

"What am I, then?"

"Put it together darling. If they're capturing the prisoners and guards then what's left?"

"I'm a visitor." Rebecca concluded, still confused as to why he thought this. "Who was I visiting?"

"Oh, come on. You don't want me to reveal everything, now do you? It'd be like spoiling the ending of a good movie." Junior grinned, motioning with the gun as he spoke. Rebecca tensed each time the barrel was pointed towards her.


Kennedy sat in the back of the van, comforted by the new space. It was now roomy, very different from Rebecca's cramped sports car. Doc sat in the passenger seat and Lucy was driving madly down the street.

"Call Hauser and inform him please." Lucy said over her shoulder.

Nodding, Kennedy flipped the phone open and called the man for the second time that day. But she was surprised when he wouldn't even let her get a hello out of her mouth. "Marshall's already made his demands. He's headed towards the prison though. By the looks of it, you already know where you're going. I expect that you three will catch him before he does anything drastic."

Kennedy's throat tightened and she tried to speak around the ball forming. Rebecca was in danger and once Marshall got what he needed he would kill her. Kennedy knew it. "Are you tracking us?"

"You best hurry." That was all Hauser said, exactly what Lucy had said earlier, before he hung up the phone. He revealed nothing. Nobody had any idea where he was or what he was doing. Sighing, Kennedy threw her phone in the seat next to her, bracing herself as the car drove onto the dirt road.

"He was no help. At all. He knows everything we know. Didn't even let me get a word out."

Lucy smiled and chuckled dryly, shaking her head at the man's actions. Hauser always and will always get under her skin, the way he appeared to care about nothing. She knew, possibly was the only one that knew, that he wasn't like that. He did care. He cared about any person worth speaking to.

The sky slowly began to darken, making all the colors of the forest darken. The wind was blowing the trees violently back and forth, knocking the green fragile leaves off the branches. They swung back and forth before finally meeting their resting place on the ground. The dirt path was becoming harder to see, blending in with the grass.

Kennedy checked her phone and noticed they were only five minutes away from Rebecca's sitting car. It had stopped about ten minutes ago, making everyone in the car antsy. All they could think about was that Marshall had already reached his destination and disposed of Rebecca. When Kennedy looked up, she was relieved to see a dark black car waiting in front of them.


Rebecca sighed as she was told to turn the car off once again. Junior had ripped the keys out of her hand, running a key down her arm as he passed. He did it hard enough just to cut the skin open. It left a trail of blood where it had grazed her skin. Rebecca had hissed at the cold metal slicing into her but stopped when she realized she was showing her pain to Junior. Nothing egged a murderer on more then showing your weakness.

When he grabbed her and threw her out of the car, she was prepared this time. Even though she hit the ground hard, she didn't let out the cry of pain she wanted to when her wrist bent beneath her. Keeping her eyes tightly shut, she let her forehead rest against the light brown sandy dust. She could feel the flecks of it stick to her sweaty skin but she didn't care.

"Get up!" Marshall screamed at her. Though he gave her no time to respond, sending his booted foot deep into her side.

Groaning, Rebecca flinched and held the now bruised side. She didn't hesitate to follow his orders. She struggled to get to her feet but faced him, holding her side with her bloodied hand. The blood from the cut had run down to her fingers, creating a spider web path. The dirt had clung to that as well, making it itchy and extremely uncomfortable.

Marshall looked her over, seeming unsatisfied with his work. In the corner of her mouth was a shadow, the bruise he gave her after he hit her across the face. Sneering, he drew his left fist back and connected it with the right side of Rebecca's face, sending her into the side of the car. The girl paused there and didn't look at Marshall. Her hair silhouetted her face, hiding the thing Marshall wanted to see the most. Her pain.

"Look at me." He growled out, stomping forward to lace his fingers in her golden locks. He ripped her head back, looking down into her blue eyes. There was a new deep cut in the corner of her forehead. The blood was already running down the side of her temple and brushing past her eyebrow. Her mouth was pursed together as she resisted the urge to scream at him.

Marshall took no sympathy and threw her forward. Rebecca stumbled at first but looked back at him, hate in her eyes. He motioned with the gun, pointing around the woods. "Start walking."


When Kennedy climbed out of the car, she noticed Lucy and Doc looking at her, expecting some sort of instruction. Glancing down at her phone, she knew Rebecca's location. That was all she needed to know.

"Okay, the GPS isn't making it clear which side of the woods she is on. So I'll look on this side and you two can search over there." Kennedy reached behind her and pulled out her extra weapon out of her belt. "Which on of you wants this?"

Lucy stepped forward immediately to take the firearm in her slim fingers. "I'm sure I've had more experience." There was a moment where she paused, fiddling with the gun before looking right up into Kennedy's eyes. Kennedy could see the worry there, lying beneath her brown warm eyes. "Be careful. I wish you didn't have to go alone. But just be careful."

Kennedy looked her over, but just nodded. She wished she would have been able to smile, to lighten the situation more but it wasn't possible. She knew that this was going to end badly.

