Chapter 1: The Hooligans!

Fiona Fox, 'Traitor of Mobius' panted heavily as she walked through the incredibly dense woods that hid her prison. Her orange jump suit tattered and her body tired from the running. Her fur covered in dirt and her hands painted with dried up blood from digging through rock, dirt, and she believed to be brick. She was also leaving a trail of blood as she clenched her right arm after getting shot during her escape.

Most Mobians would have collapsed, but not Fiona. Her eyes had a certain fire in them and her teeth were clenched. Her body wanted to quit and rest, but her spirit refused it.

"I can't...believe he left me." she growled. 'He' referred to her boyfriend...or 'ex' boyfriend now, Scourge the Hedgehog: the evil abundance of Sonic. "He left me..." her mind began slipping as she collapsed on the ground, her memory playing the events of her incarceration.

It was suppose to be a simple job: rob the bank of Capital City. Scourge had two sacks of money and Fiona on his back as he dashed away, the cops trailing them. On any other day, Scourge could easily out run them, but Scourge wasn't feeling his best. With Fiona's extra weight as well as the money, it wasn't any easier.

"Damn it!" Fiona swore, "We can't shake 'em!" Scourge slowly formed a smirk as he chuckled. "What's so funny?!"

"Your wrong. You can't 'shake 'em'." Without warning, Scourge shook Fiona off him as the fox flew into the street.

"SCOURGE!" she shouted at the top of her lungs as she hit the ground, the cops surrounding her as she was forced onto the floor, getting a nice, shiny pair of handcuffs.

"This way!" Fiona's eyes snapped wide open at the voice and sound of foot steps. The guards were closing in. She forced her fatigued body onto its feet and pushed on, her legs wobbling with each step is her body began to reject its orders.

"Damn it, go! I won't go back!" Fiona shouted, refusing to accept that she was going to get put back in the slammer. This wasn't the first time the fox was double crossed, but she swore it would be the last time she was in the prison uniform. As the chase continued, Fiona found herself at a new obstacle: an incredibly large lake.

The lake stretched a good half mile and the water was deep enough to drown in the shallow end. She panted as she looked around, the realization of the cold night air hitting her. She bit her lip as she looked back and forth. She had only so few options and none were looking too well.

"This is where the trail ends!" a guard shouted as he and the others made their way to the lake. He looked around and saw only the trail of Fiona's blood and the large body of water before him. "You don't think..."

"If she did, she's dead now. Lets head back." another shrugged as he walked back, the others following him. The guards were now out of sight of the lake, when something popped out, gasping for air as it flopped on the ground. Coughing and wheezing, Fiona crawled out of the freezing cold water, shaking like a leaf.

"A-about time..." she shivered as her body was dripping wet. She tried to huddle for warmth, but it was a losing battle as she tried to dry herself off, her body painfully cold as she sat against a tree. Her breathing was heavy as was her eyes. She was going to pass out. She gripped herself tighter, the thought of death creeping over her. She tried to fight off sleep, but her body couldn't take it anymore.

(I...refuse to With that thought, Fiona fainted into a bitter cold, freezing sleep.

"Hey! Are you alive? Are you awake? Its morning! Get up! Ya gotta get up! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!" Fiona knew that voice. It was an annoying, childish voice that she was sure that she heard before.

"Shut up!" shouted another voice, a much more mature, yet annoyed voice, "If she were dead, how the hell would she answer you?!"

"Oh yeah...I forgot about that." Fiona heard enough. She slowly opened her eyes, her vision focusing as she looked at her surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was that she was in a cave, not in the woods now. She was wrapped in a, now damp, cover with a fire in front of her. Her body still felt cold, but it wasn't freezing to the bone was she was last night. She slowly rose up and saw people she thought she'd never see.

"Hey look! Fiona's awake!" gasped the childish voice: Bean the Dynamite. The green duck's smiling face, she had to admit, was a nice change from the faces she saw in jail. Although, at any other time, she would avoid the psycho duck.

She turned her head and saw the man who accompanied said psycho: Bark the Polar Bear. He was simply watching her and Bean, the nonchalant look on his face as he dug around in a bowl of whatever he was eating.

"Long time no see, guys." she chimed as she got up, looking at her arm and noticed it was wrapped in bandages. "So, what happened last night?" she questioned.

"Oh, we found you on the ground, taking a nap." Bean answered. Fiona sweat dropped, 'a nap' was putting what Fiona was doing mildly. "When we saw ya, I was like 'Oh my God! It's Fiona! Why was she swimming in the middle of the night! Why is there ketchup on her arm...oh my God, she's bleeding'!" as Bean kept talking, he spazzed around, shaking his hands.

"Can you get to the point, Bean?!" Fiona snapped, remembering why she stopped working with them in the first place.

"Oh...right. Well, we brought you back here, Bark patched you up, and here we are." Bean told her, " have you been, Fi-Fi?" Fiona twitched a bit. 'Fi-Fi' was one of Bean's many nicknames for her, that being her least favorite.

"I just busted out of jail, got shot in the arm, almost drowned, and nearly froze to death. How do you think I've been?!" Fiona shouted at the lunatic duck.

"...Pretty good?" Bean question, his face as serious as it ever would get. Bark groaned, as did Fiona, "Say Toothy, what do you think?" Bean asked.

Fiona turned her head to 'Toothy' and saw a Purple Weasel who had been watching the outside of the cave. Fiona saw the pointed tail and hat on his head and recognized him immediately as Nack the Weasel.

"Nack? Didn't expect to see you with these two." Bark leered at Fiona, who brushed it off.

"Hey. Gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, they're useful...and its not Nack anymore." the weasel sneered.

"Aw...but what about the unstoppable duo of Nic and Nack." Fiona smirked. Fang went from purple to red as Bean began roaring with laughter, Bark having to cover his mouth to repress snickers.

"Shut it, Traitor!" Nack glared.

"Traitor? You betrayed the Chaotix, last I checked, Nacky." Fiona countered.

"I said, shut it! And it's Fang now." Nack, er, Fang corrected.

"Really?" Fiona asked with a face of disbelief, "You were better off as 'Nack'." Fang's eye twitched as he was about to grab one of the pistols at his holster, but stopped himself.

"Look Fiona, the only reason your alive is because of us. I kept you alive to ask you one thing." Fang told her, his fists tightening.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Fiona asked him.

"Wanna join Team Hooligan?"