Its finished! XDD Thank you everyone for reading these everyday and giving me such nice reviews! Now, as decided by the poll, is Ami and Schuler's "Doing Something Hot" drabble. I apologize to everyone who is expecting something really steamy, but I never know what thinks about sexy things these days... anyway, feel free to imagine what happens after the last line! ;)

Ami looked up from her computer at the soft rustling sound of fabric covering her kitchen table. Cornflower blue silk that shone silver when the light hit it was being carefully laid out and scrutinized by Schuler, and Ami quirked an eyebrow, feeling a little guilty.

"You don't have to make that dress for me now, you know. We still have plenty of time." she said, closing her laptop.

Schuler replied with his signature 'what in the world are you talking about' glance, and turned back to the fabric.

"I'm on a mission. Do not try and stifle my fun. Besides, we're raising the city in less than six months, I won't have time for my hobbies for at least a little while after that." he said, as he began making light marks on the back of the cloth.

Ami nodded and took a seat nearer to the table. She watched as he skillfully outlined the shapes needed for the dress based on the measurements he had taken of her the day before, and then cut them out with scissors that came in their own metal case. She had laughed when he bought them, wondering why there were specialty scissors for fabric, but quickly amended her opinion when she considered how difficult dissections would be with a butter knife.

As Schuler cut the last of the pieces, he sighed.

"What's wrong?" Ami asked, now thoroughly interested in the process.

"Nothing really," he replied, "Its just slightly annoying to do the initial shaping without my mannequin." Resigned, he folded and stowed away the excess fabric and began pinning.

Standing up and looking over the pieces, Ami smiled. "I could be the mannequin. Its for me in the end anyway, so won't that eliminate some redundant steps?"

Schuler shook his head. "Only in a way, and I'm absolutely not going to make you stand there for an hour with sharp pins-"

He almost stuck his finger with one of those pins as Ami had already stripped down to her argyle bra and was working on the zipper to her pants.

"Come on," Ami said, with a laugh, as she pushed her pants to the side with her foot and reached behind her, "I'm helping whether you like it or not. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this dress has a low back, right?"

"That's correct." Schuler replied, somewhat stiffly.

"Not that I have the same sorts of problems Makoto has." she added mournfully as the bra joined the rest of her clothes on the floor.

Schuler narrowed his eyes at her as she smiled playfully. "I'm not sure I can work in these conditions, madam."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll figure it out."

He took a steadying breath and then carefully began pinning the fabric pieces around her body, every so often asking her to hold the fabric, lift her arms, or simply to hold very still so he wouldn't accidentally pin her skin. Ami realized quickly that there was a pleasant freedom in allowing Schuler to examine her angles and curves for as long as he wanted, and a very obvious appeal in a thin layer of silk being the only thing between her skin and his hands. She felt so at ease with him that at some point she closed her eyes, relaxed, and didn't realize how much time had passed until Schuler was squeezing her hand gently and telling her that he was finished.

At the not-quite-masked disappointment in his voice, Ami smiled. "Oh well, then, I don't want to mess up your work, so I suppose you'll have to undress me."

That part didn't take nearly as long.