Lucy turned around then, making her way into the dense, green, overflowing forest. Doc spared a glance at Kennedy before nodding at her and continuing after Lucy.

Kennedy exhaled, feeling her lungs tighten. She felt guilty for leading the two in the wrong direction but she knew that if she didn't that they'd just follow after her anyway and put themselves in danger. But she was glad that they were safe so she made her way into the vegetation, stepping over a large log.

She rushed through the brush, getting scratched by the thorns and branches she passed. The constant prickle in her left leg told her she picked up a few hitchhikers. When she heard rustling to her left she raised her gun quickly, looking down the center to only find a squirrel running off. Checking the GPS once more, she continued on, adrenal taking over. She should be coming right up on Rebecca any second-

As she walked into a clearing, she spotted Rebecca, held tight against Junior's body as he forced her deeper and deeper into the woods. Kennedy hated that she had already compromised herself. If she could have gone around and gotten Marshall from behind it would have made her job so much easier.

When both caught each other's eyes, their weapons were up in seconds.

"Let her go." Kennedy demanded, sounding a little breathless. It was so scary seeing a friend being held hostage, cuts and bruises covering their faces. They were signs that he'd already abused her multiple times. Her grip tightened on the gun as anger consumed her.

"Now why would I do that?" Junior smiled, showing off his calm demeanor. The odds were certainly in his favor. Rebecca was covering the majority of his body, so if Kennedy did try to shoot there was a huge risk that she would end up hitting her friend. Though she noticed immediately that since he had the gun pointed at her, he was revealing his right arm and shoulder.

"Tell you what, let's play a little game. I'll count to three. On three we'll shoot. Whoever is left standing wins." Junior chuckled at his plan, grasping onto the gun. His other hand was pressed over Rebecca's mouth, making she sure wouldn't scream anything out. But her eyes said everything. They were filled with certainty and determination, a plan in her mind. All it told Kennedy was to continue with what Junior had said.

"I'm warning you, I'm a good shot." Kennedy added, looking at the man down the sight of her gun.

"One…" Junior let out another deep, crazy sounding laugh. "Two-" Junior never counted to three. He pressed in on the trigger and released a bullet, sending it in Kennedy's direction. The girl was down in seconds but so was Junior. Rebecca had grabbed him by the wrist and then brought her fist down on his elbow, a sickening crack following. The weapon fell to the ground, barely visible as the black color mixed in with the dead leaves and dirt.

Rebecca kicked his feet out from underneath him but was pulled down with him. He was putting up a good fight. Rebecca drew her fist back and finally got the beginning of her revenge. Her fist connected with his jaw, making him curl in pain. Rebecca raised her fist, ready to knock another blow when something hit her left temple.

She was out cold.

Junior had lifted the gun up and struck her across the face, knocking her right down into the dirt. Her body had gone limp immediately. He cocked the gun but groaned in frustration as he noticed it was jammed. All he wanted to do was get both Rebecca down. Kennedy was already dead. That would show that Hauser just how serious he was. If those two were gone then he'd still have Lucy.

Kennedy's eyes blurred as she tried to regain her composure. Though, she had to think fast. She saw a hand being raised and the familiar outline of her friend hitting the ground. Without thinking, she took her weapon and aimed at the assailant, firing off two rounds. The black outline, what she assumed to be the gun, fell from his hands as he clutched at his thigh in pain. A scream was let loose, making the woods go silent.

Rising to her feet, Kennedy rushed over to Rebecca, getting her eyesight back. She still felt dizzy but could see where she was going. Rushing over, she plopped down to the Rebecca's head and cradled it in her lap. She brushed the blonde hair away from her face where it began to stick in the blood. Now she could see clearly all the wounds sticking out on her face.

Rustling sounded once more, the dead plants and trees snapping under peoples feet as they came closer. Kennedy met Lucy's and Doc's worried eyes and their red faces. It was clear they had run as fast as they possibly could to get here. Doc was nursing one leg, which caught Kennedy's attention immediately.

Lucy murmured an expletive before ordering Doc to take Rebecca back to the car. The big man walked over and scooped the tiny blonde in his arms, carrying her off the sight. Lucy ordered Kennedy to help her carry Junior Marshall, already yanking the man off the dirty ground. Nodding, Kennedy bent down to pick his weapon up before she threw his arm over her shoulders and carried him as quickly as possible. She noticed both of his hands were covered in his crimson blood, staining her shoulder and Lucy's.

When they got there, Doc had Rebecca sprawled on the seats next to him, her head resting in his lap. The girls threw the prisoner in the back, not so gently, and hurried to the front. Lucy started the car immediately and drove forward. Kennedy, meanwhile, slumped in the seat and let her head fall back. She felt weak and out of breath and there was a painful throbbing coming from somewhere but she wasn't sure.

Opening her eyes, Kennedy looked around, trying to watch where Lucy was going though she got lost quickly. "Where are we going?" Kennedy questioned and noticed her voice sounded slightly weak.

