Chapter 1

The War Begins

I awake from the sound of birds chirping at my color stained window. I clear my mind and realize I have to go to the Justice Building…. for the Reaping. I am the only child in my family… or what you would think to call a family. My father passed away in a plane crash to the Capital. My name is Cashmere Havre, and I live in District 1. Now here you would think that since my district is famous for Careers, I would be so excited to be picked for the 79th Annual Hunger Games. Yeah right, I don't want to be put in an arena to fight other kids….. to the death. My mom walks in and says "Are you excited?" My mom was always one to think I would be the kid that would bring pride to our district. "For a person that trains to be a career, I sure don't feel ready" I say coldly. First, before anything I have to train. I guess that's an exception to not go to school. Once I get to the giant building, I think it must be really intense today. As I walk in I see most of my friends and I utter to myself "I might have to kill them." My friend Cato walks up and says "Hey, I heard that today was the reaping" he says jokingly. Cato is always up to date with this stuff. He is very famous because his dad was the victor of the 45th Annual Hunger Games. I know, I know you may be thinking but Cato is in District 2! Well, in my story all the Career districts train together. I head over to my favorite area to train….. knives and spears. Me and Cato train together at the spears section, He always hits them in the heart, while I hit them in the head. When I get to the Justice Building, they call the girls first.

"Enobaria Adams!"

Whew! Not me, but then I hear a shout out. "I volunteer!" and it turns out to be my mom. Nobody seemed to notice it but me. The peacekeeper in his white uniform asks who said that, and everybody points at me. I turn around and my mom is signaling that I am the one that said that.