"I have to take Rebecca and Junior to Hauser. I'm very worried about her. And why let Junior die? I'm sure Hauser will come up with a good punishment." Lucy growled out as she turned to the left. This wasn't a dirt path and the grass was overgrown but Lucy appeared to know where she was going.

Kennedy accepted that as a good enough explanation and let her head fall back, looking out to the window. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw some gleaming liquid on her jacket. She looked down, trying to figure out what it was since she knew it wasn't raining and the dirt she'd fallen in wasn't wet. Letting her fingers touch it, she brought it out so she'd be able to see. They were stained red. Her breath caught and she brought her hand back down on the wound. She didn't know why she never realized she was shot before. She was too concerned with Rebecca.

"How far is that?" Doc questioned, sounding worried sick.

"We're here."

Doc rushed out of the car, taking Rebecca with him while the girls went to the back and pulled the whining prisoner out of the vehicle. A round circle of blood had been absorbed into the seat where he had been lying.

The building appeared to be small at first glance, the sides covered by all sorts of green plants and shrubs. The walls were dirty cement, making it all appear like an abandoned bunker. It was a short building as well, but tall enough that Kennedy couldn't see over. She wasn't sure if there was a pointed roof because the overgrown trees covered everything possible.

Doc waited by the gray, electronic door. It looked similar to the opening of an elevator. Lucy reached forward, pressing something on the wall. Whatever she pressed made a keypad slide out. From there she typed in an excruciatingly long code but finally got the door open.

Doc and Kennedy both took the room in with greedy eyes, though it was a strange disappointment. The first thing they walked into was the elevator. The walls were painted a light gray with white lights on the ceiling. It washed everyone out, making them look sick.

Lucy walked forward, leaving Kennedy with the prisoner draped on her shoulder. Slowly, Kennedy was feeling the pain of the shot, all the adrenal wearing off. The stinging was making it hard to breath and it kept throbbing, making her right arm go numb. They could hear a faint pat as she pressed more buttons. She took a step back and then the elevator jolted as it descended.

It was a short ride and opened up to reveal their many questions. The room was white, like everything else but on the opposite wall stood two men, dressed in gray jumpsuits with black hats and black boots. The cells stretched down, making the room look very long. Two men who Kennedy guessed where guarding the elevator turned around and pointed their large guns at the group but once they caught sight of Lucy the stepped out of the way and back to their posts.

Hauser, standing next to an old man, watched as the group entered. He was first furious but once he saw Rebecca, her head hung over Doc's arm limp, his facial expression softened and he ordered Doc to take her into the room behind him. Sadly, Kennedy could not see in, the walls were glass but a frosted, textured glass.

Hauser rushed forward and continually questioned Lucy if she was all right and injured in anyway. Distracted, Kennedy wandered down the hallway, the sounds of her footsteps sounding distant. All the lights in the cells were off but one. The bodies in the cells she walked by were in their beds, snoring and sleeping away. Walking closer, she realized it was Chester Clark. The man sat in his bed, knees up to his chest as he looked at the wall in front of him. At the sight of Kennedy he perked up and smiled nervously.

"Kennedy! What are you doing here?" He said, sounding ecstatic to have a new face around.

Kennedy smiled crookedly, her vision blurring a bit. She pressed harder on her shoulder, feeling the warm liquid run down her fingers. Laughing brusquely, she said, "You have some explaining to do."

Clark watched as she moved to pull something out of her back pocket but her hand was covered in blood. His eyes flickered to where it was before, spotting a hole in her jacket and blood seeping through.

"You've been shot." He felt sick at the sight of it. He wasn't sure how she was functioning. "You've been shot." He repeated quicker this time. At first his mind was muddled with the shock but now it was sinking in. "Holy shit, you've been shot. Mr. Hauser! Someone! Help!" He screamed, pressing his face against the bars. He could see the two figures down at the end of the hallway turn just in time to see the girl in front of him fall to the ground. She had passed out. Blood splattered out of her wound, coloring the white tile.

Chester fell to his knees reaching out for Kennedy. He gripped her hand, holding her tightly. He was so worried for her and he didn't know why. Lucy was in front of him in seconds, looking down at her new friend in worry. Hauser loomed over her, curious as to what was going on.

Lucy quickly discovered the whole and peeled her jacket off. In her hast to get everyone to safety, she never asked whose gun was shot and why. It was now clear to her that Junior's weapon was the one shot and Kennedy was the one who received it.

Chester watched as one of the men picked Kennedy's limp body up and took her to Beauregard's office. Lucy stayed where she was, watching as the girl was taken from her, just like Rebecca. Hauser helped her up though and away from Chester. He sent a glance at Chester but it meant nothing as he too was worried for his team.

When they finally disappeared from view, Chester looked across from him, finding that many of the prisoners were now awake, watching the even unfold before them. One of the being Paxton Petty, his eyes wide as watched his girl was being taken away.

Next guard is Colby Gravitz.

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